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Demystifying Buyer Intent Data: 3 Tiers of Actionable Insights


There are many types of intent data, and an array of providers. Here’s a breakdown of the key types of intent, and an in-depth exploration of what makes ZoomInfo the top-rated buyer intent provider on G2 , the largest peer-review business software platform in the world. How Do I Know Which Intent Data is Trustworthy?

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What is B2B Buyer Intent Data? [Types, Benefits and More]

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In this ever-evolving landscape, one powerful tool has emerged that is revolutionizing the way B2B marketers work: buyer intent data. What is buyer intent data? When we talk about buyer intent data, we refer to the information gathered about a person’s online behavior.


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SalesIntel PredictiveIntent Vs. ZoomInfo Intent Signals


SalesIntel and ZoomInfo are prominent players in intent data solutions, offering unique approaches to harnessing buyer intent. It allows users to find and prioritize best-fit accounts by integrating various signals, including VisitorIntel, News, and Bombora intent, all within the SalesIntel platform.

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How to Track and Use Buyer Intent Signals


The post How to Track and Use Buyer Intent Signals appeared first on DemandScience.

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Albacross and Bombora announce partnership to enhance Buyer Intent Data and Account Based Marketing in Europe


The integration of Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data will empower Albacross customers with enhanced insights into buyer intent, enabling more effective go-to-market strategies. Adding the data from Bombora into the platform, Albacross now offers the most comprehensive datasets in Europe within the buyer intent category.

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Anatomy of a Buyer Intent Signal


The accuracy of buyer intent data depends upon an accurate interpretation of an intent signal. Intent signals are given off by a prospective buyer’s behavior during their web-based research. The anatomy of these signals, however, is often vaguely interpreted and unreliable. Signal Keywords.

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Asked and Answered: Which Opportunity Scoring Model is Better & Why

Vision Edge Marketing

However, the emergence of buyer intent (BI) data has introduced a new analytical method that focuses on understanding the intent and behavior of potential customers. CON s : Data complexity : Analyzing and interpreting buyer intent data can be complex, requiring the use of advanced analytics and data processing techniques.