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    [Business, Facebook] Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Why You Should Stop Selling In Your Content Marketing
    Or as I’ve heard some executives huff: “we are in the business of selling stuff ya’ know.” And in doing so, you help the business. The natural instinct of the business was to push product brochures, thinking this would provide a smaller number of more highly-qualified leads. The responders of non-promotional content converted at a higher rate to new business that we could count as closed deals and cash revenue.
    [Business, Facebook] 4 Reasons Your CMO Will Love Marketing Automation
    When Marketing Automation is properly connected to the transactional sales system, you can view the impact of marketing programs from that first hand-raise to closed business. Marketing executives want to help salespeople create new business, accelerate deals through the pipeline and to increase closed business with stage-by-stage value-added marketing efforts. Facebook.
    [Business, Facebook] 10% Increase in Women at InsideView: How We’re Changing Stereotypes, Building Networks, and Encouraging Growth
    A 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics report found the following: Business and financial operations positions (non-manager), including marketing, advertising, and training, hover around 60% female. Last fall, Clinton announced the No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project : “The great unfinished business of the 21st century is helping women and girls break through these ceilings and participate fully in every aspect of life once and for all.”. Sheryl Sandberg | COO, Facebook.
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    [Business, Facebook] What Is Earned Media? [FAQs]
    This includes paid social media (like Facebook ads and promoted tweets ), paid influencers, pay-per-click (PPC), retargeting, affiliates, and native advertising. Your willingness to show people you care enough about them, about their experience, and about your own business to respond to their posts can elicit positive emotions about your brand, and those positive emotions are shareworthy.
    [Business, Facebook] Should You Prioritize Lead Generation for Your B2B Content Marketing Goals?
    Engagement is easy to measure on social channels (particularly on Twitter and Facebook), but you might have a harder time determining engagement on a blog (do you measure traffic? Lead gen is still a proven way to monetize content, and in some companies, selling just one new piece of business can pay for an entire marketing campaign. And the business results will come. For B2B marketers, qualified leads look like the panacea for every corporate campaign.
    [Business, Facebook] The 12 Best Cities in the World to Start Your Career
    It's home to offices of some of the country's top employers, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Cisco Systems, eBay, Blizzard Entertainment, Samsung, and more. Entrepreneurs say it's easy to start a business there, networking is top-notch, taxes are low, regulations are light, and hiring is a breeze," writes Jose Pagliery for CNN. It's a liberal city in an otherwise conservative state, and ranks #1 for "small business friendliness" according to a survey from Thumbtack.
    [Business, Facebook] Are MQLs a Vanity Metric?
    The venerable Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) long has been a cornerstone of the numbers game played by businesses. MQLs are tracked, counted, measured and then reported to the executive team as a key example of marketing’s impact on business. That’s why New-Waterson labels the MLQ a vanity metric – a term that usually refers to wishy-washy numbers such as Twitter followers, Facebook likes and website visitors. For him, an MQL carries the same weight as a Facebook like. “I
    [Business, Facebook] Think marketing tech vendor growth is finished? No, it’s Finnish!
    At Avaus, we’ve worked with most of the big names on Scott’s list, be it marketing automation, CRM, or business intelligence. helps us to run Facebook advertising for our clients on a massive scale. We also included six brands that are spinoff technologies of service-focused companies (they may or may not have their own business entity).
    [Business, Facebook] Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: New TCO Calculator: EMC SMB Virtual.
    Thursday, January 20, 2011 New TCO Calculator: EMC SMB Virtual Solutions Advisor EMC wanted a quick way for small / medium business IT executives and buyers to quantify how virtualized data center solutions could help drive capital cost savings, operations and application management savings and improved resiliency. Your Sales & Marketing Ready to Do Business with F. Is Marketing Too Busy?
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    [Business, Facebook] 3 Ways To Adopt A Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
    In this modern era where product information is expected to be readily available, many customers want to interact with businesses in ways that are convenient for them. It’s important to note here that these are just a few simple examples used by other leading businesses to leverage multi-channel marketing. Here’s an example – if you’re hosting a conference, try running a campaign to a Facebook custom audience promoting your brand a few weeks before the event.
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    [Business, Facebook] How to Perform a Social Media Audit: Measure What Matters
    Clear Understanding of KPIs and Business Goals. Depending on your business, you might consider: Metrics that show reach: Likes. Now that you understand your business goals, target audience and have a place to track the information, it’s time to take the next step in the audit process. Social media is long past the novelty stage.
    [Business, Facebook] Email Ain’t Dead! 5 Steps To Building Stronger Email Relationships [REPORT]
    The challenge with email is not whether to use it, but how to use it effectively to build on the relationships so important to the success of your business. And for small businesses that challenge can be even greater as customers have come to expect a level of personalization and a “human touch” in their digital interactions. Additionally, the survey found that as many as 20% of businesses do not practice basic list segmentation or send their emails with clear goals in mind.
    [Business, Facebook] How the CEO Can Enhance Sales, Marketing, and the Executive Branch
    movement harshly declare that proactive targeting and prospecting for new business is dead. Anyone who is intellectually honest and not employed by an inbound marketing company will admit: It’s a fantasy that search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook and tweeting about our community-building , value-creating blog are sufficient to produce the volume of face-to-face sales meetings required to hit our new business objectives. New business.
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    [Business, Facebook] How to Drive PPC Ads With Interactive Quizzes and Assessments
    You’ve seen a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad before: Maybe it was a sponsored post on Facebook or a promoted search result when you Googled something. In fact, Google data shows that businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 spent in PPC ads through their platform. This makes sense, considering PPC visitors are essentially qualified leads who are seeking a specific answer to a question, a product, or a business that can meet their needs.
    [Business, Facebook] 5 Amazing Infographics to Guide Your Online B2B Marketing
    Social Media in Business. Statistics such as: 60% of companies have Twitter accounts; 54% have Facebook fan pages; and 33% have corporate blogs, show the corporate giants are taking these digital channels seriously. by Maria Pergolino The magnitude of the Internet’s size and scope can be overwhelming when determining how to incorporate the countless B2B marketing facts and strategies you can find on the Web.
    [Business, Facebook] 30 Smart Ways to Spend Your Extra 2014 Marketing Budget
    Find out whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Slideshare, Twitter, etc. worked best for your business in 2014. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow you to sponsor updates. 11) Treat your sales and business development people. Take a team photo and write a message thanking your best customers for their business in 2014. Think fast! 2014 is winding down, and you may have extra money left in your marketing budget. Don’t let it go to waste!
    [Business, Facebook] Do You Know The Most Important Number In Marketing
    Lose site of this number and you will not be able to compete in today’s demanding business climate. We use email, outsourced telemarketers, inside sales reps – all in an attempt to generate leads for sales and revenue for our business. Ask any VC firm what they look for in a start-up and many will tell you that they are looking for businesses that can gain customers at a lower cost than the expense to acquire them.
    [Business, Facebook] Why a Sign up Form Is a No-Brainer for Email List Growth
    A list of contacts is essential for any business that wants to stay in touch with prospects and customers. Having a solid email list is important because, “email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined” according to a McKinsey & Company report. That list also shouldn’t be static.
    [Business, Facebook] Brand Strategy 101: 7 Essentials for Strong Company Branding
    A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. While understanding what your business promises is necessary when defining your brand positioning, knowing why you wake up every day and go to work carries more weight. How can you define your business' purpose? When defining your business' purpose, keep this example in mind.
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    [Business, Facebook] 11 Social Media Automation Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague
    On Facebook, updates last a little bit longer, so you don't need to publish quite as much. Our social media publishing template recommends starting with 8 tweets a day, 4 Facebook updates, 3 LinkedIn updates, and 4 Google+ updates. Should that offer, which just so happens to be targeted at your international prospects in Mumbai, be posted to your Facebook business page at 5 PM ET? And LinkedIn caters to a much more professional audience than, say, Facebook.
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    [Business, Facebook] MindMatrix: A Unique Marketing Automation Platform for SMB
    I recently caught up with Andy Carlton, Director, Channel Sales and Business Development at MindMatrix. The small to medium sized business has much of the same needs that larger ones have and now with the emergence of cloud based software, it has become even more affordable and accessible. Learn About MindMatrix Marketing Automation; An Interview with Andrew Carlton, Director of Channel Sales at MindMatrix.
    [Business, Facebook] B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics to Ponder
    by Maria Pergolino Advertisers are constantly extolling the benefits of B2B social media for their business. Facebook: 800 million users. Three spikes in Facebook activity tend to occur on weekdays at 11:00 a.m., Many of the people at LinkedIn are professionals, business owners or other talented individuals. Even professions and services beyond marketers think its one of the best things to happen to their marketing campaigns in years.
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    [Business, Facebook] How to Cultivate a Company-Wide Social Media Culture
    And creating a Facebook page for your business is no longer an advanced social media strategy. Of course, this can't be the case for all businesses; some have stringent legal requirements to which they must adhere, or simply work in an industry where extreme care is required. Plus, it helps your employees meet new people via social media that could be beneficial contacts for your business.
    [Business, Facebook] Achieving Social Success: Which Channels Should Manufacturers Focus on
    Since the dawn of the social era, companies have flocked to platforms in an effort to connect with customers and build their businesses. As part of social media best practices, it is better for businesses to have a strong brand presence on a few social media channels rather than a weak presence across all. Facebook. Businesses aren’t going to be reaching those next level decision makers if the majority of users online are teenage girls. Pin, post or tweet?
    [Business, Facebook] How (and Why) to Use Social Media Meta Tags (Part 2 of 2)
    In Part 1 we looked at tags that work with Facebook and Twitter (OpenGraph and Twitter Cards); in this post, we’ll examine the tags for Pinterest and Google+. A well-chosen meta tag can give a page an image, a description, potentially even a call to action, when the page is shared as a link – information that search engines index, and that businesses in turn can harness to drive traffic to their sites.
    [Business, Facebook] 10 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Marketer on Your List
    You know that feeling of panic as you maniacally check your personal email, work email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn every 2 minutes, all the while watching your mobile phone's battery wear down more and more? This is also great for business travel, when we're on our phones and tablets a lot and get stuck in places that don’t always have outlets. Visual content is all the rage -- what else is going to get you all those coveted Facebook likes and comments?
    [Business, Facebook] 23 Types of Lead Gen Content to Put Behind Your Landing Pages
    Here''s an excerpt from our downloadable checklist on B2B lead generation on Facebook as an example: 3) Contests. You can run contests on pretty much any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, and they can be as simple as you''d like: Or as complicated as you''d like: Learn everything you need to know about running a successful social media contest here. . What does being in a "content rut" mean to you?
    [Business, Facebook] Houzz: New Marketing Tool for the Building Construction and Design Industries
    Not only will users click on the photos to learn more about the company/individual behind the work, but they also have the ability to share their “finds” with others either within Houzz or on other social media sites like Facebook (that are linked to the Houzz site). We would love you hear any business success stories that have come from this site!
    [Business, Facebook] 2013 in Review: Top Content Marketing Assets & Initiatives for the New Year
    Four Reasons Why Facebook Power Editor Is an Essential Tool. 10 of the Best B2B Facebook Pages. Here are a few of those presentations for review: Creative Social Strategies: More Than Just Facebook Dallas Digital Summit 2013. 74% of Small Businesses Use Content Marketing to Boost SEO. Social media advertising is increasingly becoming a mechanism for targeting audiences by interest, experience, and business need. 2013 was a successful year for KoMarketing.
    [Business, Facebook] Finding the Hidden Money in Your Content Strategy
    From a content marketing standpoint, for our business (Conversion Sciences) we currently rely on little to no outbound marketing to drive demand. Of course, we all do content marketing to get business, but search engine ranking should really be the primary metric and this strategy actually hurt our rankings. It’s a broadcast medium and especially useful if you are selling to business people. What about broadcasting content on social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn?
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    [Business, Facebook] Want to Generate More Leads? Try These 6 Tips
    No—that’s the job of the business development team. Claim Your Local Business Listings. Do a quick search of your business: run through the first few pages of results to see if your business is listed on any other website that you haven’t yet claimed. Both Twitter and Facebook now have ad campaigns specifically designed to help you acquire leads.
    [Business, Facebook] Everyone Has A Story To Tell
    By building this one simple step into your content strategy, you can and will be able to create content that your customers want, and start building deeper customer relationships that will truly drive sales and business results. Please follow me on Twitter , LinkedIn , and Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates. Everyone has a story to tell.
    [Business, Facebook] A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Must-See SlideShare Presentation
    You’re effectively using Facebook for your business and you can tweet with the best of them, so what social channel should you conquer next? This social media network, which helps you create and share presentations, is perfect for businesses. A title like, “5 Ways Your Retail Business Can Make an Extra $10,000 This Month” is enough to piqué curiosity. Tell us how you use it to promote your business or product in the comment section below.
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    [Business, Facebook] Who Should "Own" Social Media at Your Company?
    It's a common debate in many businesses. Marketing, Customer Service, and Sales can all have a hand in your business' social presence, and it doesn't have to be a headache. Set up filters to monitor your business and keywords. No wonder it makes total sense for customer service to have significant involvement in your business' social media presence. In fact, we've highlighted 7 of these such challenges and how businesses are tackling them in this past blog post.
    [Business, Facebook] THE HACKIES: How a marketing automation company hacked their own marketing org
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The demand team, in turn, used marketing automation in conjunction with a CRM to identify opportunities by title and function (businesses adopting MA for awareness, versus businesses needing MA for demand, or businesses relying on MA for renewals), and to nurture prospects with custom content accordingly (assets tailored to their use case).
    [Business, Facebook] Pinterest FAQs: Answers to 11 Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask
    Building your reach on social networks takes work and time, but can really turn the dial up on traffic and leads for your business. While it''s up to you to post content to the site and, in turn, find your core audience -- men, women, Millennials, older generations, students, professionals, etc. -- u sing Pinterest for business can help you drive traffic to your site, bring in leads, and even boost sales. 7) Are businesses actually successful with their Pinterest marketing?
    [Business, Facebook] More Eyes on Your Video – How and Where to Share
    And according to BIA/Kelsey, just 22% of US businesses plan to post a single video within the next year. YouTube and Vidyard players can be played in-line from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, meaning your followers won’t have to leave their social stream to consume your content and are thereby more likely to view it in the first place. Here are two different videos posted to Marketo’s Facebook page.
    [Business, Facebook] Get Over Your Fear of Marketing Automation Software
    It’s intimidating when folks are just starting to collect their email lists for simple MailChimp lists or are just dipping their toes into social media, contextual, display, Twitter and Facebook ads. While 53% of B2B Fortune 500 companies use marketing automation, only about 4% of businesses in the U.S. Actually, we should be adopting marketing automation immediately if it’s still true that only 4% of all businesses with 20+ employees are currently using it.
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    [Business, Facebook] How to Master Content Marketing on LinkedIn
    Try to align your posting schedule with the business hours in which people in your industry operate. I was first made aware of this feature when a friend of mine posted an update on Facebook mentioning how his recent article on LinkedIn managed to achieve over 6000 views and 550+ shares in little over 10 hours. Over the years, I have written hundreds of business articles but none of them had achieved the exposure and interaction that this one did.
    [Business, Facebook] The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites
    Provides organic, maps & mobile search rankings; citations, reviews, and backlinks; competitor benchmarking; and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. This was the 21st post in the Best Online Business Tools series. #1: 1: Best Online Business Tools Series Kicks Off Today. #2: 3: The Nine Best Facebook Marketing Tools. #4: 8: The Four Best Online Education Tools For Business Pros. #9: SEO has a lot of moving parts.
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    [Business, Facebook] 6 Steps to Creating a Successful SEO Strategy
    These days, most businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) and why it's important. However, when it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy , most businesses don't know where to begin. Plug these keywords into Google's Keyword Tool , and find variations that make sense for your business. Then rank this list in order of priority or relevance to your business. Do you have an SEO strategy in place for your business?
    [Business, Facebook] What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know About Social Media
    In fact 6 of 10 buyers use social media to check out a firm before they do business with them. And just as networking can be used to achieve many business goals, so too can social media. It is a wide range of public platforms (think LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that use vastly different formats (limited text characters to full motion video) for very difficult purposes. Just like other business tools have.
    [Business, Facebook] 14 SXSWi Sessions for B2B Marketers
    Fireside Chat with Vic Gundotra of Google+ – Still wrapping around your head around Google+ and what it might mean for your business? Launching Companies in Heavily Regulated Industries – Many businesses start with a dream, but end when crushed by red tape. Amy Thibodeau, Andy Chung, and Tiffani Jones Brown of Facebook and Dan Zambonini of Contentini. 14 SXSWi Sessions for B2B Marketers is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.
    [Business, Facebook] How I Easily Got 25% More Views on My LinkedIn Profile
    Note Facebook doesn''t include a field for LinkedIn profile URL. (Or But LinkedIn is a hotbed of connections for recruiting, social selling, business development and, of course, content sharing and discovery. Just because HubSpot values humility doesn’t mean we’re not a competitive bunch. Three months ago, CEO Brian Halligan , Marketing VP Kipp Bodnar , and I bantered about our relative rank on LinkedIn’s “Most-Viewed Members at HubSpot” list.
    [Business, Facebook] Three Things Smart B2B Marketers Will be Doing in 2016
    As noted here previously , 75% of B2B buyers want brands to furnish substantive content that helps them to research business ideas, but 93% of brands focus their content on “marketing” their own products and services. Several contributors noted the increasing pressure on marketers to demonstrate business results—like ROI, customer retention, and market share gains—from their marketing programs. What will successful B2B marketers to be doing more of, or differently, in 2016?
    [Business, Facebook] What Marketers Need to Know About the Pinterest Update
    As one of the younger siblings in an elite social media family, Pinterest has the distinct advantage of learning from it’s older siblings like Facebook and Twitter what works and what doesn’t, what turns users on and more importantly, with pinners what turns then off.
    [Business, Facebook] Ecommerce Sales Grow in 2010 as Inbound Marketing Adoption Increases
    Staggering Facebook numbers are a major factor in many businesses turning to the social network to connect with potential customers. audience of Facebook grew to 153.9 Look for eCommerce integration with social networks, most notably Amazon’s recent announcement that users can connect their Facebook account to their Amazon account , to create an even bigger splash in social media related purchases. Grow Your eCommerce Business Using Inbound Marketing.
    [Business, Facebook] Top Webinars You Should Watch For Marketing Success in 2017
    By reading this post and watching the webinars, you’ll learn how to: Reach key decision makers through Facebook ads. 1) How to reach key decision makers through Facebook ads. Webinar – Facebook B2B Advertising: How to Reach Your Target Audience on the #1 Social Channel. Facebook has become the top social channel to reach decision makers. But many marketers are still skeptical about using Facebook for two primary reasons: Target audiences aren’t well-defined.
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    [Business, Facebook] Content ROI Is a Myth
    Is your audience on Facebook growing and are they engaging with your content? You can get this straight from Facebook Insights. Create opportunities, pipeline, and sales for the business. As a profession, marketing has evolved a lot over the past 5 years. Previously, when asked to justify our marketing budgets, we used to squirm in our chairs and mutter something about “brand awareness.”
    [Business, Facebook] 4 Content Marketing Goals for a Coach Website
    No matter what business you’re in, your content must achieve 4 things. The subsequent pages have client stories and case studies which further bring to life the work and outcomes of Chip and his business. I had a lot more clarity about what my business does, and it needed to be reflected on the site (the case studies are a great add). **The My business goals are much clearer and I needed my site to reflect that, and I wanted all new, original content.
    [Business, Facebook] What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn from the 2016 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks Report
    With so many service lines/business units, compelling stories and organizational goals, you need to take the time to document your plan. Facebook remains the most effective social media platform among B2C marketers. 66% of those surveyed said that Facebook is effective. Content marketers: one of the most important research reports was released two weeks ago by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs.
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    [Business, Facebook] An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling
    Why is all of this so important to your business today? . The idea of creating entire stories based on visuals was a pipe dream for small and mid-sized businesses. . The rising popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Live reflects the degree to which visual content dominates that time. A kaleidoscope of businesses has used his work and storytelling concept to tell their own brand stories. . Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat Live Videos. .
    [Business, Facebook] Content And Technology Will Define The Future of Marketing
    I relocated with Kelly from the Asia-Pacific region into Europe, and because our business is highly global a lot of my time is focused on the US market. What if we’re the fungus of the business world – as soon as something grows strong we pile onto it for all we’re worth, and then we weaken it past its peak and then we’re just devouring it, breaking it down and looking around the forest for the next shiny thing to jump onto.
    [Business, Facebook] Banners Have 99 Problems And A Click Ain’t One
    And trust is what drives conversion to real sales, real customers and real business value. “ Please follow me on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates. A couple of years ago, when he was still with WPP’s Mindshare, I heard Scott Sorokin explain how 99.99% of people who see a banner ad will ignore it.
    [Business, Facebook] The Complete Guide to Email Metrics – Part I
    And in the time-strapped world of small businesses owners, which metrics matter? For example, if you share an email on your Facebook page, we’ll show you how many people liked it, clicked on it and shared it. How are your customers, clients or donors responding to your emails? The answers are in your email metrics. Sending and creating emails is only half of the job. To find out if your messages are reaching customers and increasing sales, you have to turn to email metrics.
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    [Business, Facebook] Twitter Launches Tailored Trends, Making Newsjacking Even Easier
    Step aside, Facebook -- today's most notable news update is coming out of its northern California competitor. And if you do already have the feature, now is the time to learn what it is and how to make it work for your business. For example, if you work for a stock trading firm and you notice that "Facebook IPO" is trending, you could capitalize on your network's current interest in that topic by pushing out some content on the topic.
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    [Business, Facebook] what Tony Orlando & Dawn taught me about online marketing (or knock three times on the ceiling if you want me)
    However, the vast majority of people who don’t respond aren’t being passive-aggressive jerk-faces –they’re just too busy at the time, or they’re waiting on someone else’s feedback, or they had such good intentions…until they totally spaced out. They also posted a couple supporting Facebook posts also sharing the JULY4THAGANZA discount code.
    [Business, Facebook] How To Chop Up Your Webinar Content
    Social networks with more volume, like Facebook and Twitter, are often the best way to attract the most traffic to your registration page. We’re all busy people and your recipients will forget all about the webinar and why they signed up if you send out your invite too early. Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Liz O'Neill , a writer and content marketing manager at Kapost, a software that helps marketers develop, manage and analyze their content.
    [Business, Facebook] Thought Leadership: Marketing Engineering Services with Technical Articles
    Thought leadership is a term that was first coined in 1994, by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz, Allen & Hamilton magazine, Strategy & Business. A “thought leader” in business jargon is an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas (Source: Wikipedia). He was talking about his long journey in convincing upper management about the value of starting a business blog.
    [Business, Facebook] 3 Tips to Turn Noise Into Value
    So back to the monolith we all reluctantly embrace, composed of industries, activities, phone numbers, email addresses, work history, tweets, Facebook posts, favorite colors, family dog names, first crushes – all the relevant information a salesperson or marketer needs to win a deal. With more than 15 years of experience across sales, marketing, solution strategy and business development, he helps clients develop their strategic vision for sales enablement and close more deals
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    [Business, Facebook] How We Grew Inbound Traffic by 300% in 6 Months
    Most SaaS businesses have many different levers that they can pull to influence growth. We made the decision to rebrand and focus on tactics anyone can use to grow your business. This instantly opened up to a much wider variety of possible content ideas, and really ignited a fire inside the team to build a blog that was both engaging and useful, and helped grow our business. Growing your business on social networks, building your email list or just marketing your business.
    [Business, Facebook] How to Create Genuine Experiences in Your Online Marketing Campaigns
    Yet, businesses continuously “dumb down” their marketing and advertising for users in hopes of reaching the highest number of people. This cab is a rolling disco club and makes even the most serious business person have a little fun: It is possible to make business marketing fun. The web has become something bigger than checking in on old high school buddies on Facebook or stalking potential leads on LinkedIn. Users online are smart.
    [Business, Facebook] How To Make Your Marketing Meme-tastic!
    In the meme below, you can see the popular meme, business baby with some funny text over it. Other social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are also relevant, as they provide users with the opportunity to share and like pictures. While most viral memes depend upon an already established character, phrase, or concept, some businesses are creating original memes as a way to spark conversation among consumers.
    [Business, Facebook] Do You Know Jack? How to Delight Your Most Important Marketing Asset
    Sure, I may have dreamed up that particular scenario (it’s the creative writer in me), but I would be willing to bet that similar scenarios have played out in the real world when businesses neglect their existing customers’ needs. I mean, let''s face it; some businesses don’t know Jack. Jack is your customer, but he feels insignificant and disconnected from your business. That may have worked in the past when businesses were advertising to the masses.
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    [Business, Facebook] Why You Need to Stop Neglecting Your Old Content
    For instance, over the years, we have published more than one blog post highlighting awesome Facebook business page examples. That may not sound like a bad thing, so let me explain: Rather than getting one Facebook page examples posts to rank higher and higher over the years by updating and republishing it, we have been making it harder for ourselves to rank high by creating new posts that have to climb the rankings from scratch. Raise your hand if this sounds familiar.
    [Business, Facebook] Is Anyone Leading Lead Management?
    Business Intelligence. Social Media Department – blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, iTunes, YouTube and Pinterest, to name just a few. You can get a suggested outline of the business rules here. Sales Lead Management is a complicated process. It needs a leader to pull all of the competing interests and people together to work as a team. Sales lead management is a tough subject to truly get your arms around.
    [Business, Facebook] 3 Online Marketing Trends To Take Advantage Of
    Facebook, Twitter , and Amazon provide so much more information about human behavior and psychology then we ever had access to before. The continual Rise of the "Prosumer" - Prosumers are an essential part of your online business. There’s ways to incorporate these broad ideas into your local campaigns for small businesses, the big takeaway here is the trend itself and you can play with them and work them into your campaign however fits.
    [Business, Facebook] The Top 10 Stats from 2016 that Show the Importance of Email Marketing
    According to Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing Report , “80 percent of marketers agree that email is core to their business.” If you can work your email strategy into your broader content strategy, the results will prove worth the work (especially where ROI is concerned): according to the Direct Marketing Association via Outbound Engine, “Email marketing yields an average 4,300 percent return on investment for businesses in the United States.”
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    [Business, Facebook] How to Avoid Becoming a Marketing Fossil
    Consumers used to hear about your company and your brand on your schedule: You controlled your ad spend, scheduled earnings calls and investor meetings, and managed PR campaigns based on product launches and business updates. Now, consumers are talking about your brand on social media in real time, whether you’re participating or not, and every customer service interaction on Facebook or Twitter comes with an audience of potential buyers.
  • B2B MEMES  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2011
    [Business, Facebook] Can Content Save Publishers? Only If They Wake Up
    Though at first it might seem odd to say that businesses built on content don’t value it, she has a point. As she explains, pure content businesses like magazines are just one of three types of media options for advertisers. Beyond the “paid media” that advertising represents, they also have the “owned media” of their own blogs, Facebook pages, and twitter accounts, and the “earned media” of online word-of-mouth.
    [Business, Facebook] How We Buy vs. How We Date: They're More Similar Than You Think
    Doing so can help you get what you want: more business. In the world of inbound marketing and sales, there’s a methodology that describes what tactics businesses can employ to help turn strangers into happy customers, and it’s analogous to how one might go about courting a special someone (P.S. - Before you can make any changes to your relationship status on Facebook, you need to do some searching to find that special lady friend or man friend.
    [Business, Facebook] Mobile Marketing: Do Marketers And Kids Want The Same Thing For Christmas?
    Source: Business Insider. With the increased use of tablets and mobile phones by both kids and business people, I think the iPad and other tablets probably top the list for marketers too. Source: Business Insider. Source: Business Insider. Source: Business Insider. Source: Business Insider. Please tell me what you think in the comments below and follow the conversation on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Google+.
    [Business, Facebook] A Tale of Two Websites: Good/Bad Content
    These two sites were both from successful business coaches. But what if Joe Schmoe is an budding entrepreneur with ADD and procrastination problems and an online business that’s starting to take off. Does he need a business coach, a psychologist, a personal assistant, a mastermind group, or internet marketing training? After Coach X’s assessment testing, John knew he had found the right business coach.&#. Share this on Facebook.
    [Business, Facebook] A Brief History of Online Advertising
    In 1996, banner ads plastered the internet, but advertisers still didn't have a good process to determine if these ads were actually driving tangible results for their businesses. After previously resisting ads on its site, Facebook started working with advertisers in 2006 as a way to increase the young company's profitability. Remember when "surfing the net" meant traversing a minefield of unwelcome pop-up ads?
    [Business, Facebook] Why Google+ Matters to Marketers With @Shama Kabani [@InboundNow #32]
    Over time, Google+ will get diluted with people (like Twitter and Facebook), and the engagement will be lower. If you don't have the resources to constantly maintain everything, start with Facebook , and build a good community there. Currently, you cannot create a business profile on Google+, but according to a Google spokesperson, this feature will be available in a few months.). Facebook also allows you to do this with lists.
    [Business, Facebook] How One Seasonal Staple Creates Year-Round, Enduring Customer Relationships
    A global billion-dollar business. The marketing efforts driving this billion-dollar business. Lastly, they have also invested in an active social presence on Facebook (Over 1MM Likes) and Twitter (20k followers). I’m impressed with how Ocean Spray has turned this little fruit into not just a holiday item, but into a year round billion-dollar business by looking to the future of marketing and practicing great marketing techniques.
    [Business, Facebook] 5 Sales Closing Techniques
    You must always remember that at some point in every sales discussion, you must “ASK” for the business. Here are brief descriptions of these five closes: Financial Close A financial close is the natural choice when you have successfully helped a prospect quantify the impact of their business problems. If the quantified impact of the business problems exceeds the investment required to solve the problems, a buying decision is easy to justify.
    [Business, Facebook] What My Paper Route Taught Me about Content Marketing
    It should be as easy as possible for readers to find relevant content on a business site or blog. Because people are habitual, they hang out on Facebook, Twitter and other networks at fairly regular times throughout the day. Note: This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. See his bio at the end. My career in content marketing started at age 12.
    [Business, Facebook] 7 Terrific Ways to Use Social Media for Instant Feedback
    Now that you have your social media bearings in this fast-paced inbound marketing world, consider another use for social media: collecting critical feedback that advances your business objectives quickly. We looked back on all the creative ways we've used social media over the years to problem solve and help us meet our marketing and business goals, and some of them have proved to be really helpful. Just look at, well, every new feature Facebook rolls out.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012
    [Business, Facebook] How to Optimize Your Google+ Content for Lead Gen, From the Experts at Google
    When you share compelling content on your Google+ business page, you'll not only engage your audience and generate discussions, but you'll also drive your followers back to your website where they can read/view the entire resource. This approach is very similar to a marketer’s behavior on other social channels, like Twitter and Facebook. Similar to Facebook's new timeline design, on Google+, you have the ability to add a cover photo and a profile image to your business page.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013
    [Business, Facebook] New York Times Rolls Out Annoying Ad Format, and Other Stories You Missed Today
    If you haven’t been on Facebook for the past day or so you may not have seen the roughly four trillion posts about the latest good news: The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to federal benefits, and also declined to rule on a case in California, which clears the way for same-sex marriage in that state. It''s easier than ever, since Facebook just created a gay pride emoticon to help celebrate. Lots going on today in the world of marketing and beyond.
    [Business, Facebook] 12 Months of Inspiration for Engaging with Your Email Subscribers
    Even the most capable, expert-at-their-business small business owner can feel like a rube when it comes to getting creative with email marketing ideas. The returns could be immediate to encourage recipients to take a specific desired action, such as making an online purchase, liking you on Facebook, or coming into your store. Try offering a prize to the email subscriber who responds with the most outrageous, fun and applicable-to-your-business made-up holiday.
    [Business, Facebook] 5 Social Media Fails Professional Services Firms Should Avoid
    Social media is a powerful tool for businesses. Facebook: 3–5 times/ week. Just showing up and creating a company profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ isn’t good enough. Download a copy of our SEO Guide for Professional Services Firms to get you the foundation you need to begin planning your SEO strategy and grow your business online. Don’t let the memes, cat videos and 140 character limits confuse you.
    [Business, Facebook] Interesting Infographics: 11 Ways to Drive Sales With Content Marketing
    Many companies advertise on Facebook or Google because of the vast audiences these sites offer, but it’s often a good idea to include smaller niche sites in your media buy as well. Exchanging content with another business can help boost traffic for both businesses, if it is a good fit. As I’ve talked about before in this blog, the division between sales and marketing departments makes little sense in the current business landscape.
    [Business, Facebook] The Ultimate Checklist for Integrated Marketing
    Share on Facebook!' Follow Us on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+!') Make sure you're promoting the new offer through your social channels by posting updates with links to the ebook's landing page to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. One of the main benefits of business blogging are the rewards it can deliver for your business' search engine optimization. If you're a brick and mortar business, offer coupons and discounts to your most loyal check-ins.
    [Business, Facebook] What the World Would Be Like If B2B Marketing Didn’t Exist?
    After all, InsideView found that LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter or blogs individually. Yet only 47% of B2B marketers say they are actively using LinkedIn vs. 90% on Facebook. Organizations that strive to answer the questions of their target audience by telling them how your company can help their business, now and in the future, have a much better chance of success.
    [Business, Facebook] Content Personalization: How Much Is Too Much?
    Facebook prioritizes newsfeed content based on our past engagement. Pariser, for example, first discovered the filter bubble when he realized content from his politically conservative friends was appearing less frequently in his Facebook news feed. We are also, however, absurdly busy. 77% would trust businesses more if they explained how they’re using personal information to improve their online experience.
    [Business, Facebook] The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan
    If you’re targeting businesses look for information like industry, geographic location, customer size, number of employees, number of branches, type of produce, annual revenue, and the age of the company. You can find him on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn. Marketers are creating more content than ever. According to the Content Marketing Institute , 77% of B2C companies and 70% of B2B companies surveyed say that they are creating more content than they did just a year ago.
    [Business, Facebook] How to Give Your Audience the 5-Star Treatment With Exclusive Offers
    Well, you don't have to change your business model to mirror the 11K Club; you can simply incorporate exclusivity into your content across different marketing channels. Data shows it's a good use of your social presence, too -- according to an Econsultancy study , the most common reason consumers cite for following brands on Facebook is to receive special offers (70%). It's against Facebook's rules to make receiving an offer a condition of 'Liking' a page, for example.
    [Business, Facebook] From Zero to Success: Building an Email List From Scratch
    Email is a critical piece of any small business’ marketing strategy, but building an effective email list can be daunting. Whether you’re just starting out in business, have been operating for a while but have not yet ventured into email marketing, or are just unhappy with the results your current email list is getting, take heart! Here are some sure-fire strategies for building a list that will work for your small business: 1.
    [Business, Facebook] My Next Adventure In Content Marketing
    As you know, I have been writing about, advocating for, and teaching business leaders that the world has changed, that most marketing is becoming less effective, and that we need a new approach to forming relationships with our future customers. As the co-founder of Business 2 Community , I was introduced to NewsCred as a publisher. My main mission is to help businesses of every size to improve their marketing efforts through better stories that connect with people.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2016
    [Business, Facebook] 8 Lead Generation Ideas for Startups
    As you build your business and its operations, you need to employ effective, scalable lead generation techniques to keep your sales funnel filled as your requirements and capacities increase. Getting your name out whilst filling your sales funnel can be a demanding process, especially when your business lacks the economies of scale that larger companies enjoy. Put your brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to increase your exposure and build a loyal following.
    [Business, Facebook] 7 Ways You're Letting Guilt Sabotage Your Work
    I like to think of Facebook, for example, like tabloids. That could be due to the fact that, according to the Harvard Business Review , “spending less time at your desk forces you to waste less time.” 5) You’re just not busy enough. In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , it was reported that people feel more motivated to complete tasks when they’re busy -- even if the deadline to get it done has passed.
    [Business, Facebook] How Visible Experts Get on the Fast Track
    What branding and business development impact do they deliver? ” On Twitter or Facebook? Follow us @hingemarketing and join us on Facebook. In our Visible Expert research report series, we’ve investigated the impact that high visibility experts have on their own firms and their clients, as well as the tools that experts use to build their profile.
  • NUSPARK  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014
    [Business, Facebook] 10 Customized LinkedIn Communication Tactics That Will Increase Response
    LinkedIn is a great networking tool for building your business or your career. Use the tools – LinkedIn offers many different tools to make your experience easier and more productive, but not all tools are right for all businesses. Explore and find what works for you and your business. Put the photos of your kids, dog, and vacation on Facebook. Use professional business photos on LinkedIn. Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn account?
    [Business, Facebook] 12 (of the) Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Techniques of 2011
    Small Business…Big Coverage! Pointing to a recent study showing that “Twitter drives more traffic to press releases than Facebook,” Tonya Garcia details half a dozen tips for making news releases Twitter-friendly, such as using numbers (““If you have data within a press release, call it out in the headline”), using hashtags properly, including multimedia, and making quotes tweetable.
  • VIDYARD  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016
    [Business, Facebook] Old Irish Blurs the Lines of Virtual Reality in This Incredible Video
    That said, businesses who are willing to invest in a 360-degree camera, or work with an agency that has this kind of technology, can still take advantage of this awesome new format of video without having to give all of their prospects a VR headset. Facebook allows for 360 videos that integrate into the mobile motion sensor on your phone, meaning you can move your phone around to take in all of the 360 action.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2015
    [Business, Facebook] 11 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs
    But when days are busy, I can’t always keep up with my stream of 1,400+ accounts. For example, I follow HubSpot on Twitter , but don’t always get a chance to see their tweets when I’m busy. Quartz has figured out how to make a text-heavy newsletter a stalwart in the news business with their Daily Brief. The concept is simple: Users can search, browse or create stories from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to, well, tell or follow a story.
    [Business, Facebook] 7 Examples of SaaS Companies with Exceptional Marketing
    HipChat co-founder and CEO Pete Curley put on his business pants and thought about it from the billboard supplier’s point of view. The company saw a 300 percent rise in online searches, an onslaught of new customers and a warp-speed transition from three guys with a good sense of humor to a small (and successful) business. Instead of investing in advertising, Trello focused its entire budget on building a sound, user-friendly product that people and businesses truly need.
    [Business, Facebook] Do You Respect Your Customers? Cultivating Customer Loyalty in 2017
    As it happens, REI is the number-one brand for making customers feel respected, according to research reported in the Harvard Business Review. Negative comments poured in on the organization’s Facebook page and went without response. The customer quotient study, as reported in the Harvard Business Review , attempts to measure these types of customer emotions using five key attributes: openness, relevance, empathy, experience, and emotion. Real talk: I love REI.
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