[Business, Business Blogging] 27 Reasons Why Your Content Sucks
    Christina smartly recognized the difference between the two posts: “One is (perceived as) beneficial to the business. Blog posts that just sum up what you can find through Google searches. Regurgitation of basic information that’s reformatted on a company blog with a lot of injected ads, unnecessary links, and keyword stuffing in hopes of achieving a high SERP rank. Yes, sometimes having a listicle on your blog isn’t a bad thing.
    [Business, Business Blogging] List Builder Bake-Off: MailChimp vs. Sumo
    If the other capabilities of premium Sumo packages are worthwhile for your blog, this is the way to go. Business Blogging Cool Web Tools Email Marketing Drip marketing automation email service providers Leadpages list builders MailChimp pop-up form tools Sumo WordPress pluginsFor bloggers, building an email subscriber list is vital for staying in front of your readers on a regular basis.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Generate Leads with Your Business Blog
    Business blogs have become one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools available. It is as effective for growing fortune 500 businesses as it is for small start-ups. Done well, blogging allows companies to share important information about themselves or the industries that they are a part of, create brand awareness, educate their audience, and perhaps most importantly, generate leads. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when planning your blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 30+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2017 – Part 3
    The universe of tech blogs is vast! Just notice how many more tech blogs there are than, say, blogs about home remodeling or sailing! And, surprise, surprise there are even more tech blogs than blogs dedicated to cute kittens. So, in the ocean of opportunities, the question becomes more difficult than ever: Which of all of these tech blogs are worth your time? Best Tech Blogs To Read. MonkeyData blog is a place for SMBs inspiration.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Should I Write Business Blog Posts?
    Business blogs can be somewhat of a hot topic, as it relates to marketing investments. a business blog before committing. The Con’s of a Business Blog. You need to actually put thought into your business blog posts so that they offer value. You also want to strategically pick a topic that will drive traffic to your blog, and therefore your website. The Pro’s of a Business Blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Does Business Blogging Still Get Results in 2017? New Data from 1,000 Bloggers [Infographic]
    2017 marks the fourth consecutive year Orbit Media Studios has tapped the insights of 1000+ business bloggers to publish a research report on blogging statistics and trends. This year, the survey breaks down into 11 questions across three categories: Changes in the blogging process. Blog content trends. The promotion and measurement tactics business bloggers employ. 85% claim their blog delivers strong results or some results. Daily Blogging Popular
    [Business, Business Blogging] The Best Number of Experts to Include in an Expert Roundup Post [Infographic]
    Business Blogging Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Marketing Infographics Social Media Marketing Anne Deeter Gallaher expert roundups Nirav Dave Rebecca Caroe VenngageA few weeks ago,, a post titled What’s the Ideal Number of Experts for Expert Roundup Posts? 27 Experts Weigh In was published here. It apparently answered a popular question, as that post has been shared hundreds of times since.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] What Channels are You Using for B2B Lead Generation?
    However, not all lead generation channels are created equally, and businesses need to focus on what works specifically for them to increase efficiency and maximize returns. Every business has specific dynamics and unique requirements in terms of their sales and marketing processes. Virtually every professional your B2B business is targeting has a work email that they check daily, if not several times a day. Blog B2B-Marketing Channels Lead Management Lead-Generation
    [Business, Business Blogging] What’s the Ideal Number of Experts for Expert Roundup Posts? 27 Experts Weigh In
    Expert roundup blog posts have become a staple of influencer marketing and content marketing programs. After all, what’s a more appealing blog post title? Experimentation is the only way to discover what works for YOUR blog. V3*Broadsuite Blog. Now I’m curious how many experts Tom asked for this blog post! ” However, 100 influencers featured in one blog post sort of makes it tough to consume as a reader. Blue Focus Marketing Blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 25 Must-Know Blogging Statistics for Businesses
    The blogging landscape has changed quite a bit over the past decade. What began as a way to chronicle one’s day-to-day musings through an online diary has now evolved to become one of the leading marketing strategies for businesses. Business Blogging
    [Business, Business Blogging] Unleashing Creative Collaboration to Produce More, Better Content
    He’s better known as an actor with credits ranging from the TV sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun to blockbuster hits like Inception , but Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps himself busy with a project known as HitRecord. Businesses have shown some interest in this creative model, but the results have been mixed. When you’re writing a business blog post, only one set of hands can be doing the typing.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Reddit is rolling out new user profile and moderation features
    I had spent two days writing a blog post love letter to my 7-year old bike over the weekend and ended up sharing that love with the /r/bicycling/ sub on reddit. The only time I have ever succeeded in leveraging reddit towards readers, hits, and visitors en masse is when I actually put down my guns-a-blazin’ and got real with on the subreddits (or, subs, colloquially) I frequented, and then shared my personal blog posts directly there. My fancy new reddit user profile page!
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] Content Marketing in the 90s: What Was It Like?
    In the early 1990s, many businesses used print materials to spread the word about their services, products, and offerings. Leveraging a business directory of fax numbers, advertisements, and marketing messages could be sent on a mass-scale. Businesses began to build out websites, and early search tools like Infoseek and AltaVista made it easier for internet users to find and browse millions of websites published on the internet. . Blogging and the Birth of Content Marketing.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses
    It enables your business to occupy a sizeable amount of public mindspace and consistently drive more customers. A memorable brand is self-propelling and can grow a business to dizzying heights. But’s it’s also vital for businesses like Microsoft and IBM that drive a significant amount of revenue from B2B customers. Brand building for B2B businesses is a little different from that for B2C companies. Guest post by Sreeram Sreenivasan.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] 29 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing
    The social network is primarily centered around careers, and it enables users to connect and share content with other professionals, including colleagues as well as potential employers, business partners, and new employees. If you're a business on LinkedIn, it can also be a fantastic marketing tool. 4) Take advantage of the blog/website links on your LinkedIn profile.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to turn your business blog into a publisher
    Since this single goal unites nearly all businesses, many companies have turned their business blogs into publishing powerhouses. However, in addition to selling this product, the company also has developed a well-trafficked blog that publishes new information daily. Why should businesses become publishers? When businesses can tap searchers at the top of the sales funnel, they can create brand loyalty and boost conversions down the road.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 4 Free Ways Law Firms Can Increase Their Online Presence
    In our last blog post we discussed the importance of Bing for your law firm marketing strategy based mainly on the cost and amount of searches. Directories, like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, AVVO, and literally thousands of others, are an SEO tactic your law firm needs to start implementing. Plus, we know you’re busy. Lawyer Blogs. What makes a good blog post?
    [Business, Business Blogging] Six Keys to Make It With Influencer Marketing
    As recently noted on the V3*Broadsuite blog: “The beginning of the year brought the usual deluge of posts about trends and predictions for marketing in 2017. ” The tactic is hardly new, with more than 70,000 articles and blog posts devoted to it. This blog, Webbiquity, is dedicated to B2B marketing. It covers a range of related topics: social media, SEO, business blogging, content marketing, WordPress, and marketing technology tools.
    [Business, Business Blogging] What You Miss Out On When You Don't Have a Company Blog, Based on Statistics
    Much has been said about the importance of business blogging and yet some still question whether or not blogging is an investment worth making. Understandably so, considering that it takes a whole lot of work and dedication to maintain a blog. Content Marketing Business Blogging
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] 5 Types of Marketing Automation for Businesses to Consider
    Timely customer service is good customer service, which is why businesses are increasingly looking to CRM software to help provide a better customer experience. More importantly, information like purchase history and details of interactions between the customer and the business can be collected by a CRM software. This allows the business to personalize the interaction each customer interaction. Don’t forget that not every tool works for all types of business.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How To Create A White Paper That Converts
    Here’s an example: SOURCE: Business Blogging Secrets Revealed. These could be other white papers, eBooks, or blog posts. White papers are often perceived as the more serious older sibling of the eBook. As such, it’s not uncommon for white papers to be—well, boring. But that doesn’t have to be the case. White papers are among most requested resource formats of B2B buyers. They should be in-depth, enlightening, and also: interesting.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Make Your Content Stand Out in 2017: Three Expert Tips
    But those and other established digital marketing practices are no longer enough to make your blog posts or other content stand out. million new blog posts written every day , it’s getting progressively harder to stand out. Blog posts with videos draw more traffic. As with the explosion of blog content, the volume of brand social media updates has grown dramatically over the past few years as well.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Convince Your Boss to Say “Yes” to Content Marketing
    Now, you’re a step closer to joining 94% of B2B marketers , 86% of B2C marketers , and 94% of small businesses doing content marketing to meet their goals. Content Marketing Business BloggingFirst off, congratulations for believing in the power of content marketing! Just get a green light from your boss, and you’re set to roll out your content marketing strategy. I’m sure you’re excited to hear that sweet “Approved!”.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Why B2B Influencer Marketing is Your Next Big Thing
    These new forms of online media, combined with massively popular business blogs and social media, can serve up valuable opportunities for B2B marketers. While influencer campaigns have become much more competitive in recent years, there is still tons of opportunity in B2B influencer campaigns, which most businesses aren’t doing yet. I’ve also seen businesses reach out on social media through direct messages if the influencer is already following them.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] 20 Creative Writing Prompts That'll Help You Beat Writer's Block [Infographic]
    I've written a lot of blog posts over the past few years. And if there's one thing I've learned about business blogging, it's that getting started is often the hardest part. Content Marketing Blog Daily IGSSRead: I've stared at a lot of blinking cursors on blank screens over the past few years.) When you're tasked with writing regularly and writing well, it's natural to feel some pressure. My advice?
    [Business, Business Blogging] Organic Networking: 3 Tips for Natural Success
    When we reached altitude, she settled in to enjoy the view, and I whipped out my laptop to work on a blog for a custom homebuilder. After talking briefly about the advantages of retaining a content creation expert to write your business blog and the current state of the real estate market in her location, we exchanged cards and returned to our respective activities.
    [Business, Business Blogging] My 20 top social media marketing, search, and reputation business articles
    I went into the historical analytics of the Biznology business blog and used the Google Analytics records from all the way back in 2012 through to today and these are the twenty most successful by visitors. Why aren’t you cross-blogging on Medium? The best automagical Twitter following tools for your business. The post My 20 top social media marketing, search, and reputation business articles appeared first on Biznology.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 9 Easy Steps to Convert Your B2B Blog into a Well Oiled Lead Generation Machine
    And it’s a shame for a blog post that talks about conversion to not convert at all. But let’s forget about that for now, because this post is not about our blog. It’s about your blog and how we can turn your readers into leads. Business Blogging B2B marketing Lead GenerationUnless you download our free eBook below, this post fails to convert.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] Back to Basics: How to Write an Effective Business Blog
    Today we are going to get back to one of the basic elements of digital content marketing: blog writing. While this medium has been around for nearly two decades, I’m often surprised that clients still have questions about what a blog should include and how it should flow. I want to address some of the most common questions here – specifically as they pertain to business blogs. The beauty of a blog is that it can be about most anything.
    [Business, Business Blogging] B2B Content Marketing: How to Set up Your Business Blog to Generate Leads
    While blogging can work wonders both for B2B and B2C companies, we want to look at how business blogging is particularly effective for the B2B industry. Blogging B2B marketing
    [Business, Business Blogging] Five Tips to Help You Write Outstanding Content For Your Blog
    Content is king, and blogs often make the best castles. These five tips can help you more dependably write outstanding content for your blog. The title of the blog post should tell potential readers that your content is important, unique, interesting, or essential for the reader to know. Blog visitors won’t read a wall of text even if the content is interesting. Even the best content won’t attract people to your blog if they can’t find it.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to reach the exact audience that you want to target
    Learn the importance of data solutions and what it can bring to your business! Blog B2B-Marketing Business Blogging Buyer's Journey Data Data Quality data services Database-Management Marketing Sales FunnelData is the driving force behind any lead generation activity. It should tell a clear story of your customers, how they behave and what motivates them. Power up your data profile! Watch now!
    [Business, Business Blogging] Branded content just another shade of fake news?
    Remember blogging for business? Better still blogging by brands? A great deal of what we now call “content marketing” can be traced back to basic business blogging where a brand built audiences by attracting informed search to valuable, relevant content. As institutions like, but not limited to, our large national newspapers and editorial websites lose adjacent ad revenue, they have entered the business of marketing to fill the financial void.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog
    The post 8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Lots of bloggers get discouraged when they first start out, because no matter how much they tweet, they just can’t seem to increase their traffic. If you’re in this situation, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. With so much content on the internet, you’ll need tactics much more creative than social media to […].
    [Business, Business Blogging] Do People Still Read? How Offsite Content Attracts Quality Readership
    and "Will AI take over our blog?". Chances are, you already have a website, and perhaps a blog that “lives” on it. You might own it, or it might have been earned -- the latter being content that someone else created, but primarily concerns your business, such as a review or case study. For the purposes of this blog, we want to address the off-site content that you own and can therefore create and control. That includes social media, blogs, and podcasts, for example.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Which Blogging Tactics Produce the Strongest Results? [New Survey Data]
    When it comes to business blogging, how much time do people put into creating posts? For three years running, Andy Crestodina -- the w eb design and development company's co-founder -- and his team have surveyed 1000+ bloggers about how they create content and compiled their findings into blog posts, infographics, and SlideShares. Business Blogging: A Look at Trends From 2014, 2015 & 2016. Andy told us, for bloggers, blogging isn’t a job; it’s a lifestyle.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 31 Influencers to Follow in 2017
    Guy Kawasaki was the former Chief Evangelist of Apple but since then has been busy writing 13 books, keynoting, and serving as the Chief Evangelist of Canva. John Jantsch is a small business marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Duct Tape Marketing , Duct Tape Selling , The Referral Engine, and The Commitment Engine. What would I do if I were starting a blog from scratch? Modern Marketing Field Guide: Raise Awareness, Drive Response & Close More Business [link].
    [Business, Business Blogging] 139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)
    million blog posts are published every single day. To help make it less overwhelming, our team scoured the web to identify the top content marketing blogs (by category) you should be reading in 2017. We looked at three main factors when choosing which blogs to add to the list, including: Quality (How good is the subject matter?). The blogs on this list cover a wide range of topics. Blogging. Top Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (and Beyond). #1. Over 2.5
    [Business, Business Blogging] 10 Ways to Recycle Content from Your Business Blog
    That’s not to say every piece you put on your blog is your best work. The post 10 Ways to Recycle Content from Your Business Blog appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Creating quality content takes a lot of time and energy. But we all have those posts… you know, the ones where we just hit the mark. Maybe it was the depth of research. Or maybe it was a certain twist […].
    [Business, Business Blogging] The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website
    As a result, your business won't be able to grow at a healthy rate. Do you have lead generation CTAs on each of your blog posts? (Do Do you have a blog at all?). You'll find useful tips in here whether you're coming from a startup generating leads from scratch, or from a well-established business looking to tighten up your website to increase conversions. Forms are the crux of any business' lead generation efforts. blog post).
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 9 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Need to Stop Making
    For many businesses, the key to making sales is to first generate leads. Leads are valuable because they're the people who have indicated organic interest in your content and your business by giving you their information in some way, whether it's by filling out a form to download an ebook, completing an online survey, or something else. 3) You aren't using your blog to generate leads. What that CTA looks like on your blog posts is up to you.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing 1,000 Blog Posts
    I’m not sure I craft “perfect” blog posts even after writing 1,000 of them—but I’ve certainly learned a few things. For the record: I wrote 440 posts on the Blogger-based WebMarketCentral blog between 2005 and 2010, and have now published 560 posts here on Webbiquity. It’s true there have been guest posts published here, but those have been balanced out by posts I’ve written for other blogs.). It helps earn high-quality links to your blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 7 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Is Failing (And How To Fix Them)
    Having an online presence is all but a necessity for businesses today. So what’s a small business owner like you going to do about it? You can always set up a Facebook page or establish a company Twitter account, but these platforms may not be the best for every type of business. That’s why a regularly maintained blog is a must-have for every business. Anyone can start a blog for their business. Blogs are hard work. We get it, you’re busy.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 5 Ways to Crank Up Your Internet Marketing Blog’s Potential
    When it comes to capturing your blog audience’s attention, the statistics are pretty abysmal. The average blog reader spends just 15 seconds on any given post, and – even more shocking – most readers spend 2.6 What this means is, if you’re running an internet marketing blog, you’d better make sure it’s a good one. As marketers, it’s easy to forget that our blog readers aren’t always looking for text-heavy articles to read.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 30 Terms Every Sales and Marketing Professional Should Know
    Blogging. This can be a personal blog or a business blog that contains various types of content including commentaries, event coverage, photos, videos, and anecdotes. Business blog. Refers to non-personal blogs that help marketers drive more traffic to their website, which then, convert to leads. Media typically comes in the form of blogs, articles, videos, images, slideshows, podcasts, webinars and social media posts.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 8 Necessities of a High-Converting Blog Design You Should Be Looking For
    So, apparently, there’s a show on Disney Channel called Dog With a Blog. and two, “literally everyone has a blog now, don’t they?”. With so many people (and apparently pets) blogging today, general consumers are far more familiar with most blog conversion practices and, unfortunately for marketers, how to avoid them. Think your blog is missing something? To paraphrase another Disney classic, just look for these blog necessities; these simple blog necessities.
  • HG DATA  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 5 Data Futurists to Follow on Medium Right Now
    Four years old and still picking up steam, Medium is quickly becoming the blogging platform of choice for anyone with an opinion and a thirst for an audience. Longtime tech writer for rags like Wired and Newsweek, Steven Levy is the founder and editor of the Medium-hosted (and Condé Nast acquired) technology and business blog, Backchannel. Big Data blog Startup technologyLong before there was Medium , people relied on clay tablets to document thoughts and theories.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] Tips for Maximizing Content Syndication Performance
    A few sites to consider are Business 2 Community , Social Media Today , and subject-driven sites like Growth Hackers , which has a large and targeted following within business and marketing circles. These readers could potentially become a regular part of your blog readership, and you’d be increasing your thought leadership with readers who have not heard of your brand yet. Blog Business Blogging Content-Strategy Content-Syndication Email-Marketing
    [Business, Business Blogging] What’s New in Social? Video Takes Center Stage
    Ask users to vote on potential features you’re thinking about and a Finding a great audience with your business blog? Video Takes Center Stage was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link] The post What’s New in Social? Video Takes Center Stage appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. Author: Lisa Marcyes Marketers, take note.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generating Machine
    In today’s digital landscape, businesses have come to rely on automation to perform a large bulk of their marketing tasks. But if there’s one thing we’ve yet to find a machine able to do properly, it’s crafting a compelling blog post. It’s as close to automating blog posts as you can get, but be forewarned, as these typically create posts based on RSS feeds. Suffice it to say, blogging is best done the old fashioned way. Maximize the Real Estate Around a Blog Post.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 8 Killer Tips for More, Better, Earned Media
    You can manage these to publish and disseminate your content, such as blog posts, case studies, white papers, newsletters, or other pieces of content that you created. And when a top influencer includes your company in a roundup blog that features the top 10 apps of the year – that too, is earned media. MarketingProfs: Blog Post. Last year, MarketingProfs wrote the article “ Six Crucial Attributes of a Successful Business Blog.”
    [Business, Business Blogging] Content Marketing for Real Estate: 7 Tips for Getting Real ROI
    In the past few years, in an effort to build and maintain strong personal brands, attract new clients, and differentiate from local competitors, more real estate agents have taken up blogging than ever before. As it has been for many other industries and businesses, blogging can be an incredibly useful tool for real estate agents […].
    [Business, Business Blogging] 6 Tips for Encouraging Your Team to Blog
    However, some employees might avoid blogging because they doubt their own writing skills, aren’t sure what to write about, or simply don’t have the time. You can show your team that contributing to the company blog doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you have specific employees who you think would make great writers, then you should try speaking with them in private about contributing to the blog. Business Blogging Content Marketing
    [Business, Business Blogging] Don’t Overlook These Foundational Tools When Developing Your Content Strategy Content Curation Marketing Business Blog
    Opentopic blog >> opentopic.com Yes, the majority of companies are increasing content marketing investment—75 percent to be exact, based upon a recent survey of 1,030 marketers. However, many of these same companies struggle with the right team to hire, which topics and content types to create, and how to get the greatest ROI out of content. What’s a great start. Marketing ROI Cmo marketing roi
  • OPENTOPIC  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] Don’t Overlook These Foundational Tools When Developing Your Content Strategy Content Curation Marketing Business Blog
    Opentopic blog >> opentopic.com Yes, the majority of companies are increasing content marketing investment—75 percent to be exact, based upon a recent survey of 1,030 marketers. However, many of these same companies struggle with the right team to hire, which topics and content types to create, and how to get the greatest ROI out of content. What’s a great start. Marketing ROI Cmo marketing roi
    [Business, Business Blogging] B2B Business Blogging Tips: How to Generate More Leads and Sales Opportunities
    In the age of content marketing, blogging has fast become one of the most effective ways to market your brand. Some B2B companies still haven’t adopted blogging as a business function despite its obvious […]. The post B2B Business Blogging Tips: How to Generate More Leads and Sales Opportunities appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Better Business Blogs: Correct Those Broken Links
    Are you keeping your business blog fresh? If you’re like me, and you’ve been blogging for a number of years, chances are some of your links may no longer work. This guest post, from Susan Boggs, offers tips for successful bloggers and blogs on how to find and correct broken links. In a perfect world, we would always know exactly what the Big Search Engines want from us and our business blogs, always and without a doubt.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Starting a New Blog?6 Things a Business Blog Must Have
    Are you starting a new blog ? What should you include in your blog if you want to use it to attract clients? I’ve been talking about how to start a blog in my recent series of posts. They won’t stay, they won’t get to know you and they won’t subscribe to your blog. Everything on your blog should reflect your branding identity, customer personality preferences, and be clear about the kinds of problems you solve for your clients.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources
    The Internet is chock-full of B2B lead generation resources crafted by marketing experts, business owners, and other specialists. Blogs, Slideshares, and Infographics. They also have this really neat infographic about the role of content in B2B lead generation, as well as a SlideShare presentation on why businesses should outsource their lead generation initiatives. Check out their blog to see how the pros do it.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources
    The Internet is chock-full of B2B lead generation resources crafted by marketing experts, business owners, and other specialists. Blogs, Slideshares, and Infographics. They also have this really neat infographic about the role of content in B2B lead generation, as well as a SlideShare presentation on why businesses should outsource their lead generation initiatives. Check out their blog to see how the pros do it.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] 4 ways a website redesign can improve your digital marketing NOW
    Whether you’ve got an introduction video telling what your brand does on your homepage, or you post regular videos on your blog, both are great marketing strategies. Blog: If you don’t have a business blog, this is an easy fix. Digital Marketing Blog call to action mobile friendly responsive design video marketing Web Copy website marketing website updateLooking for a way to boost your digital marketing efforts?
    [Business, Business Blogging] How Do You Choose a Blog Platform?
    How do you choose a blog platform ? . In my last post, How to Start a Blog: 7 Steps BEFORE You Blog , I shared important information you want to consider before your first post, including signing up for a trial blog. With so many great blog platforms available, including WordPress , Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix, Typepad, Weebly, etc., Congratulations on deciding to start a blog! The same is true of your blog at WordPress.com.
  • PUREB2B  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] B2B Business Blogging Tips: How to Generate More Leads and Sales Opportunities
    In the age of content marketing, blogging has fast become one of the most effective ways to market your brand. Some B2B companies still haven’t adopted blogging as a business function despite its obvious benefits. Opting out of the blogging phenomenon makes a business seem like they don’t want to build a relationship with their customer, and in this day and age, that’s just shortsighted. Why You Should Blog for Your Business.
  • PUREB2B  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] B2B Business Blogging Tips: How to Generate More Leads and Sales Opportunities
    In the age of content marketing, blogging has fast become one of the most effective ways to market your brand. Some B2B companies still haven’t adopted blogging as a business function despite its obvious benefits. Opting out of the blogging phenomenon makes a business seem like they don’t want to build a relationship with their customer, and in this day and age, that’s just shortsighted. Why You Should Blog for Your Business.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Start a Blog: 7 Steps BEFORE You Blog
    How do I start a blog ? . I hear it all the time: smart professionals, who are great at what they do, don’t know how to start a business blog , and probably wouldn’t have time to blog even if they did start one. What we learned is that while business continues to improve for our clients , and many are having tremendous success with their blogs, others had let their blog lag. Need help with your blog?
    [Business, Business Blogging] 5 Ways Blog Analytics Improve Your Business Blog
    How do you use your blog analytics ? There are many easy-to-use blogging analytics tools out there, but the really successful bloggers know their results and tailor their blogs accordingly. This is the fifth element in the CAST system for effective blog content : C ontent (compelling). Ensure your subscribe buttons are near the top of your blog post, and encourage readers to subscribe. And if you haven’t subscribed to my blog, now would be a perfect time!
    [Business, Business Blogging] Building Your Brand Strategy
    It is vital to know what your brand strategy is going to encompass, what it’s built on and how it’s going to be reflected in all aspects of your communication – whether that’s via website, email, social media or even a blog. One of the principal shortcomings of businesses is failing to firmly establish a RECOGNIZABLE BRAND. What’s more, videos are commonly shared and easier to recall than equivalent text descriptions of a business.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid
    Because if you want to engage your business blog readers and grow your reader base, you need to use social media. We’ve been writing about the CAST system for effective blog content: C ontent (compelling). More often than not, the headline does not offer the information it promises and it often has nothing to do with the business objectives. Poor responses to customer complaints may be perceived as a reflection of the poor services your business offers.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 10 essentials missing from your business website
    You want a business website that sells. It’s hard to get someone to comment on your blog when the act of leaving a comment is so difficult! There are two things a solid brand identity and your business website absolutely need to succeed. Almost any business website will benefit from a contact form that allows customers to instantly “reach out” online. A form on your website allows customers to interact with you at any time and will keep you from losing business.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Five Ways to Draw Traffic to a Blog Post
    As buyers spend more time with online articles, blog posts and reviews, and rely less on advertising for product information , companies have quickly caught onto the fact that they need great content to attract new customers and retain their current ones. Many of them have addressed this need by publishing blogs on their websites that relate to issues and common customer challenges in their industries. Just make sure that you’re reformatting your blog post to match the platform.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How the HubSpot Marketing Blog Actually Generates Leads (Hint: It's Not How You Think)
    Business blogging "best practices" instruct bloggers to include a relevant call-to-action at the bottom of every blog post. This is nothing groundbreaking -- it's how you convert visitors to your blog into valuable inbound leads for your business. Over the years, I've spent a lot of time analyzing HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. So it got me wondering: Are end-of-post CTAs really the best way to generate leads from our blog?
    [Business, Business Blogging] 16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats
    This final installment covers some fascinating though sometimes contradictory and confusing stats about business blogging and the value of marketing. For example, what percentage of businesses maintain company blogs? First, all of these numbers seem a tad high; other (fairly) recent research has reported that 55% of small businesses have blogs but just 31% of Fortune 500 enterprises do. 9 Business Blogging Stats and Facts.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016
    [Business, Business Blogging] The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know
    Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. Well, we thought it was time to create a blog post that could serve as a holistic marketing glossary -- one that not only defines each term, but also offers some helpful resources in case you want to learn about them in more depth. 4) B2B (Business-to-Business). An adjective used to describe companies that sell to other businesses.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 12 Critical Building Blocks to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign
    This is where you will be able to build out a more well-rounded profile of a qualified persona and how your company can successfully win business. By knowing the ins and outs of all public areas of a competition’s marketing from social media to blogging to offer creation and more, you can better understand who they are targeting with their marketing, what content they are focusing on and where they have found the most success. Search each of your competitors’ sites for a blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How Small Businesses Can Use Real-Time Case Studies to Acquire New Clients
    Blogmore is a gifted writer, but his blogs never make it past the spam email folder of his clients. He sends a small, yet powerful, email message along with his blogs to the clients. As a result, his business flourishes. His blog’s search engine ranking improves by 15%. Effective user acquisition strategy is the new Holy Grail for all small business owners and marketers. Case studies make up for excellent promotional material, for any small business.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How One Company’s Investment in Blogging & SEO Increased Traffic By Over 2,500% in One Year
    Setting aside time to brainstorm blog topics, structure posts around relevant keywords, optimize calls-to-action and social sharing buttons, and strategically place relevant internal links can sound daunting to many marketers. This is especially true for those marketers who are just starting to ramp up their business blogging efforts and don't have much bandwidth. Setting Up a Blog Strategy. Read this blog post to learn more about the benefits of business blogging.).
    [Business, Business Blogging] Get Found Online: 6 Principles of Quality Content
    While your blog needs good Search Engine Optimization, it has to start with quality content. It is based on six principles that anyone can and should apply to their writing, whether it be for their business blog, e-newsletters, or e-books and websites. It’s great advice for any consultant and small business owner responsible for getting found.). There are times you want people to do something like invest in your business. How to get found online.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Make B2B Content Curation a Win-Win [Podcast]
    What role should content aggregation play in your B2B blogging strategy? I discuss how content curation has helped B2B companies I’ve worked with generate business results, as well as some of the personal value I’ve received from content aggregation and blogging, such as connecting with expert WordPress designers like Alice Elliott (a.k.a. The Fairy Blog Mother) and Mykl Roventine , who’ve helped improve the look and functionality of Webbiquity.
    [Business, Business Blogging] [Infographic] 10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog
    The social media landscape is littered with business blogs that, on the surface, do everything right. Most of those same blogs, however, do little to generate leads, subscribers, or any other kind of measurable engagement or ROI. If you’ve got the content nailed, turning your blog into a demand generation machine may require little more than a few simple changes. Here are 10 tips for generating more leads from your blog, drawn from this earlier post.
    [Business, Business Blogging] SEO Best Practices For Your Blog
    If so many other companies are blogging too, why should you invest time and resources in business blogging? Business blogging is no longer a nice-to-have for your company, it is a must for several […]. The post SEO Best Practices For Your Blog appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. There are millions of bloggers around the world publishing new content every day.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 5 Ecommerce Companies Using Content Wisely this Holiday Season
    Content marketing is so much more than a business blog, but many forget that little fact when trying to boost their business. When the holidays roll around, there are only so many blogs you can write, right? This is when you really need the reminder that content actually means anything your customers will consume, including social media, videos, images, and even sounds. Some of these ecommerce shops show you what content marketing is all about.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Blog for Your Business Using Personality
    Do you know how to blog for your business using personality yet remaining professional? No, seriously – there’s an ongoing trend to be personal with blogs. I see it everywhere – blogs, email, newsletters. If you’re writing for business, you want to connect with your readers by using personal stories. This is an important skill to master when it comes to writing a business blog that attracts readers yet keeps a professional brand.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Should Publishers Blog?
    Once upon a time, blogging was considered amateur. The biggest value proposition that blogging brought to the table was the democratization of great ideas. Anyone could launch their own blog and start writing--there was no formal education or media job required. That’s why blogging caught on. Today, mainstream media companies are harnessing the power of blogging. Now, you have no excuses to say that ‘blogging isn’t for you.’ So, Should Publishers Blog?
    [Business, Business Blogging] Great Blog Content:2 Reasons for Writing Stories
    Are you writing stories with feeling on your business blog? If your blog post doesn’t resonate emotionally, you can’t do a good job of building relationships, inspiring trust, and moving people into taking action. As I mentioned in my last post , great blog content appeals to people who are both thinkers and feelers. To do this, blog writers need to get real with readers – they need to step away from their anonymous masks and get emotional.
    [Business, Business Blogging] What Exactly Do You Do?
    A common enough question, but it got me thinking: in more than five years and nearly 500 posts about web presence optimization, SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, and inbound marketing on this blog, I’ve never actually answered that question here. I guess that’s because I’ve always wanted this blog to be about you, the reader, and your need for digital marketing information and guidance. And thanks as always for reading the Webbiquity blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Build a Product Funnel on Your Blog:Make Your Content Marketing Profitable
    Are you building a product funnel on your blog? In my recent blog posts, I’ve been talking about ways to earn money blogging using two different methods: Sell products directly through your blog (or website). Sell products or services because of your blog , or indirectly. Here’s how it works: Your blog should have cornerstone content pieces to communicate your core values and passion and business mission.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 7 Places to Find Quality Email Newsletter Templates
    If done well, though, email newsletters can do wonders to help you build an engaged subscriber base , keep your business top-of-mind, and nurture leads that are already making their way down the funnel. According to the Litmus blog , each template is responsive and has been "thoroughly Litmus-tested" -- as in, they work for every email client, including Gmail and Outlook. If you had to guess, how many email newsletters do you think you're subscribed to? Twenty? Fifty?
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Make Money Blogging
    Do you know how to make money blogging? Let me ask you this: Are you earning money because of your blog? If so, your blog is a means of indirect sales. As I talked about in my last post , there are two different methods you can earn money blogging: Directly. How to Make Money Indirectly from a Business Blog. An indirect method of making money from a business blog would be income because of your blog.
    [Business, Business Blogging] How to Make Money Blogging:Yes – You Can Still Make Money Blogging!
    Can you still make money blogging ? As I shared in my last post , the blogging has rapidly changed, but it’s not too late to start a blog, or turn your existing blog in to a source of income. The first step is to identify your blog goals – you’ll want to keep these in mind as you consider the ways you can earn money directly with a blog. How to Make Money Directly from a Business Blog. Or is it too late to get in to the game?
    [Business, Business Blogging] A Brief History of Business Blogging (And How to Make It Profitable)
    How do you make money from business blogging? Most blogs aren’t profitable, but people devote a great deal of time and energy to them. You need to understand how to use business blogging to suit your business goals. Things have changed in the blogging stratosphere, rapidly. According to NYMag , the first business blog was created in 1994, Links.net. And in 1999, the first popular, free blog-creation service was introduced.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Paid In Full: Facebook Marketing Gets Big Boost With Full-Ads Feature
    From the company’s business blog , Facebook announced a formal partnership with analytics company Moat, as well as an offering for full-view impression ads. This year has been a big one for social media advertising. From Instagram’s launch of an ad platform to Twitter’s expansion into a global ad market , it can feel like new options are becoming available for marketers every day.
    [Business, Business Blogging] #BADMarketing at a Store
    Image: Courtesy of The Education Business Blog . This is anything but simple… #BADMarketing. The post #BADMarketing at a Store appeared first on. BADMarketing bad marketing marketing fail
    [Business, Business Blogging] Blogging Strategies for End-of-Year Business Blogs
    How are you doing on your business blogging strategies for 2015 ? I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, but after 15+ years working with executive coaches and consultants , I know that having clearly defined goals and expectations for a business blog or website is critical to help you get found, get known, and get clients. 4 th Quarter Blogging Strategies. If you need a blog review, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing
    I had a co-worker email me the other day asking for a blog post about the benefits of business blogging. I told her I'd shoot over one of our up-to-date blog posts about why businesses should blog and. If you're trying to explain one of the core tenets of inbound -- business blogging -- to your boss, a coworker, your mom at Thanksgiving, whomever, then send them this post. The Benefits of Business Blogs for Marketing.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog
    If you’re not generating leads – as in: a lot of leads – from your company’s blog, you’re missing out on what is perhaps not only your best opportunity to convert organic Web traffic into actionable, measurable sales inquiries, but also the best way to actually show real ROI from your social media investment. Here are 10 proven ways to generate more leads from your blog. The best way to convert organic blog visitors to subscribers is to write great content.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Business Blogging: 4 Tips PLUS 1 Great Video on Creativity
    Business blogging can be frustrating for professionals. write on your business blog, you’ve done a bunch of research, you’ve created lists, outlines and even saved a few great blog post drafts, but you haven’t actually published any of your content… There always seems to be one more thing to check before you pull the ‘publish’ trigger. In this series of blog posts, I’ve been sharing my tips on the four stages of writing a great blog post.
    [Business, Business Blogging] 5 Blogs With Comments You'll Actually Want to Read
    Copyblogger rocked the blogging world when they stopped facilitating comments on their blog and instead encouraged people to take the comments to social or to their own blogs. Lucky for us, there are still a multitude of great marketing blogs that welcome our comments. If you’re looking for a blog where the comments are as good as the articles, you’ve come to the right place. That one blog post has 392 comments on it. Blogging
    [Business, Business Blogging] Tips on Writing a Great Blog Post:Give it a Rest
    But I’m having trouble with my blog writing. So I pull out my bag of great blog post tricks, and determine where I’m stuck in the process. As I mentioned in my last blog post , Graham Wallas observed that creative solutions appear sequentially: Preparation => Incubation => Illumination => Implementation. Turns out, that incubation period is pretty important to the creative blog writing process. It’s why you’re writing the blog post.
    [Business, Business Blogging] Want to Double Your Blog Earnings? Take the Zero to Blogging Hero Challenge
    The brilliant Ann Smarty and her team at MyBlogU are launching a new blogging contest which could win your new blog a big prize—if you’re up for the challenge. In The MyBlogU Blog Launchpad: Content Zero to Blogging Hero Challenge , participants will be required to start a brand new site (with a new domain; no expired domains or old blogs) and build up the content and traffic for six months (with the help and support of the MyBlogU community!).
    [Business, Business Blogging] Megaposts vs. Themed Blog Series – Which Draw More Traffic?
    Or do busy professionals really prefer “content snacking” to a big sit-down meal of information? 9: 20 Brilliant B2B Marketing and Digital Business Stats and Facts. ” Business Blogging Social Media Marketing Twitter blogging Buffer Deion Sanders research social media statisticsWe’ve all seen example of megaposts: multiple-thousand-word posts promising an exhaustive take on a topic.
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