How to Build a B2B Marketing Team


One of the most critical aspects of creating a roadmap for business growth is staff planning. Without cash, you don’t have a business. Staff planning ensures you have the right people in place at the right time to support forecasted business growth.

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The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools


Monitoring and managing even a moderately active business social media presence can be time-consuming. Enter your content into a queue and SocialFlow uses real-time data, along with your business rules, to determine what and when to publish through your social media accounts.

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Nine Winning Digital Marketing Strategies From The B2B World


The interactive infographic, designed and executed by Ceros, was released to promote the insight report that discusses how companies in the US use wearable technology to drive business performance. Guest post by Cheryl Joy.

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16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats


This final installment covers some fascinating though sometimes contradictory and confusing stats about business blogging and the value of marketing. For example, what percentage of businesses maintain company blogs? 9 Business Blogging Stats and Facts.

How Small Businesses Can Use Real-Time Case Studies to Acquire New Clients


As a result, his business flourishes. Effective user acquisition strategy is the new Holy Grail for all small business owners and marketers. Case studies make up for excellent promotional material, for any small business. Guest post by Bill Achola. Ned J.

The 15 Best Special-Purpose SEO Tools


This was the 19th post in the Best Online Business Tools series. #1: 1: Best Online Business Tools Series Kicks Off Today. #2: 8: The Four Best Online Education Tools For Business Pros. #9:

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3 Tips for Using Social Media for B2B Marketing


Social media can be a great business tool to use for marketing, sales, PR, customer service, and HR. Employ Someone Who Knows Social Media, Not Just Your Business. Social media can and should be one of the go-to tools in the box for your B2B business. Guest post by Larry Alton.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Sample review: “Many small businesses focus only on Facebook and Twitter, so the ability to manage other platforms isn’t top of mind. This was the 26th post in the Best Online Business Tools series. #1: 1: Best Online Business Tools Series Kicks Off Today. #2:

Five Reasons to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy [Infographic]


So for the rest of 2017, every business should have a solid plan to promote their brand through video marketing. He creates engaging graphics and content that help businesses stand out from the crowd. Guest post by Adam Chapman. Usually, we try to plan through prediction.

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The Real Roadblock to Social Business Success


Stories about how top executives just don’t “get” social media and the concept of social business were common four or five years ago. Per recent research from GaggleAMP : “Connecting your business with your employees in social media can boost your social media presence.

Fluency of Culture, Not Language, Is Key to Winning Big in Global Online Markets


By communicating with online customers in their languages of choice—on their devices of choice—businesses can sell to more markets than ever before. Social can help businesses quickly establish and maintain brand awareness and loyalty. Guest post by Charles Whiteman.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


It’s a great way to capture the buzz from the show floor after a tradeshow, event or conference.” — Maximize Social Business (Drive). Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), Maximize Social Business (Drive), Online Marketing Institute, Perception System, SnapApp.

115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media [Infographic]


You may even find something that will help, particularly if you’re in a business where social media is one of the keys to success. Guest post by Josh Wardini. It’s something that you use almost every day, but how much do you really know about social media?

How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


There have been theories surrounding Google’s algorithm that question if content marketing as important as people think it is for a business’ rankings for years, but there’s no doubting that efficiently marketing quality copy is beneficial to any SEO strategy. Guest post by Sam Allcock.

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The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites


This was the 21st post in the Best Online Business Tools series. #1: 1: Best Online Business Tools Series Kicks Off Today. #2: 8: The Four Best Online Education Tools For Business Pros. #9: SEO has a lot of moving parts.

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33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats


But brands that connect with buyers on an emotional level see twice the impact of those still trying to sell based on business or functional value, and the most connected brands enjoyed 31% greater revenue growth last year.

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18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business


Calling Google+ “a key component to your marketing strategy,” Rebekah Radice offers seven tips for optimizing results there, from making the most of your profile (“Do you know what search terms people are using when looking for your business?

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20 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats and Facts


Most small businesses struggle to measure the results of digital investments. A third of marketers say they don’t know which digital tactic has the biggest revenue impact, and nearly one if five small businesses don’t track anything.

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Five Strategies for Improving Customer Experience


A survey from the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer reports that American consumers value customer service over virtually all other aspects of business-consumer relationships. Guest post by Brooke Cade.

How to Make Your Content Stand Out in 2017: Three Expert Tips


Fortunately, social media advertising is still affordable for most businesses. Business Blogging Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Video Marketing 10x content content marketing 2017 paid social media social media advertising video marketing

Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses


Customers are the heart and soul of any business. Many small businesses work on SEO, SEM, and advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube simultaneously, and end up generating little return on investment (ROI). Even within an industry, every business is unique in some way.

The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


” — Maximize Social Business. Showcase reviews: Maximize Social Business. Maximize Social Business. This was the 10th post in the Best Online Business Tools series. #1: 1: Best Online Business Tools Series Kicks Off Today. #2:

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)


What are the top barriers to adopting social business practices? 66% of marketers claim that social indirectly impacts their business performance but only 9%t claim that it can be directly linked to revenue. Real Business Rescue ).

7 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Is Failing (And How To Fix Them)


Having an online presence is all but a necessity for businesses today. So what’s a small business owner like you going to do about it? You can always set up a Facebook page or establish a company Twitter account, but these platforms may not be the best for every type of business.

13 Great Guides to Growing Your Blog Audience


You’ve put extensive effort into your business blog design, content strategy, research, and execution. Business Blogging: Five Reasons You Have No Readers by Spin Sucks. Got a well-written business blog, but a shortage of readers? Half write during business hours.

What is Inbound Marketing? The Idiot’s Guide [Infographic]


Over the past decade, inbound marketing has climbed to the top of the marketing latter and claimed its place as (arguably) the most beneficial approach for business campaigns—both online and off. And how can you apply them to your own business? Guest post by Andy Beohar.

22 Tantalizing Content Marketing Stats and Facts


In B2B purchase decision making, text still rules (for now): 80% of business decision makers say they prefer to get vendor information in a series of articles, and 85% prefer text over video. Traditional digital content mediums still work best for reaching global business leaders.

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39 Amazing Internet Stats and Facts for 2016-17 [Infographic]


So if your business is not optimizing use of all online channels, now would be a great time to expand your digital strategy for 2017. He creates engaging graphics and content that help businesses stand out from the crowd. Guest post by Toby Dean.

How to Create the Three Parts for Any Sales Funnel


It can even qualify leads, so that businesses aren’t wasting time with people who are unlikely to buy. These funnels can also be tailored to a business and the specific tools they prefer to use. Guest post by Katrina Manning. What is a Sales Funnel? Sales funnels are everywhere.

34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


5 Business Blogging Statistics and Facts. Content marketing is now ubiquitous, with 93% of all marketers saying they do content marketing (it’s not clear what the other 7% are doing).

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Your Employees May Be Your Best Untapped Brand Advocates


Trust is essential for business, and clients are far more likely to trust the word of employees than statements made by CEOs. Putting your brand in the hands of employees can be nerve-wracking — after all, your brand what differentiates your business in the marketplace.

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What is a Q&A Case Study? And Why is it Great for B2B Marketing?


Did you help a business achieve big results? For example, let’s say 85% of your customers are B2B businesses, and 15% of your customers are B2C businesses. Some of your B2C prospects might think your product is only for B2B businesses. Size of business.

28 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2013


Find the answers to those questions and many others here in more than two dozen of the best business blogging guides of the past year. Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips. How to Optimize Your Blog Content for Social Media by Maximize Social Business.

19 Remarkable Guides on Business Strategy, Leadership and Motivation


It’s a (sometimes forgotten) truism of business that no company can cut its way to growth. Entrepreneurs are forming new businesses at an increasing pace, hoping to take advantage of new opportunities in the recovering economy. ” What Does it Take to Lead a Social Business?

Three Influencer Marketing Secrets to Drive Traffic


Tim Brown is a designer and Director of Marketing Strategy for Snap Agency – Ecommerce SEO and creates websites that are built around business goals and that are built to attract traffic through SEO Services and increase conversions through Conversion Rate Optimization.

Six Keys to Make It With Influencer Marketing


It covers a range of related topics: social media, SEO, business blogging, content marketing, WordPress, and marketing technology tools. Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular, and powerful, tool for marketers.

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


Social media now plays almost as large a role in purchasing decisions as does TV, and 57% of consumers say they’re influenced to think more highly of business after seeing positive comments or praise online. Just 22% of businesses use dedicated social media measurement platforms.

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20 Expert LinkedIn Guides


LinkedIn has made dramatic changes to its platform over the past 18 months, making what was a rather plain but effective business networking tool into a content-rich, visually dynamic, more interactive professionally-focused social network.

The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools


” — Maximize Social Business. Showcase reviews: BuzzBlogger, Maximize Social Business, Catherine Pham/SlideShare, Express Writers, Marketing Insider Group (Curation). Now you will have both hot topics for your business and some great answers from which to create your content.

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7 Common Myths About Big Data


This has already been shown to be untrue— according to Datafloq, the term ‘big data’ itself was coined by O’Reilly Media in 2005 , while the use of data to track and control businesses can be traced back 7,000 years. Big data is a business issue.”