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Not Dead Yet: Blogging’s Popularity Surges Among F500

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Nora Ganim Barnes and her team at the Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth continue to produce some of the most consistent, rigorous and comprehensive research on social media adoption by both small and large businesses.

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8 Data Points about the Importance of Customer Experience

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An Oracle survey of 1,342 senior-level executives from 18 countries earlier this year found that 97 % agree that delivering a great customer experience is critical to business advantage and results , and that the average potential revenue loss from failing in this area is 20% of annual revenue.

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What a Hotel Manager Taught Me About the Future of Business

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Scott Wright is the general manager of the Wyndham Wingate Hotel in Erlanger, KY, and in a 15-minute ride to the airport yesterday morning he taught me something about the future of business. These forces will affect B2B and B2C businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

The Trouble with Klout

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Klout’s weaknesses have not stopped it from amassing an impressive list of more than 3,000 business customers and from being incorporated into popular applications like HootSuite as a standard metric. Estimating influence is a delicate balance of art and science.

30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants.

I’m Quoted in HBR – Kinda. And Like Three Years Ago…

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The type is about as small as they could make it and the quote comes from 2007, but this research report does bear the Harvard Business Review logo, so I’m going with that. ” Social Media flagrant self-promotion Harvard Business Review

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Five Often-Overlooked Reasons Senior Executives Should Use Social Media

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That’s why the first few minutes of any meeting, even one with people we know very well, invariably consists of small talk about stuff that has nothing to do with business. He’s reinforcing a relationship that matters to his business. “I don’t have time to build my LinkedIn profile.

What Makes a Good B2B Online Video

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Here are some of the most common fails I see with business videos in general: Long, monotonous monologues by talking heads. I think business videos are becoming much more professional.

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Skepticism on Gallup’s Gloomy Social Media Assessment

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Ask any hotel manager about the importance of reviews to business success and you’ll get an earful. TripAdvisor currently lists more than 150 million travel reviews on its site and Yelp has 57 million reviews of local businesses.

How to Summarize Content for a Business Audience

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In my previous post about How to Read and Summarize a 20-Page Research Report in 20 Minutes , I showed how to skim through a complex document and gather essential information to use in summarizing the material for a business audience. That makes it a good technique to use in business writing.

How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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Focus speakers on writing about the topic of their presentations, not promoting their businesses. As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media.

IBM’s Beck: Social Business is About Enablement, Not Control

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Social business isn’t about tools and promises. IBM started with that simple premise when it tackled the task of convincing its sales and marketing people to adopt a new way of doing business. The challenge was to make social business a win for the people doing the selling.

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How to Run a Great Dinner Meeting

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I’ve attended many a business dinner over the years and few have been as adroitly handled as this one. One of the worst parts about many business dinners is that they drag on for hours and no one wants to be the first person to stand up and say goodbye.

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Peer Reviews With a Difference

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Despite ongoing allegations that even the biggest customer review sites are routinely manipulated by businesses and their detractors, 85% of consumers in one recent survey said they consult online reviews for recommendations of local businesses at least occasionally.

Live Blog: Lotusphere 2012 Opening Session

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Fox’s brief speech isn’t very relevant to social business, but the audience receives him well. IBM’s Alistair Rennie kicks off the core session.There’s nothing new about social business, he says. “Ultimately, Social Business is a competitive differentiator.”

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Industrial Age Thinking Thwarts Potential of Internal Social Nets

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He asked my business unit to build a computer lab that employees could use at any time to play and experiment. Most businesses are still built upon management structures that were conceived during the Industrial Revolution to optimize operational efficiency.

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The Other Social Network

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For business pros in industries like communications, manufacturing, retailing, financial services and even construction, LinkedIn groups are becoming vertical social networks in their own right. And they’re busy. Have you checked out LinkedIn lately?

How Much Should You Pay For Content?

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You’re better off investing in professional communicators and teaching them what they need to know about your business. You do not want to pay a freelancer to learn your business on the job. They’ll learn your business and require less hand-holding the longer you use them.

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Tips for Building a Quality Twitter Following

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The only exception to the courtesy rule is when I’ve been treated poorly by a business or institution. I breached the 10,000-follower mark on Twitter yesterday. I marked this milestone quietly because I’m not big on numbers games and have been outspoken against counting success solely in terms of fans and followers. Nevertheless, I have to admit to taking some pride in this number because of the way I reached it.

How B2B and B2C Marketing Are Different

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My fourth book, Social Marketing to the Business Customer , came out this week. While the purpose of this e-mail is ultimately to convince you to buy it, I hope to also impart some insight I gained from immersing myself in business-to-business social marketing for six months.

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Social Marketing Wisdom From a True Practitioner

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Stand Out also has several excellent case studies from both B2C and B2B businesses that dramatize the advantages of engaging in conversation rather than spewing messages.

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My New Book, ‘Attack of the Customers,’ is now available

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One reason customer attacks have become so numerous in recent years is because businesses and government agencies have historically had such miserable customer service. Customers now complain so fluidly that the problem for many businesses is figuring out which gripes to take seriously.

IDC Sees Massive Disruption From Industry’s Platform Shift

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The global IT industry is in the middle of an epic platform shift and the rules for survival in a market built on mobility, big data analytics, social business and cloud computing will be very different than those that applied to the previous client/server generation.

15 Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn Groups

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For example, instead of saying, “This webinar on the benefits of platform as a service has particular relevance to business partners,” try “This webinar on the benefits of platform as a service looks interesting. I spend a lot of time in LinkedIn groups and have learned a bit about maximizing their potential as conversation-starters. Here are 15 of my favorite tips. Please add your own as comments. Ask Questions. The best way to provoke discussion on LinkedIn is to ask questions.

B2B Blogging Gets Publishing Discipline

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The Internet has obliterated barriers to entry in publishing and smart marketers are realizing that, with persistence and a good keyword strategy, they can beat the top business publications in search results.

Social Marketing Hangover

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The discipline will be better for the experience, but only after a lot of business people realize the ugly reality that this stuff is really difficult. A little further exploration revealed that those expressing the greatest disappointment were using Twitter for business less than once a week.

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Surveys Show ‘Social Business’ Concept Gaining Traction

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A recent survey of more than 2,000 small businesses by e-mail marketing provider Constant Contact found that 81% say they now use social media for marketing, up from 73% in the spring. Indian companies were three times as likely to have embraced social business concepts as Russian companies.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Plain English

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Facebook is the overwhelming favorite of business-to-consumer companies because the action is free-wheeling and fun. I prepared summaries for my upcoming Search & Social Double Whammy seminar on May 2 in Burlington, MA describing the “big three” social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. My goal was to describe in plain English the way these networks provide value to their users and the metaphors they use for interaction.

I’ve Been Writing A Lot Lately, Just Not Here

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Brian Solis (right) is one of the most consistently provocative and perceptive analysts in the world of new media and social business. He believes few CEOs know how dramatically their businesses will change as a result of customer empowerment.

IBMer: ‘Social Selling’ Is a Sales Process in Itself

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Those same capabilities could be useful as a formal part of the business process. Social selling is now being woven into the mainstream of IBM’s business process, but adoption was never a sure thing. Becoming a social business is a transformational journey,” Burnette said.

Two B2B Social Marketing Initiatives Worth Checking

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Also, check out Social Media Quickstarter , a tutorial site aimed at small businesses and launched just this week by Constant Contact. It answers the basic questions that millions of small business owners are asking, and it does so in plain language with lots of pictures and video.

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What Social Media Marketers Should and Shouldn’t Do

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These metrics should be meaningful to the business, not just page views and visits. You need a way to determine how your activity and social channels is translating into business results. Facebook is fun, LinkedIn is business, Twitter is rapid-fire news. Finally, Constant Contact has used Facebook and Twitter to deliver a constant stream of useful information to its small-business clientele about how to better market their companies.

IDC: US Tech Firms Underestimate Emerging Market Opportunity

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However, most North American tech companies do less than one-third of their business in these growing economies, believing them to be less lucrative than their home markets. Manging the business as a portfolio is important.

Awareness E-Book Raises the Bar on Social Measurement

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As businesses spread their wings across increasing numbers of social communities, they need to get a better handle on what’s working and what isn’t.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Editors

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People are taught from their earliest school days to equate length with gravity, so overwriting in the business world is epidemic. This morning I spent 45 minutes cutting an article by a technology marketer by one-third. When I finished, the piece was better than when I started.

Facebook Can Work for B2B Marketers, But You Gotta Know the Rules

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A post on Monday offered fans the chance to win a Casio camera by telling how the Cisco Unified Computing System can benefit their business. In my work with B2B organizations, the question of how to use Facebook is invariably front and center.

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Live Blog: How to Make Collaboration Cook

Paul Gillin

Speak in terms that make business sense. When building a collaborative workplace, a “build it and they will come” attitude is a recipe for disappointment.

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How Twitter Amplifies a Customer Attack

Paul Gillin

Southwest stuck to its guns and arguably suffered little from the incident, but media attention kicked off a bigger debate about America’s obesity epidemic and the responsibility of businesses to accommodate oversized customers. The following is an excerpt for the forthcoming book, Attack of the Customers: Why Critics Assault Brands Online and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim , by Paul Gillin and Greg Gianforte. The target publication date is late 2012.

Recommended Reading – 7/9/15

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Those translate into bonus views and business. . Ninja Guide to Content Creation: Top 10 Writing Tools – Content Marketing Institute.

Best Gifts for Geeks: The Spiceworks List

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As part of my work with IBM Midsize Business , I monitor and contribute to an active IT community called Spiceworks. million as of this writing) loves to get down and dirty about the day-to-day issues of managing infrastructure at small and midsize businesses, but they also like to have fun.

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