Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Marketing automation technology has become an indispensable tool in the complex sale marketer’s arsenal. Lead generation, lead nurturing and determining the time for the handoff to Sales would be extremely difficult without that technology. Add lead scoring and tracking through that final conversion to sale and the task is flat out impossible without automation. Case Study #4 – Marketing Automation: IT company boosts leads 59%, generates $1.5

Automating your marketing through the B2B customer journey: an interview with Rich Herbst


The other day, I had the chance to meet with Rich Herbst, founder and managing partner of Ascend Marketing, which is based in Dallas and Austin. Rich agreed to discuss what he and his team have been doing in B2B, and share what they’ve learned in recent years, as business buying behavior evolves. His team has developed a breakthrough approach to delivering a custom communications stream to business buyers based on their particular journeys.

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Marketing Automation Simplified [Slide Deck]


by Eloqua | Tweet this Looking for more information about marketing automation, but afraid to ask? Calm your marketing chaos! Check out our new slide deck presentation via SlideShare (also embedded below) for tips on how marketing automation can help your team work smarter, not harder! Marketing Automation Simplified from Eloqua.

The Agency Perspective: State of Marketing Automation


In recent years marketing automation has become synonymous with growth. But what’s the current state of marketing automation in today’s business landscape? Many marketing professionals already incorporate some level of automation into their programs.

Email marketing or marketing automation?


30-second summary: Even though marketing automation has grown businesses and revolutionized industries, it is not for everyone. First, you need to understand your audience to create highly targeted email drip campaigns. This will help you to create lists.

Common Concerns With Marketing Automation: Where Do You Rank?


Jennifer merges theoretical planning with hands-on experience as a marketing automation expert focusing on lead scoring, closed loop reporting and advanced segmentation. You might have seen the most recent survey by the B2B Technology Marketing Community , which highlighted usage of marketing automation. The survey’s findings— Marketing Automation Trends Report 2014 — confirmed that marketing automation has become a must-have.

The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Your Business


Are you feeling bogged down by some of the more tedious tasks in your marketing strategy? Managing and nurturing leads from email, SMS, social media, and landing page campaigns can start to feel…. Fortunately, when it comes to marketing automation tools, you’ve got options.

5 Steps to Use Marketing Automation for Improved Conversion Knowledge


Shannon implements and manages Marketing Systems, Databases, and Social Media. After more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience in the event management and entertainment sector, Shannon went back to school in 2005 to study office administration and communication. Marketing automation is all about conversion-rate optimization. To start with, marketing automation provides you with better information than you’d get with a manually orchestrated campaign.

Marketing Automation Simplified: The Small Guide to Big Ideas [eBook]


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The influx of content, information, and education available to consumers is an astounding, evolving issue for marketers. Particularly for those organizations that are challenged with managing multiple, segmented programs — or those with a small headcount compensating to manage their workflows — it’s hard to get the moving parts of strategy and technology to sing in harmony. How to establish your audience of content consumers.

Eloqua Wins CODie Award for ‘Best Marketing Automation Solution’


by Eloqua | Tweet this The Software & Information Industry Association ( SIIA ), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, announced Oracle Eloqua’s Marketing Automation and Revenue Performance Management Platform the winner of the 2013 CODiE Award for “Best Marketing Automation Solution” category. Oracle Eloqua’s platform is one of the first solutions to leverage HTML5 to offer the best user experience.

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Who Said Email Marketing (Automation) is Dead? [CHART]


by Paul Teshima | Tweet this For this week’s chart, we analyzed email activity trends over the last five years, and attempted to determine if overall email activity was on the decline. Today, we send more than 2 billion emails per quarter, so we thought that was a pretty good data set to analyze. We then normalized the email usage by the size of the contact database to account for customer growth and list fatigue. Who Said Email Marketing (Automation) is Dead?

5 Surprising Uses for Marketing Automation


by Christina Pappas | Tweet this What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the words ‘ marketing automation ’? But there are so many other ways to get more out of your marketing automation investment, from smoothing out the recruiting process to pushing real-time info to sales. Let’s take a look at five less common uses for marketing automation. Automating alerts is a huge benefit to your sales team.

The Thoreau Guide to Marketing Automation


Like Henry David Thoreau my wife and I “wished to live deliberately.” I often think of the process of building my cottage when advising others on implementing marketing automation. Both processes require preparation, setting goals and commitment to make something solid. How specifically is building a house and implementing marketing automation alike? We didn’t just want proximity to nature. We wanted to be woven into it.

6 Signs You Need Marketing Automation


by Michael Martin | Tweet this You’ll feel it when it happens: When you’re spending all your time managing lists and unsubscribes; when the sales team won’t return your calls; when all the good leads seem to land with your competitor. These are common signs that you need to go beyond batch and blast marketing, need to get sales on the same page, need a stronger lead management process – these are the signs and symptoms that your business needs marketing automation.

A Look at the Future of Social Marketing Automation


by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Nikki Serapio , the Manager of Marketing Community at Oracle. His job is to raise the voices and share the stories of grassroots marketers, community managers, and social media managers, including those who use Oracle products and technologies. The case for using marketing automation technology is clear. These are important tasks that marketers no longer have to do manually.

The B2B Marketer’s Handbook of Marketing Automation

Marketing Insider Group

Automation is certainly a hot-button topic these days, especially among data-driven marketers. According to recent research from Social Media Today, 3 out of 4 marketing teams are utilizing automation in some form in their current strategies. Marketing Strategy

5 Ways You Should Be Using Marketing Automation


by Sylvia Jensen | Tweet this Similar to “social CRM” or “lifecycle marketing,” “Marketing Automation” is a key phrase among marketers today. It seems you can’t go to a conference or do a blog search without these current terms popping up. billion by 2010, the marketing automation industry is expected to grow to $4.8 For the uninitiated, here’s a concise look at what it means, and how you should be using it to your advantage.

5 Ways Your B2B Marketing Automation is Failing


Ascend2 found that the most significant barrier to marketing automation success is the lack of an effective strategy. And according to's Marketing Automation Benchmarking Report, 17% of marketers say marketing automation has been very beneficial for their company. Five-seven percent said it was quite beneficial, while 26% saw limited to no benefit. Marketing Automation

How to Start Your Company’s Discussion About Marketing Automation


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Over the weekend you may have received one or more marketing emails that weren’t of interest to you, perhaps even after you opted in to receive communication from that particular company. Maybe you set up your own company’s email campaign and weren’t so thrilled with the click through metrics and reporting your current marketing system garnered? Marketing is moving in leaps toward the complementary themes of art and science.

How Buyer Personas Can Make Your Marketing Automation Smarter


In 2002, Tony established the first-ever buyer persona development methodology designed specifically for B2B Marketing and Sales. As marketing automation matures, focus is turning towards how to be smarter in reaping the benefits. Getting smarter leads to a better return on your efforts as well as investment. Effort and smarts are needed in spades when focusing on making marketing automation more effective.

How to Overcome Disparate Data Challenges with Marketing Automation


by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Greg Dorban , Head of Inbound Marketing at Ledger Bennet, a specialist B2B agency. In his role, Dorban manages demand generation strategies to assist companies in creating more opportunities for their sales pipelines. One of the biggest challenges facing modern marketers is the data management. Marketing automation provides a powerful resource.

How Marketing Automation Power Users Outperform [CHART]


by Egan Cheung | Tweet this Fellow Canuck Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book “Outliers” that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. Well if that something is automation, that doesn’t seem fair, does it? After all, automation saves you time! But even if it’s not 10,000 hours, I truly believe that there is something to the fact that substantial performance benefits can be seen from practice and dedication.

3 Ways Insurance Marketers Can Benefit from Marketing Automation


by Eloqua | Tweet this The marketing ecosystem has changed for insurance marketers, as a result of healthcare reform and economic changes. Marketers understand the need to deliver on the promise of value and relevance, by providing personalized content to a variety of different audience segments. The personalization imperative, coupled with privacy and compliance concerns, is driving a process-oriented shift in insurance marketing.

4 Signs You Should Call Your Marketing Automation Partner


by Peter Armaly | Tweet this Ever felt you knew enough to get things done, but then nothing moves? Or is it the desire to appear competent to our colleagues? Whatever the reason, marketers often go it alone. They collaborate and communicate well, but often rely on handcrafted tools cobbled together, or even intuition, to get the job done. But going beyond “good enough” to “excellent” requires knowing when to seek out support. What to do?

Where is B2B marketing headed now? 7 predictions for 2019


I am adding my voice to the chorus of observers who predict various developments in 2019 for B2B marketing. My policy is to avoid reflecting on my past predictions , which are likely unrealized and full of errors. Instead I shall boldly go forth, with my sense of what we are likely to see this year, and damn the torpedoes. My predictions—7 in all—range from marcomm to data. B2B marketing communications become more human. Let’s give it to them!

More Holes Than Swiss Cheese: Why Marketing Automation is Still So Controversial


It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of the marketing automation roundtable where I had the chance to hear 30 B2B marketers discuss how they are using, or thinking about using, marketing automation. However, I sensed a level of doubt regarding the benefits of marketing automation and I’ve been pondering the reasons why for a couple of months now. If those processes don’t already exist at your company, you are going to struggle.

Are Marketing Automation Skills Fruitful for High-Level Job Seekers? [CHART]


by Andrew Stivelman | Tweet this Back in August 2012, my colleague Egan Cheung wrote an analysis in a Chart of the Week using a LinkedIn search to prove how valuable Eloqua skills can be in obtaining a job promotion. His conclusion was that based on a 39% growth statistic among top-level job titles over a five-month period, it is clear that marketing automation, and Eloqua skills in particular, are huge core competencies of value in the current job market.

RedPoint Offers Broad, Deep B2C Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

On days when I have nothing else to be cranky about, I sometimes fuss at how business-to-business software vendors hijacked the term “marketing automation” despite its long and relatively honorable history describing systems for consumer marketing. Oracle ’s recent agreement to purchase Eloqua reinflamed that wound, since much of the commentary ignored Oracle’s extensive existing suite of consumer marketing systems.

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The Future of Social Marketing Automation is Here (And Improving)


by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Roz Lemieux, CEO of, a social behavior platform that helps modern marketing organizations predict how customers and supporters will behave – even what they might do or buy – from social data. On the cultural side, this is part and parcel of the larger paradigm shift from “blast” to “triggered” (personalized) communications.

5 Questions IT Will Ask About Marketing Automation


by Michael Martin | Tweet this Marketing and IT often talk past each other. If you’re looking to make an investment in marketing automation , the head of IT or the CTO will likely be involved in the decision process. Impress IT with your practical side by having answers to these 5 questions on marketing automation implementation. IT wants to know both the long-term and upfront costs of implementing marketing automation.

Which Cities Are Leading Marketing Automation Adoption? [CHART]


Since a lot can change in a year, we thought it’d be interesting to revisit the topic, this time looking at what cities have shown the most growth in marketing users. Interestingly almost half of the top 10 cities that have added the most marketing expertise in the last year are in California. San Jose leads the charge with an increase from 94 to 743 users, representing an astounding 690 percent growth rate over the course of a year.

3 Ways Marketing Automation is Like an 80?s Movie


Inspired by the Marketing Automation Institute’s upcoming Webinar, Marketing Automation: Back to the Future , we gave some thought to the similarities between the marketing automation space and our favorite ‘80s movies. Were there teachable moments in ‘80s movies that can be applied to today’s challenges? The same (with perhaps less grunge plaid) applies to social, mobile and app integration.

Overcoming The Content Personalization Challenge With Buyer Persona Research

Tony Zambito

It is clear that one of the top challenges facing marketing, especially B2B marketing, is the ability to connect with potential buyers on a personal level. Recent surveys of marketing professionals by Rapt Media , Forrester , Seismic, SAP , IBM , and others all indicate that content personalization remains the biggest challenge for marketers this year and for the foreseeable future. This premise still remains foundational to buyer personas. by icon 54.

Celebrate Labor Day, Sans Labor: 3 Ways Marketing Automation Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder


celebrates Labor Day , a holiday to marks the economic achievements of American workers (AKA an unofficial excuse to jam in the sun for a summer sendoff three-day weekend). According to the U.S Department of Labor, the yearly tribute is to the contributions that workers have made to the “strength, prosperity, and well-being” of the country. Firstly, automation enables the maintenance and completion of some of the most critical, yet laborious, tasks.

Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing Automation

Stevens & Tate

Marketing automation offers a company the chance to centralize most of its marketing activities into a single software platform and to automate it to an extent. Why Is Marketing Automation Between B2B and B2C Different? Marketing focus.

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Confusing Customer Segmentation, Buyer Profiling, and Buyer Personas Harms Marketing

Tony Zambito

In the 15 years since originating the concept of buyer personas in 2001, there has been one issue that continues to plague fully understanding exactly where, how, and why buyer personas can be beneficial. Compounding the issue today is the prevalent use of the term buyer persona to describe customer segmentation and buyer profiling efforts. I believe, in part, the issue is fertilized by efforts to capitalize on the emerging popularity of the term buyer persona.

Is “social media campaign” an oxymoron?

Chris Koch

If you had asked me a few years ago whether the traditional marketing campaign had any place in social media I would have scoffed. Just more evidence of marketing’s old-fashioned, ADHD-driven, love-’em-and-leave-’em approach. Fly-by-night opportunists hoping to win your Facebook sweepstakes. If all you do is run contests and campaigns on Facebook, how can you expect to hold onto prospects over the long term? Appeal to their sense of charity.