How to Make Your Business Blog Be All It Can Be

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website How to Make Your Business Blog Be All It Can Be by Achinta Mitra on May 3, 2010 in Industrial Marketing & Web 2.0 , Industrial Marketing Blog Remember the U.S. How about your business blog, is it all it can be for your industrial company? I’m assuming you want your business blog to be more than just a personal journal. Do you have a blog for your business?

Methodology: Brainstorming Awesome Business Blog Posts


It can be very tricky to come up with ideas for new blog posts, especially if you’re just getting started and need inspiration. I have a brainstorming method that I love to use when helping teach new bloggers how to get started thinking about their keywords while creating good content. For some inspiration, follow along with me here as we write an optimized blog outline together. Make a list of your most important keyword phrases.


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How to Create a Successful Business Blog in Minutes


Fact: it is obscenely easy to set up a business blog today and begin driving new, qualified traffic to your site soon. Regular readers of HubSpot's blog are probably already experiencing the benefits of regular blogging, including harvesting the long tail of search traffic to drive incremental, high-quality leads to their site. If you're not already doing this, though, you can and you should be blogging for your business.

Build Industrial Websites as Dynamic Blog Sites

Industrial Marketing Today

A blog is considered the cornerstone of an effective inbound marketing strategy. I’m talking about creating a blog site with dynamic content instead of a static digital marketing asset. Building or redesigning a company Website as a blog site is increasingly becoming the preferred method for many industrial and manufacturing marketers. Advantages of a blog site. The three most popular open-source blogging platforms are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

How One Company’s Investment in Blogging & SEO Increased Traffic By Over 2,500% in One Year


Setting aside time to brainstorm blog topics, structure posts around relevant keywords, optimize calls-to-action and social sharing buttons, and strategically place relevant internal links can sound daunting to many marketers. This is especially true for those marketers who are just starting to ramp up their business blogging efforts and don't have much bandwidth. Setting Up a Blog Strategy. Write blog posts regularly for that new blog.

27 More Remarkable SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics


How should SEO professionals strategically align frameworks for maximizing online visibility and business results? SEO Makeover for 2014: A Practical Guide for Businesses by Portent. ** 5 STARS. Rethink Link Building for Best B2B Marketing by MLT Creative Ideas@Work Blog. He concludes the post with a five-step process for optimizing not just rankings, but also bottom-line business results. 150 Blog Posts in 50 Days: Why Were Marketers Mad?

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Internal Links – the Secret Sauce for DiY SEO

Industrial Marketing Today

They are not only great for increasing the number of pages indexed by Google but also help you target a larger number of keywords, especially long tail keywords. Read my earlier post, B2B Lead Generation Using a Business Blog ). Our 390 Series Butterfly Valves are engineered for long-life because the flow stream never touches the valve body.”. It is no secret that link building is critical to SEO success.

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How to Arm Your B2B Blog for Maximum Marketing Firepower

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Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer With the right aim, B2B companies can use blogging to increase awareness and preference, attract qualified leads, boost sales and grow their business. Now, all companies have websites, but those on the forward edge of the marketing battlefield are blogging. It’s similar to the mid 1990s with the advent of websites, except now blogs are what''s becoming mainstream. Look sharp – How long should each post be?

How to Create an Amazing Company Blog

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Businesses that blog attract more leads, build brand trust, and have an easier time nailing revenue goals. When you look at the value a company blog generates, not having one is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make in the digital age. Configure Your Blog.

Industrial Blogs for Lead Generation Using Inbound Marketing

Industrial Marketing Today

There are three key ideas in the headline of my post – 1) Industrial blogs, 2) Lead generation and 3) Inbound marketing. A study of over 1,400 small and mid-sized businesses found that marketers with blogs generated 67% more leads. Industrial marketers who don’t use a blog are missing a key component of feeding the top of their sales funnels. You could write a blog post titled “Injection molding using engineered resins for automotive products.”

Blog vs. Podcast: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Business?


Blogs and podcasts are both powerhouse marketing tools. Company blogs are well-established inbound marketing channels, while business podcasts are the up-and-comers garnering a lot of excitement in the industry. Blog Pros and Cons. The Benefits of Blogging.

Creating Quality Content in 2019 (For Search Engines and People)


Did you find a blog post on the search engine result page that attracted your attention? When done correctly this builds trust, and if someone trusts you they’re more likely to do business with you when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. When getting started with creating blog content , you want readers to easily comprehend what it is you’re trying to tell them. Let’s review 10 tips that will help you start drafting a successful blueprint for your next blog post.

5 Quick Fixes To Get Your Website Found


It is cost effective and is looked favorably upon by the search engines to see that you are confident that your business is going to be around for a number of years. Start a business blog. Blogging is of the utmost importance for a couple of reasons: A. Each time you create a blog post, another page is created. Blogging is yet another chance to create content around long-tail keywords. Use your most powerful keywords first.

Content Development Basics: 8 Simple Steps to an Effective Strategy


Content development is the entire process of creating content to achieve specific business goals, including idea generation, topic research, keyword research, writing, and publishing—not just for a single piece of content, but for a long-term strategy.

3 Content Creation Tips - Let Analytics Be Your Guide


However, it can become difficult to consistantly think of new ideas for your business blog. Organic Search Referrers - Take a look at the top fifty referring keywords for your website - what do these keywords tell you about your content? The Extra Long Tail - Say for example your website sells small electrical supplies. Produce a series of "do it yourself" blog posts. Here are two questions to ask yourself as you review your blog analytics.

Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions


You started blogging for your business. If you’re having a hard time demonstrating a measurable return from your efforts, it's likely that your blogging strategy is lacking direction. Below are some questions designed to help you assess your blogging strategy and ensure that you’re getting the results you deserve. Want to Improve Your Blog Strategy? 2) Is there a keyword focus? In order for people to read your blog, they need to be able to find it.

One Secret to Improve Blog SEO: Use Mini-Infographics

But what are the methods that successfully improve blog SEO? Over the years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the use of graphics in blogs. This is a trend that will continue, especially for business blogs. In this guide, we will clarify the importance of blog SEO.

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Inbound Marketing Explained in 6 Simple Analogies


Inbound marketing concepts can be complicated for people to grasp if they're new to things like SEO, social media, blogging, marketing automation -- any kind of digital marketing, frankly. So we're using this blog post to share those inbound marketing analogies with you -- because we love inbound marketing, and we want to help more people understand it! Blogging is like jogging. We often hear people say they've tried blogging, but "it doesn't work."

7 Ways Digital Marketing Grows Your B2B Business

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B2B businesses of all sizes contain departments that are impacted by digital transformation. Therefore, it is important for any B2B business to have a digital marketing strategy in place. However, 14% of B2B businesses fail due to poor marketing. Marketing is important for a successful business, and fuels both external and internal activities for any business. Why is business-to-business marketing so important for growing your business?

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Driving Traffic to Your Homepage All the Time May Be a Big Mistake

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Any page on your website can become a landing page as long as you follow these three principles: Have a very clear understanding of your prospect’s intent (what are they looking for? Use a free tool like Google’s Keyword Tool to find search terms and long-tail keywords that people are using to search for information related to your products and services. an industrial and business-to-business (B2B) marketing communications company in Houston, Texas.

Want to Dominate Organic Search? How Blogging Can Help


We always hear that blogging is important for our search engine rankings. Since we haven''t explained the connection between blogging and SEO in-depth for a long time, we figured it''s high time we get to it. So, this post is going to explain how you can use business blogging to improve your SEO, and perhaps show you connections you didn''t realize existed between the two disciplines. How to Improve Your SEO With Your Business Blog. 1) Blog.

5 Things Angry Birds Can Teach You About Online Content


Consider how writing a blog article, optimizing the content and sharing it effectively in social media can have the same obliterating effects for your article as sailing a red bird into a wooden board, bombing a black bird into a joint of stone pieces and spraying some blue birds into a barricade of frozen planks can have on the Pig Army. Just like spending time on a blog article or website offer can be if it doesn't have a target. Free Download: Better Business Blogging in 2011.

How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog Post


It''s easy to dismiss as procrastination or writer''s block , but being critical of what you write about is actually really smart -- because aimless blogging is almost as bad (sometimes as bad) as not blogging at all. Before you start writing anything for your blog, you need to figure out what a great blog topic looks like for your business, and whether what you have on your hands is something you should. However, a topic is not enough to start blogging.

12 New Year's Marketing Resolutions You Can Actually Keep


How will your business keep up? Whether you already have a strong marketing campaign in place or you're just starting out, there are always ways to improve your strategy to drive better business. 1) I resolve to build a killer keyword strategy and get my business to rank higher in Google organic search results. A successfully optimized search campaign can help your business generate more leads and get found by potential customers.

Understanding Online Community and Influencers with @Tamar Weinberg [@InboundNow #8]


Why understanding and finding your industries influencers is key to your blogging success. Where Should a Business New to Social Media Start? Give back to the network long before you make any ask. "Hi This can be a great way to grab some business from people who are unhappy with their current solution. Mutually beneficial pitches are always more like to get read and written about on their blog. Marketing you blog is something that must happen.

How to Overcome the 7 Most Crippling Blogging Challenges


We hear it all the time: "I know blogging is important, but." "But Well luckily, every business blogging challenge we've heard has a solution that you can implement immediately if you truly want to keep that New Year's blogging resolution. Take a look at the most common objections we hear to starting or maintaining a regular blogging regiment, and learn how you can overcome those impediments to become a business blogging rock star.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. Well, we thought it was time to create a blog post that could serve as a holistic marketing glossary -- one that not only defines each term, but also offers some helpful resources in case you want to learn about them in more depth. 4) B2B (Business-to-Business). An adjective used to describe companies that sell to other businesses.

How to Stop Internal Bureaucracy From Preventing Blogging Productivity


Most aspiring inbound marketers have a few business blogging hurdles to get over. Truly believing -- like, in the darkest recesses of your soul -- that blogging is an indispensable part of being a successful inbound marketer. Once you believe that you have to blog, the next hurdle is actually blogging. We've written a whole post ( several , actually ) with tips and tricks to make business blogging less of a time suck. Blogging takes time.

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How to Be an Awesome Blog Commenter


Online tools like blogs, Twitter and Facebook have made it easier for people to share with one another, but they don’t necessarily make the Web social. On platforms battling spam and narcissistic one-sided dialogues, the true social value lies with businesses and individuals that communicate in meaningful ways. Would you take a sign for your business and put it in the front yard of someone you don’t know? No, a credible business wouldn’t do that.

How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide


We''ve witnessed a blogging revolution over the past fifteen years, where individuals have become famous on the back of 500-word snippets or rants that resonate with some online audience. M any of the thought leaders of our time became well-known because of their blogs. But as more people blog, the quality of blog content is becoming more important -- and this is especially true for businesses who are blogging to get found on the internet. 4) Keywords.

20 Variables Every Marketer Should Be Testing


Contrary to popular practice, testing in marketing expands beyond email marketing and can be applied to practically every other inbound marketing tactic -- social media, business blogging, landing pages, lead generation, and lead nurturing -- there's virtually nothing you can't test in your marketing. Test the performance of different calls-to-action based on their placement on various pages of your website and within certain pieces of content like blog posts, ebooks, and webinars.

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12 Critical Building Blocks to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign


This is where you will be able to build out a more well-rounded profile of a qualified persona and how your company can successfully win business. By knowing the ins and outs of all public areas of a competition’s marketing from social media to blogging to offer creation and more, you can better understand who they are targeting with their marketing, what content they are focusing on and where they have found the most success. Search each of your competitors’ sites for a blog.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. Subscribe to our RSS Feed Subscribe via Email Your email: Learn Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Software Learn how HubSpot can help turn your business into an inbound marketing machine. What made you want to start your first blog?

The ABCs of Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms


Think about how cool it''ll be to tell your boss that your blog post actually generated not just a site visit, not just a lead. Blogging. Blogging is a core component of content marketing, driving site traffic, quality leads, and establishing your position as a thought leader in your industry. We''ve written tons of content around building your buyer persona, but this blog post in particular is very detailed on the subject. Keywords.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)


As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. How can marketers help their organizations move from “social media marketing” to “social business”? Between large and small businesses? 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. (An B2B PR Sense Blog ). Business Blogging Statistics and Facts.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

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As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. How can marketers help their organizations move from “social media marketing” to “social business”? Between large and small businesses? 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. (An B2B PR Sense Blog ). Business Blogging Statistics and Facts.