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33 Business Blogging Statistics


In the B2B space, consistent blogging can have a huge impact on the success of your business—i.e. If your company isn’t blogging—it’s time to start. Check out these numbers: 33 Business Blogging Statistics. General B2B Blogging Statistics: 1. 33% of B2B companies use blogs ( source ). Not convinced?

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Can Inbound Marketing Work for a Niche Business?


Now, businesses can run targeted ads that guarantee a broader reach to potential customers. In terms of efficacy for specialized enterprises, inbound marketing outperforms digital marketing and is a near-perfect fit. An Overview of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing for Niche Business.


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Business Blogging: Boosting Your Financial Institution's Organic Traffic

SmartBug Media

Is business blogging a part of your financial institution’s marketing strategy? If the answer is yes, continue reading to learn how to utilize this tactic to boost organic traffic. If the answer is no, keep reading to learn how blogging can help drive traffic to your website. The History of Blogging.

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Bridging the Gap Between Blog Traffic and Lead Generation

SmartBug Media

And 57 percent of marketers say they have “ gained customers specifically through blogging.” So, how do you turn your blog into a lead generation engine? The Benefits of Business Blogging. For marketers looking to build a scalable content marketing strategy, one of the most impactful places to start is blogging.

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4 Tips for a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy (+ Webinar)


Whereas outbound marketing focuses on cold calling and making outbound interactions to bring in potential customers, inbound marketing is quite the opposite. Instead of outreach to actively generate awareness of your business, you go about it more passively. Create SMART inbound marketing goals.

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How Do New Leads Find Your Business Blog?

Predictive Response

Inbound marketing is one of the most transformative trends in online marketing since pay-per-click ads. Instead of interrupting your target market’s other searches, videos, and games with marketer-centric ads, inbound marketing is about pulling shoppers in when they actually need you.

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16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats


As winter comes to an end, so too does the Winter Wonderland of Marketing Stats series that’s been running here over the past few months. This final installment covers some fascinating though sometimes contradictory and confusing stats about business blogging and the value of marketing. Stratabeat ). Stratabeat ).

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