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16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats


This final installment covers some fascinating though sometimes contradictory and confusing stats about business blogging and the value of marketing. For example, what percentage of businesses maintain company blogs? 9 Business Blogging Stats and Facts.

Need Some B2B Blogging Inspiration? Check Out These 10 Companies


In content marketing, there may be no more desirable medium than the blog. Blogs are timely, informative, and interactive. In fact, "best in class" marketers ranked blogs as being "most effective" compared with other tactics like case studies, videos, and webinars.

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How to Design Content Remarketing Campaigns That Actually Work


You know content marketing works, so you''ve been plugging away at blog posts, ebooks, and other valuable, educational content for your potential customers. Creative & Effective Remarketing Bid Strategies. 4) Analyze social shares on your blog content.

12 Social Media Tools for B2B Pre-Event Marketing

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Whether it’s a webinar or a multi-day conference, leveraging social media can help event organizers extend an event’s visibility, attendance and pre-event conversations. Organizers can share their pre-event processes and event updates which will help generate interest.

The Sales Game Has Changed: Here's How to Adapt


His top-rated business blog, Understanding the Sales Force , is read by thousands of sales and marketing leaders. The recent economic crisis changed the way that businesses and consumers spend money. 3) Remember that blogging isn't just for marketers.

Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Ten reasons to blog – even if nobody reads it - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , November 7, 2010 Building an engaged community through a business blog can be extremely difficult — sometimes impossible. Look at companies like General Electric who do an amazing job with their blog and yet have almost no “community or comments at all. There must be some good business reason they do it, right? . blogs. Blogging varied by industry type.

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Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

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&# If you’re a business to business marketer, you ought to check it out. We’ve all created our own personal filters to help us sort through the mess to find content we consider valuable and, most important, relevant to our interests. Email Testing 101: Getting Started - Marketing Genius Blog , June 15, 2010 If you are currently doing email marketing, you have probably heard it before: testing will improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.