Small Business Content Marketing: When to Hire A Freelance Writer?

Writing on the Web

When should you hire a freelance writer for your blog or website? Most small businesses don’t realize how much writing goes into publishing (and updating) a website or blog. Yet the content on your website or blog is the key component of your content marketing strategy. your web content should be well-written and SEO optimized — as well-thought out as anything else you do to market yourself and your small business.

5 Steps to Quality Business Blog Writing

Writing on the Web

One of the most frequent question small business owners and coaches ask me is “What should I write about on my business blog ?” These five steps will help you master business blog writing with quality content that attracts readers every time. With practice, anyone can start and finish writing a blog post in under an hour. Most small business owners recognize that fresh content published on a blog is simply a required marketing tool.


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Your Business Blog Year 10: Is It Still Worth It?

Writing on the Web

Does blogging still make sense for your business? Is a business blog worth the time you need to research, write, format and publish quality content? Some busy professionals ask me if it’s worth it to blog or would keeping in touch with people through social media sites work just as well? It’s a good question, particularly for small businesses, coaches and consultants who don’t have staff and a lot of time.

How to Find Great Blogs for Better Business Blogging

Writing on the Web

Writing quality content is key for your business blog. Never stop focusing on better business blogging. But what about reading great blogs yourself? Why do you need to find great blogs to follow? If you want to build a better business blog, this is key: you must read the other great blogs in your field, and some others as well. What else is being published that can help solve their problems? How do you find great blogs?

Epic Business Blog Content: 2 Questions Every Blog Owner Must Ask

Writing on the Web

If you’re in business and have a business blog, you’re frequently challenged by what to write. In my ebook Content Marketing with Blogs , I suggest business blog posts should be written with the 4 E’s as a guide: What you publish on your business blog should: Entertain. As anyone who runs a blog knows, that’s a tall order, and if you score high in one or two of these qualities, you can feel pretty good.

Top 16 SaaS Bloggers: Best Business Blogs You Can Learn From

Single Grain

Education can come in a number of different ways, but if you want to stay on top of the latest technology, growth hacks and business management strategies, the best place to look is: the leading SaaS blogs. He frequently published unique, original content that you won’t find elsewhere.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Is Failing (And How To Fix Them)


Having an online presence is all but a necessity for businesses today. So what’s a small business owner like you going to do about it? You can always set up a Facebook page or establish a company Twitter account, but these platforms may not be the best for every type of business. That’s why a regularly maintained blog is a must-have for every business. Anyone can start a blog for their business. Blogs are hard work.

11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging

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Sign in All Social Media Tech & Gadgets Business & Marketing Video Mobile Dev & Design Media Social Good Startups Explore Classifieds Trending Stories OMG, the Oxford English Dictionary Added New Words! Blogging isn’t easy — and certainly not for individuals who don’t have the capacity or desire to commit their minds and time to a long-term cause. Become an Industry Expert Use the blog to position yourself as an industry expert.

A Small Business Owner's Guide To Building Credibility


As a small business owner, you recognize the importance of making people aware of your organization's credibility. For nearly 100 years the Better Business Bureau (BBB) helped you work towards that goal by rating reputable small businesses. While the BBB will remain an important player in this landscape, small business owners should take the time to build credibility for their companies independently of other parties.

Should You Be Blogging For Enterprise Customers? Yes, Here's Why.


When I sit down to write a blog post, I stick to a routine that has some flexibility. If you're writing for the professional who is part of a large organization, how does your blog cater to their needs? Many marketers agree — blogging is an important part of their content strategy.

12 Revealing Charts to Help You Benchmark Your Business Blogging Performance [NEW DATA]


Most inbound marketers understand that business blogging is a critical part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. But how frequently does a blogger need to publish content in order to make a true dent in their marketing results? Furthermore, how does that vary between B2B and B2C companies, and smaller and larger businesses? Wouldn't it be great to have some blogging benchmarks to go by? The Effect of Blogging Frequency on Website Traffic.

Why Every Business Blog Needs Evergreen Content


When it comes to the different types of content you can publish on a business blog , there is a world of possibilities. But among all those variations of blog content is a very important one that often gets overlooked. That, my friend, is evergreen content , and every blog could use some. What Is Evergreen Blog Content? Just like the name indicates, evergreen blog content stays useful season to season, year to year with little or no need for upkeep.

6 Easy Tips to Write a Blog Post in 30 Minutes

Writing on the Web

Can you write a blog post and publish in under an hour? There’s usually too much for small business professionals to handle. Here’s how I research, write , add an image, compose a compelling title, and optimize for SEO and publish a blog post in under an hour. I’m at the stage of blog maturity where I’ve written a lot about Writing on the Web, and how to use Content Marketing on a blog for professionals.

The ABC’s of Great Blogging: Be Original and Offer Insight

Writing on the Web

Be Original and Offer Insight" width="325" height="228" title="The ABC’s of Great Blogging: Be Original and Offer Insight" /> When it comes to content marketing and great blogging, insight and originality rules. According to the authors of Content Rules : “Produce great stuff, and your customers will come to you. Produce really great stuff, and your customers will share and disseminate your message for you. The ABC’s of Great Blogging. Know your customers.

The 10 Most-Read Posts of 2018


Today we all start the adventure anew, another year of family, friendships, experience, and of course (for readers of this blog)—digital marketing. But before launching into new ideas, campaigns, strategies, and tactics for 2019, here’s a quick look back at the top 10 most-read posts on the Webbiquity blog in 2018. The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms. Happy New Year!

Bloggers: Brush Up on Your Writing Skills

Writing on the Web

Business bloggers: just how good are your writing skills? Most bloggers and those who run small businesses that publish blogs are not natural-born writers, or even trained writers. Most businesspeople studied things such as marketing, communication, or business. Yet it’s becoming expected that businesses have a well-written blog, as well as expertly-written content on their website. 3 Tips for Better Blog Writing.

How to Use a B2B Blog to Win Customers and Influence Prospects

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website How to Use a B2B Blog to Win Customers and Influence Prospects by Achinta Mitra on May 21, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Blog , Industrial Marketing Strategies I admit my headline is a play on Dale Carnegie’s bestseller, “ How to Win Friends and Influence People.” A B2B blog is the perfect online tool to accomplish that.

19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


the BMZ) was officially launched a year ago as the first content aggregation hub for leading business-to-business bloggers. Pricing Based on Customer Expectations , May 26, 2010. Should You Use Foursquare for Your Business? CK’s B2B Blog ( SMS Mobile Marketing Mix Audience ). B2B, Buzz & Brand ROI: Creating Customers That Create (MORE!) Customers. B2B Social Media: Why Do Business Professionals Use Social Media? Business Blogging.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

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Sure, teenagers spend a lot of time on YouTube, but did you know that three-quarters of business executives watch work-related online videos weekly? ” Or that49% of B2B journalists write blogs, and 84% are on Twiter? Get the details behind these stats and many, many more here in more than 40 of the best articles and blog posts about social media, search, budgeting and digital marketing research, facts and statistics of 2011 so far. Is a Blog Still Important in 2011?

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

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This post, along with 79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012 and 87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012 previously published here, provide a solid foundation for that understanding. Marketers believe the highest consumer priorities on social media are insights for buying decisions (59%) and customer service (58%). Despite growing interest in the concept of social business , less than 20% of U.S. B2B Lead Blog ).

Stats 85

How Lack of Marketing Content Can Derail Your Website Redesign Project

Industrial Marketing Today

In the words of Jeffrey Zeldman , the renowned web designer, blogger, independent publisher and the king of Web standards according to Business Week, “Content precedes design. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a corporate marketing department or the owner of a small business website. This is not an isolated case based on my 12 years of experience designing business websites. We know our business better than any outsider ever will (True to a large extent).

30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources

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Despite the occasional “death of blogging” pronouncements (often made, ironically, in blog posts), blogs remain the core of a robust social media strategy. The proliferation of themes, tools and plugins have transformed blogs from mere online text collections to powerful interactive, rich-media sites that can attract, engage and educate your potential buyers. more here in 30 of the best business blogging guides and resources of the past year.

How to get 50% more leads with smart content marketing


Turning visitors to your site into customers doesn’t require a degree in rocket science, but you do need to pay attention to what your customers want and do your best to deliver it. One tool many small businesses don’t use is the highly-targeted landing page. Let’s say you sell credit card processing software, and you have several target markets: small businesses, restaurants, and farmer’s market vendors.

5 Rules of Website Redesign for Engaging Engineers and Industrial.

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website 5 Rules of Website Redesign for Engaging Engineers and Industrial Buyers by Achinta Mitra on July 23, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Strategies , Industrial Websites , Website Design & Development If you are a manufacturer or a provider of technical services, your website needs to be aligned with the buying process of your prospects and customers.

Rules 170

Online Content Marketing: Let’s Put the “We” Back Into Weblog

Writing on the Web

I get calls from small business professionals who want to start a blog or an e-newsletter. They’ve usually invested money in a nice website, and then suddenly realize that something’s missing… like customers and leads! It doesn’t take a genius (and I’m no genius), but my guess is they have a “me-site,” a “me-blog,” and “me pages” on social media sites.

Online 172

What is a WordPress theme and how to use it on your company’s website?


If your business is visually recognized for using warm colors — such as red, yellow, orange — and lively language, it would not make sense to have cooler colors — like white, blue, gray — and a more sober language. Therefore, you must make use of customization in order to make it unique.

7 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Marketing Insider Group

In that time, Liz has totally upped her game on her personal blog , Twitter , Linkedin and Instagram (pretty amazing photos there Liz). She not only creates amazing content for our sales team, and our content marketing strategy customers, but now she also creates great stuff for our business blog. Forgetting To Build A Business Case Upfront . Ignoring Your Customers’ Questions . Not Publishing Enough .

Content Rules: Insight and Originality Attracts Clients

Writing on the Web

Content marketing works: you can publish online content – blog posts, videos, webinars and web pages – that attracts clients to you. Or as the authors of Content Rules say, “Produce great stuff, and your customers will come to you. Produce really great stuff, and your customers will share and disseminate your message for you. And you need to create strong feelings around your published content so that people will take action and keep coming back.

Rules 148

Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses


It enables your business to occupy a sizeable amount of public mindspace and consistently drive more customers. A memorable brand is self-propelling and can grow a business to dizzying heights. But’s it’s also vital for businesses like Microsoft and IBM that drive a significant amount of revenue from B2B customers. Brand building for B2B businesses is a little different from that for B2C companies. It’s simple, small, and very recognizable.

Build 177

The Ultimate Guide To A Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers ROI

Marketing Insider Group

Content marketing, when you peel away all the layers of techniques, trends, and possibilities, is a business opportunity. At its core, it’s a tool businesses can use for growth. It delivers a return on investment to the business. The Business Advantage of Good Content Marketing.

ROI 268

Only B2B - Untitled Article

Only B2B

2 Reasons Your Startup is Not Getting Leads from Your Blog (+How to Fix It). So does your startup business. Especially, with your business blog! Blogging is one of the FASTEST ways of widening your online presence, increasing your industry authority and attracting leads. We know that you are busy running your startup business and probably don’t have the time to brainstorm your blog every week or every month. Blog posts, 1 newsletter etc.

50 Content Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow

Atomic Reach

It is a blog post that informs you of industry changes or a video on social media that reveals a customer reviewing the brand. Michael Brenner has brought a customer-centric and creative approach to his insights on content and digital marketing. Mark Schaefer - Speaker, Business Consultant, Author. His marketing firm, Bowler Hat, works with small and mid-sized businesses across the world to help them develop effective digital marketing strategies.

New Charts: Bloggers and Blog Readers on the Rise


In “ Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2009 ,” author Matt Sussman writes: “While blog postings often focus on the local issues of the specific blogger, the audience of such blogs is much less limited than other forms of media have been historically. ” In the early days of the medium, a blog was the only available outlet for people or companies that wanted to establish a feedback loop with their target audiences.

Best Blogs for SMBs and Entrepreneurs in 2019


Resources about small businesses are super easy to find, almost *too* easy. It seems like everyone who is trying to launch a business or just trying to develop a freelance business is documenting their journey to success. Therefore, it can be challenging to find resources that are worth your time since a lot of these blogs will not bring you much value. Today, we’re sharing with you a non-exhaustive list of blogs that can help you launch your business.

Celebrating "I Love to Write (Marketing Stuff) Day"


Emails to current customers, emails to sales prospects, emails to friends of the company.emails, emails, emails. Only occasionally do I have the opportunity to step outside the world of business writing and when I do, it is uncomfortable. I found " I Love to Write Day " while researching some blog topic ideas for this month. Consider doing something a little outside the norm for your standard business writing. Free Webinar: Small Business Blogging Secrets Revealed.

The Top 50 SEO and Internet Marketing Blogs, Websites, and Social Accounts

For busy Internet marketers, blogs long ago replaced any static news or information sources such as newsletters or books. With a blog you can access the latest information quickly, compare ideas and news from different sources, and ask questions and get answers directly from the source.

Content Curation in B2B Marketing

delicious b2bmarketing

November 7, 2010 Content Curation in B2B Marketing Posted by: Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog on 06/29/10 1 Comment : Linking Blogs : Add to : Many of the B2B companies that publish corporate blogs have long realized the value of publishing useful content in the form of white papers, case studies, webinars, newsletters and other types of educational content. it to ensure that it is relevant to the customer.