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18 Customer Loyalty Program Software Options For Your Business

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Pricing: No setup fees or subscription fees; just pay the value of each gift card you want to send (Visa Incentives and rewards sent via app cost a bit more ). In time past, we had rewarded these customers with airtime minutes and internet data bundles, however, we realized it was becoming overly predictable. The best part is, it does not need difficult POS integration or a separate tablet. It’s simple for what I need for my business and at the right price.

Is Netflix a SaaS? 25 Examples of SaaS Companies that Are Rocking It

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If you are using a SaaS application for the first time, you can get started within minutes simply by creating your account and choosing a pricing structure that suits your business. Pricing Model: Dropbox operates on a trialware model. Pricing Model: Teem uses a tiered pricing model.