Adapting and Reinventing: Oracle MCE2017 Recap

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There were plenty of opportunities to get introspective around applying these ideas to our own projects here at Bulldog Solutions. Defining a Modern Marketing Metric: the CoRe MQL (a Conversation Ready lead). Has the definition of an MQL been watered down over the years? If your Sales team is clamoring for better leads, Ewart and Venugopal challenged that it may be time to tighten your MQL threshold.

MQL 60

Apples and Oranges


To further muddy the waters, some marketing automation vendors have actually dropped the term “marketing automation” and instead have labeled their solutions “Lead Management Automation.”    In fact three of the top five marketing automation vendors either use the term “lead management” to describe their solution or have it listed as a product/solution offering. 

Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success

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They: 1) Sit with sales, talk about leads, and come to an agreement about what is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). and set a numeric threshold that leads must attain before they earn the MQL status and get passed to sales. By decomposing the lead into multiple scores, the identification of an MQL is any lead that exceeds thresholds set for each dimension independently.