Why Building a Customer Community is Important


A customer community is a great way to encourage engagement among your current customers. Here are a few other benefits of building a space dedicated to customers. Corporate

How To Build A Community of Brand Advocates


B2B marketers can learn a thing or two about mobilizing advocates from our B2C cousins. Think about the products that you use every day. For me, it’s my iPhone, Sennheiser headphones and Altra running shoes. I didn’t go straight to a store or the vendor’s website to buy these products. Instead, I decided to purchase.

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How To Build A Thriving Online B2B Community, According To Jennifer Susinski From HPE


They’ll even drive three hours to a fellow customer’s office just to help them set up the optimal IT environment—all based off interactions in HPE’s online B2B community. The post How To Build A Thriving Online B2B Community, According To Jennifer Susinski From HPE appeared first on Influitive. HPE SimpliVity’s advocates are known to do radical things. For example, take reference calls while on vacation. Or send s’mores to each other’s kids.

Why Building Community Matters (and How to Get Started)

Marketing Insider Group

The post Why Building Community Matters (and How to Get Started) appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Your products don’t sell themselves.

How to Build a Thriving Customer Community


The post How to Build a Thriving Customer Community appeared first on Kapost Blog. In 1983, Harley-Davidson was facing financial collapse. The demand for their products had diminished and the company was saddled with unfavorable contracts and overhead that dug into their profitability.

The Mum Community: Top 100 Influencers

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Mums are fast becoming a powerful economic force in the economy, and a very influential community. MAPPING THE MUM COMMUNITY. The Mum Community: Top 100 Influencers Click To Tweet. It was interesting to note how important the topics of food and recipes was to this community.

How To Create A Discussions-First Community in 7 Steps


So it’s not surprising to see that online communities have grown rapidly in recent years, since they’re built on human. Did you know that aside from food and shelter, social connection is one of the most important things that humans need to survive? According to Psychology Today, “belongingness is the driving force of human behavior.”

Three Reasons Why Building an Online Community Is Essential for B2B Marketing Success

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Online communities are highly effective places for engaging with your target audience. Find out how to harness their power and achieve marketing success.

Q&A With Wiley’s Nicole Dingley: How To Nurture Your Customer Community To Fuel Your Entire Business


Brands have known for a while how powerful building a customer community can be. But, there seems to be some confusion as to what “community” should mean and how to successfully manage one. The post Q&A With Wiley’s Nicole Dingley: How To Nurture Your Customer Community To Fuel Your Entire Business appeared first on Influitive. So, we asked the experts. In the latest instalment of our Customer-Powered Enterprise webinar series, I had the chance to talk to.

Online communities are the best thing about the internet


Recently, all I hear when it comes to virtual online communities on the radio, the internet, or TV is how passionate, intimate, and persistent online communities are either: 1) bubbles within which all the denizens are echo chamber zombies or 2) they’re traps for naïfs and nerds who are one kind word away from being radicalized into violent extremism. It started when I cared about building my brand. There are two kinds of communities: inherited and found.

You Are Not Building a Community

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They build a specialty store at one end of main street with an apartment above. The day it becomes its own community. Yes, it’s absurd, but this is how you go about building community sites. You need to recognize you are entering an existing community.

The CMO's Guide to Building an Engaged Customer Community in Four Steps

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This post reveals how to build and exploit customer engagement, create a targeted opt-in community and, ultimately, monetise your B2B content. Creating relevant and engaging content for your target audience is vital for marketing success.

Our Contract With the Freelance Community


We’ve faced a lot of challenges and hard choices as we’ve worked to build a profitable business, but we never plan to lose sight of those values. Launch a Freelancer Advisory Board, made up of members of the freelance community, to ensure we receive continuous feedback on how we can best serve freelancer. Set up workshops, meet-ups, and more, based on input from the freelance community. The post Our Contract With the Freelance Community appeared first on Contently.

How Brands Can Build Online Communities That Aren’t Lame


“We just really need to build a community around _.” On Wednesday, the PandaConf stage was the de facto home to those who had actually built communities. During our discussion, they revealed some secrets that could help marketers and entrepreneurs develop online communities in 2017 and beyond. Individual users, not Nextdoor employees, are the ones tasked with starting each neighborhood community.

Are anonymous communities most authentic?


And all will be well in the communitys garden. I am a proponent of “real name” communities. I am also a proponent of safe communities — and real name accountability tends to civilize people’s behavior online in a big way.

Actor Brings Community Model to Content Creation

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HITRECORD evolved organically as the (online) community grew over the last 10 years. CCO: HITRECORD feels like a community for creative brainstorming and ideation. Do those projects produce enough revenue to support the community or will there be other ways to monetize?

Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses


Building a great brand is the holy grail of marketing. Many marketers believe that brand building is only for B2C companies like Nike, Coke, and Facebook. Brand building for B2B businesses is a little different from that for B2C companies. Build your own online platform.

Build 264

Best Tweets from #SEMrushchat: The Art and Science of Building a Social Community


Our guest, Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, and our community shared insights about what makes them engage with online communities, and the strategies that have helped them build a community through social media.

Connect, Inspire, and Build Engaged Communities with Live Video.


Through the creation of social media the ability to observe content moments after an event has happened has not only became possible, but second nature. It has changed the way that we obtain news and information and has pushed the amount of content we see in a day through the roof.

Content Community Pioneers: Databox


Although we’d love to take credit for originating the concept of a Content Community , the truth is that brands have been successfully leveraging this approach for years. It’s a perfect example of a content community in action.

Building Premium Communities and User Journeys on RebelMouse


Our platform is a tremendous community-building experience. invite those preferred influencers into their community and get them to participate in creating premium content. Along with many other examples, we power one of the most robust millennial communities on the internet in.

A Brief History Of Developer Relations Programs: How DevRel Evolved Into Developer Communities


This post is part of a series on the evolution of developer relations, evangelism and advocacy as a marketing and community-building function. Click here to read the first blog in the series, An Introduction To Developer Relations: What It Is And Why You Need It. When I joined Constant Contact in 2013, developer relations programs.

5 Brands Using Social Media To Grow Buzzworthy Online Communities


But not all realize the effects building and nurturing an online community can have on your brand. Social media marketing has evolved and the need to build relationships with your followers has never been more important. Brands Using Social Media for Online Community Growth.

How Building an Offline Community Can Help Your Online Marketing


Online communities can create meaningful connections that lead to long-term relationships -- but if you only have conversations online, you risk losing that personal touch. Align your offline community with your company’s mission. What do you want to achieve with your offline community?

Top Tips For Successful Community Building on Twitter


Are you struggling to build a strong community for your business on Twitter? A company that successfully embraces Twitter and builds its community around it will move beyond likes and followers. Building a community takes time and effort.

Start Showing ROI For Your B2B Community In 4 Easy Steps


If you were to ask a group of community managers what keeps them up at night, you’d likely hear the same two or three concerns at the top the list: engagement , lack of resources and, of course, ROI. The problem is, many B2B community managers are unsure about how to get started.

Nike’s Secret to Success on Instagram: Building an Engaged Community


We sat down with Wes to understand just how Nike approaches customer care on Instagram and how they’re leveraged adding value to help grow a massive online community of athletes, influencers, and everyone in-between. Why community is an important tool for Nike.

Your Guide to Magento 1 Community Edition

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Magento 1 Community Edition has generated a lot of buzz in the eCommerce space since it’s initial launch. Magento 1 Community Edition offers features specifically for marketing and analysis in both the backend and frontend. Community Edition? .

B2B Businesses and the Business of Being Good Community Members

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This update expressed a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders. Well when we give our time and our resources to others, to coworkers, and to those in your community it is an exercise in empathy.

Are Community Forums Good for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies?

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What about good ol’ community forums? Community forums have been around a lot longer than the newer social media channels. However, the more modern incarnation of community forums support rich media content, file attachments and social sharing options.

What I Mean By “Community”

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by Heidi Melin | Tweet this We talk a lot about community at Eloqua. So often I get asked, “What is the Eloqua Community?”. Our community of Topliners , where global marketers come to share and inspire? In our always on, networked world community can’t live in a bubble. Communities grow organically, around all the people you touch. When a fellow CMO asks me, “How did you build the Eloqua Community?”,

4 Ways to Build a Community with Influencers | Traackr


Community building is an essential aspect of a marketer's social strategy. Learn how you can build a community with influencers.

Online community management is surrogacy


Honestly, all of the best community managers love what they do. How long does your community manager need to know you or your company before he or she is able to speak in your voice? The same thing goes for hiring social media community managers.

How to Build Your Brand through Community Service

Hinge Marketing

They need to build a reputation for being altruistic. A construction company could devote time to building houses with Habitat for Humanity or an accounting firm could start a campaign to help low income families with their returns during tax season.

How to Tell If Your Customer Community is Driving Revenue

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by Heather Foeh | Tweet this As the manager of Eloqua’s online community, Topliners , I’m constantly looking for ways to measure what’s working and what’s not. There are multiple ways to slice the performance of an online community.

Join Magisto’s Video Marketing Community


DYK – we have a Facebook community about all things video marketing? ENTER >>> Magisto Video Marketing Community. 8 Reasons Why Our Video Marketing Community Can Make A Difference In Your Life. We like to create content (often) that is just for our community.

Building Premium Communities and User Journeys on RebelMouse


Our platform is a tremendous community-building experience. invite those preferred influencers into their community and get them to participate in creating premium content. Along with many other examples, we power one of the most robust millennial communities on the internet in.

Social Selling Experiments and Building a Content Community


The post Social Selling Experiments and Building a Content Community appeared first on Fathom. How do most inside sales people (SDRs) engage a socially (media) active prospect?

8 Killer Tips for Better Social Media Community Management


As a social media community manager, what can you do to help drive business success? One of the best ways is to help cultivate strong customer relationships, build brand loyalty, and help your business retain more customers in the long-term.A It takes time and hard work to build one.

Community Managers: What They Do & How to Be a Great One


Twitter, with its 126 million daily active users , is a platform with a ton of potential for companies to increase awareness and build their brand personality. But how can companies build their reputation as original, relatable, and dependable while still maintaining their unique voice?