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Why Educational Content Marketing Is So Powerful

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If you’re a small business, figuring out changing regulations and how they affect you and your employees can be a daunting prospect. In situations like these, educational content marketing can play a pivotal role. The Power of Content that Educates.

From Scratch: Four (Free) List Building Strategies


Even if you know going in, and have pitched the notion of building a prospect list … the pressure to perform is intense from the minute you start. All seven list-building strategies require the same foundational elements: A clear understanding of your client’s buyer personas.

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Why Financial Brands Are Investing More in Educational Content


So it’s not surprising to see financial firms increasingly taking the role of personal finance educator—and the fact that it makes for good marketing doesn’t hurt either. Educating from the top. Educational content is also key for building trust.

Rise of the CMO in Higher Education


” The marketing industry, not unlike the education industry, is abuzz these days with notions of revolutionary change and visions for a radically different future. Today’s visionary education marketers recognize the need to grow their schools and sell like any other exemplary business.

How to Build a Remarkable 21st Century Brand


An effective purpose statement defines your reason for being in business, the calling your organization aims to answer in the marketplace, and the problems you strive to solve. Such identity imprecision appears everywhere, including among institutions of higher education.

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How To Build A Culture of Content

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing generally started in the field, hosting events, hanging logos and grabbing business cards. I have covered company culture before , but here we are going to talk about the main job of the CMO: building a customer-focused culture of content. This is a business-centric view.

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Facebook Tips for Midsize Businesses

Paul Gillin

With Facebook presenting a tempting target of 800 million potential customers, small businesses are flocking to social network as a fast and easy way to generate business. The series is underwritten by IBM Midsize Business , but the content is entirely my own.

10 Ways Small Businesses Should Be Using Video (with Examples!)


In my last post, I dove into the 17 reasons why small businesses need video and promised that I would share the how , or the best ways small businesses could incorporate video into their marketing plan. While one overview video on your website home page or Facebook page (or both!)

17 Reasons Why Small Business Need (More) Video


Chances are, if you’re in marketing at a small business, you’ve got your hands in all sorts of jars. The greatest opportunity here is educational-style videos, especially since “how-to” searches are up 70% year over year in 2016. Build stronger brand affiliation and connection.

Five Facebook Advertising Features You Haven’t Tried Yet


Since Facebook unveiled its advertising options for businesses, the ads have grown substantially. From short ads along the right pane to full newsfeed ads, the platform continues to expand its advertising opportunities, giving business new and exciting ways to reach their audiences.

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Building Content Marketing Strategy – 10 Steps

Marketing Insider Group

Today you probably visit a few car review sites, like or MSN Autos, check safety and reliability ratings, look at resale value in, and then ask a few friends on Facebook. 10 Steps to a Building a Successful Content Marketing Strategy. By Gerardo Dada.

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Better built than bought – how to build your email marketing list


McKinsey says that email is 40 times more effective for customer acquisition than Facebook.). That’s hardly solid ground on which to build a profitable relationship. Better ways to build your list. Is there a person left anywhere in the business world who really wants more email?

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How To Plan And Build A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

Because of this, brands must leverage content marketing to deliver the useful information necessary to educate and build trust with their audiences. I answered the main questions of how to build a solid content marketing strategy.

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6 Video Podcasts B2B Businesses Can Learn From


Whether the topic is Business , Health , Science & Medicine , or the top-level TED Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading, the innovative video and live event series showcasing thought leaders has long been one of the most popular YouTube channels in history. Podcasts are nothing new.

Social media strategy leaders: Robert Bochnak


How has your education and career brought you to where you are now, a leader in social media strategy? I am the Director of Social Media for the Harvard Business School Office of Alumni Relations. Describe your role role at Harvard Business School. Hello, Bob !

How to turn your business blog into a publisher


Since this single goal unites nearly all businesses, many companies have turned their business blogs into publishing powerhouses. Why should businesses become publishers? Instead, they’re educating themselves. What differentiates a business blog From a publisher?

3 Steps To Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ads With Predictive


Combine the biggest social media platform with the best business data. Enter Facebook + Radius. Building A Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ad Campaign. Facebook is the #1 digital environment for marketers to reach, engage, educate, and acquire prospects.

What Your Traditional Marketing Education Didn't Teach You About Marketing Today


And luckily, today we''re announcing our new Inbound Marketing Certification program to help marketers and aspiring marketers alike bridge these gaps in marketing education. New School: Design and Build for a Visual World. Old School: Build and Deliver Upon a Major Campaign.

The Beginner's Guide to Small Business Marketing Online


Whether you're in the process of launching a new business or already have one, having an strong online presence for your brand is extremely important. Small business owners looking for a way to track ROI and brand awareness need digital marketing. Social Media for Local Businesses.

The Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Post


When it comes to using Facebook for business, many people wonder what the secret for success is. We’ve dissected the key elements of successful Facebook posts so you can properly optimize yours. And now, check out the top six things that make up a truly valuable Facebook post.

Agency Secrets: Adopting Digital Marketing in Higher Education


After working with Higher Education clients for over 10 years, I’ve realized it’s not easy to get stakeholder buy-in. Along the way, I’ve learned some secrets to helping higher education institutions adopt digital marketing tactics – and new ideas: 1.

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From Scratch: Three (More) List Building Strategies for Agencies (and Others)


In our last post, we explored four (free) list-building strategies for agency marketers who’ve got to build a house list for clients or themselves. Of these four foundational elements, Points 1, 2, and 3 are essential for paid list-building integrity and marketing success.

How the News Feed Algorithms Work on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


You're connected with hundreds of people -- maybe even thousands -- on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It started with Facebook in 2006 , and then Twitter nine years later in 2015. Facebook's News Feed Algorithm. Learn more about relevancy score for Facebook ads here.).

How to Build an Email Newsletter that Wins Business

Hinge Marketing

With all the other fancy marketing channels to choose from — LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, pay-per-click ads, etc — email sounds old and washed up. What impact is this going to have on their business? The fastest path to winning business is to act like you already have it.

Why Marketers on Facebook Messenger Will Rule the Engagement Economy

Modern B2B Marketing

Marketers need to explore focusing their energies on channels that maximize engagement, like Facebook Messenger. Offer that your new ‘buddies’ meet you on a channel that’s growing, robust, and genuinely engaging, such as Facebook Messenger.

5 Ways to Get Student Reviews Seen via Higher-Education Social Media


Offer a student review app on Facebook. Installing an app on Facebook provides an easy way for current students and alumni to share their college experiences with your school’s social community. Build out a pin board for sharing student-generated pictures.

Education as a Marketing Strategy: 8 Brands Doing Online Classes and More

Content Marketing Institute

Few would argue about the power and value of educational content – whether a blog, an e-newsletter, a white paper, or a how-to video. Let’s look at eight brands that give their audience opportunities to get an education in unique and entertaining ways.

11 Helpful Resources for Improving Your Business Skills


Whether or not business school is worth the investment is a hot topic these days. But regardless of where you stand, you don't have to go to business school to gain a better understanding of how businesses work. Business" is quite a versatile topic with many components.

The 15 Best Special-Purpose SEO Tools


Harvest search URLs for competitive research, influencer marketing, or link building; find blogs, guest books, image sites, and other potential backlink sources; and generate keyword suggestions. A list of link-building opportunities based on what you’re looking for is generated for you.”

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How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: A Beginner's Guide


Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful analytical tools at your disposal -- that is, if you know how to use it. This data can help you build stronger buyer personas, create more compelling content, and uncover some gems for your competitive research. on Facebook.

Facebook Instant Articles: Bad for Marketers, OK for Publishers, but Great for Facebook


When Facebook recently launched Instant Articles , the internet and publishing community was buzzing. Publishers were excited -- by hosting their own articles within Facebook but still displaying their own ads, they could generate more traffic and attention from the Facebook community.

Why Aren't My Facebook Fans Seeing My Posts Anymore?


If you manage a Facebook Page, you might be a little bit frustrated. Anyone who manages a Facebook Page has either heard about Facebook’s organic reach decline or experienced its aftermath first hand. What Does Facebook Have to Say About All This?

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6 Great B2B Business, Marketing, and Strategy Books

KoMarketing Associates

According to Tom Corley’s Rich Habits , 88% of the wealthy read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons, versus 2% of the poor. Below are some great business, marketing, and strategy books that can be extremely useful for those in the B2B industry.

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Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Business


Though business use of social media is rapidly increasing, many executives remain skeptical of its value. Rather than trying to force the proverbial square peg into a round hole by using social media in ways it’s not effective, take a broader view of the business benefits it offers.

Why a content strategy is so important for your business and how to build one

Canadian Marketing Association

There has been a lot of buzz recently in the B2B marketing world about the power and purpose of content marketing as an important business and customer engagement tool. Every business today, no matter how big or small needs to step up their content strategy because buyers are insisting.

Our Top Predictions for Facebook's Secret January 15th Announcement


A little article about some new Facebook rollout. The time for newsjacking is premature, it seems, because Facebook hasn't actually released any news yet. just what is this new "thing" that Facebook is revealing? 1) Facebook to Release a Smartphone!

Social media strategy leaders: Kerry Gallagher


I’ve spoken with leaders in media, marketing technology, higher education and now finance! It was very hard to leave my manager—she was so supportive but at the same time gave me autonomy to build the role. We liaise internally and build comprehensive integrated programs on social.

The Top Business Podcasts You Need to Be Listening To


Love learning about business and how some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies are operating? Business podcasts serve as a great way to stay informed (and inspired). 7 Business Podcasts Every Marketer Should Tune In To. 6) TEDTalks Business.

Facebook Launches Online Education Center For Businesses


The folks at Facebook must be sick and tired of hearing about Google's new entry into social networking. Google's failure to have pages for businesses has been well documented. To make that pain a little worse, Facebook has launched

50 Ways to Use Video Messaging to Make Business Personal Again


Now accounting for 73% of all Internet traffic and more than 25 billion daily views on Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube alone, the pace at which we’re devouring video is staggering. 50 Ways to Use Personal Video Messages for Business. Finance, Legal and Business Ops.

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