How to Write a Marketing Budget Your CFO Will Enthusiastically Support


Does it feel like presenting your marketing budget to the CFO is like pulling teeth? Do they ask countless questions and fail to understand, rationalize, or translate your work into business value? Before taking your plan and budget to the CFO, run it by your sales counterparts.

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Best Practices for Marketing Budget Agility During Crisis & Disruption


As marketers we all wish that we could set our plan and budget at the beginning of the year or quarter and we are able to execute exactly as planned. This budget is gone. . Take inventory and document the risk of cancellations or change within your budget.

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Marketing for leads and sales: What’s working for technology companies today

Sales Lead Insights

This post is based on a transcript of an interview I did with Karl Hourigan , Digital Marketing Strategist for Mediative , immediately following one of the half-day workshops I presented in three cities across British Columbia for the BCTIA entitled, Marketing for Leads and Sales: What's working for technology companies today. What’s your advice on how B2Bs should allocate their marketing budgets? The second third of your budget should be allocated to direct marketing.

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How to Justify the Demand Generation Budget You Need in 2018


If you’re like most marketers, you are probably busily putting together your 2018 demand generation budget right about now. Here are our tips for justifying the 2018 demand generation budget you require to ensure stellar results for your Sales team. Leave No Budget Behind.

How Experiential Marketing Works: 7 Enlightening Tips


But what does that look like, and how can you pull it off -- especially with a limited budget? Once you know the answer, turn it into a VR experience -- here’s a great guide for doing so on a budget from CinematicVR -- and bring it to the user. What makes a good story?

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Business Pulse Check Survey: Challenges, Wins & Best Practices From The Past Week

Heinz Marketing

Planning for contingencies amidst ever-changing variables and possible outcomes. Transitioning to remote work without significant downtime or loss of productivity. Quantify your value proposition to sell successfully when budgets and priority lists are tighter.

Tips to Successfully Oversee a B2B Web Design Project

BOP Design

We’ve managed hundreds of website projects and continue working on new website concepts, designs, copy, and launches every day. Alternatively, you can leave a buffer of time and budget, if you are aware your organization changes direction frequently. Be Ready to Work.

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Size Matters: Digging in to Employee Counts and Social Media Discrepancies


If you work in sales and marketing, I’ll bet you think a company’s employee count on LinkedIn is the absolute best way to determine how many employees work at that company. The larger the company, the larger the budget (usually).

How Unsubscribe Requests Can Affect Customer Experience

Modern Marketing

Email remains one of the best ways to communicate with consumers directly, but the effectiveness of the channel is contingent upon maintaining deliverability health to ensure messages get to the inbox. “What can I do to reduce unsubscribes?”

How To Keep Calm And Manage Your B2B Sales During Coronavirus Outbreak


Additionally, potential contracts are never signed due to the need to save on the budget. All we need to focus on now is what are we going to work with when the epidemic is over and everything starts getting back to normal. Allow your teams to work from home if their range of tasks is not tied to their workplace. But the sooner you start working on them, the faster you will be able to understand your liquidity in the current coronavirus outbreak.

How to Build a Q4 Spend Strategy (and Other Tips for the Holiday Season)


Our work with hundreds of the world’s top storytellers has taught us that they key to success in Q4 is a strong game plan. For such teams, spending the majority of their budgets earlier in the quarter would simply not make sense. Either Way: Have a Contingency Plan.

6 Ways to Wow B2B Buyers With Interactive Content


You have the time and budget to do it well. While the majority of B2B buyers still access content from a computer, there’s a growing contingent of mobile content viewers that you’ll want to consider. You don’t always need to work from the ground up.

On the Limits of Technology in Marketing and Healthcare (and Healthcare Marketing)


We are prone to worshiping technology, sometimes forgetting that it’s the people behind (or in front of) the technology that really make it work. An example I’ve written about previously is that of marketing automation, where the platform itself will only help hospitals or businesses insofar as they have valuable content and strategies for delivering that content (contingent upon an understanding of specific audience needs at a given time). Rahul K.

How to Capture Brand Content Like the Pros  

Martech Advisor

You’ll want to think through all possibilities of what can go wrong during your production and have a contingency plan in place for just about everything. Even for a low-budget shoot, creating a storyboard is worth your time. Maximize Your Budget.

How to Navigate Brand Messaging in a Crisis


In fact, every element of your content plan worked out exactly the way you hoped it would… until a crisis hits. Use this content contingency plan to adjust messaging in a crisis.


On the limits of personalization


The offline advertising side of the house can continue to have 50 percent waste without really knowing which half of the budget was waste and which half was not. Our budgets are contingent on not only knowing where the waste is, but in systematically reducing it.

Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty

Hinge Marketing

The good old days of referral-driven strategies and “just doing good work” are gone. What Works Now. A yearly planning and budgeting cycle has served many firms well over the years. Here’s what we have found works best for many of our clients.

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Adopting a Growth Marketing Mentality for B2B Companies

Launch Marketing

The challenge with defining growth marketing is that a large part of its definition is contingent on the fact that marketers can do very different things to achieve it. Startups need to know what is or isn’t working right away and improve upon it.

Brexit 2020: What Are Marketers Doing to Prepare?

Martech Advisor

Knowing it can have a significant impact on marketing budgets, marketers should have started formulating contingency plans to adjust their marketing strategy in case of an eventuality.

Marketer Showcase: Carolina Alves of Aggreko


The piece of content that got the most downloads this year was an eBook called “Contingency Planning 101”. NetLine is a crucial tool for our middle of the funnel types of content – which means more in-depth pieces, that are gated and supposed to work as a SQL magnet.

Best Practices When Requesting Ideas and Pitches From Creatives


It’s also why so many brands and agencies ask for potential new employees or contractors to present a strategy or even produce sample work as part of the application process. Do not … Put out a call for pitches if you don’t have the budget to assign.

Your 2020 Crisis Marketing Strategy: Marketing Communication and the Coronavirus

Martech Advisor

It helps to work with a PR agency in case the in-house personnel doesn't have this kind of experience. Many tech companies have adopted the route of remote working. Develop Marketing Contingency Plans.

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15 Scenarios When to Pay Freelance Writers Higher Rates


According to MarketingProfs’ 2017 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, & Trends study, 56% of companies lean on outsourced writers for their content marketing efforts. The assignment requires a significant amount of research or grunt work.

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How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media


Yes, it’s a lot of work, it’s often ignored, you’ll totally want to bail and you’ll end up resenting it. Budget the time as a marketing expense. I personally use SocialOomph and ManageFlitter to do my dirty work. See, that’s how friendship works.

To Tweet or not to Tweet? Engaging with the Netflix Tweet, #AdsThatShouldBePulled & other Twitter trends

Sprout Social

Despite not even mentioning the Peloton brand by name, the Aviation Gin response worked for several reasons: it was released within days of the original ad and the Peloton wife was still a trending topic on social media. It’s also less work for brand accounts to jump on existing viral moments instead of attempting to create those events themselves. Is there a contingency plan in place for when a Tweet starts to gain traction?

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11 Marketing Experts Share Their Marketing Fails (and Lessons Learned)


You need to put hard work into targeting the right phrases that can compound traffic over time. Even though it’s nitty-gritty work, setting up customer interviews and internal discussions across your sales, customer success, product, and marketing teams will pay off in the long run.

Differentiated Marketing for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Keep in mind that this positioning must work for all of the segments you are targeting. Achieving high-level visibility requires a balance of marketing efforts — our research has shown that a blend of traditional and digital techniques works best.

Starting to Think About Purchasing B2B Marketing Services? (Part 2)


Marketing is a core business function that is customized to meet the market dynamics, growth objectives and budget of a particular company. Various initiatives and campaigns laid out in a tactical marketing plan will work together over a certain time period to achieve a return on investment.

THE HACKIES: How leading marketing executives tackle martech


With marketing technology growing as a portion of total marketing budget (27% on average according to Gartner ), marketers face two growing challenges: increased scrutiny from C-suite partners on the value of martec investments and the need to get more out of the current marketing technology stack.

How will your B2B company react to a financial crisis?

Exo B2B

Whether we are heading towards a recession or not, now is always a good time to reconsider your strategy and start preparing contingency plans. During a crisis, your clients and yourself will very likely reallocate your budget across channels and reduce whatever goes into marketing.

Marketbright Targets Sophisticated Demand Generation Users

Customer Experience Matrix

The slides did list a few unusual features, including “prospect portals” that help buyers and sellers to share information related to a project; a sales proposal builder; and features to work with sales partners. According to the company Web site, these include “full document repository and asset management, multi-currency budget planning and management and a range of integrated collaboration features”.

Put an End to Flying Blind: A Ten-Step Process for Creating a Go-to-Market Tactical Plan

Everything Technology Marketing

Defining tactical program activities, budget, calendar and ownership 8. Step One: Working from an Ecosystem Map The first step is to understand the lay of the land. In keeping with the Boy Scout’s Motto, “Be Prepared,” this step prepares you to anticipate how competitors and prospective customers might react so you can anticipate potential adjustments and develop contingency strategies.

Social Media Guide for Political Campaigns

Sprout Social

The inner workings of political campaigns must be organized, with every Tweet, Instagram post or blog post as part of a unified, controlled message. That’s because pollsters don’t EXPECT young people, people of color, and working class people to turn out to vote – so when we do, it changes the game. Before work is your best shot. Come up with a contingency plan. ’ Planning budget.

Marketing Planning Process for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

However, the marketing planning process that works well for consumer products, industrial goods or not-for-profits is not well suited for professional services. This is a lesson we have learned after many years of working across these fields. Once a year, most firms update their marketing plan or marketing budget, and they spend the majority of their time evaluating current performance and adjusting tactics. Document your operational schedule and budget.

Outlining the Content Collaboration Process in Four Key Phases (Part 1 of 6)


Ideas, the pure, robust fuel for content creation, emerge as random thoughts and slowly take shape as we work a bit of logical processing magic. In the above example, the blogging goal is only achievable if you indeed have the budget and management available.

Simplify Your PPC Campaigns: How to Focus on Efficiency in SEM Account Maintenance


But your work doesn’t stop there. Google Ads offers several main options to bid for your ads — and the one you choose is contingent upon your campaign goals and overall account strategy: Clicks (for Search and Display ads). In reality, advertisers working toward complex goals like performance and growth likely have several relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that determine the success of their campaigns. Helping you better allocate your budget.

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What Finance Marketers Can Learn From Reddit’s r/personalfinance


If you work at a bank and you’re speaking directly with a customer, that person is going to try their best to come across as financially savvy. They want their problems solved directly, which means they might Google “30 day budgeting challenge” instead of “[your bank] + savings account how to.” Perusing r/personalfinance, you can see that mods point out when certain situations are contingent on financial details.