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Get Your Content Engine Running Before Hiring A Fractional CMO

Marketing Insider Group

Have you considered hiring a fractional CMO because your small business can’t afford a full-time marketing executive? Fractional CMOs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and can provide many of the same benefits as a full-time CMO without a long-term commitment. What Is A Fractional CMO? What’s Next?

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Five Impacts of CMO Budget Cuts – Gartner 2021 CMO Spend Survey


CMOs are reporting that marketing budgets are being slashed. Here’s what that means, and practical ideas that go beyond the bad news to how B2B marketers to adapt. in 2021, their lowest point in the history of Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey.” ” Here are five likely impacts of those budget cuts.

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How To Plan Your B2B Marketing Budget Like A CMO Pro


How do you plan when your marketing (and beyond) world spins at an unprecedented pace? Pandemic aside, this is not the first time B2B marketers will face drastic changes to their best intended budget plans. Here are some practical tips to keep you on the right marketing budgeting (and planning) track.

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What Are Experts Prioritizing in 2018 B2B Marketing Budgets?

KoMarketing Associates

Instead of planning for 2018 when you’re already starting it in January, the most prepared B2B marketers already have priorities identified and plans for execution come January 1. This includes account-based marketing and expanding their pipelines. As we go into 2018 marketers must make data integrity a higher priority.

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Why This Amount Is All the Marketing Budget You Need

Marketing Insider Group

Are you feeling pressure on your marketing budget? If you think you can’t stretch your dollars to meet all your marketing needs, you may actually need better allocation, not more money. The objective of marketing is to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers. Marketing Budgets Shifting and Changing.

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Rethink, resist, refocus! Maximising your marketing budget in tough economic times


30-second summary: Erica Gunn, CMO at Canto, offers a guide to maximizing your marketing budget in tough economic circumstances. As marketers, we must be prepared for challenges to our budgets. However, marketers shouldn’t be afraid to make the case to future-proof their business, even in difficult times.

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How to find a fractional CMO for your business

The Marketing Blender

What is the fractional CMO scope of work? For a fractional CMO, scope of work is usually determined by a few different factors, including: The budget you have assigned to spend on marketing. The nature of your current and future marketing initiatives. Marketing Strategy. Marketing plan or roadmap.

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