How to Measure the Two Dimensions that Have the Greatest Impact on Improving Brand Equity

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Proprietary brand assets (such as patents, trademarks, channel partners, etc.). So while according to BtoB Magazine, brand awareness is the second leading objective of US B2B marketing efforts, if your resources are constrained, your time and money might be better spent on improving and measuring brand loyalty and brand image. Recently we’ve been asked about measuring brand equity.

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5 Lessons a BtoB Marketer can Learn from “Breaking Bad” - Fearless Competitor , June 17, 2010 Have you heard of AMC’s critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad?&# CK’s B2B Blog , June 8, 2010 I recently ran across a positively terrific article on WOM penned by McKinsey’s Jacques Bughin, Jonathan Doogan and Ole Jørgen Vetvik. To its enthusiasts, however, Twitter is a powerful channel. Best of B2B Marketing. June 2010. Some amazing content from June. Enjoy.

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