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How Video Marketing Strategies Can Elevate Sales Efforts


Guest post by Sean Gordon. Understanding sales means comprehending the roots of the profession as well as looking ahead to the future of sales strategies.

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Employee Branding: B2B’s Answer to Influencer Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

We’ve all seen them. Consumer brands fall all over each other to get celebs to endorse their brands – or better yet – star in one of their ads. Which works out just fine. Until the celebrity spokesmodel slips up and gets caught driving down the wrong side of the street while they’re on a bender.

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Content Marketing for Manufacturers: Are You Using its Full Power?

Industrial Marketing Today

The original post %Content Marketing for Manufacturers: Are You Using its Full Power?% by %Achinta Mitra% appeared first on %Industrial Marketing Today%.

Funny Emails - it's ok to go rogue from the corporate world


Fun fact: did you know that when you are doing business all the humor you had once in life is sucked out of your brain, leaving you with that grey rainy-day-type-of-mood? Well, this can't be real, but most of the people I know act like this was the total truth.

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The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.

Report: 45% of Marketers Now Say More than Half of Campaigns are Content-Driven

KoMarketing Associates

Many marketers have already seen the benefits of utilizing content as a part of their strategies, and new research shows that they will continue to integrate it into their work in the near future.

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Speaking of Alignment.


It’s pretty common knowledge that in order for marketers to be successful, they need to collaborate with other departments across the organization. Creating the most in-depth and effective marketing plan is absolutely a team sport involving departmental input across the board.

Using Progressive Profiling for a Frictionless Customer Experience


Read this blog to learn what progressive profiling is and how to use this tactic to create a frictionless customer experience and collect more qualified leads. Demand and Lead Generation Lead Management

The Entrepreneur Interview Series #21: Steve Pulley, Mortarr


Traditionally , the commercial construction and design industry has used expensive, traditional marketing efforts to showcase their services and lines of products, and relied on old relationships to generate new business.

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30% of Marketers Still Not Measuring Brand Perception After Launching Social Media Initiatives

KoMarketing Associates

Many marketers are now using social media to promote their company and build their brand, but new research suggests that a large portion of them are still not measuring the impact of their efforts.

Win Sales Calls with Webinar Production

Speaker: Dawn Baron, President, Passion Profits Consulting, and Shelley Trout, Webinar Producer, Aggregage

As a B2B marketer in 2020, you are being asked to do a lot: brand building, create content, build position as thought leader, generate leads, create ongoing touchpoints with prospects, and ideally generate sales calls. And do all of this with limited resources and time in a crowded world that is fighting you for attention. That’s a big challenge, and we believe a key part of the answer to that challenge is the smart application of webinars for B2B audiences. If you have held back on doing webinars because of the level of effort, or if you want to up your webinar effectiveness, then you won’t want to miss this unique presentation with expert webinar producers Dawn Baron and Shelley Trout.

Event Content Ideas: How to Choose the Best Topics that Resonate with Your Audience

Marketing Insider Group

Content can be effective for event marketing, but to get the best results, choose topics that will drive engagement and attract social media shares. Content marketing should be an important part of any event marketing strategy. It’s cheap, simple, and effective.

Why Is Marketing Automation Maturity Still Woeful?

The Point

Almost 5 years ago, our agency conducted a survey to determine whether B2B companies were getting maximum value from their investment in marketing automation.

Using Video Marketing to Improve Engagement


This blog post walks you through 3 ways to use video marketing to improve engagement - including customer reviews, webinars, and live streaming. Content Marketing Customer Marketing

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Building A Better Sales Technology Stack

Ignite Tech

So Just What Is A Sales Tech Stack? A sales technology stack is a set of software tools designed to increase the sales team’s effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

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Key Trends in Marketing: Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a highly effective marketing strategy that highlights an organization’s talent, experience and passion while answering the most pressing questions faced by its target audience.

This Content Marketing ROI Calculator Is Just What You Need for Sales Enablement


When we talk about content marketing ROI, we often ignore one of the biggest opportunities in front of us: sales enablement. As I wrote about in this Ask a Content Strategist column , content marketers have a tendency to stop thinking about ROI after lead generation.

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How to Showcase Your Social Media Skills and Land Your Dream Job


Guest post. Everyone has a different idea of their “dream job,” but regardless, getting it requires hard work. When looking to land your dream job today, you have to market yourself properly.

Capturing the Loyalty of the Skeptical Consumer

Modern Marketing

CrowdTwist recently conducted research into consumer attitudes towards loyalty programs, brand engagement, emerging technologies, and shopping experiences. The research found that only 46% of consumers are willing to share their data in exchange for personalized experiences.

How to Create Better Business Personas and Actually Drive Sales


Customer personas are fictional characters representing the people most likely to buy your products, visit your site or otherwise associate with what you do. Although they’re effective ways to understand your target audience, there are times when it’s necessary to tweak and improve them.

5 B2B Marketing Trends that You Can't Ignore in 2020

Speaker: Pam Didner, Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker

Pam Didner, B2B tech marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Effective Sales Enablement and Global Content Marketing, will present the essential marketing trends you need to know in 2020. She'll discuss digital challenges that marketers commonly face and share actionable solutions and templates you can apply to your job in real-time.

B2B Content Marketing for SaaS Companies: 4 Keys to Success

KoMarketing Associates

SaaS companies face unique challenges when it comes to content marketing strategy. Though customer retention is critical across industries, SaaS depends on the recurring revenue of active users.

Hot Seat: Finance Marketing Leader Crystal Eastman On Why Brands Need to Hire Journalists


When I shared the stage with Crystal Eastman at the Digital Marketing Financial Services Summit in November, I immediately recognized her as my favorite type of person to interview: A brilliant storyteller who stumbled into marketing by accident and figured out how to do great things inside complicated corporations. Eastman transitioned from an “artsy” four years at the University of Miami to a career as a finserv consultant after American Express made its way onto her personal list of most-admired companies. She worked her way up to VP/GM of marketing at Amex, turning around several early-stage LOBs though an advanced approach to content and digital marketing. She then went on to serve as the CMO of Behalf, a fintech startup that’s raised over $300 million in funding. Next came the managing director and head of retail marketing role at BlackRock. Currently a free agent, Eastman visited Contently’s office to give an honest assessment of the finserv marketing landscape. She discussed the biggest industry mistakes, advice for finance marketers, and why brands need to hire journalists. Check out the video interview below, followed by a transcript of our chat. What are a couple of mistakes you see people making in financial services marketing? I think the biggest mistake is to have experts at something be responsible for creating the content for customers. I’ve actually seen this at every company I’ve ever worked in. There’s this chasm between the corporate story and the customer story. And the corporate story is very easy to get lost in because we go to work every day and we sit in a conference room all day long with our colleagues and we talk to each other. We have this one discussion, and it’s about: What our product does that our competitors products don’t do. It’s about what the market opportunity is. It’s about how good our technology is—etc, etc. There’s no way for you to come up with the right story for the real humans in that conference room. So I think that’s the biggest mistake —when people who make the product or the services are also responsible for making content for the true customer. Companies get it best when they hire people who are video editors or have journalism backgrounds. They bring that external view and expertise on how to create content that people would actually consume and look forward to. Then you can merge the artistry and the science of those experts with the internal teams that are the experts at the product. That’s the way best content gets created for customers. Why do you think a lot of marketing teams are hesitant to bring in people with that pure journalism or editorial DNA? Well, I think it’s uncomfortable for brands, right? We all—me included—create content on a day-to-day basis, and we’re used to doing it our way, and we also feel pretty proud of it. So it’s quite something to confront that you may have been doing it wrong all of this time. When you invite a different type of expert into your process, it’s a shakeup. Everything about their approach will be different, and you have to be willing to be uncomfortable in order to get your content to the next place with this alternative point of view. What advice would you have for marketers at a financial services company who have trouble getting their content through compliance? I would encourage all marketers to treat compliance as their most important partner or even their customer. If you’re thinking about your compliance colleague like you would your customer, utilize design thinking to understand their unmet needs, understand what their outlook on life is and the emotions that they’re bringing to their own job, and figure out how to problem-solve your way to yes. In the same way you would if you’re acquiring a new customer, compliance partners are critical to the process. They’re there to keep us out of jail. You want them on your side. And it’s in all of our best interests in marketing to find a way to tell our story that also meets our compliance partners’ requirements. So I would say start earlier, schedule face-to-face meetings, explain why you’re doing what you’re doing, explain the goal of the content you’re producing. Invite your compliance partner into the process to help you understand how to say what you want to say in a compliant way. Compliance partners are critical to the process. They’re there to keep us out of jail. You want them on your side. Looking ahead into 2020, what are some of the big opportunities that you see in financial services ? The companies that are going to win are the ones that truly embrace customer advocacy and help regular everyday humans solve the problems that they have with managing their finances. I’ve been disturbed by how big credit has gotten in the U.S., and I’ve certainly participated myself in many aspects of building credit-oriented businesses. It’s very lucrative for a financial services company, but I personally believe it’s bad for customers. Companies will lose if they’re going too far on credit and not going far enough on helping customers live within their means, put away money for the future, and have an emergency savings initiative, so that whatever happens to their family, they can afford to do the right thing. Whatever their dreams are—pay for college, buy a house, retire—these are things that many people are not going to be able to afford to do unless their financial services partners help them by eliminating some of their unhealthy financial behaviors. The younger, nimble companies that are spending very little but really striking a meaningful tone and creating truly meaningful content in social media storytelling are the ones that are going to win. Content is really important for helping people understand the way they’re standing in their own way, right? I think content is a wonderful way where you can release stories of people just like you, whoever the you is, that help make it real, and help make it human and help people be able to kind of see themselves more clearly through the eyes of others. Because one of the big behavioral economics teachings is that people don’t see themselves clearly. So it stands in the way of them making smart decisions. What’s your big prediction for financial services marketing this year? I think the smaller players are going to win the day. I think the large financial services players are still spending an excessive amount of time on things like Super Bowl commercials and focusing on things that mattered 10 years ago. The younger, nimble companies that are spending very little but really striking a meaningful tone and creating truly meaningful content in social media storytelling are the ones that are going to win. The post Hot Seat: Finance Marketing Leader Crystal Eastman On Why Brands Need to Hire Journalists appeared first on Contently. Storytelling financial services Journalists Q&A video

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Offer a Content Upgrade and See Conversion Rates Rise

Content Marketing Institute

A content upgrade can be a game changer in your conversion challenge. Offering bonus content that your audience truly values makes it more likely they’ll give you their email address. Read on for tips and lots of real-life examples.

Why an Emotional Connection Matters in Loyalty and How to Achieve It

Modern Marketing

Brands need to know understand what motivates loyalty from their customers. Numerous research studies have identified three main classifications of loyalty, they are: Behavioral loyalty which is when the customer shops with a brand because it’s convenient.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

SearchChat Podcast: Is Anonymous Information Really Anonymous?


In today’s episode Steve Zakur and I respond to a recent article that criticized anonymous data, with the main critique being that it isn’t really anonymous. If you can grab the IP address and dig further to find identities, is that really anonymous?

140+ Social Media Statistics that Matter to Marketers in 2020


Social media statistics are a key ingredient in any social media marketing strategy. And by ingredient we mean they’re like the cilantro in your salsa: you could use dried-out flakes, but—why would you? If you’re looking to impress, you want to source the freshest available.

The Future of SEO: How AI and Machine Learning Will Impact Content

Single Grain

UPDATED: This post was expanded and updated for 2020! Artificial intelligence and its impact on different industries have been a hot topic of discussion for the past few years, and with good reason.

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The Key Elements of Great Buying Personas

Heinz Marketing

By Brenna Lofquist , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing. It’s no secret that buyers’ personas are a key element to marketing and sales. If you don’t understand the people you are targeting, how are you going to sell them your product or service?

Maximize Results Of Attending A Trade Show

Attending trade shows helps your business find new prospects and make connections. By downloading this white paper, you will learn how setting goals and adding pre-planning to every trade show and industry event you attend makes a considerable difference.

ABM Blog Series: Level 2 – How Do You Optimize Your ABM Strategy?

Modern Marketing

Note: This is the second article in a series of blog articles detailing different levels of ABM maturity. If you miss the first one, refer back to that article i n order to put this one in context. As mentioned in our first post, adopting ABM is not a unilateral change for organization.

5 Ways Software Integration can Influence the Future of Manufacturing


Digital transformation has become one of the most important drivers of success in the modern business world, but in the increasingly competitive manufacturing industry, it can mean the difference between long-term success and a quick demise.

6 Things You Should Stop Doing to Content [Tools]

Content Marketing Institute

The most straightforward way to revitalize your content is to jettison things that just aren’t working. Start with these six frequent mistakes – and how to fix them. Continue reading → The post 6 Things You Should Stop Doing to Content [Tools] appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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