To get the best prospecting data, use a broker


It deserves attention—and support of an independent partner, namely a data broker. In the data world, brokers represent the interests of the marketer and develop a deep knowledge of the lists and data available from many sources.

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How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth? An Inside Look at the Data Broker Industry [Infographic]


Ever heard of data brokers? Curious about how you look to these data brokers? Did you ever stop to think about how much of your personal information is out there on the web?

Embrace your inner realtor when selling social media


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Why haven’t you secured a ton of domain names?


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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Email marketing campaigns / creative email content / targeted email campaigns / news- letters 9 Email - association lists / list brokers / publication subscriber lists 3 Partner Marketing Tactics (12 responses). 1How B2B Marketing.

Versium Named in Eastside’s List of 50 Fastest-Growing Private Companies


Companies specializing in real estate and construction — including architecture firms, real estate brokers and more — reported more revenue than any other industry, but slower growth. The 50 Eastside companies ranked on the List reported collective revenue of $2.34 billion in 2017, an increase of 53 percent over the companies’ combined 2015 revenue.

Lead Generation: 2 simple tips to determine cost per lead

B2B Lead Generation

This can get tricky, but let’s consider, for example, that you can buy a list of 2,000 leads from a broker for $20. Tweet Getting to the heart of lead cost is not easy. There are a multitude of factors to consider. For example, should you factor in nurturing into the costs?

Rethink Podcast #9 – 6 Entrepreneurship Lessons from a Portland Realtor


And she began selling ads to mortgage brokers, home inspectors, plumbers, contractors and so forth. Hicks realized these journals could be custom branded and given away by real estate agents and mortgage brokers to customers. “My If you ask Portland Realtor Tracey Hicks about her five-year goal, she’d say something along the lines of picturing herself on a beach somewhere, enjoying an adult beverage, and monitoring her business from her smartphone. Hicks is hard to label.

Wisdom on the Future of Advertising

Paul Gillin

In a world awash with choice, trusted intermediaries will be the most important brokers of influence. Max Kalehoff is one smart cookie, and this post about the future of advertising hits the nail on the head. Some of his conclusions are obvious (Social Media Marketing Will Cease To Exist) but others require a leap of faith (Legal & Privacy Issues, As We Debate Them Today, Will Go Away). I agree with every single one of his 11 conclusions, however.

Lead Generation: Does your teleprospecting deliver value to prospects?

B2B Lead Generation

lift over Treatment A and in attaining broker information from the decision-maker at an 88% level of confidence. Tweet Lead generation teleprospecting is the art of acquiring sales-ready leads for a sales staff.

How to Combat the High Cost of Prospect Acquisition: A Seasoned Marketer’s POV


List brokers vary wildly in quality. Those incentives have spurred a cottage industry of list brokers and email platforms. The importance of top-funnel marketing efforts continues to rise, driven by the need to more precisely target, identify and engage prospects.

Second-Party Market Data: Why You Need It, and Where to Find It

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If you don’t have a specific company in mind, and a great argument for working with that organization, brokers and marketplaces might be your best bet. Marketers are always examining their data acquisition channels, looking for ways they could improve.

Easy Marketing Partnerships That Work: Why Every Marketer Needs a Marketing Guild


For example a mortgage broker, a custom home builder, and a real estate agent could work together to create a marketing guild focused on homeowners in their region. For instance, mortgage brokers get most of their leads from real estate agents. Commercial real estate brokers.

Are LinkedIn Endorsements Too Easy?

B2B Marketing Traction

My recommendation is to be very careful with endorsements – in making them (for example, does an insurance broker really do strategic planning? LinkedIn’s new endorsement is so easy to use, it’s sometimes misused, in my opinion.

The Power of Marketing and Sales Intelligence


And that means more than the commoditized contact information that list brokers are always so happy to sell: name, rank, and serial number. Sales intelligence. Lead lists. Not sure what the difference is? You’re in the right place. For many years, sales and marketing teams turned to list providers for prospecting and lead generation.

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Agile Marketing in B2B

Buzz Marketing for Technology

It was a complex revision of previous regulations that changed how broker-dealers, investment advisers, insurance agents and consultants are compensated when dealing with investment and retirement accounts.

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Time to abandon spray-and-pray lead generation


With good lists becoming harder to find, lead brokers are bringing technology to bear to improve lead quality. A couple of years ago, a client told me he was having some lead quality problems. The company had contracted with a major IT publisher for a webcast that guaranteed 150 leads.

How to Run a Webinar: Promote the Webinar

Lead Liaison

Hire a list broker who can send out email (through their resources) to drive contacts to the same registration page. This is the sixth installment in the series How to Run a Webinar. You’ve figured out how marketing automation can help you with the entire process.

B2B Email List Guide: Buy, Rent or Build Your List

Digital B2B Marketing

Potential providers: Find lists yourself with a list database like NextMark or going directly to a publisher, or you can work through a list broker like MeritDirect or one of many smaller brokers.

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Interview with Mark Schaefer

Onalytica B2B

Some may view social media as silly or little more than cat videos, but we are living in a historically important time when the power has shifted from Madison Avenue to Main Street, from corporate power brokers to passionate bloggers.

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9 Reasons Marketers Need a Data Management Platform

Modern Marketing

Data that is brokered between two organizations, for instance, brands (like say a car manufacturer and a retailer) that might want to share list data for enhanced targeting or co-op opportunities. Big data. Bigger data. Data this and data that.

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What Your Doctor Can Teach You About Business Growth

Marketing Craftmanship

Successful stock brokers report that they seldom lose clients for poor portfolio performance, if they are quick to explain why it happened and what’s being done about it. For many decades, physicians have been taught the “3 A’s” of a sound medical practice.

Are Healthcare Companies Successful Driving Awareness in the Dawn of Healthcare Reform? [CHART]

Modern Marketing

It certainly looks like the health plans went on the offensive to enroll new brokers and members, and to increase share of voice in response to the disruption in the healthcare market.

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Integrating Awareness and Demand Generation Marketing


Having brokered a deal, we were prepared to take or collaborative solution to the executive. When we presented the brokered deal to the executive, we did have some trouble selling it. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

From Branding to Demand Generation

Sales Engine

How First Rate Uses Thought Leadership Content to Grow the Business Having the same brand since their start in 1991, First Rate knew they had to make some major changes if they were going to compete effectively and grow in today’s digital era.

Is Your B2B Marketing Consultant Ethical?

B2B Marketing Traction

Maureen added that, thanks to former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer , property and casualty insurance brokers are bound by a code of ethics. Tweet.

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What influencers want and expect from influencer marketing, according to creator relations master, Kristen Matthews


However, in many ways, you–influencer marketing professional–are the broker between the client, the brand, the CFO, the CMO, and the online influencers.

4 New Marketing Fundamentals Impacting the B2B SEO Professional

KoMarketing Associates

Agents Broker Brand Relationships. Agents Broker Brand Relationships.

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Appointment Setting: Was I Duped?

Smashmouth Marketing

I back-tracked the source and found a company specializing in appointments for janitorial services, credit repair and life insurance brokers. In the collection of appointment setting techniques I've seen before, I've never seen the one that I fell victim to this week.

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Tactics For Revenue Focused Technology And IT Marketing


Marketing technology and IT services is difficult work. You need as much intel as you can for choosing the most enticing value proposition, and deciding the right time to engage prospects depending on their readiness to buy.

Appointment Setting: Did I Succumb to a Scam?

Smashmouth Marketing

I back-tracked the source and found a company specializing in appointments for janitorial services, credit repair and life insurance brokers. In the collection of appointment setting techniques I've seen before, I've never seen the one that I fell victim to this week.

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Social Network based Caller Routing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Maybe they know someone in your social network and can even broker a chat with them (live through Facebook) about their recommended rod and reel combo for you. Ok, let’s say you are searching the web for a new fishing rod.

What Does Twitter Success Look Like?

Marketing Insider Group

Just make sure your followers align to your goal and are not purchased from a Twitter follower broker in Russia! What do you need to achieve Twitter success? Is Twitter a means to an end or is it the end goal? Do you need 100,000 Twitter followers to be successful? Do you need to have engaging content to be a winner on Twitter? Or, do you need to increase your social and personal brand currency to help you reach your bigger goals?

Prospecting data accuracy


Use a trusted list broker who has a thorough knowledge of the particular vendor’s file. . Good news: B2B prospecting data is more accurate than you may think. Business marketers are always complaining about their customer data. “It’s It’s pretty bad,” they’ll say. “It’s It’s a mess.”

B2B data decay and list rental – buyer beware!


Historically when list brokers and compilers were asked about this decay rate, they most often responded that it was about 25-30%. At times list brokers or managers do not like to divulge client names, but press anyway.

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Can Tesla Ride Earned Media Forever?


It’s worth highlighting the sheer scale of the Gigafactory,” Elon Musk, the famed CEO of Tesla, said in an address to Nevada legislators, who brokered the deal. “It’s

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How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone [Fresh Examples]

Content Marketing Institute

He explained that the newsletters didn’t have anything to do with the funds the broker was selling, but the information was solid and valuable – and it was useful research for the investments he makes. Editor’s note: Explaining content marketing is a never-ending challenge.

It’s Time to Analyze Benefits Management


Best-in-Class companies are 33% likely to work with an external solution provider to administer benefits management and accessibility, and they are 74% more likely than other organizations to find that providing employees direct access to a specialized benefits broker increases end-user engagement. Benefits management is no longer a stodgy extension of compensation management.

Poker Math and Marketing - Lead Equity

Smashmouth Marketing

Services such as outsourced lead gen, appointment setting, lead brokering, or an inside sales team can provide one lead with high equity versus a hundred leads with little equity. I happen to enjoy poker tournaments and am a math geek poker player, which is a different breed.

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