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Make the Most of Sharing to Every Social Network (Without Wasting Time)


This is where you can experiment with various formats and tricks to get more of your followers’ attention: Tweet your URL tagging every person or brand you mentioned in your content: This will attract all those Twitter users to your tweet and they are likely to engage. They just don’t like their users clicking links and leaving the platform.

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How to Help Your Employees Become Influencers

Onalytica B2B

The concept of your employees being influencers may sound odd to some. When most hear the term ‘influencer’ they think of the social media influencers on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube endorsing consumer products to their audience in return for a pay cheque. Employees don’t quite fit this definition.

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5 Main Reasons You Should NOT Buy EveryoneSocial


In much more practical terms, Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism is another resource that provides immediate solutions to our “social dilemma” in general. Another way to say this is: social media is growing up and its future is employee advocacy, in which user engagement is reliably professional, respectful, and mutually beneficial.

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When to Use Live Webinars and When to Try Another Format


It’s logical, of course—they’re simply trying to improve their odds of generating a conversion. . Based on this data, we can suggest that White Paper registrations are a greater indication that a user is in a late stage of a purchasing decision. . But while we love webinars, we need to acknowledge something about the format.

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Top 9 most visited websites of the United States

Rock Content

It not only broke the traditional broadcast rigidity (allowing multimedia content to be distributed to niche audiences), but it also allowed great companies and normal people alike to nurture their audience and monetize their videos. Let’s take a look at the list and try to understand better why they are there. Keep reading!

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What to Leave Behind and What to Adopt in 2020 | Taking Stock of Your Marketing Strategy

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

There are some exciting predictions about what lies ahead for marketing in my news feeds these days. Like many of us, I’m clicking and reading quite a few of these futuristic articles because I want to be aware of how marketing will innovate in 2025 and beyond. It’s no longer realistic to lay out a locked-in, year-long strategy.

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Are Your Influencers Buying Their Followers?

Onalytica B2B

It is estimated that as many as 15% (48 million) of Twitter’s total users are bot accounts. Or do we blame the brands, viewing influencers as a means to an end and a broadcasting platform – a method no different to advertising, prioritising metrics such as followers and likes that are easy to track. 1) Peer validation authority.

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