SMS Marketing Potential: Users Check Their Phones 150 Times Per Day [INFOGRAPHIC]


The infographic emphasizes the power of SMS in terms of the concept of "narrowcasting." You can think of narrowcasting as sending more targeted, relevant messages to a smaller group of contacts -- the opposite of broadcasting a general message to a larger audience. So if you're curious about the potential of narrowcasting with SMS, the following infographic has some intriguing stats to share.

5 Goals to Help You Think Like a Chief Growth Officer in 2021


Marketing is shifting to being less about broadcast and more about narrowcast. “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent” -Bill Gates. I could not agree more!


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SMS Marketing Trumps Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Cody Ward

They separate the two into what they call Narrowcast and Broadcast. Narrowcasting is the sharing of information directly to it’s intended recipient, thereby breaking through all of the clutter. Broadcasting is the mass public sharing, such as a post or tweet. Content Marketing Mobile Marketing broadcasting facebook google mms mobile narrowcasting pinterest sms twitter

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It’s the Marketer’s Job to Create Tension: An Interview with Jeffrey Hayzlett


But if you really want to look at what’s going to be the most disruptive force for marketers, it’s still how we’ve moved from broadcast to narrowcast to segments, and more specifically, to segments of one. And for marketing, a large portion of our time has been sent broadcasting to eyeballs and ears. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Jeffrey Hayzlett knows his marketing. The best-selling author, former CMO and keynote speaker at the upcoming Eloqua Experience conference.

Why Social Media Really Matters

Customer Experience Matrix

mass media, or broadcasting: this began in the late 19th century with the emergence of national brands and national print media. database marketing, or, more poetically, narrowcasting. Broadcast is the most passive medium; essentially, it’s yelling at people who may or may not be interested in the message. Summary: marketing has shifted steadily over time from passive to active consumer engagement. Social media is the latest stage in this evolution.

Redefining the Role of the CMO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Jeff – Moving the business model from broadcast to a narrowcast model. Highlights of a Panel at the Media Convergence Forum featuring: Jeff Hayzlett – Chief Business Development Officer, Eastman Kodak Russ Klein – President Global Marketing Strategy, Burger King Nicholas Utton – CMO, E-Trade Financial Role of the CMO faces evolution and reinvention unlike any of the peers of the CMO. What the CMO role mean to each of you?

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Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best Practices for ROI Success

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Some examples include: Independent reviews Video testimonials Success stories and case studies Personalization Content marketing in the social domain isn’t just about broadcasting, but about creating a collaborative dialogue with your followers, fans and connections, a term we call interactive narrowcasting.