4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content

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When used correctly, broadcast email campaigns can help you reach customers at scale. And yet, broadcast emails often feel impersonal and poorly targeted. The power of customer-created photos and videos can also be brought to different broadcast email campaigns.

How to Get More From Your Livestream After the Broadcast

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As soon as the live broadcast stops, make sure it’s readily available for replay. In the settings, choose to automatically share your Facebook Live broadcast on your Instagram account and vice versa.

Give Specific Users Permission to Broadcast Messages


The post Give Specific Users Permission to Broadcast Messages appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. ONTRAPORT’s engineering team upgraded user permissions to allow more admin control over their users. We also made updates to tracked links, campaign performance mode, ONTRApages, ONTRAmail and more. Engineering

The Facebook Live Broadcast That Will Ruin Your Childhood


News outlets have used the tool to broadcast breaking news (RIP Prince), celebs have used it to connect with fans, and BuzzFeed got 800,000 people to watch someone blow up a watermelon with rubber bands.

Beyond the Broadcast: How Brand Experience Enriches the Big Game

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Move over, sports fans — this weekend is all about marketing

Live Desktop Broadcasts, Mid-Roll Video Ads & More: 7 Facebook Changes You May Have Missed


Facebook Live Broadcasts From Computers. Facebook Live, which lets users broadcast live video from their mobile phones directly onto the News Feed, launched in May 2016. The ability to broadcast Facebook Live from your laptop will certainly change the content landscape.

What Game of Thrones & Broadcast TV can Teach you About Video Marketing


The post What Game of Thrones & Broadcast TV can Teach you About Video Marketing appeared first on Vidyard. During the holidays I watched in awe as the ladies in my family scrambled into a frantic huddle around the TV to watch what seemed like something epic.

It’s not what Dove meant, it’s what people see


Crisis Management Reputation Management African Americans Allure American Broadcasting Company Apple Inc. Dove ad screen capture via @NaytheMua. Dove has historically actively pursued women’s diversity in race, color, size, shape.

Marketing with FMG Suite Tools From an Office Admin’s Perspective

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Webinars & Broadcasts DIgital Marketing Financial Advisors FMG Suite MarketingIt’s quite common for an advisor to rely on their assistant to help run their marketing. How can assistants best utilize their resources and help an advisor grow their business?

How to bootstrap your influencer marketing program


If a potential influencer only broadcasts their content, this person would not be a good influencer for your business.

Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


1 in every 5 Facebook videos is a live broadcast, created by Facebook users to share daily moments between individuals and groups. Broadcasting: Blended screens and/or shared spaces may be live or recorded broadcasts. Users may record anything from a device for future broadcasts.

Implement the powerful CloudFlare CDN for free today


Search Engine Optimization 4oD Advertising network American Broadcasting Company Android (operating system) Apple Inc.

My online influencer research and engagement process


Gerris Corp , the latest iteration of my career, is a hybrid of personal billable hours and a collaboration with partners, professionals, and a global, decentralized staff. At least, right now, it’s a one man band.

Why you need 3,643 domains just like President Donald J. Trump


Crisis Management Public Relations Reputation Management Aberdeen American Broadcasting Company Americans AppRiver Associated Press Barack Obama donald trump George W. Back in October 8, 2013, I wrote Playing the Online Reputation Shell Game.

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Branded content just another shade of fake news?


Still another way to view this landscape is through the longstanding acknowledgment that advertisers no longer need publishers or broadcasters to channel their messaging because they are themselves that. Remember blogging for business? Better still blogging by brands?

How to integrate offline campaigns with your digital marketing strategy


The frequency of hashtags posted immediately after your ad gets broadcast on a TV channel or radio station gives marketers a better idea about the relative performance of these various ad slots.

What a Marketing Coach Can Do For You

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Marketing Coaching Webinars & Broadcasts AUM DIgital Marketing Financial Advisors FMG Suite Marketing Relationship MarketingIf you struggle to reach your business goals or make a dent with your marketing, a coach might be the boost you need.

What a Marketing Coach Can Do For You Copy

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Marketing Coaching Webinars & Broadcasts AUM DIgital Marketing Financial Advisors FMG Suite Marketing Relationship MarketingIf you struggle to reach your business goals or make a dent with your marketing, a coach might be the boost you need. Like a personal trainer, a coach helps you develop a plan to reach your goals, while providing accountability and strategy along the way.

Take back advertising revenues: digital boundaries can serve millions and earn billions


Networks are unimportant and broadcast schedules are ignored as viewers watch their favorite shows almost any time. Lesson for leaders.

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Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


In 2013, Congress passed legislation that effectively ended the ban on Radio Free Europe and Voice of America broadcasting within the U.S., It was fun and I really hope to be included again in the future, both on FIR and on podcasts and broadcasts in general in 2016.

Building and spending social media equity


Commercial broadcast television does this a little bit in the form of needing to create television programing compelling enough — equity build — that you’ll forgive the 10 minutes-per-helf-hour of commercials that are needed to make that programing viable.

SMS Marketing Trumps Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

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They separate the two into what they call Narrowcast and Broadcast. Broadcasting is the mass public sharing, such as a post or tweet. Content Marketing Mobile Marketing broadcasting facebook google mms mobile narrowcasting pinterest sms twitter

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Reduce your Twitter followers bloat with @manageflitter @socialoomph @crowdfire


I’ve said it many times before: if you want your Twitter profile to be strong and if you want to develop both influence and clout, you’ll need to prune your Twitter following as rigorously as you would a prize Bonsai.

12 Ways to Avoid Being a Dork on Twitter


In other words, unless you really are a broadcaster (i.e., it’s your job to tweet on behalf of CNN or Fox News)—don’t be just a broadcaster. Social Media Marketing Twitter automated DM broadcasting on Twitter default Twitter egg Nick Nolte pre-schedule tweets retweet Twitter apps Twitter bio Twitter follower following ratio ways to avoid being a dork on TwitterNote: a version of this original post appeared previously on the B2B Twitterer of the Year (B2BTOTY) blog.

Twitter IS Social « Digital B2B Marketing

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In fact, they question if Twitter is more of a broadcast medium than a social medium. Broadcast networks account for nearly 30% of all television time (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc).

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale on wsRadio.com

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The Top 5 Fan Favorite Sessions From Advocamp Field Day


It was the first Advocamp ever broadcast online. Broadcasting online meant we could jam-pack the event with even more web-exclusive speakers. Hey campers! You know what made Advocamp Field Day 2018 unique? Plus, we could run the numbers to discover which sessions our online Advocampers loved the most. Advocamp, for those who don’t know, is. The post The Top 5 Fan Favorite Sessions From Advocamp Field Day appeared first on Influitive.

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Accelerating Waves of Marketing Technology: My Interview on Scott Brinker's ChiefmartechTV

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I had the pleasure last week of appearing as the first guest on Scott Brinker's chiefmartechTV , an internet broadcast that will features interviews on marketing technology topics. You can view the broadcast here. The official topic was accelerating waves of marketing technology , although we did manage to sneak in Personalized Mona Lisa. See if you can count how many times my cat forces her way into the picture.

Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven

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Gone are the days of mass, untargeted broadcasting. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not knowing what your customers want. There are now a wide variety of tools that enable marketers to capture a range of data at particular stages in their marketing campaigns.

Facebook Live: The Holy Grail For Organic Reach


Exactly how much more organic reach do live broadcasts get today? Our hypothesis: We know from experience that standard video posts get less organic reach than Facebook Live broadcasts. The experiment: We set up five Facebook Live broadcasts and created five standard video posts.

Periscope Up: Is Live Interactive TV (Finally) Here?


Comments and questions are completely separate from the video experience, making it difficult for the viewer to follow the broadcaster’s evolving script. The apps use smartphone cameras to record a broadcast.

Location-Based Data is Helping Marketers Personalize the Customer Experience

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Until recently many senders have treated email as primarily a broadcast channel, loading lists and ‘blasting’ their most popular content to broad swaths of their audience,” wrote the authors of the report. Marketers have an abundance of data at their fingertips, and new research suggests that those who use location-based information on their customers may improve the outcome of their campaigns.

Learn How a TV Station Uses JotForm to Educate a Community


WCET (CET) is Cincinnati’s PBS TV station, broadcasting educational videos across a region of more than 2 million people in Southwest Ohio -- think classics like Sesame Street, Curious George, and PBS NewsHour. About 60 people work for the station, which also runs the local broadcasting for Day.

Why Marketers Are Embracing Live Videos


That desire has been incited by popular social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, which have introduced new functions for video broadcast. In April 2016, Land Rover decided to make a step in the right direction and start broadcasting test drives on Periscope and Facebook Live.

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View Stats for Manual Email and SMS Messages


Our recent releases of Quick Emails and Quick SMS allow you to easily send these one-off messages, and we’ve added Broadcast History so that you can view […]. As a marketing automation software, Ontraport was originally designed with a focus on automated messages. However, we realize that many situations involve interacting with contacts through manually-sent messages.

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Report: Marketers See Benefits to Email Personalization and Segmentation

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Until recently many senders have treated email as primarily a broadcast channel, loading lists and ‘blasting’ their most popular content to broad swaths of their audience,” wrote the authors of the report. As marketers personalize and segment their email marketing campaigns, new research shows that email response rates are on the rise.

How B2B Tech Marketing on Twitter is Changing (Research)


A ratio of greater than 10 indicates the business is using the account more as a broadcast channel than for actual social engagement. More than a third—37%—are “broadcasters,” with a ratio of more than 10.