Loyalty Programs and Holiday Mailing

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year-over-year increase from 2017 , many marketers are eager to “reward” their customers for their loyalty with ongoing promotions and offers to the inbox. Loyalty programs should always be treated as promotional, and not transactional, messaging.

Leveraging Loyalty Data to Optimize Personalization

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It’s no secret in the marketing world that the goal of a loyalty program is two-fold: to improve customer acquisition and retention while collecting customer data. If your business has a loyalty program, you have the data that will allow you to provide exactly that, to the nth degree.

13 Customer Loyalty Best Practices for B2B Companies


And then there’s the quotes and statistics about the benefits of customer loyalty , aka customer retention. Because of stats like that (or maybe because of competition, or because of pressure to grow, or simply due to the awareness of all this), B2B loyalty programs are on the rise. There’s more and more examples of them working, and marketers are increasingly prioritizing these loyalty programs. Good loyalty programs are fueled by both emotions and financial rewards.

Level Up Your Customer Loyalty with Gamification

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Want to keep your customers around, boost their loyalty, and engage them with fun and convenient content? These golden customers are the ones who become your brand advocates, the buyers […].

The Relationship Between Customer Engagement, Loyalty And Revenue


Customer engagement is highly correlated to customer loyalty ,” says Aimee Lucas , Customer Experience Transformist and VP at the Temkin Group , a customer experience research and consulting firm. However, loyalty can generate revenue on another front: demand gen.

5 Ways to Create Super-Addictive Loyalty Programs

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You want customers to love your brand. Well, loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. To reach “cult loyalty” status, like Apple’s fanatics, customers must identify with your brand on a deeper level. And one way to achieve that is through well-developed loyalty programs.

Customer Loyalty: CEO’s #1 Focus to Protect Revenue in the New Year – Part 2

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Customer loyalty – the secret weapon in your brand Customer loyalty (CL) should be the number one focus for CEOs […]. Brand Equity Branding Customer Loyalty

How to Build Brand Loyalty on Your Landing Page

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If it connects on an emotional level and has a clear and transparent purpose, site visitors are more likely to identify with your brand. Building loyalty often takes a bit more time, but your landing page is a start to a long-term relationship with new customers. Building brand loyalty is difficult if the person can’t stand to look at your page because of the design. Focus on Voice Branding. Voice branding is the wave of the future.

How Customer Loyalty Is Really Earned

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They may gain some brand favor while the free sample is being used or the discounted subscription pricing is in effect. Even loyalty programs have an appeal, but they do nothing to establish brand authenticity. […]. The post How Customer Loyalty Is Really Earned appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. You can’t buy your customers. Promotional offers, special discounts, and giveaways may motivate more sales – during the promotional period.

Building Customer Loyalty: How and Why to Value Brand Loyalists

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There’s a very painful moment that happens for many social media managers working to grow their brand’s audience. But perhaps marketers think about loyalty in too superficial a way. Defining Loyalty. Beyond even this, loyalty is also often equitable.

How To: Build loyalty through customer engagement


As B2B customers’ purchasing choices have expanded, their expectations have increased, and brand loyalty has sharply declined. Gavin Finn, President and CEO, Kaon Interactive , presents three ways to better engage your customers.

Did Millennials “Kill” Brand Loyalty? Not Really

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We are also often accused of not having brand loyalty, making marketing to millennials a daunting task. Our social media habits extend to brand interactions, too: In a study conducted by CrowdTwist , over 60 percent of the millennial subjects engage via Facebook with brands.

How customer experience supports brand loyalty through relationships


That’s especially true of most high line luxury goods where informed brand differentiation can make the difference between success and failure. Some brands take an alternate path and are favored for their emotional appeal, scarcity and appearance.

Struggling With Brand Loyalty? Ideas to Consider for Lifetime Customers

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What does it mean to create loyal customers in a world where your competitors can be everywhere at once, shopping habits are increasingly search driven, and a single social misstep can quickly erode the favorable reputation it took your brand years to build? Potential cash value of loyalty.

How Hospitality Brands Can Leverage Personalization to Enhance Loyalty Programs


When it comes to building loyalty, travel and hospitality brands have the biggest opportunity to surprise and delight their customers with personalization throughout the customer journey. That’s because personalization hits on one of the key motivators that drive humans to be more loyal to one brand over another. Most importantly, they want to receive exclusive access to the products and experiences they covet in exchange for their loyalty to a brand.

Should brands take a public stand on social or political issues?


Traditionally brands rarely get involved in social or political issues. But today consumers want to know what brands stand for on such issues. Can a brand use this platform for proactively turning a negative into a positive? So, should a brand take a public stance?

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How To Increase Customer Loyalty And Revenue

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Customer loyalty is a top priority for many brands. Through loyalty programs, brands have found that they can encourage customers to come back on a regular basis, often choosing their brand over other nearby businesses. But how much must a company spend to maintain that loyalty? As the article Closing the Gap Between Revenue and Loyalty Management points out, a brand can give away more than it actually has to at the expense of valuable revenue.

Five Steps to Increased Brand Loyalty

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Instead, they need to feel rewarded in order to make the decision to stay loyal to a brand. You build brand loyalty. The key to brand loyalty is to build an emotional attachment to your brand.

How customer values are transforming brands today


Brands are under attack today from many sources, most often triggered by activists on social media. They are demanding brands take a stand on controversial socioeconomic and political issues that are getting more attention with our divisive politics today.

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Customer Loyalty, Your Brand and Revenue – The Perfect Storm

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Not only for revenue from ongoing sales, but importantly for brand advocacy. Since today’s buyers rely on the recommendations of other buyers to decide what product or service to purchase, your customer’s recommendation of your brand means more than it ever did before.

Could Voice Search Technology Change the Dynamics of Brand Loyalty?

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There’s early evidence suggesting voice search may alter the consumer’s personal relationship with brands, emphasizing the simplicity and accessibility of businesses offering the solutions they’re seeking. Lost Love for Brand Loyalty.

The emerging challenges for managing brand risk


Last year was a watershed year for business and our society, where rising populism, Trump’s polarizing accusations, and various socio-economic trends have made the topic of “brand risk” a top priority concern for every marketer.

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Loyalty vs. Retention Measurement

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Companies who want to retain or expand their relationships with existing customers are finding that measuring and modeling customer loyalty is very valuable. We were recently asked “Do you need to measure loyalty if you are measuring retention-aren’t they the same thing?” That is not to be confused with loyalty, which measures a customer’s predisposition to select a business entity as a preference, and indicates a certain resistance to competitors.

3 Ways B2B Brands Should Use Membership To Grow Advocate Loyalty


Organizations like it for obvious reasons: recurring revenue and long-term loyalty ! More speaking opportunities, more access to Salesforce leadership, and more opportunities to market the brand (including sporting cool branded gear). We are living in a Membership Economy.

How CEOs can restore their company brand trust


So what can a CEO do to surmount these huge challenges of partisanship and brand trust? The essence of good branding is all about creating a strong emotional bond with customers, and in today’s world, this includes employees, investors and other stakeholders.

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What Monopoly Can Teach Marketers About Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

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At the ClickZ Live Conference in San Francisco, speakers from leading brands and agencies gathered to share best practices in all areas of digital marketing. In 2013 the Save Your Token campaign revitalized the Monopoly brand. An 80-year-old brand exploded into a global conversation.

Customer Loyalty: Why the Game's Changing & How You Can Win It

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Comparatively, if you focus on your existing customer base, who already KNOW your brand, you will encourage repeat purchases. This is where customer loyalty programs come into the picture. Fortunately, some brands have figured out a way.

3 Lessons to Improve Customer Loyalty

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What you must understand is: “ Cleaning up and communicating the brand promise is an important job, but taking true ownership of the brand promise is about bridging the gap between customer expectations and the actual customer experience.”

Retention that Drives Revenue: 5 Tips for Customer Loyalty Programs

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Customer loyalty programs are a great way to boost sales and revenue. According to Forrester Research , loyalty programs today are doing much more than driving more purchases and bigger profits. There are many different types of loyalty programs.

5 Ways Mobile Drives Customer Loyalty

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Indeed, as customers increasingly use their smartphones on the go, brands must offer mobile-friendly sites and easy ways to obtain customer service. However, optimization is just one way to earn loyalty. To fully engage these customers, every brand should consider the numerous mobile technologies that are transforming the customer experience. Here are five ways mobile can be used as a platform for driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Branding can help local businesses avoid the “growth trap”


Local businesses have a very pragmatic attitude about branding: they ignore it. Many of them are more worried about meeting payroll, making rent, paying taxes, and other cash crises than something “abstract” (or highfalutin) like branding.

How Trump’s unpopular decisions can strengthen brand engagement


These hyper-partisan consumers are now demanding to know where their favorite brands stand or how they are reacting to these major decisions. Major brands have always been apolitical on such social issues, as they don’t want to alienate any segments of their customer base.

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Tips from Andrew Davis on Leveling Up Content with the Loyalty Loop


In episode two, we welcomed Andrew Davis, who gave us the lowdown on “The Loyalty Loop” and how content teams can activate this simple idea to keep customers coming back, while fending off advances from the competition. Learning the Loyalty Loop. Four Steps of the Loyalty Loop.

Mastering Brand Loyalty: What Subscription Service Companies Do Differently

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They all realize that to compete in a world where ecommerce brands can start up quickly in someone’s garage, they have to build genuine relationships with their consumers. As a brand and a business, you need brand loyalty, and you only have a few chances to create it.

How to Increase Customer Loyalty through B2B Marketing

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Now we have more tools to stay in front of our customers, keep them engaged and increase their loyalty. Remove any friction in your customer’s experience with your brand. Encourage customers to share your content and talk about your brand.

How to earn customer loyalty in the age of chat


“You’ve just become my favorite airline.” Any business that succeeds in getting a customer to declare love for its brand has just converted an ordinary customer into a loyal customer. Customer service is both a logical and excellent place to start your loyalty-building efforts.

Brand Loyalty isn’t Dead – Don’t “Buy” the Hype

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Were Fitbit-brand products the most accurate at counting calories? The Changing Face of Brand Loyalty. Because I had no loyalty to Fitbit or to Jawbone, neither brands carried any special power. Here’s how brand loyalty can tip the scales in your favor.

5 Ways to Guarantee Customer Loyalty and Retention

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3) Leverage a Rewards or Loyalty Program. The easiest way to improve customer retention is to employ a rewards or loyalty program. Not all of us sell something as essential as coffee, and customer loyalty programs tend to be more popular with B2C brands than with B2B brands.

5 Ways Marketing Automation Enhances Customer Loyalty


You decide it’s time to buy a brand new, state-of-the-art TV. Customer loyalty is a lost art of marketing, rediscovered. In the age of digital marketing, more emphasis is being put upon customer experience and customer loyalty. What Is Customer Loyalty?

Emotional branding vs. quantitative measurement. Or how fear, happiness, sadness, anger, anticipation and surprise beat “Buy Now” every time


Having expelled lots of hot air about brands here and throughout an analog agency career, my take on digital, or specifically customer lifecycle content marketing is that most of it is about making emotional connections. The brand is dynamic and animated. The brand engages with them.

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