8 B2B Marketing Books To Add To Your Reading List

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Thankfully, there’s a strong community of authors dedicated to providing tools like B2B marketing books to help marketers grow and evolve in their profession. Hone Your Craft With These B2B Marketing Books. Here are some of the best B2B marketing books available today: 1.

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Books I’ve Been Reading


I thought I would start the year with a recap of the great books I read over my break. ” [KJ – this book had been anchoring my nightstand for a while. ” The post Books I’ve Been Reading appeared first on Biznology.


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21 books every senior marketer should read or listen to

Tomorrow People

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert Cialdini ( @RobertCialdini ) A classic almost as soon as it hit the shelves, Cialdini’s book centers on the universal principles of influence. Described by some as a ‘how-not-to’ guide, this book will have you laughing, wincing, and nodding along.

Book Reviews


Book Review. This social community is one hundred pc kid-tested kid-approved.Connect with associates see which books are in style. There are many Pro e-book evaluate services to select from, but at nearly half the price as our competitors–with most of the identical reviewers–IR clearly presents the most effective worth. Please ship your book evaluate proposal or accomplished evaluate as an connected file in Word to Alyosha Goldstein and Britt Rusert at.

Email Subject Line Spam Words to Avoid in Your Next Campaign


There are certain words you don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, and mustn’t use within your email subject line if you want to pique people’s interest while avoiding spam blockers. There are so many spam trigger words, someone could write a nice thick book about them.

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B2B Reads: Groupthink, Pandemic Productivity, and Spam Trigger Words

Heinz Marketing

Video for Sales Emails: How to Use Video to Book More Meetings. Adding video to your email marketing strategy might just be the thing you need to book more meetings. The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words.

Stuck on words: how can marketing connect with customers better?

B2B Lead Generation

It’s about the words we use. So, I’ve been stuck using certain words to describe what I do. By that, I mean the words we use in sales and marketing. Back when I wrote the book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale which succeeded beyond my hopes. But, I need your help discussing something more foundational: the words we choose in marketing and sales to describe what we do and the people we’re doing it for. Because our words affect how we think.

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Is revenue operations just another word for sales operations?


It sparked the question, “Is revenue operations just another word for sales operations, or are the roles fundamentally different?”. When we asked about the key metrics a rev ops team might measure, our experts said it depends on the organization size, goals and structure, but here are a few they all agreed on: customer acquisition, bookings, annual recurring revenue, cash collections, customer churn and satisfaction, net new revenue and gross profit. .

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Judith Briles’ Wise Words to Authors & Writers: Snappy, Sassy, Salty!

Writing on the Web

Judith Briles is an author’s best friend, especially when it comes to book writing. But until her next authors and writers conference, here’s the next best thing: her latest book: Snappy Sassy Salty! In Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers , you will find all that and more. Coffee along with the right words creates the perfect buzz! As a blogger, I know that the right combination of words engages readers.

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Blog your way into a book deal


In 2014, your first step towards becoming a published author with a traditional publishing house is to start a blog focused on what you’ll eventually want to write a book about. He just sold a picture book to Disney ! He’s the guy who always has a thin paperback book of short stories or essays in the a pocket of his blazer. When he sits or waits, it’s always a book he settles into and not his phone. Blog your way into a first book (biznology.com).

7 Books That’ll Turn Your Marketing Team Into Better Storytellers


I’ve always liked to buy my team books—I buy every direct report a book during the holidays and right before our mid-year review cycle if I need to suck up to them. Here are 7 books for marketers that will do just that. Joe just really likes marketing books.].

How to Get Booked for Speaking Engagements

Hinge Marketing

A bio available in different lengths, from 50 to 100 to 150 words. Including links to your blog articles (published on yours or external sites), books, executive guides, webinars, and videos will help bolster your authority and set your submission apart during the vetting process. .

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Book Review: Content Rules


The book works well on several levels, and though it’s most valuable to practitioners—those who actually envision, specify, create, repurpose, and promote business content— it’s also helpful for senior executives charged with developing content strategy and coordinating creative efforts. If this review, or any of the other book reviews here, inspire you to buy the book, please click on any of the book’s links within the post today to buy the book on Amazon.

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How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

Marketing Insider Group

The research is clear: A blog post should be more than 1,000 words. Some posts can get their message across in 300 words. That’s why the most successful blog posts are 1,000 words or more, with an optimum length of 1,600 words per blog post. The same goes for words.

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Please Don’t Mistake Blog Writing for Book Writing

Writing on the Web

Blog writing isn’t the same as book writing. An interesting post from Jane Friedman called “ Please Don’t Blog Your Book ,” gives four reasons why you shouldn’t use your blog to write a book. She’s right about blog writing being different than book writing. And I agree with her that blogs make bad books. The informal nature of blog writing isn’t what you expect to read in a book.

Self-publishing checklist for indie authors: self publish your book with confidence


You’ve spent the past several months writing your book. And while the thought of self-publishing a book used to be exciting, it now feels overwhelming. Luckily, it’s easier than you think to self-publish your book. We follow industry standards to make books the best they can be.

Blog to Book: The Secret Behind Expert Ebooks

Writing on the Web

Turning a blog into a book is nothing new. Unless you’re a fantastic writer in a sexy cutting edge topic, you’re not likely to be discovered and land a huge book deal just from your blog. But when you write 2-3 times a week short pieces (300 words) on your expertise, you begin to flush out your thinking, your stories, and a pattern begins to take shape. Or you may need an ghost writer to flush out the best posts, polish sentences, and help create the book for you.

Best Digital Marketing Books 2020


In doing my research for this post, I found fewer digital marketing books than I expected on each of the topics I wanted to cover. However, if you are reading this post then you, like me, prefer good old books over digital marketing books for self-education.

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How to promote your books with a great author landing page


Most authors dread the words “author platform.”. There’s so much to figure out when it comes to promoting your work that it can feel very far away from the creativity and fun (okay, Type 2 fun) that created your book in the first place. Make sure they can buy your book!

Announcing my new book – B2B Marketing Strategy!

TaylorMadeIn KEW

I am incredibly proud to announce my new book, published by Kogan Page. Writing this book has been an incredible experience, yet it’s also been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Why this book? I had been consistently blogging about B2B marketing for a number of years when I first began thinking about writing this book. But writing a book is very different from writing a blog, and I just couldn’t seem to begin.

8 Tips for a High-Converting Book Landing Page


Jump ahead: 6 reasons authors need landing pages for their books/a> 5 essential elements of a book landing page. 8 book landing page best practices. Great book landing page examples for your inspiration. Landing pages aren’t just for published books.

How to Decide If Your Idea Should Be an E-book or a Blog Post


Best of all, she makes this argument in 1,400 words. Though I appreciate her argument, if it were expanded into a different format with more words, she might start to lose her audience. That’s the thing about additive content —piecing together small bits of content like articles into something more substantial, like an e-book. So how do you know if your idea is worth an e-book or a blog post? When to write an e-book. We all like to feel affirmed, right?

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5 Ways to Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing in a Digital Age


But, despite the constant change, the following statement has held true for hundreds of years: No marketing tactic can match the influence of word-of-mouth. In fact, word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions ( source ). Think about the last book you read or television show you watched. Therein lies the power of word-of-mouth marketing. What is word-of-mouth marketing? Why is word-of-mouth marketing effective?

Write an Ebook: How Are Books and Blogs Alike?

Writing on the Web

src="[link] width="300" height="240" title="Write an Ebook: How Are Books and Blogs Alike?" /> How do business bloggers write an ebook ? They know they need to write and publish a book. I usually know which people are serious about writing a book. I’ll close with a great quote from a new book by Judith Briles , founder of AuthorU , Snappy Sassy, Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers : “Stop stabbing yourself in your author back! and Blogs Alike?"

How Long Should Content Be? And What Can Marketers Learn About It from TV, Movies, and Books…?


It does not waste words or the reader’s time. TV, movies, and books. Have you ever tried to write a book? People are used to TV, movies, and books being certain lengths, and going too long or even too short can turn them off. What about books?

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Tips, Tricks, and Advice to Help Overcome Your Writing Challenges [New E-Book]

Content Marketing Institute

Content creators know the struggles before, during, and after they put words to (digital) paper. Here are some tips, tricks, and exercises to help and a new e-book that pulls together our most helpful writing advice.

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5 ways authors can make money outside selling books


Miller (left) and Liz Lawson (right), books are only one aspect of their full-time writing careers. Says Lawson, “At the time I sold that book, I was working as a music supervisor in L.A., For both writers, books are only one aspect of their full-time writing careers.

B2B Reads: Summer Reads, Word of Mouth, and Live Video

Heinz Marketing

Some awesome books to check out for your summer reading list. Why Word of Mouth is More Important for B2B than for B2C. The post B2B Reads: Summer Reads, Word of Mouth, and Live Video appeared first on Heinz Marketing. B2B Reads Sales B2B Buyer Challenges content marketing trends email development employee culture inbound inbound-only approach PPC SEO summer reads word-of-mouth

Better Content Marketing: Words and Numbers Matter

Writing on the Web

Words and Numbers Matter" src="[link] width="202" height="184" title="Better Content Marketing: Words and Numbers Matter" /> As a psychologist, I’m fascinated by how our brains work. When writing for business, i.e. content marketing , you want to get the words right, so that your web pages, blogs and e-newsletters get results for your business. Words matter. Neuromarketing Books for Marketing to Brains.

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How to Decide If Your Idea Should Be an E-book or a Blog Post


Best of all, she makes this argument in 1,400 words. Though I appreciate her argument, if it were expanded into a different format with more words, she might start to lose her audience. That’s the thing about additive content —piecing together small bits of content like articles into something more substantial, like an e-book. So how do you know if your idea is worth an e-book or a blog post? When to write an e-book. We all like to feel affirmed, right?

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Words That Convert: Test, Learn, Repeat

Content Marketing Institute

More e-book downloads? Chris Goward, founder and CEO of the conversion-optimization company WiderFunnel, says one of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate is to test and tweak your words. One of most effect ways to boost conversion is to test and tweak words, says @ChrisGoward. Chris, author of the book You Should Test That!, If it sounds like a lot of bother to test and tweak your words, consider the potential payoff.

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Concept Creation: How the Words You Choose Affect Consumer Perception


Only we can create and share purely mental concepts using words. Lisa Feldman Barrett’s book ‘ How Emotions Are Made ‘ offers a compelling look at how the human brain simulates emotions and concepts in an interplay of mind, body and culture.

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100 Motivational Quotes: The Power of Words


Elevating copy, whether personally created or curated, flies in the face of the best journalistic advice I’ve ever received which was, “Don’t marry your words!”. Still, if you’re as short on time as you are on motivation, here are 10 quotes that are short on words and long on meaning.

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Book Review: Social PR Secrets


Coming in at under 100 pages, this slim volume stands apart from most other business books simply by virtue of its slender profile. It is, rather, a reflection of Lisa’s exceptional ability (invaluable to a top-notch public relations professional) to convey maximum information with minimal words. This is no wasted verbiage in this book, no fluff, no superfluous content. This is the bleach, the moonshine, the uranium of business books—powerful but highly concentrated.

PR 159

From Blog to Book: Write an Expert Ebook in 90 Days

Writing on the Web

When I ask them, 9 out of 10 professionals and small business owners have at least one book or information product inside their head, but lack the time and organizational skills to get it out into digital form. The blog posts (300-500 words each) each focus on a key step or concept that any expert should consider before or during the ebook writing. You may have already written a book or an ebook, or have come close to starting it. Write an expert ebook in 90 days?

The hardest part of launching a book isn’t the writing—it’s the marketing


You’ve done the hard part: Writing a book. Whether you’re self-publishing , working with an indie publisher, or have a major house behind you, traditional book launches involve lots of in-person events, like bookstore tours, conferences, and throwing a big party (or two or three).

Is Ebook Writing Different than for a Blog, Webpage, or Printed Book?

Writing on the Web

Webpage, or Printed Book?" src="[link] width="225" height="300" title="Is Ebook Writing Different than for a Blog, Webpage, or Printed Book?" /> In this series of blog posts about writing an expert ebook , we explore these questions about digital content writing , or content marketing: How is writing an ebook different from writing a blog post, a special report, a web page, or for a printed book?

Sixth Annual Just a Book Welcomes Back Jonah Berger, Author of “The Catalyst”

Walker Sands

2021 marks our sixth year hosting our annual Just a Book event, our marketing book club designed to spark thought-provoking discussions on how to move business forward. This will be our second time hosting Jonah Berger at Just a Book.

10 Books Every Social Media Manager Should Read in 2020


I know you’re already committed to that true crime book club with Shelley from accounting (side note: she doesn’t actually “love serial killers,” right?) but — if I may be so bold — I’ve actually got another book club that I’d love to set you up with.

DivvyHQ Book Club: Talk Triggers by Jay Baer & Daniel Lemin


I knew this book was a must-read for me after Jay Baer appeared on season 1 of The BIG Simple , a webinar series we produced last year. Jay’s simple explanation of how word of mouth influences upwards of 83% of purchasing decisions is mind boggling. But more mind boggling is the fact that almost no companies have a word-of-mouth strategy. The book is brimming with research, everyday insights, brand stories, and an action plan for executing a talk trigger.