7 Books That’ll Turn Your Marketing Team Into Better Storytellers


I’ve always liked to buy my team books—I buy every direct report a book during the holidays and right before our mid-year review cycle if I need to suck up to them. Here are 7 books for marketers that will do just that. Joe just really likes marketing books.].

7 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling

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Storytelling is a human pastime, something we’ve been doing for thousands of years. With brand storytelling, you can create an emotional connection with your audience. So, how do you effectively implement and scale brand storytelling into your content strategy ?


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4 Helpful Elements Of Buyer Personas Essential To Your Brand Storytelling

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Some of the best books ever written often involve an engaging central character or several central characters. A non-fiction book I read recently that does this well is The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz by Erik Larsen. .

How Empathetic Storytelling Drives Success

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In 2004, a Carnegie Mellon University study looked at the impact of empathetic storytelling. The second took a more narrative, storytelling approach where they profiled the children and told the story of their suffering. What makes storytelling so effective.

The Evolution of Storytelling

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1454 AD, the Gutenberg Bible is the first mechanically printed book. Marketing is simply another form of storytelling. When you recognize that the best marketing methods are all about storytelling, then the channels you use to communicate that story become less important.

Introducing ‘The Storytelling Edge’


Contently has a book coming out! And if you’d like to subscribe to our free email course on becoming a more powerful storyteller, you can sign up here ! A little while ago, my mother sent me an email with the subject line, “The Youngest Storyteller.” After all of these stories, Wiley recently approached us about putting together a book on what we’ve learned. In the book, we take you on a tour of science and business throughout history.

6 Misconceptions About Storytelling in Marketing


One of those is the endless pursuit brands have with being considered a great storyteller. And for those who are concerned about the lifecycle of their leads and their base, storytelling can be a captivating and effective way to keep audiences engaged. 6 storytelling myths in marketing.

11 Storytelling Lessons That Will Transform Your Content Marketing


For the past six years, I’ve been obsessed with understanding how storytelling can transform a business. While most people are looking for a magic solution or singular trick, the truth is that storytelling is an art and a science. Contently co-founder Shane Snow and I recently wrote a book called The Storytelling Edge revealing all of our research and guidance— check it out here.

Brand Storytelling Lessons from Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”

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It’s essential for compelling brand storytelling. The brand storytelling lessons I learned from this song go well beyond Collins’ personal hero’s journey. There’s yet another brand storytelling lesson you can draw from Collins’ perennial hit. It’s the element of surprise.

5 B2B Brands That “Get” Storytelling


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Corporate storytelling is nothing new. Presentations and books on telling a great story – opposed to shilling product – are abundant. As content marketing and brand journalism takes hold, better corporate storytelling examples have emerged, especially in B2B marketing where sales cycles are long and the need to engage an audience is pivotal. With that kind of partnership in place, they ensure great storytelling will live on their site.

Building trust through storytelling


The best companies today are great storytellers. Among B2B marketers, storytelling is a buzzword that’s often assumed to be the narrative that brands tell their buyer. The first part of storytelling is connecting with the buyer. They may even make and sell great products.

Trust 52

Data Storytelling: The Path from Insights to Customer Success

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At first glance, the phrase “data storytelling” seems like an oxymoron. Combine them with the numbers your subject matter experts generate, and you’ll have a wealth of storytelling material that can fuel your content with the punch only definitive proof can give.

Best Marketing Books You Need To Read


Reading one of the best marketing books listed below is likely to change and improve the way you market. While there are many classic marketing books that could make a best-books list, the recommended reading list below focuses only on marketing books published within the last 5 years.

Best 112

4 Secrets of Great Storytellers

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Great storytellers come from all sorts of places. And they’re telling stories in so many new ways that each day seems to add proof to Daniel Pink’s dramatic 2006 assertion : The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers – creative and holistic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t. storytelling Click To Tweet. storytelling Click To Tweet.

The Science Behind the Power of Storytelling


The prince scams are a case study in the power of storytelling. In fact, as Maria Konnikova told Contently in an interview about the dark side of storytelling , intelligent people are the most vulnerable to investment fraud. According to another new book, Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us , they’re also more likely to join cults. The post The Science Behind the Power of Storytelling appeared first on The Content Strategist.

How to Decide If Your Idea Should Be an E-book or a Blog Post


That’s the thing about additive content —piecing together small bits of content like articles into something more substantial, like an e-book. So how do you know if your idea is worth an e-book or a blog post? Not every e-book has to be perfectly evergreen, but you shouldn’t stall your team to put together a long-term project that will feel dated by next quarter. Additive content can also provide a nice little runway for launching an e-book down the line.

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How One B2B CMO Focused Her Company On Storytelling

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If you’re reading this, then I think you probably get the value of brand storytelling. Storytelling has been a pillar of content marketing for some time, but stories aren’t just great for consumer audiences. inspiration for my book Mean People Suck.

4 Elements of Great Storytelling, Backed by Neuroscience

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Recently, I sat down with The Big Think to talk about the lessons Contently co-founder Shane Snow and I cover in our new book, The Storytelling Edge: How to Transform Your Business, Stop Screaming into the Void, and Make People Love You. Check out the short video below to learn more about these four pillars and how they can make you a better storyteller. You can pre-order the book here. Voices neuroscience Storytelling The Big Think The Storytelling Edge video

Book Review: Content Rules


The book works well on several levels, and though it’s most valuable to practitioners—those who actually envision, specify, create, repurpose, and promote business content— it’s also helpful for senior executives charged with developing content strategy and coordinating creative efforts. If this review, or any of the other book reviews here, inspire you to buy the book, please click on any of the book’s links within the post today to buy the book on Amazon.

Review 164

How to Decide If Your Idea Should Be an E-book or a Blog Post


That’s the thing about additive content —piecing together small bits of content like articles into something more substantial, like an e-book. So how do you know if your idea is worth an e-book or a blog post? Not every e-book has to be perfectly evergreen, but you shouldn’t stall your team to put together a long-term project that will feel dated by next quarter. Additive content can also provide a nice little runway for launching an e-book down the line.

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The Storytelling Strategy That BuzzFeed and Star Wars Have in Common


In his book How Star Wars Conquered the Universe , author Chris Taylor visited all sorts of remote tribes attempting to find an adult human being who had not in some way been affected by Star Wars –and couldn’t find even one!). And so does his love for a few other things, including comic books, kung fu movies, and old Buck Rogers science-fiction adventures. Want to learn the other three elements of great storytelling?

How Important Is Brand Storytelling?

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Every civilization has had its own way of capturing stories that are important to their history: before the internet, radio and books, our ancestors painted in caves for millennia and passed down folk tales to younger generations. They used storytelling as a medium for learning, passing down wisdom and societal ethos and as a pastime activity. In the article, we will explore the power of brand storytelling. Why Is Storytelling So Important? The answer is: storytelling.

8 Tips for a High-Converting Book Landing Page


Jump ahead: 6 reasons authors need landing pages for their books/a> 5 essential elements of a book landing page. 8 book landing page best practices. Great book landing page examples for your inspiration. Landing pages aren’t just for published books.

10 Best Social Media Marketing Books to read in 2020

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Here is a list of ten social media marketing books that you need to read in 2020 to use social media to its maximum potential. Let's look at a list of ten social media marketing books to read in 2020 to strengthen your digital marketing strategy.

Why storytelling matters

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As a librarian, I understand the importance and value of storytelling and, as a marketer, I know how convincing narrative can be – but it’s as a human , that I really get the power of a good story and its ability to inspire, educate and connect. As adults we replicate that sense of shared entertainment and satisfy our need to be part of something bigger through books, sports, movies, TV – and particularly social media. Storytelling is powerful.

Top 10 Best Email Marketing Books for Data-Driven Marketers


We compiled this list of 10 books that help you gain more from email marketing, Some of them are entirely about email strategies, while others can help you address certain components of your email plan, including producing engaging content, building your brand, and measuring results. Take a look at these 10 best email marketing books you should have on your bookshelf, downloaded on your Kindle or tablet, or checked out on Audible: 10 top email marketing books for data-driven marketers.

Best 62

Unlocking the Power of Employee Storytelling with Participation Marketing

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In my book, I call it Participation Marketing with the caveat is that employees must be […]. The post Unlocking the Power of Employee Storytelling with Participation Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. 2018 must be the year that brands unleash employees-as-media. Some will criticize this approach, but it makes perfect sense in B2B marketing. Employee advocacy is a fading buzzword but it’s still the biggest untapped marketing opportunity for brands today.

5 ways authors can make money outside selling books


Miller (left) and Liz Lawson (right), books are only one aspect of their full-time writing careers. Says Lawson, “At the time I sold that book, I was working as a music supervisor in L.A., For both writers, books are only one aspect of their full-time writing careers.

Go Behind the Scenes of Coca-Cola’s Storytelling

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Kate Santore took the stage at Content Marketing World to share Coca-Cola’s storytelling ethos – and in the process inspired marketers to ask, “What if?”. Santore: We begin every brief with a storytelling thought-starter question “what if?” CocaCola begins every creative brief w/ a #storytelling thought-starter question: What if? HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: The Best Content Marketing Books of 2017 to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity.

Book Review: Social PR Secrets


Coming in at under 100 pages, this slim volume stands apart from most other business books simply by virtue of its slender profile. This is no wasted verbiage in this book, no fluff, no superfluous content. This is the bleach, the moonshine, the uranium of business books—powerful but highly concentrated. ” As helpful as all of the information in this book is, two chapters in particular stand out.

PR 159

Are There Universal Emotions? Brain Science Findings Challenge Our Storytelling Assumptions


Lisa Feldman Barrett’s book ‘ How Emotions are Made ‘ offers a compelling look at how the human brain simulates emotions in an interplay of mind, body and culture. Has the classical view of emotions perpetuated our use of stereotypes and tropes in storytelling?

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


Storytelling is described as an art … the “art” of storytelling. Storytelling isn’t something you can grasp in one sitting, after one course. It is, and rightfully so because storytelling has become a crucial component of the most successful marketing campaigns. Storytelling is an incredibly valuable tool for you to add to your proverbial marketing tool belt. Storytelling is an art form as old as time and has a place in every culture and society. An art.

10 Books Every Social Media Manager Should Read in 2020


I know you’re already committed to that true crime book club with Shelley from accounting (side note: she doesn’t actually “love serial killers,” right?) but — if I may be so bold — I’ve actually got another book club that I’d love to set you up with.

Struggling with Digital Stories? Follow These Storytelling Tips For Your Blog

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With the massive shift of marketing budgets to digital marketing, many brands are struggling with how to connect with today’s buyers demanding more authentic content, storytelling is becoming increasingly important. But many brands struggle with storytelling.

Book Review: Tales From a Veteran Blogger

Paul Gillin

The fact that he did get away with it is one of the sub themes of Opting In , Brill’s new book about social product management. Brill’s engaging and readable book is aimed at product managers, those corporate jacks of all trades who fret about everything from market research to customer support. For me, the benchmark of an enjoyable business book is storytelling, and Opting In has stories aplenty.

Data-driven Marketing: Where Has All the Storytelling Gone?


The original historical record was through storytellers, leaders who learned the oral history of their village or culture and ensured it was passed down through future generations. When the written word was created, those stories were transferred to books, and stories expanded beyond just one region, to entire nations. Today’s storytellers are often creating stories through written words, filmed video and fantastic soundtracks. Think about what inspired you as a child.

Content Marketers Must Read Book of the Week!

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What’s been missing…until now…is the book that tells marketers exactly how to put content marketing to work. Whether you come from a small company or multi-billion dollar brand, this book gives you the ammunition and the ideas to develop a storytelling process that will create passionate subscribers to your brand. Who is the book intended for? Top 3 takeaways from the book.

Going global and staying local – How Storytel cuts through the noise


Storytel is a remarkable success story, one where adaptation and best in class localisation plays a starring role. And in terms of display campaigns, Storytel is a brand at the forefront of multi-market, multi-channel advertising. How is Storytel overcoming these challenges?

When Big Data Meets Great Storytelling: athenahealth’s Content Evolution


Don’t skimp on storytelling. I may be accused of oversimplifying, but I think content marketing is really just great storytelling aligned to explicit business outcomes. Our in-house designers are visual storytellers who can take in a data dump on chronic health conditions in the U.S. My takeaway: Hire for storytelling chops, train for marketing savvy. Digital Transformation Strategy athenahealth B2B best practices helthcare KPIs Storytelling

Brands Often Overlook This Superhero of Storytelling

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DarrenSanch #storytelling Click To Tweet. But they’re missing the point, which is: There is a richness to this type of visual storytelling that transcends cultures and time and can really get that call to action that you’re looking for.”. That being said, it is possible for smaller publishers to approach storytelling for a client in this way. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 4 Secrets of Great Storytellers. storytelling Click To Tweet.