The Beginner's Guide to Setting Up a Blog


Keep in mind that some free blogging platforms will restrict your freedom with domain name and may be limited in services like support, security, and customization. If you want to blog on WordPress , you'll need to choose a domain name and a hosting service.

9 things you can do today to improve your Google search results


And, don’t start your blog in or on or on Blogger/Blogspot, but on your own domain. Because so many people presumably make so much money “doing SEO,” there’s a lot of confusion as to what Search Engine Optimization is and all the little things that you can do right now, today, to improve your the results on your SERP — search engine results page.

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13 Best Blog Sites In 2019: Which Is Right For You?


Pricing: WordPress is a free blogging platform, but you’ll need to pay for hosting (we recommend BlueHost ) and a domain name (included with BlueHost hosting). A free domain and SSL certificate are included with all paid plans. The Starter plan is $10/month and provides a free SSL certificate and free custom domain name, in addition to other powerful features. Plus, it comes with a free domain and SSL certificate with all plans.

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Your Website Is More Than Great Design


Right now, her pictures of wedding cake designs are giving Blogspot traffic and search rankings that should be the website's. Kim wanted to know if she should have different Twitter and Facebook accounts for each geography (as with the sub-domains on the main site). Their domain is set to expire in less than a year. Every marketer begins a new job with a significant look at the company website.

Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


Domain name registration, email monitoring (for that fateful email that’ll get you that Mercedes Benz S550 test drive or your very own Kelly Bag), and all sorts of other technical issues you’ve never though of: down time, a broken template, a corrupted database. 6) Your content is more important than your domain name or punny title: Some of the most important bloggers are using using free or inexpensive blog hosting sites.