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E-Newsletter Review: How’s Your Ezine?

Writing on the Web

You may be doing all the right content marketing things (e-newsletter, blog, articles, etc.) If all you’re doing is publishing good information, without personality, without offers, what’s the point? Could it be I don’t know how to sell myself with my newsletter?

24 Favorite Inbound Marketing & Digital Media Buying Tools That Don’t Include Google


For this post, I decided to avoid Google properties, because obviously Google Adwords and Google Analytics would be at the top of the list. Acquisio is a pay-per-click management dashboard that allows me to manage Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads all on one –platform. Acquisio has robust automated bid management tools, and does include integrations with Google Analytics, Trade Desk (for display), and Doubleclick. Skyglue takes Google Analytics to the next level.

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Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


A majority of my revenue is generated from blogger outreach, namely long-tail and deep-dive, outreach that extends all the way into the thousands of bloggers. As part of the client service work on behalf of my clients I have engaged with many thousands of bloggers over the last decade.

Event Marketing, Personalization and ABM


Here, Karen shares a lot about event marketing, personalization, and account-based marketing (ABM). We have some really good bloggers here at Return Path so we run a regular blog series that our professional services department contributes to. Personalized marketing does the trick.

Fill in your entire social media timeline backlog


The best thing about this is allowing your friends and followers to know you and your business a little better: in context, in texture, in richness, and in detail; the secondary benefit is search: the more content you have about yourself online, the more Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

The Beginner's Guide to Small Business Marketing Online


Trellis reports that over 90% of people searching online will not go past the first page of results on Google. Why isn't my website appearing in Google? Why is my competitor above me in Google? Speaking of SEO and Google rank, what's that all about? Google Ranking and SEO.

Content Marketing: Connect the Dots and Drive Results

Writing on the Web

How do you master the art of writing content for the Web so that you provide quality information on your web pages, blog, and newsletters that works to convert readers to clients? The writer gives you content for your blog or newsletter. Without personalization, ideas are just theory.

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


This one may surprise you: Google+ actually averages more visits per month than Facebook. Google+ receives 1.2 billion Google searches, with 78% of U.S. B2B marketers rate in-person events and case studies as the most effective content marketing tactics (see full list below).

The Basics of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy


Start conversations with your followers by sharing great content; mentioning specific individuals in your social media posts (using “@” before their name on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and “+” on Google+); and asking questions.

Blog Content: Are you personal… or all business?

Writing on the Web

Do you stay on track with your blog content and business goals, or do you share personal stories and events that are peripheral? They create connections to their readers through their personalities. “Personality plays a huge role in a blog. Blog this on Blogger.

50 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger "

Buzz Marketing for Technology

« Free Personal Branding Teleseminar by A Brand You World Summit. 50 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger. I met a few celebrity bloggers like Mark Cuban, John Chow and Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of Wordpress) and attended many great sessions about blogging, podcasting, videocasting, SEO and social networking, etc. Their presentation made be stop and think and start evaluating myself as to if I am really doing everything I am supposed to as a good blogger.

Smart Agency Tips: How to Design Better Websites for Your Clients


When you Google your client’s keywords, do they show up on the first page of search engine results? Says Griffin, “That’s right… use these adjectives to search in Google Images, to see how other brands have chosen to display their unique personalities.”.

Covering your bases: content marketing components


Share content on your personal profile, company page, and in relevant groups. Google+: Again, photos speak a thousand words. To keep your contacts from unsubscribing from your list, deliver fresh and unique content in your email newsletter each month. Share your infographic with bloggers in your field to spread it around the Internet. Internet Marketing Slider Content marketing Google linkedin Slideshare social media

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4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

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Besides Google Adwords and Bing, what other major PPC sevices are. Content for Community Development Soliciting the contribution and participation of other bloggers and site owners can be a powerful way to gain awareness and links. Newsletter problems?

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Content Marketing with Stories: Better than Facts

Writing on the Web

So if you’re a professional with a blog, or writing content for your web pages or e-newsletter, what kinds of stories should you be writing? On a blog, it’s easier to do since it’s a personal communication tool. Blog this on Blogger. Post on Google Buzz.

Are Your Content Readers Thinkers or Feelers?

Writing on the Web

Have you ever read an e-newsletter or blog post and got a feeling of disappointment? If so, then you may be like me, a thought-processing person who wants facts and data when reading content online, an e-newsletter or blog post. In what ways does it reflect your personality type?

How to Take an Audience-First Approach to Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

It lives in a very competitive food content space – everything from TV channels devoted to the topic to websites as well as countless bloggers and vloggers. You also can ask your audience in person or through an online survey.

The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools


Google Review Count: 391. Google Review Count: 228. Google Review Count: 141. Google Review Count: 377. Google Review Count: 376. Google Review Count: 364. Google Review Count: 301. Join “tribes” of bloggers on similar topics.

Content Marketing Tip: Use Ready-to-Publish Articles

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For example, as a former executive coach and psychologist, I write for other coaches and consultants who are too busy with clients to write their own newsletters and blogs. Furthermore, when they do use writers, they don’t personalize it to make it their own. Blog this on Blogger.

How to Get More Leads from Your B2B Blog

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To have some content for the email newsletter? It’s possible to personalize which pieces of content you recommend to your site visitors. Unless you’re a really small shop on a super-short budget, personalization is better than just recommending the same content to everyone.

54 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2018 Strategy


Only 55% of bloggers update old posts. In the eyes of Google, newer content is more likely to be relevant than a post from years back, so sometimes updating a post can be as good as writing a new one. . Those days are long gone, and now the first page of Google is wildly competitive.

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90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

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Follow Me On Twitter 90 Tips To Make Your Blog Rock Written by jeffbullas - 30 Comments Categories: Blog , Blogging , Social Media Share Tweet Blogging whether it is for your personal passion or for the corporate blog is quite often a journey that has its highs and lows.

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11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging

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In an age where everyone and their mother has access to Blogger , Tumblr , Posterous or other flavor-of-the-year services, getting your blog to be well-trafficked, highly syndicated and massively popular is no easy task.

25 social media listening aids to increase your hearing


Addictomatic : Focuses on a variety of platforms such as: Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Bing News, Delicious, Google,, etc. Flowtown : Allows you to take email addresses (like the people subscribed to my newsletter) and determine in which social networks they are active.

Can Your Brand Monetize Web Content Without Serving Ads?

Content Standard

Ceros blogger Ashley Taylor Anderson suggested that mature content programs share a few common characteristics. An obvious choice is serving up ads alongside web content via a program like Google AdSense.

How to Write an Effective Business Blog


Compared to other marketing media, a blog is closest to a (well-written and informative) newsletter, but easier, faster, cheaper, and with the benefit of interaction. To get started, select a blogging platform such as Blogger , TypePad or WordPress. Factors to consider include the option of hosting the blog on your own existing Web site, RSS feed capabilities, Trackback functionality, and of course personal preference. Blogs are not a traditional marketing medium.


What’s Missing in Content Marketing: Who and Why

Writing on the Web

Storytelling and personalization is the biggest missing piece in content marketing as I see it. If you’re not writing real stories, your content – on your blog, in your newsletter, on your web pages – runs the risk of being boring. But there’s always more to the story than that: Why did he personally spend considerable time, energy and money creating what he did? People pay attention when you tell client stories or share your own personal experiences.

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Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab

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Zarrella works for HubSpot , mining data on hundreds of millions of tweets, blog posts, and email newsletters to help marketers find trends. Zarrella recently performed a similar deep dive into data for email newsletters, working with MailChimp to analyze 9.5

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011


One of the most interesting aspects of web presence optimization (WPO) is how frequently bloggers and journalists write about the concept without actually using the term. Krista LaRiviere (see below), a co-founder of gShift Labs , is one of the few bloggers who have embraced the term.

12 Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility

Hinge Marketing

Write for Google second. Using pertinent hashtags on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook will help your content get found. Media and Blogger Outreach. Media and blogger outreach will demonstrate your expertise to a wider audience.

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

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Subscribe to the Unbounce Conversion Newsletter. -->. Google+. You should follow Oli Gardner on Twitter | Google+. I am in the process of testing–I’m a new blogger. Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5.

How to Master Local Lead Generation


Consider working with influential bloggers within your industry too. You can even offer to write a guest post occasionally to acquaint yourself with a blogger’s followers. You work on personalizing each one.

5 Steps for Crafting an Effective B2B SEO Blogging Strategy

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Besides Google Adwords and Bing, what other major PPC sevices are. Remember this: with a company blog strategy, the organization owns (and controls) the content and discussion (assuming the organization isnt using a hosted solution like Blogger or a WordPress hosted blog).

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A Quick-Start Guide to Paid Content Promotion

Content Marketing Institute

Why it works: Virtually everyone uses search engines to discover content and information – often dozens of times a day (why do you think “Google It” has become the ubiquitous term for looking up a piece of information?). 80% of people ignore @Google sponsored ads via @sengineland.

What to Include in a Content Marketing Proposal

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New year’s resolutions are not only for personal betterment, however; they also often expand into business. Keyword search estimates ( Google Keyword Planner is helpful here) will give you an idea of the volume and competitiveness of phrases related to your client.

5 Ways Blogging Can Advance Your Nonprofit Career (and 3 Ways to Get Started)


Sure, bloggers write posts, but they also work with images, create infographics, record videos and podcasts, and produce plenty of other content. The modern-day nonprofit blogger is a multi-talented creator and publisher. And I’m not talking about mailing the annual print newsletter.

21 Things Recruiters Absolutely Hate About Your Resume


1) When you send it in a Google Doc, and then don't grant proper permissions. There's a lot you can tell about a person from their email address. In this case, you'd only want to include it in a resume that you send directly to that person. Took time off for personal reasons.”

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


and 2) there are more ways for people to search than just Google and Yah-Bing (YouTube is now the second-largest search engine and Facebook SEO is its own emerging discipline). When appropriate, let key bloggers know about it.&# Post on Google Buzz.

5 Ways to Engage Readers Through Curated Content

Modern B2B Marketing

These smaller, up-and-coming sites may be more likely to engage with you or share your stuff than the big A-list bloggers. If you have a high concentration of readers in one geographic area, host an in-person event so you can engage with readers (and they can engage with each other) offline.

LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Try adding your name in the URL to improve the Google rankings of your profile when people search for your name. Sign up for our daily email newsletter. Amit Agarwal is a professional blogger and personal technology columnist for a national newspaper. The Unnecessary Complex Design of Google Blogs Search. Google Blogs Search Gets Charts and News Clustering. Google SMS Channels: Send SMS Text Messages to your Group for Free. Best Indian Bloggers.

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