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Four online marketing metrics to obsess about

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Like every new blogger, my dream of success meant getting a business superstar to share my content online. Love is not a word usually embraced by businesses, but how can you create unyielding loyalty without it?

How social media amplifies competitive advantage

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

In fact, the blogger and co-author of The Now Revolution is one of the smartest guys I know. I have my own set of unique differentiators and through my blog and social presence, these points of differentiation become even more defined, profound, and relevant to potential customers.

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Better yet, invite those experts to share their knowledge on your blog as guest bloggers. How can you differentiate yourself from others who are blogging in your niche?”). How to Differentiate Your Content by Geoff Livingston’s Blog.

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Instead of launching a new content platform, consider buying a media platform or blogger site that your audience is already engaged in. And it's STILL a big differentiator! Freelance Content Creator / Blogger / Copywriter. To differentiate, challenge industry assumptions.