• HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] 8 of the Top Marketing Challenges Marketers Face Today [New Data]
    For example, HubSpot Research has found that 43% of consumers want to see more video from marketers in the future, while only 29% want to see more blog posts. To find freelancers, we recommend: Tapping into your personal and professional network by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks with a description of what you're looking for. Every marketer faces different challenges.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 5 Steps to conduct a superior podcast interview
    Creating a great interview can be an extremely effective and time-efficient way to do a podcast, blog post, or video but it takes some skill to pull it off. ” “Your LinkedIn profile notes you worked for Coca-Cola. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books. By Mark Schaefer.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] The History of Spam in Marketing
    Often, spam is advertising sent repeatedly for the same site. The most widely recognized type of electronic spam is email spam, but the term can also be used to describe search engine spam, social media spam, mobile app spam, spam on blogs, wiki spam, forum spam, and many more. In essence, they are replicating a site without permission and doing so for their own benefit. Thanking a new connection on LinkedIn for connecting.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Effective Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies
    Your content plan may include whitepapers, blog posts, SlideShares, case studies, videos, and guides. If you are well established on social media sites and update them frequently with relevant content, you are going to build your search engine optimization efforts and rank better on Google as well. LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B marketing, but buyers are everywhere, so you must be as well. Don’t focus on just one social media site.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 1 Awesome Way To Create Great Content
    But this blog will cover one incredibly productive content source that will not only help you provide value to your audience, and hit your objectives by publishing at the pace you need but will help shine a spotlight on content internally at your organization. Why Create A Guest Blogging Program? If you have 1,000 employees and you are able to get even 1% of them (10 people) to blog for you, you’re already ahead of the game (vs. Launch Your Guest Blogging Program.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Shine at Your Next Event
    Have an on-site support team you can call on if it’s an issue that needs to be handled in-person. Marketo & LinkedIn Livestream at the show. The post 5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Shine at Your Next Event appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. Social media is invaluable when it comes to driving conversations and awareness around your event.
    [Blog, Linkedin] How To Get Started With Quora Ads
    In this blog, I’ll make a case for why you should consider adding Quora to your marketing mix, and more specifically, try their advertising. When you think about your marketing strategy and digital advertising , the first things that come to mind are usually social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) or Google. Furthermore, you can always redirect users to your site in your answer to read a more detailed description.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Chalk Talks: Generate More Leads with Video
    First and foremost is using video across your site to drive better SEO results. The secondary is social and using video on your Facebook, Twitter, and social channels to get the eyeballs, get people leaning in, and then to convert them back onto your site, where you can identify and work them through the cycles, and finally, is using video as part of your outbound sales methodology. Are they connecting with people on LinkedIn to prospect and see if they’re interested in?
    [Blog, Linkedin] Keys to an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy
    On sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, businesses big and small are connecting with their followers, posting relevant content for them, and getting them started in the buying cycle, which can eventually lead to conversions and leads. More than 56% of online adults utilize more than one social media site, while at least 61% of companies that invest a minimum of six hours a week into social media marketing experience a higher search engine ranking.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 8 Core Benefits of B2B Content Marketing
    An effective B2B content marketing strategy will entice prospects and customers to click into your site without a sales pitch being the driving force. Most B2B products and services provide a solution to a very specific need – therefore, pages of content that are being visited on the site are likely being seen by a targeted and qualified audience. Yes, any qualified traffic being sent to the site is great for visibility and brand awareness.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 28 Best Miscellaneous Online Tools for Marketers
    These include tools for blog commenting, direct mail automation, website hosting, language translation, link shortening, password management, mileage tracking, and website performance monitoring, among other functions. Blog Commenting. A platform that combines commenting (on WordPress, Tumblr or Squarespace blogs) with native advertising. Log into any site with a single click. Sample review: “Set up monitoring on your blog using pingdom.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Leverage Social Intent Data in Your Next Nurturing Campaign
    Today, many people go to social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn to learn about and discuss news and business issues in our industry. On LinkedIn, we could find potential buyers by looking at people's group affiliations (i.e., This is another important set of social intent data that will tell you what topics your leads are researching -- even if they aren't actively performing the research directly on your site. As marketers, capturing buyer attention is everything.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals, Experts and Executives
    They are more active in their local business communities, often speaking at business functions and blogging. These individuals tend to write frequently, including blog posts, articles and monthly columns. You can use this site as a platform to promote your books and public speaking. A blog platform. Every expert should be blogging. A blog is an essential tool if you want to spread your wisdom quickly and widely. Blogging. Get set to blog.
  • LEAD LIAISON  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Social Media and Brand Awareness
    We’ve talked about brand awareness several times on the Lead Liaison blog, but today we’ll be talking about the relationship between social media and brand awareness. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most active social media sites. However, LinkedIn Groups can be extremely effective for B2B social media marketing, as well as a YouTube channel. Sure, there are paid advertising options for most social media sites.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Optimize Your Content for Inbound Marketing: Part 2
    Arnie offered four ways to find out exactly what your prospects and customers want to know, so you can deliver it: Implement site search in order to see the keywords visitors are using while they’re on your website. Doing so would be the proverbial “tiny sip through a fire hose,” which is (1) too long for a blog post and (b) most likely not helpful to readers who are ramping up on SEO. This includes backlinks from reputable external sites (e.g.,
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Social Media Copywriting: How to Compose Text for 5 Different Channels
    That’s why we put together the guidelines below to compose copy for five different social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. Generally, people don’t visit Facebook to consume long-form text or stories -- that’s what your blog is for. Facebook is a particularly good vehicle for promoting your external content -- things like blog posts, reports, or videos. 3) LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become an interesting content distribution channel.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 12 Best Special-Purpose Business Software Tools
    ” — StoreYa Blog. Showcase reviews: StoreYa Blog. A plagiarism checking and copyright protection that helps assure any content submitted to yuor site is original, and proactively scan the web to identify any instances of other sites making unauthorized use of your content. Showcase reviews: B2B PR Sense Blog, Orbit Media Studios, RazorSocial. Business cards can be connected directly with LinkedIn profiles. B2B PR Sense Blog. StoreYa Blog.
  • ENGAGIO  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Use These 8 Sources to Learn Everything About Your Target Accounts
    What people share on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn is timely, relevant, and personal. Blog posts. As more and more senior executives are blogging, either on the company site or across other forums, more and more juicy information is created for use in Account-Based Everything strategies. Seeing what blog posts, articles, and eBooks a prospect reads can tell you what they’re currently interested in. Magnum P.I.,
    [Blog, Linkedin] Online Marketing Strategies of Successful Companies
    They probably also have a LinkedIn company page, Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and maybe even a Pinterest site. Make sure you follow the best practices for each site, like using multiple hashtags on Instagram and responding to your followers’ tweets to you, and you will be setting yourself up for success. Successful content marketing strategies incorporate blog posts, videos, pictures, SlideShares, and other types of content that offer value to their audiences.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The Eight Best Online Tools for Sales Professionals
    ” — StoreYa Blog. Showcase reviews: StoreYa Blog. Helpful for both marketing and sales teams, Whoisvisiting uses reverse IP lookup from several sources to identify visitors to your site; get the company name, contact details, website and other key information. The Personal Assistant updates any out-of-date or missing information using details from Facebook, LinkedIn, and the White Pages.” StoreYa Blog.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 9 Questions SEO’s Should Ask In B2B Buyer Persona Development
    ” Similar to the last question, this helps define social media and third party site focus, which in turn impacts link acquisition and referral traffic. ” The answers to this question can lead to LinkedIn exploration for industry groups, organizations, and important publishing websites; in turn generating link building and social media opportunities. B2B Online Marketing Blog Demand Generation Search Engine Optimization
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] SEO Experts You Should Be Following in 2017
    I recommend that you initially just check out their blogs and not yet sign up for anything, including their email newsletters. Moz founder Rand Fishkin generally hosts this video blog series that is often imitated, never duplicated. For additional reading, check out their Moz blog and their YouMoz community blog , and take the time to view the comments on the posts (there is usually a gem or two in there from some smart people). Wordstream Blog. AimClear Blog.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] 58 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2017
    Whether it's social images, logos, blog posts, or ebooks -- the options and tools are endless. Maybe your strategy is just to put a YouTube video embed on one of your blog posts or landing pages. Linkedin. As marketers, you've probably used forms -- whether on your site or in a survey -- more than a few times. LinkedIn. Linkedin. WIth its visual heatmap tools, you can u nderstand what users want, care about, and interact with on your site.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Why I told a client to quit blogging: finding your “One Thing”
    Is it blogging? However, you’d never know it by his site’s Google positions–he wasn’t positioning for any core keyphrases. Yes, my client tried to blog. No, I didn’t say, “hire a freelancer to blog for you,” or “blog less frequently.”. What I did say was, “stop blogging.” Instead of blogging, we transcribed the podcasts and posted them on his site. Not only did his site visitors love the transcript option, Google loved his transcripts, too.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] 5 Ways to Use Earned Media to Increase SEO
    Earned media includes content published by someone other than your brand, such as influencer blog posts, reviews, or other unpaid content from third-party resources. Owned media, such as blog posts and website content, are important, but if you want to harness amazing results, you need earned media that is created with search engines in mind. Use this tool to search the content of major competitors’ sites and discover who is sharing their content.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms
    Showcase reviews: AppStorm, Marketing Insider Group, StoreYa Blog. ” — StoreYa Blog. Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group, StoreYa Blog. A social community builder tool; create a community site for your brand with features including likes and share, member categories, blogging and commenting, social sign-in (members can sign in through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google), sharing to social media sites, content moderation, and privacy controls.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] The Character Count Guide for Blog Posts, Videos, Tweets & More
    When it comes to writing text for your blog and social media posts, many marketers wonder, "But what's the character limit?" Below, you'll find a more detailed guide to character limits and ideal character counts for posts on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, and YouTube. 1) Blog Posts. When it comes to the length of blog posts, there are a few different items to consider. 4) LinkedIn.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post
    Like many companies new to blogging, we rushed into it full steam, cranking out tons of new posts. For example, sending an outreach email might get you 1 point, you can earn 2 points for broken link building and 5 points for writing a guest blog that links to the article. After being live for 10 months on our blog, it never cracked the top 10 for Google search results for any high value set of keywords. outreach emails to sites linking to similar content.
    [Blog, Linkedin] SharpSpring Onboarding Part 4: Tracking Your Performance
    Your Onboarding Specialist will guide you through the platform, ensuring you know exactly how to (a) see who’s visiting your site , (b) send the right content to the right audiences, and (c) implement the best automation strategies for your business. Whether it’s a $3 million Super Bowl ad, a trade show where you networked with new leads, or a Facebook post about a special new offer on a product, there are a variety of ways to get people to visit your site. Company Blog
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] 24 Growth Hacks to Try Today
    Whether it’s a how-to video on a specific growth topic or an expert’s blog, I treasure every piece of quality advice I can find. 1) Repurpose blog content. Blog posts can stand to benefit from more than just edits. That’s where your blogs come in. While blogs, when composed correctly, tend to perform better in organic search results, videos tend to show more promise on social media. Then, compile their responses into a blog post.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Stop Promoting Mediocrity: How You Think About Sending Emails May Be Wrong
    Scour the internet, from blogs to reports to studies, this is what you’ll find: the average number it takes to get a reply ranges from 7 (the industry’s consensus a few years ago) to 17 (yes, I found that in a real report). They go beyond the surface-level company site and the About section on LinkedIn. “How many touches does it take to get a reply from a prospect?”. Sales reps and marketers constantly ask this question.
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Launch a Virtual Conference for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Researched their online material (blogs, videos, interviews) and created a Google Doc of canned questions. Researched their online material (blogs, videos, interviews) and created a Google Doc of canned questions. Provided feedback on their outline based on what our sales audience is interested in (based on previous campaigns and blog performance). We leaned into speakers a lot and asked them to promote the event to their email list and on their blogs and social profiles.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Use Canva: An 8-Step Guide to Creating Visual Content
    Back in 2014, Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki penned a post for the HubSpot Marketing Blog that approached the topic of visual marketing as the “next big thing.” But in the previous article, Kawasaki -- chief evangelist for Canva , a remarkably simple online platform for graphic design -- stressed the importance of including shareable images in blog posts, and regularly creating custom, relevant visual content for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.
  • EMEDIA  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Is It Time to Drop the Blog?
    I started blogging in 2001, when Xanga was still a thing. My first blog attempts were the tortured musings of a high school student/aspiring starving artist. I’ve blogged sporadically since then, leaving a handful of unused WordPress and Weebly sites in my wake. I’ve guest posted on Patheos a few times, but I don’t currently have a personal blog. Blogging isn’t dead, but it has changed significantly in the last few years. Social Media Is Blogging….
    [Blog, Linkedin] Content marketing success and the crappy quality myth
    I had a friend who has been struggling with her blog. On one blog post, she received almost no social shares or comments. Yet it languished on her blog. Her success ultimately resulted from the fact that TechCrunch has a much higher readership and higher domain authority than her blog. In 2014, the fans of Social Media Examiner voted Buffer’s blog as their favorite social media blog in the world (the blog you are reading was voted number two).
    [Blog, Linkedin] The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    In this blog post, we’ll teach you all about CRO -- what it achieves, why you should do it, and how your team can execute it. These conversions occur all over the website -- on the homepage, pricing page, blog, and landing pages -- and all of these can be optimized for a higher number of conversions. 1) Create text-based CTAs within blog posts. 2) Include lead flows on your blog. Another test you should consider is including lead flows on your blog.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 6 New LinkedIn Features You May Have Missed
    If you’ve logged into LinkedIn over the past few weeks, you may have noticed something different. Actually, everything is different, because LinkedIn completely overhauled its desktop site. After Microsoft acquired the job search and networking website in 2016, LinkedIn announced it would redesign its desktop website to more closely mirror its mobile apps. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform, with more than 467 million members worldwide.
    [Blog, Linkedin] A B2B SEO Strategy to Attract the Right Prospects
    Before we get into the weeds of content creation, optimization, and promotion, let’s discuss a few key “on-site” SEO basics. On-site optimization—The foundation of your B2B SEO strategy. The first element is a blog. A blog is crucial because it contains content that can be created easily and often. Blog posts are also going to be the main driver of traffic for your website and the main source for additional future traffic. Use each topic as a separate blog post.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to build a killer content team
    Do LinkedIn posts drive more traffic (and conversions)? Publish on LinkedIn more often. Does asking your SME to write blog posts fall flat, but she is willing to be interviewed for a podcast (that can turn into a transcript–which is fantastic Google -food?). Customized SEO copywriting trainings typically have a site audit and consultation component. Do you want to crank up your content success to a Spinal Tap 11?
    [Blog, Linkedin] 5 Website Best Practices that Produce More Leads and Faster Growth
    So what sets a business-building website (we call these “high-performance” sites) from a descriptive website? Displays offers throughout the site. To learn more about content marketing and how to apply this website best practice to your site, check out the free Content Marketing Guide for Professional Services Firms. At its most fundamental level, search engine optimization comprises two components: On-site optimization. Off-site optimization.
    [Blog, Linkedin] What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?
    While social media marketing can be explained in a number of ways, at the most basic level, it can be defined as follows: Social media marketing is the method of using social networking sites as an online marketing tool to drive traffic, generate shares and boost brand awareness. Top Social Media Sites. When thinking about what social networks are most popular, a few sites come to mind, including: Facebook. LinkedIn.
    [Blog, Linkedin] How Content Automation Boosts Social Media Marketing
    If you’re struggling to build a brand presence and drive traffic to your site from social, you need an effective content calendar with diversified posts. They think that blog posts are sufficient to educate their audience, and they usually don’t have enough time to write longer educational articles. Who says that blog posts are the only educational content out there? Company Blog Content Marketing Automation Social Media
    [Blog, Linkedin] 5 Simple Tips to Avoid Wasting Your Work Day
    Isn’t it funny how easily a little research for a blog or report can morph into an hour-long Wikipedia binge? Or how you can start off reading some articles for inspiration, then click through to an unrelated article on the same site (“this’ll just take 2 minutes”)… only to regain consciousness 45 minutes later grinning maniacally at that video of the guy being interviewed as his kids invade his office — which you’ve already watched maybe 50 times.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools
    ” What is clear however is that with two million blog posts written every day, you need more than great content to stand out. 1 ) LinkedIn Pulse. Publishing on LinkedIn is easy: go to your profile page, and in the “Posts” section near the top of the page, click “Write a new post.” But at the least, LinkedIn can extend the reach of your original or modified/repurposed content to a wider audience. Tumblr hosts more than 330 million blogs.
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] What is a Marketing Technology Stack? Definitions, Stats and Examples.
    A content management system (CMS) that hosts a company website and blog. 70% of marketers say that interactive content is effective at converting site visitors. Here are a few key components of any marketing technology stack, whether you’re a B2C or B2B company: Content Management System (CMS) - this technology with drive your website, blog and other web properties used to market your business online. . I mean, over 2 million blog posts are published.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 105 ways to build your email list | Tips, tactics, and best practices
    Promote your email by social media, website, and blog. Treat your blog home page like an email capture form. Use Leadboxes from Leadpages in author bylines used on your site. Require commenters on your own blog to provide addresses. Offer opt-ins to anyone “liking” comments on your blog. Establish a riveting blog that ends in an opt-in request. Post limited content on your site; offer upgrades upon subscription.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 17 Best Photo Editing Tools
    Blog posts and articles with images get 94% more views than those without, according to Jeff Bullas. Sample review: “PicMonkey (is an) online photo editing tool that makes it easy for you to create cool images for your blog posts.” Showcase reviews: Likeable Media, RazorSocial, StoreYa Blog, TNW News. ” — StoreYa Blog. Showcase reviews: StoreYa Blog. ” — StoreYa Blog. Showcase reviews: StoreYa Blog. StoreYa Blog.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Marketing Talk: Launch Plans, Analytics, and Targeted Content for ABM
    Sometimes I find myself looking at my Google Analytics, breaking it up by conversion events across different marketing channels — my LinkedIn ads, my Facebook ads, my ListenLoop ads — all these different things. In fact, we were using one site where our cost for conversion was super low and we were getting tons of conversions. This particular site doesn’t have a lot of controls like Google, CPC. And then, we ended up focusing most of our money in different sites.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 3 Simple Ways to Validate Your Content Ideas
    Visit Google Analytics and look to see which particular blog posts have received the highest number of views and the longest time on the page. Another viable option would be to visit question sites such as Quora or popular blogs in one’s area of expertise such as GetResponse for email marketing, or Moz for SEO, and see which questions come up most. And on LinkedIn, where your target audience is… 1 share?
    [Blog, Linkedin] Adjusting to the new sales strategies with Anthony Iannarino
    For example, if I write something on LinkedIn and I want to get a boost, I have people who are going to be helpful and do that for me. I had been blogging since 2009! To connect with Anthony Iannarino and follow his progress, check out his Sales Blog , and his book The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 6 of 14 rules for marketing like a billion-dollar martech unicorn
    We looked at their Twitter profile, LinkedIn, blog posts, etc., Then, imagine that every single day, you get an email from some start-up saying, “Hey, will you promote our site, our product, etc., The following is a guest post by Jeremy Epstein , CEO of Never Stop Marketing. He served as VP marketing at Sprinklr as the company grew from 30 people and a valuation of $20 million to 1,400 employees, valued at over $1.8 billion.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, MARCH 6, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] 35 Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Daily Marketing Life Better
    If you’re stumped on what topics to write about for your company blog, refer to your FAQs. Answer them in blog posts. . Quick content tip #5: Search through frequently asked questions for blog post ideas. . Struggling to keep up with your own company’s blog schedule? Ask people in your network to contribute content to your blog to take some of the weight off your shoulders. . Here and here and here are a few syndication sites to check out. .
    [Blog, Linkedin] THE HACKIES: Full-path ROI — aligning attribution models with the buyer’s journey
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. An engineer may read your blog post via organic search, sign up for your newsletter and get nurtured via email, while a CFO from the same company may click your display ad on a trade related web site and call a sales rep. If you liked it, you can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 26 Best WordPress Plugins
    It runs between 25% and 28% of all websites, and nearly 60% of all sites built using any sort of CMS platform. Certainly another reason though is the universe of WordPress plugins—helpful add-ons for site management, customization, content development and promotion, email list building, connections to other applications and online services, and much more. Connect your WordPress.com site to various social networking services. Pricing: free, $5 or $9 oer mont per site.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The Stories Behind 5 Social Networks That Never Caught On
    In this blog post, we’ll dive into the stories of some of the earliest social networks -- and why they didn’t stick around. Blogging (on “weblogs,” as they were once called) came to the scene in 1998 with the launch of Open Diary , which included a social networking feature wherein users in groups could read each other’s writing. Open Diary laid the groundwork for later blogging social networks, such as Xanga and LiveJournal in 1999.
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Get More Leads From Social Media
    It’s not an exhaustive cataloging of every available tactic (that’s a book, not a blog post), but I’ve assembled the “classic hits” of social media lead generation. And B2B audiences are on LinkedIn, right? Maybe that means you’ll need to add another tracking system, like Bit.ly (or others) so you can track clicks from third-party sites. What’s your impression of how hard it is to generate leads on social media?
    [Blog, Linkedin] Buy domain names for all your pages, products, and services
    logan.movie is a prime example of a bespoke domain name redirecting to a greater 20th Century Fox Movies site (click through, you’ll see what I mean, the cool.movie TLD quickly resolves all the way to www.foxmovies.com/movies/logan, which is much less pithy and harder to share in a 30-second spot or via word-of-mouth). Infomercials and commercials have become smart. They’ve always given viewers unique promo codes 800-numbers, and “tell the operator you saw us on WXYZ.”
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 21 Best Content Curation Tools
    Curation can take a variety of forms: Weekly “best of” compilations (example: V3*Broadsuite blog ). Ideal for live blogs, breaking events, and conferences. Showcase reviews: ArCompany, Catherine Pham/SlideShare, Express Writers, Gizmodo, Marketing Insider Group (Starup), Maximize Social Business (Grow), Re/code, Rebekah Radice, Social Media Today, StoreYa Blog. StoreYa Blog.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing
    But that’s a story for another blog post! Douglas Karr , founder of the MarTech blog, said this data flow could mean “the death of mass media and rise of targeted, personalized marketing experiences through ABM and similar tools. Content is becoming commoditized and this will accelerate once algorithms start writing the blog posts and creating the infographics (which is already happening). By Mark Schaefer.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The future of Twitter is as a protected essential public utility
    This week’s blog post is thanks to my close friend and persistent colleague Sally Falkow of Meritus Media. So, be sure to check out Sally Falkow’s blog, The Proactive Report , later this week in order to get a much bigger picture than I can offer. Be sure to check Sally out on Twitter, @sallyfalkow , LinkedIn , SlideShare , Facebook , and even Google+.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Tips for Using Video to Increase Social Media ROI
    YouTube, owned and operated by search giant Google, is the behemoth of social video, with billions of users and hundreds of millions of hours spent on the site every day. If a certain video targets an important pain point, demonstrates a process, or drives home a key benefit, it might work as a great answer to your prospects’ questions, or as a natural part of the conversation in LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Groups.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools
    Showcase reviews: MarketingLand, Social Media Today, StoreYa Blog. Social listening to gauge consumer opinion on any topic from across the social web with sentiment analysis, customer feedback, trend spotting, brand analytics, competitive benchmarking, influencer identification, and reputation management across blogs, forums, reviews, and top social networks. ” — Blogging Wizard. Showcase reviews: Blogging Wizard, MarketingLand, ViralBlog. Blogging Wizard.
    [Blog, Linkedin] What Are Your Top 5 B2B Content Marketing Objectives?
    Why is it appearing on your blog in the first place? From there, you can figure out useful blog content that will be useful to your target audience. The result is usually a few good blog post writing ideas, answering users’ most common questions and making sure that you include key phrases in the title and body of the blog post. Many writers also republish their content on Medium or Linkedin Publisher.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Shedding Light on Modern Marketing Needs
    He writes for the web’s top marketing sites and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. Visit his blog, The Point, at Feldman Creative. The post Shedding Light on Modern Marketing Needs appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Marketers are living in content chaos.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] Shedding Light on Modern Marketing Needs
    He writes for the web’s top marketing sites and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. Visit his blog, The Point, at Feldman Creative. The post Shedding Light on Modern Marketing Needs appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Marketers are living in content chaos.
    [Blog, Linkedin] B2B Paid Content Distribution: Facebook vs. LinkedIn
    We only want to use LinkedIn.” I get the instinct to assume LinkedIn is the only worthwhile place to pay for content distribution if you’re a B2B company. LinkedIn has incredible ad targeting for B2B brands. On LinkedIn, it’s pretty much required. If I want to target the CMO of Pepsi with an e-book, LinkedIn is the first place I go. Facebook accounts for over 40 percent of all traffic to publisher sites, eclipsing Google. on LinkedIn).
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] The Goldfish Conundrum: How to Create Content for Short Attention Spans
    After all, today's readers are more likely to skim blogs, long-form written content, and podcasts rather than thoroughly consume them, according to data from HubSpot Research. It attracts visitors to your blog, cultivates brand awareness, and helps you generate leads for your organization. Here are a few ideas: Validate your blog post ideas before writing them by doing industry and persona research and selecting keywords to target.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017
    In the same vein, written content can be published on blogs, LinkedIn Pulse, and Medium publications. However, it’s important to tailor your content to different audiences where they consume content , whether it’s on social media or YouTube or guest posts on other blogs, to keep earning traffic and links from a variety of sources in Google search. These tactics primarily consist of publishing high-quality content and promoting it in hopes that other sites will link to it.
    [Blog, Linkedin] From Idea to Execution: 5 ABM Tactics to Implement Today
    There are many arguments on blogs, podcasts, and talks declaring “Account Based Marketing isn’t new.” This can include any behavioral data that indicates the right activity, including: Topics people at this company are researching on 3rd party sites. It’s time to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and dig up some valuable information on your prospects beyond just LinkedIn and Twitter.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017
    Once pain points have been discovered, you can guide strategies to create highly targeted blog posts, industry news articles, webinars, product videos, and more. Make sure you are implementing it on your site’ only for August to come around and Google to tell us they decided not to use it anymore?” This is why it’s important to consider elements like font size, multimedia content, site structure and navigation, content load times and conversion optimization.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Empathetic Marketing: How To Connect With Your Customers
    I came across your article on LinkedIn , and several people forwarded it to me and said, “Brian you should check this out for your book.” You can measure engagement in the form of time on site and in the form of social shares, and in the form of whether people subscribe to your content. It’s essentially more of a blog where I’m sharing content that I think is helpful, with a little bit of an explanation of what we do.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools
    While Facebook is far and away the largest social network, when it comes to driving B2B website traffic and brand visibility, Twitter and LinkedIn are tops. Twitter’s key strength is in driving traffic to informative online content including news and blogs. (It’s HubSpot has noted Twitter has more than 300 million active monthly users, and “accounts for 16% of referrals to longer articles from social sites and 14% for shorter news articles.”
    [Blog, Linkedin] What B2B Tech Companies Can Expect From Search Marketing in 2017
    They may be on CRM blogs and forums, but they are more likely searching and engaging with other CRM users. From there, businesses have to place that content in key areas (aside from just their site) to ensure that their content will be seen by their target audience. That could be three seconds on your site. Three seconds on LinkedIn. Three seconds on their favorite industry news/blog site.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 7 Ways Freelancers Can Start Earning More in 2017
    Consider writing an ebook, starting a blog, participating in a speaker or webinar series, or even building your own app. 6) Connect with clients on freelance networking sites. Check out a few of the most popular networking sites below: Upwork. LinkedIn Profinder. Lured by the promise of greater flexibility and more interesting projects, more and more people are leaving their traditional office jobs behind for freelancing careers.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 11 Free Sales Tools to Pump Up Your Pipeline
    Integrating with our Google Apps email addresses, Rapportive shows LinkedIn profile data along side every email we send or receive just by hovering over a person’s email address. With LeadIQ, you can build lead lists by browsing sites like LinkedIn and AngelList, and sync contact data from these leads directly into Salesforce. The site revolves around reviewing executives and businesses, but the data is definitely useful for anyone in sales.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Create a Content Promotion Plan in 3 Steps
    In this study of over 600 marketing professionals, 65% were blogging, 64% were producing case studies and/or white papers, 47% were creating videos, 45% were writing online articles, and 39% were creating infographics. What sites are referring traffic to your website and content? Are they in certain LinkedIn groups? Or asking questions on sites like Inbound or Quora? Give the answer there on the site, but point the asker back to your content for even more detail.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 7 Companies That Should Buy Medium, Because Why Not?
    Though traffic to the site has tripled since, I doubt the valuation has gone up much. AmEx has made bold moves in the past ( it helped start MTV and Nickelodeon ), and Medium would add a whole new element to OPEN Forum, its popular small business site. It’s already responsible for the two most impactful TV channels of my childhood; why not save my favorite blogging platform? Microsoft/LinkedIn. billion for LinkedIn in hopes of dominating our professional lives.
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Create a Content Promotion Plan in 3 Steps
    In this study of over 600 marketing professionals, 65% were blogging, 64% were producing case studies and/or white papers, 47% were creating videos, 45% were writing online articles, and 39% were creating infographics. What sites are referring traffic to your website and content? Are they in certain LinkedIn groups? Or asking questions on sites like Inbound or Quora? Give the answer there on the site, but point the asker back to your content for even more detail.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Why Corporate Communications and PR Professionals Need to Own Their Brand Voice in 2017
    When you pay to get content placed on a website or in a publication, or when you pay for more exposure on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, that’s paid media. Owned media can include your website, blog, digital publications, and your social media accounts. Over a hundred years later, newspapers have lost ground to the myriad of content available at our fingertips, including via social media sites. Content channels (website, newsletters, blog, mobile apps, etc.)
    [Blog, Linkedin] 6 Awesome Sales Call Conversation Starters
    Most of this information can be found in a matter of minutes just by looking at the person’s social media channels, blog posts or news articles, and, of course, the company website. With Vidyard, we can even discover how much of those videos—including marketing videos on our site, and any videos our own salespeople personalized for the recipient—the prospect watched. Hubspot published a great blog post about statements that make salespeople sound insecure. Blog Inside Sales
    [Blog, Linkedin] In case you missed it, the best marketing posts of 2016
    How many people read an individual blog post? Do you see my writing on Facebook or LinkedIn? In any event, even the biggest fans of the blog miss a lot of the best ideas every year. Whether you have been reading for years or you’ve just discovered {grow}, thank you SO MUCH for reading my blog! Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 4 Examples of the Best B2B Influencer Content Marketing
    Influencer marketing may include publishing your guest posts on an influencer’s blog or website, having an influencer sharing your content with their social media followers, or co-creating content with them. They collaborated with more than 40 influencers from major brands including LinkedIn, MarketingProfs, Kapost, Facebook, and Copyblogger. Some influencers were also selected for long-form interviews, which were published with the eBooks on the TopRank blog.
    [Blog, Linkedin] B2B Social Media and Account Based Marketing (ABM)
    We did really launch to our Sprout customer base, announcing it and then, made sure we had the foundation placed on our website with a blog and some gated pieces of content to really make sure that we were building up to something. When we started, it was really focused on content marketing through blogging, really kind of going back to what I said earlier, attaching employee advocacy to those adjacent marketing concepts that can apply to employee advocacy, and then going from there.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016
    [Blog, Linkedin] 63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know
    Getting familiar with these will help you navigate the world of online advertising – and get more value out of our upcoming series of blog posts about digital advertising and digital marketing. Bounce Rate : A “bounce” is a website visit in which the visitor looked only at the single page they landed on, did not interact with it, and then left the site. Social Advertising : Running paid ads on online social networking platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017
    Instead of launching a new content platform, consider buying a media platform or blogger site that your audience is already engaged in. The best marketers are using digital marketing solutions to flag them when customers are actively downloading premium content on their sites or browsing trial signup pages. Maximise your presence on Twitter and LinkedIn to harvest relationships. Founder of RazorSocial, Marketing Technology Blog, Contributor Entrepreneur.com.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 7 and a Half Quotes That Aren’t Supposed to be About Marketing
    But you’ll never find it unless you look up from the usual blogs and media outlets and scan the horizon for something new. A hook draws people into your site, but it’s up to your content to keep them there. Maybe you were cross-posting between LinkedIn and Facebook, only to realize that your audiences on each platform are looking for very different things. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist.
    [Blog, Linkedin] All your best content may now be considered fake news
    As lines are being drawn, it’s time to make sure all your hard-wrought creative work lives on your own blog or website instead of on someone else’s. In fact, I always copy these articles over to my Gerris Blog and my Chris Abraham Blog the day after I post them, just to make sure I keep them close, though I always make tribute to Biznology whenever and wherever I cross-post anywhere. This has actually been a boon for sites like these.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Interesting Infographics: Create a Killer Social Media Strategy
    Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedIn … the list of platforms used by marketers goes on and on. It’s where your customers are: 74% of adult internet users are active on social media and 55% of buyers use social media sites when researching products. In fact, 31% of all traffic to websites is driven by the top 8 social media sites which together serve about 4.2 You can use a site like [link] to figure out how to best target your audience.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Am I connecting with my customers enough? 10 tips for customer outreach
    Do they follow you on Instagram or Twitter , or do they prefer to read your business insights on LinkedIn ? Share your latest blog post on LinkedIn, or post your Instagram photos to your website’s photo gallery. If you live in the same community, hang out on the same social media sites, or have common interests, chance are you’ll find a good foothold to really connect with your customers, and boost your engagement in the process! How’s your customer outreach?
    [Blog, Linkedin] How to Develop a Business Guest Post Program
    There are numerous benefits to guest blogging. Hinge’s research found that blogging is one of the most effective online marketing tools, right up there with SEO and web analytics. In fact, when done properly guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences, strengthen your reputation and build a critical collection of backlinks to your website. Today, I’m going to share a strategy to cut through the noise and build a reliable guest blogging program.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016
    In late 2015, Facebook booted Bing and replaced site search with their own algorithm that allows visitors to search all public posts. In March, LinkedIn launched Account Targeting. conversion rate with its targeted LinkedIn display ads. This year, Facebook shared that most of the videos on their site are watched without sound, Pinterest added Engagement Retargeting and Lookalike/Actalike Audiences, and Snapchat enhanced its ad targeting capabilities.
    [Blog, Linkedin] 28 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO, Productivity & More
    For all of the greatness that the internet affords -- cute animal videos , GIFs , and interesting blogs -- I think its biggest downside is how distracting it can be. We’ve broken them down into different categories if you want to jump ahead: Social Media , SEO , Content Sourcing , Blogging , Productivity. Normally, you would have to click into each blog post or image in order to separately pin each to your boards individually.). Blogging.
    [Blog, Linkedin] The Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Marketing: 6 Key Steps
    We find that LinkedIn is an excellent way to uncover that data with a fairly simple advanced search. Let’s say someone was trying to figure out who the staff writers are on the HubSpot Marketing blog. The Pew Research Center Demographics of Social Media Users does an excellent job of profiling the users of five major social media platforms -- Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There’s something kind of cool happening in the world of marketing.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Ask a Content Guy: How Do I Scale My Content Marketing Program?
    Between staff, freelancers, and site maintenance fees, you’re going to spend $20,000 a month to produce content. There’s not a whole lot of value in writing a decent blog post anymore. But the winning formula in 2017 will be to push readers to amazing pieces of content through paid distribution platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain, YouTube, and LinkedIn. My buzzword of the year is “scale.”
    [Blog, Linkedin] Case Study: Using influencers to quickly build an audience for your content
    Try Followerwonk , a free app on the Moz site. Twellow is a very useful site that can help you build your audience in several ways. Subscribe to their blog or video channel, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook. Look for opportunities to engage through a blog comment, a congratulatory message on LinkedIn, or a tweet. Mention them in your own blogs and content. By Mark Schaefer. Shawn Van Dyke was in a heap of trouble.
    [Blog, Linkedin] Better Social Selling, an Interview with Jill Rowley
    There’s a woman who is an aspiring social seller, and I got an invite to connect with her on LinkedIn, and it was generic. She’s an aspiring social seller, and she sends me a generic invite to connect on LinkedIn. I reply, and I give her a link to The Art of a LinkedIn Invite. It’s a gift really, I think, being able to look up someone on LinkedIn, and see where they went to university, see what skills people are endorsing them for.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2016
    [Blog, Linkedin] Resources for Marketing Agencies: How to Keep Current in Times of Constant Change
    I get caught up on the latest news, as well as industry blogs, as well as any activity on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There are podcasts, blogs, webinars, infographics, white papers, eBooks, videos, and more. This site has plenty of marketing insights as well as a community of over half a million marketers. Speaking of agencies, here’s a great roundup of blogs for agency professionals from Marketing Agency Insider (another excellent resource).
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2016
    [Blog, Linkedin] 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Seen
    With two million blog posts published every day and over 200,000 photos shared on Facebook every minute (not to mention tweets, videos, books, and everything else), there’s no way our audiences can keep up. This graph shows the traffic spikes Stone Temple Consulting got when they reshared a particular blog post. That’s a good volume for Twitter, but it’ll get you in trouble on LinkedIn or Facebook, where 3-4 posts a day is considered about the limit for content promotion.
    [Blog, Linkedin] B2B Data is Becoming More Human – Don’t Get Left Behind
    Targeting named accounts , performing lead-to-account matching and site-level matching – all crucial ingredients of ABM – are impossible without quality, accurate, up-to-date, human data. As has been highlighted repeatedly in this blog, AI does indeed hold massive potential for B2B companies on so many levels. It’s always fun bumping into old friends or colleagues in unexpected places.
    [Blog, Linkedin] More Content is Not Always Better – Wise Words from Chris Vandermarel
    This is something that digital publishers do really well, including sites like Netflix and YouTube. Of course, I love the Vidyard blog – I think you’re doing awesome stuff there. I like the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog too. Blog Marketing CommunicationsContent marketing may be all the rage, but now that everyone is doing it — how can brands stay relevant?
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