How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes

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It didn’t take long before marketers noticed, and began to experiment with quizzes as a way to generate leads. You can create quizzes that are both entertaining and interactive, and yes, they have made a large impact as a method of lead generation. ” quiz in your blog makes sense.

3 Trigger Marketing Tips To Improve Engagement

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note : Today’s post comes courtesy of Josh Haynam , the co-founder of Interact, a platform for creating lead capture quizzes. Remember, web browsers have access to millions of other sites that could be capturing their attention.

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How to Craft a Standout Online Portfolio: 7 Tips & Tools


Most portfolio creators are content with placing their work on a single, blog-style page, where each new addition pushes a previous one down. Let’s say he has created ebooks, blogs, articles, and ad copy. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post.

11 Tips to Help Improve Your Brand's Communication Strategy


Here are 11 key tips to help improve the way your brand communicates with consumers. Post things that you think your audience would just plain enjoy sometimes, with no link to your blog, lead-capture form, or transaction attached.

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11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages


There's no question that landing pages -- and the lead-capture forms that come with them -- are two of the most important elements of lead generation. Visitors are on a landing page for just one single purpose: to obtain an offer by completing a lead-capture form.

How to Drive ROI with Top of the Funnel Video Content

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Considering the high volume and the critical need to engage at that first or early touch, here are two high impact tips to drive the ROI of your top of funnel video content: 1. Introduce a call to action at the end of your video to pull leads deeper.

10 Types of Videos You Need to Push Your Audience Through the Funnel


His looks like this: Moving from the top of the funnel to the bottom, prospective customers move through the Attract stage, to Capture, to Nurture, to Convert, and finally, the funnel ends at the Expand stage. Entertaining videos can lead to shareability. The Cultural Capture video.

6 Brilliant Tips to Boost Blog Conversion


Smart business bloggers understand that conversion rate is a very important metric for measuring the success of blogging efforts. Sure, traffic and leads are great, but understanding the correlation between the two is a very powerful thing. Optimize Evergreen Blog Content With New CTAs.

12+ Tips for Trade Show Success

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brings 12 tips for ensuring shows deliver the leads you expect. Capture detailed lead information. Enter all leads into a CRM system for Sales follow-up. A few more tips. Blog about the show. Pictures also make for good blog post after the show.

Mobile Marketing Automation Tricks for Lead Generation


In the age of data, manually segmenting leads and marketing to them across so many platforms would take an enormous amount of time and resources. Here are some great ways you can take advantage of mobile marketing automation to increase lead capture. Relevant tips and advice.

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Always Be Teaching Something: Wise Words from Andy Orsow


The best in the business, that’s who — and that’s why we’re excited to launch a new series on the Vidyard blog. For our first interview, we had the privilege of talking to Andy Orsow , Communications Designer at InVision , the world’s leading product design collaboration platform. Starting out his humble video career producing a music video in high school, Andy was tapped to write a blog post on a new feature InVision was creating, and put together a video. “It

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6 Success Factors for Adopting Marketing Automation


on your site, and lead capture forms , including a Contact Us form so people have an easy, direct way to get in contact with you. #2: One good eBook, for example, could become a webinar, a podcast, four blog posts, and two infographics. 4: Prepare your lead generation strategy.

4 Steps to Lead Nurturing: Walking the buying path with your customers

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Tweet Lead generation can take you on a long hike. The goal of lead nurturing is to help progress leads from initial interest toward purchase intent. If you’re wondering what kinds of content helps progress leads further faster, ask your sales team.

Introduction to Lead Management

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Tweet If Sales and Marketing were a manufacturing operation starting with raw materials — leads — and ending up with 5% to 20% in deliverable product — won sales — it would soon be shut down to determine what is wrong. Lack of lead management impacts lead conversion and ROI.

9 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Need to Stop Making


For many businesses, the key to making sales is to first generate leads. But leads don't grow on trees. Some marketers have trouble generating enough leads to feed their sales team. Others just have no idea where their leads are coming from.

The 4 L's of a Successful Lead Generation Strategy


This means lead generation strategies need to be revamped across the industry to better meet the needs of target markets. The first step in this evolution is to create compelling content, and the second is to use that content to convert visitors into leads. 1) Lead Capture.

B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


Videos capture attention of your prospects, and if produced right, hold their attention, which can lead to increased engagement and conversion. Determine goals: sales; leads; brand building; product demonstration; education. Test offers with lead capture strategy.

Disproving Best Practices: The One- vs. Two-Column Form Test


A few months ago, I took the stage at Digital Summit Dallas to talk about blog conversion rate optimization (CRO). Yes, HubSpot's lead-capture forms are long (13 fields to be exact), but they're long by design.

5 Ways Your B2B Marketing Automation is Failing

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If your business sits in the last bucket, the 26% that is not yet reaping the benefits of marketing automation, you’re likely ready for some tips on what you need to do differently. Winning the lead is just the beginning.

The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Generating More Leads With SlideShare


You want better copy, and better design, and better promotions, and better CTAs, and better results (usually in the form of leads). Check it out below -- and if you have any other tips you''d like to add, let us know in the comments. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

How to do lead management that improves conversion

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In this post, I’m going to focus on how to do lead management that increases sales conversion. Here’s why: First, B2B lead conversion to actual revenue conversion is low. According to Forrester, top performers convert 1.54% of leads to revenue. And average performers turn less than 0.75% of leads into closed deals. Have you thought about the experience you want to create for your potential customer so as to optimize your lead management approach?

5 Ways to Create Added Value for Customers

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When getting started, you’ll need to consider all touch points of your business, from initial lead capture to post-purchase communication and how to properly maximize the added value for the customer throughout the process. © 2015, VerticalResponse Blog.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Launching a B2B Referral Program

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Once your program starts to take off, you can then begin to promote referrals more extensively through your website, blogs, newsletters, social media, and direct mail. How will you qualify referred leads? Qualifying referred leads is a more complicated process for B2B companies.

Interesting Infographics: 11 Ways to Drive Sales With Content Marketing


If you’re skilled at content marketing, your efforts can yield up to three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. This infographic designed by Clearvoice offers 11 tips for building a robust and holistic content marketing strategy that is more likely to earn you conversions. Make sure to include testimonials in content aimed at leads that are in the “consideration” stage of your funnel. These can often get you better leads at a lower cost.

Lead Generation: A Beginner's Guide to Generating Business Leads the Inbound Way


This frustrating interruption is exactly why we're here to discuss inbound lead generation. What is inbound lead generation? Download our complete guide to lead generation here for even more lead gen tips. What is a Lead? What Is Lead Generation?

11 Conferences for B2B Marketers to Attend in the Second Half of 2013

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Marketingsherpa Lead Gen Summit. With more than 1,000 expert-led sessions, Dreamforce promises the latest in product updates, hands-on experience with new technologies, and tips and tricks directly from experts. Events Search Engine Marketing Blog

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How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


From blog posts to landing pages to job postings, your website may be made up of tens, hundreds; even thousands of individual pages. Otherwise, you're leaving potentially massive lead and sales numbers on the table. How to Generate Leads from the Most Popular Pages on Your Website.

6 Must-Have Website Calls-to-Action that are Sure to Convert

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Author: Dayna Rothman When it comes to converting leads and making lasting impressions, your website is where the magic happens. Calls-to-action ( or CTAs) are at the center of your website’s lead generation power. And that means you can ask for lead information in exchange!

The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book. It’s easier said than done which is why firms like mine exist, to implement proper lead generation tactics that build revenue. General B2B Marketing & Lead Generation.

15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing


marketers use, 12 different marketing tactics on average, with case studies being the fifth most popular after social media content, enewsletters, blogs, and website articles. A CTA leading to your case studies page. Bonus Tip: Get personal. In Lead-Gen Content.

B2B Marketers: How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Leads

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer So you’ve gotten more of the right kind of website traffic. The next step is to get your website visitors to convert from prospects into leads. Here are the basics of what you need to convert all those website visitors into leads.

The Secrets to Creating a Lead-Generating Ebook [Video]


I mean, it’s basically just a really long blog post, right? You still need to add clickable hyperlinks to your ebook (which can sometimes be a pain) and you need to set up a landing page with a lead capture form. lead generation Creating an ebook? I can do that.

43 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Gen Content


So you just created a piece of content for lead generation -- congrats! . Did you know, tweets with images generate 55% more leads than Tweets without images?!). Blogging. Blogging drives traffic to your landing pages and website better than any other tool.

18 Facebook Post Ideas for New Home Builders


Contests take a little more work, especially if you want them to act as a lead capture tool, but they can be extremely successful in terms of getting your current audience engaged as well as attracting new people to your page. 7) Offer Seasonal Tips. 15) Share Blog Content.

53 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Interactive Content Creation Platform

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With lead form completion rates in the 40% range, interactive content provides marketers with the ability to improve lead quality and to speed MQL creation. Where do you plan to publish your content (website, email, blog, social channels, mobile, all of the above)?

Creating Internal Buy-In for Inbound Marketing in Higher Education


We talked with Val and she walked us through three tips for creating internal buy-in. You don’t have to implement a new website, blog, email marketing campaign, and SEO strategy all at once. Our leads have already doubled just by simply optimizing our lead capture.”.


Sights and Sounds of SXSW: Transformational Marketing and The Era of Engagement

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No lead nurturing , and too much focus on the bottom-of-the-funnel. Created a multi-channel lead generation program that would enable lead capture and nurture through Marketo. 6,788 opted in leads. Definitely some great tips to try right away.

What Is a Maturity Assessment? And How to Make One in 5 Steps


For the business, it’s a discovery tool that helps better qualify leads based on responses within the assessment – to see if they’re “ready.”. . Ask them about what information is essential to them to properly qualify leads. Step 4: Marketing Automation/ Lead Scoring Tool.

Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing


Any savvy inbound marketer "gets" that once you've done all that hard work to get visitors to your website, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business. You're a savvy inbound marketer, so you maintain a business blog that features articles about painting tips and tricks.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. 6) Blogging. An individual or group of people usually maintains a blog. 7) Business Blogging. 24) Cost-per-Lead (CPL). 49) Lead.