What is a bulk email blast?


via GIPHY Instead, it would just be called an email blast. An email blast is an email campaign sent to a large set of contacts or all the contacts in your list, triggered at the same time. Few characteristics of an email blast: Email is sent only to legit subscribers (opt-in list).

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Guide to Bulk Email Blasts (Best Practices That Work in 2020)


via GIPHY Instead, it would just be called an email blast. An email blast is an email campaign sent to a large set of contacts or all the contacts in your list, triggered at the same time. Few characteristics of an email blast. The mailing list is not segmented.

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The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: Direct Mail Platforms

Heinz Marketing

Today’s post is about Direct Mail Platforms. First lets talk about what I mean when I say Direct Mail Platforms. You have gifting platforms, direct mail platforms, and direct mail automation platforms. Direct Mail Platforms.

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Making Industrial E-mail Marketing More Relevant

Industrial Marketing Today

E-mail marketing to a house list continues to be the top marketing channel for many industrial companies and manufacturers according to Trends in Industrial Marketing 2011 from GlobalSpec. The biggest challenge in e-mail marketing faced by industrial marketers, besides not enough resources, is getting their subscribers to pay attention to their emails when everybody’s inboxes are already overflowing with messages. E-mail List Hygiene.

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Why Email Blasts Should Be a Relic of the Past


It’s because I never open any of the mail I receive. Most of the physical mail that appears in my mailbox are self-serving sales pitches or coupons from brands that somehow collected my personal information. Needless to say, most of the mail they send me is irrelevant and unwarranted, and every time I see their marketing messages in my mailbox, I happily pitch them in the recycling bin. They’re called email blasts. Why Brands Shouldn’t Send Email Blasts Anymore.

Industrial E-mail Marketing: Use Application Notes to Engage Engineers

Industrial Marketing Today

E-mail marketing to in-house lists is the most popular marketing channel for reaching engineers and industrial professionals. Notice how e-mail marketing using rented/purchased lists drops down significantly – it is third from the bottom! You can use application notes to create email content in one of two ways as follows: Write them as blog posts and send out a monthly e-mail newsletter summarizing new articles for that month.

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Using Webinar Metrics to Blast CRM Data to the Next Level


Frequently, companies distill this vital information into a simple e-mail-harvesting exercise, with customer details folded into an automated email routine, missing out on gaining value from webinar metrics. The post Using Webinar Metrics to Blast CRM Data to the Next Level appeared first on emedia. Webinars are a highly popular component of the digital marketing toolbox, but harnessing the rich customer data they yield is still a missed opportunity.

Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload - HBS Working Knowledge

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload. E-mail can be a tremendous waste of time unless you know how to tame the savage beast, says Stever Robbins. So they send you e-mail. Over 100 real e-mails come in each day. Im buried in e-mail and chances are, youre not far behind. Before e-mail, senders shouldered the burden of mail. Writing, stamping, and mailing a letter was a lot of work. E-mail bludgeoned that system in no time.

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3 Effective Ways to Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Multi-Channel Campaigns


Author: Patrick Groover Have you taken a close look at your direct mail lately? To some, direct mail may seem like a marketing method of the past. However, coupled with a sophisticated marketing automation platform, direct mail is getting a facelift that may make it a channel that helps you differentiate your go-to-market strategy. Rethinking Direct Mail. Here are three ways to use direct mail in your cross-channel marketing campaigns: 1.

4 tips for using Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) to promote events


Electronic Direct Mail is a great way to warm a prospect up to some great event, but warm up means warm up, not blast them with too much heat. The post 4 tips for using Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) to promote events appeared first on align.me. Let me explain how to warm up your prospects. In B2B, there are all sorts of events that we might want to warm a prospect up […]. B2B marketing blog email marketing

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Direct mail for the complex sale that really works

B2B Lead Generation

« Podcast: Duct Tape meets Lead Generation for the Complex Sale | Main | Podcast: Interview on the Cullinane & Green Report » Direct mail for the complex sale that really works With the proliferation of e-mail and its resulting abuses, direct mail has become almost a novel approach by comparison. Because it performs so well in other arenas, many marketing practitioners believe that direct mail will do the same for their B2B lead generation programs.

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Social Distancing: Marketing’s New Strategic Mandate

Marketing Craftmanship

Many companies have abused email to such a great extent — bombarding clients, prospects and referral sources with email blasts, self-serving newsletters and other useless information — that it’s now extremely difficult to get noticed or gain meaningful traction.

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Are Pitch Letters The Cinderella Of Content Marketing?

Marketing Craftmanship

For example, if a few ducks are hit by their initial shotgun blast — perhaps by clicking on a blog post link — the marketer can then identify and attempt to take down those particular ducks with another more targeted round or two.

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Direct Marketing: 6 steps to drive more through sales pipeline

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet We’ve all heard about how the digital age has been brutal for print media , and I fully expected direct mail to be taking a hit as well. A report-writing software generates $12,000 in weekly revenues from a direct mail investment of $1,930. These direct-response campaigns did not achieve success with old-school batch-and-blast direct mail approaches, however. Know the issues that will be most compelling to them, and use their jargon in your direct mail pieces. “We

6 Horrific Practices of Direct Mail (and What Great Email Marketers Do Instead)


Let’s rip the Band-Aid off right away: Direct mail''s a pain in the butt. While we’re thankful to see companies figure out what makes a great marketing email , we still couldn’t resist exploring direct mail’s tactics and how they compare to successful inbound marketing campaigns. Email Marketing vs. Direct Mail. As someone in the marketing world, when I get a new direct mail offer, I just stare in awe. Direct mail? We’ve all experienced this type of direct mail.

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Six Ways to Connect with Hard-to-Reach Business Buyers


Send (Lumpy) Direct Mail. Email was supposed to kill direct mail. The very ease of sending (and deleting) email messages has made physical mail more appealing to recipients and less likely to be ignored. Forbes reports that “direct mail’s response rates are actually anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital.” ” Not just any direct mail, though.

Do You Need Marketing Automation to Do Lead Nurturing? Sort Of.

The Point

Without marketing automation, nurturing is relegated to only the most simple “batch & blast” campaigns – that is, one-time batch broadcasts to a fixed list. B2B Marketing Demand Generation E-mail Lead Management Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation b2b demand generation email marketing lead nurturing best practices lead nurturing strategy lead nurturing tips Marketo agency Marketo consultant

Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

They provide examples of how the target audience behaves in their personal lives where they TiVo through commercials, use caller ID to ignore telemarketing calls, direct mail pieces go straight to trash and of course, nobody ever reads a newspaper or a trade magazine anymore. This where traditional outbound marketing like print ads, phone calls and direct mail can help in maintaining top-of-mind awareness even when the prospect is not actively looking to buy.

Boost Email Relevancy With Dynamic Content

Industrial Marketing Today

Simply stated, dynamic content is mail merge on steroids. Whenever you are tempted to use “batch and blast” emails, stop! B2B E-Mail Marketing Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Sales Strategies Dynamic content email marketing Engineering marketing Industrial MarketingEmail marketing has been a staple of industrial marketing for a long time. However, many of these marketers are now experiencing declining open and click through rates.

E-mail overload costs organizations over $5,000 per user per year

The ROI Guy

E-mail has grown to be one of the most important communication and collaboration tools for business. As a result of its utility, according to IDC e-mail volume has doubled over the past 5 years to over 40 billion person to person e-mails daily. For the average e-mail user over 30% of their day is now spent on creating, organizing, reading and responding to e-mail, a significant amount of time that could potentially be streamlined.

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The Importance of Post-Holiday Email Relief


The 2016 holiday mailing season may be behind marketers, but many top brands show no sign of backing down from sky high email volumes heading into the New Year. Adhering to best practices – including limiting mailings to only the most engaged subscribers on a given list – is a key component of that strategy. Even with sales revenue on the line, the more unwanted mail recipients receive, the more likely they are to flag it as spam, ignore it, or delete it outright.

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Christmas in July: Consistency is the Key to Email Success


Unfortunately, make-or-break holiday revenue will cause some marketers to ignore these practices and roll the dice with abnormally large volumes of mail. This typically manifests itself by senders overriding the engagement criteria on their campaigns, and batch-and-blast mailing to entire lists of subscribers with heavy frequency, fatiguing subscribers. It’s My List, Why Can’t I Mail as I Please?

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When Reframing Email Marketing Strategies Consider These 7 Tips


So, instead of blasting emails to your subscribers or target audience, you must think of out-of-the-box personalizations for higher engagement rates and conversion rates. For instance, on gaining a new lead or subscriber, welcome them with an appreciation mail within a day.

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6 Surefire Strategies to Improve Your Bulk Email Campaign Performance


Apply KonMari (Declutter) to your clean mailing list: Marie Kondo shot to internet stardom as a guru of personal and home organization. Hence, the need to clean your mailing list. Here is how mail merge helps.

COVID-19’s Impact on Global Email Communication: How to Maintain High Deliverability

Higher Logic

Recently, I’ve seen a spike in the amount of email communications going through our servers, so I dug into how mail receivers are reacting to the influx of mail to their systems. These involved email blasts sent to large contact lists that hadn’t received mailings in months or more.

Does Cold Email Still Work During COVID–19?


Cold mails replaced cold calls as they were out-phased from conventional marketing techniques due to lack of efficiency. The secret behind a successful cold mail campaign lies in innovation and creativity that lies in scripting the mail.

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The New Rules of Engagement with Social Media Influencers


Simply sending out the same e-mail blast to 100 or so influencers in the hopes that a large group of them will respond positively is a mistake. If your company or brand is trying to build relationships online with social media influencers , there are several things to keep in mind. Here are the new rules of engagement with social media influencers. #1: 1: Understand the Needs and Interests of These Influencers.

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Wix Email Marketing Vs Mailchimp: Which Is Best For Your Business? [2020]


According to Blue Mail Media , over 196 billion emails are sent daily and 109 billion of those emails are business emails. Wix lets you send email blasts to your contacts. These email blasts can be promotions or newsletters.

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Why Use Handwritten Letters at Scale for B2B


Some more important or emphasized pitches, offers, or negotiations utilize physical printed mail. These letters can be efficiently mass-printed and most of the mailing process is automated. Guest post by Kas Andz.

Earned-media micro-influencer marketing master class


The initial blast is akin to speed-dating. While I might be willing to chase down the contact info of A-D-list bloggers via forms or hunting them down via LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger, Dailymile mail, or Twitter DMs, I only engage long-tail bloggers if they share their email address gladly. Outreach: Yet Another Mail Merge.

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What is Tactile Marketing Automation? Definition, Best Practices, Real-World Examples

Martech Advisor

TMA is the integration of direct mail with your marketing automation platform or CRM. It strikes a balance between digital and direct mail efforts and creates a truly multichannel approach to automated marketing campaigns.

Part II: Prepping for Holiday Email Sends


In the first part of this series , we focused on ways to solve and prevent delivery issues to make way for building and sustaining a positive sender reputation so this year’s holiday mail will experience positive deliverability (i.e., getting more mail to the inbox. Those may seem like a lot of steps to take for a few days of sending, but they are all steps that are going to make it more likely for your mail to send without any issues this holiday season.

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Renting vs. Owning – A Marketer’s Guide


For example, in June 2017, Facebook announced it was changing the computer algorithm behind its News Feed again to limit the reach of people known to frequently blast out links to clickbait stories, sensationalist websites and misinformation. Thankfully, marketers have plenty to choose from, including mobile push notifications, websites, blogs, email and direct mail.

Account-based Marketing (ABM) Tactics to Try | Strategic IC


Direct mail and gifting. Direct mail has been around since - well since forever. We’ve seen a huge surge in the use of direct mail and gifting from our clients. "With ABM always lead with Strategy. Get that right first and the rest (channel tactics, creatives, Martech, etc.)

Building a Good Brand Relationship via Email Marketing


Getting people to sign up for your mailing list is easy compared to keeping them subscribed. No one likes to feel part of an “email blast.” How to boost your engagement rate and reduce unsubscribes.

Email Marketing Statistics Every Business Must Consider

Only B2B

To be precise, the first email blast was sent in 1978 to 400 recipients for the promotion of the company and resulted in $13 Million sales. The government related mails have been observed with the highest open rate of 28.77%.

How to Get More Responses From Your Cold Emails

Single Grain

This post was updated for 2019 to include more actionable info to get better responses from your cold e-mails. The average person gets 147 e-mails a day — most of which are spammy promos and sales deals. Most terrible cold e-mails start with a generic “congrats on your funding” or “it seems like you’re growing” message, which aren’t tailored to the reader: Is it any wonder that most salespeople struggle to get a response rate of even 10%? Send Your E-mail at the Right Time.

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