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YouTube Views Don’t Matter – Here Are 5 Metrics That Do


“Wow, that YouTube video has got more than a million views already!” ” Have you ever thought this after seeing a company’s so-called “viral” video? The YouTube view count is probably the most well-known statistic in social media.

How a small family business pulled off one of the greatest successes in YouTube history

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This is the story of how an entrepreneur used a shoe and a wine bottle to create one of the most successful videos in YouTube history and transform his small family-owned business. ” Our initial activity was to come up with the data that could lead to insight. Then viral happened.

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This Is Your Brain on Viral Content: What Psychology Says You'll Click On


In a given day, we send 400 million tweets , upload 144,000 hours of YouTube video, and publish 4.75 Sure, a merely informative or interesting piece can get a couple hundred social engagements, but viral isn’t just informative: It’s an emotional experience.

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An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices


To give you a broad view of the content marketing best practices now in being used in the industry, we thought we’d package them up like ABCs. Also make sure you’ve got your blog set up for maximum lead generation. And its sister best practice – conversion optimization.

Is there a “content pattern” that builds a brand?

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Everybody wants their content to go viral. But if you have ever been lucky enough to have something rise up the charts for a day or two, you will attest to the fact that after a short spike in traffic, viral content rarely has a long-term effect on your business.

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33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far


What’s the best process for developing a social media marketing plan? Find the answers to those questions and many more here in almost three dozen of the best social media tips, how-to guides, lists and reports of 2012 so far. YouTube Tips & Tactics.

Generating Leads from a Facebook Fan/Business Page Engagement Strategy


Facebook and B2B lead generation. Have you considered Facebook as a channel for lead generation? Understand Content Strategy. It’s best to utilize an editorial calendar to plan your posts. Lead Gen Content. This tab includes multiple opportunities for lead generation.

How Carlsberg Produces Probably the Best Beer Content in the World


In 1973, ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi gave Carlsberg the tagline “Probably the best beer in the world.” The Carlsberg Group’s Denmark team includes a creative lead, who drives the development of creative concepts, and a journalist with a background in music.

42 Experts Explain How to Get Better Qualified Leads with Interactive Content


61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be qualified (MarketingSherpa). How can you better qualify leads to free your sales team up to spend more time on revenue-generating activities?

Accountants are Cool (No, Really!).Show the World with Video Marketing


Just recently, I was searching YouTube for some interesting samples of how accounting firms have integrated video marketing into their marketing strategy. The increase in web hits and social media followers has resulted in greater brand awareness and eventually leads.

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An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices


To give you a broad view of the content marketing best practices now in being used in the industry, we thought we’d package them up like ABCs. Also make sure you’ve got your blog set up for maximum lead generation. And its sister best practice – conversion optimization.

105 ways to build your email list | Tips, tactics, and best practices

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Conduct a heat map test to identify best places for opt-in buttons. Launch a viral competition in which subscribers benefit by recruiting others. Incorporate opt-in links to your promotional YouTube videos. On Pinterest, attract subscribers via Pins leading to your signup form. The post 105 ways to build your email list | Tips, tactics, and best practices appeared first on Vertical Response Blog.

8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game

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There are more than 1,000 blog posts and 400 hours of YouTube video uploaded every minute in a never-ending war for attention. You’re probably keeping a stranglehold on your leading position by publishing relevant, helpful, and interesting content on a consistent basis.

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


How are social media marketing best practices evolving? How can marketers make the best use of visual content? Find the answers to these questions and more here in some of the best guides to social media marketing and measurement of the past year.

8 Killer Tips for Harnessing the Power of SlideShare


Business owners are receiving 500 percent more traffic from SlideShare than from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. Popular content tools, such as BuzzSumo, allow you to see what topics have produced the most viral results. For example, you can insert YouTube videos.

Expert Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn for Lead Generation

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Whether you add a link to a landing page or embed a Youtube video, your company page needs to fully develop all of the real estate that LinkedIn provides. LinkedIn groups allow you to connect with new people and generate new leads as a result of the creation and fostering of that group.

B2B Video Content Marketing on Youtube

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Today, I will touch on a few reasons why Marketers should consider video content creation and Youtube to get found online by the right prospects. B2B content creators should seriously consider creating videos and uploading them to Youtube.


17 Realistic Ways to Get More Website Traffic


Videos are often the best choice for reformatting. And remember: YouTube is the second largest search engine…. 8) Try MyBlogU, Viral Content Buzz, and other private content sharing networks. But, of course, you’ll lose the leads if you skip the gating.

12 Ideas to Ignite Your Content NOW

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The people following a hashtag from every corner of the earth might be starting a company, a discussion that leads to innovation, or the overthrow of a government. So here is my Ever-So-Useful List of Best Blog Post Headline Practices: Make it “tweetable short.”

A Complete Guide to Social Media-Based Lead Generation for IT and Software Companies


Given this state of affairs, IT and software companies have had to rely more and more on lead generation to be successful in the modern marketplace. Business lead generation directly affects revenue by becoming a constant source of loyal, passionate customers.

How to put the "Viral" in B2B Marketing Viral Campaigns?

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Does viral work for B2B marketing? We asked B2B Marketing experts: What are the components of a "good" viral B2B Marketing Campaign? Every B2B marketer wants their content to be so widely acclaimed that it goes “viral.” Does viral work for B2B marketing?

7 social media lies the gurus want you to swallow

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Starting around 2006, viral marketing was announced as the end-all be-all to getting a low cost audience. When there are more than 100 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute, you’d better ante up. By {grow} Community Member Gregory Pouy.

"Helpful" is the New "Viral"


So, you’re going to make a “viral video.” You’re going to post it on YouTube and Facebook. The truth is you are more likely to wake up with your head sewn to the carpet than to see your next marketing campaign (video or otherwise) “go viral.”

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Trends of 2017


Like the best surfers, the leading marketers have developed an eye for big movements in their space. AI touches like these not only improve service but also help accrue more data, providing businesses with the information they need to convert leads to sales.

78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far)


Here’s a modest contribution to help with that effort; more than six dozen of the best, most bookmark-able articles and blog posts about social media tactics, tools and strategies written so far this year, by leading writers like John Jantsch , Lori Dicker , Lee Odden , Lisa Barone , Jay Baer and many more. Todd Heim supplies a helpful guide to best practices for building a following on and generating traffic from social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Mixx and Propeller.

Creating a content marketing plan — without any content

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When somebody talks about “content marketing,&# they’re really talking about “content engineering&# — scientifically optimizing documents such as blogs, case studies and white papers to create search engine results and sales leads.

How to Write a Creative Brief for Your Next Video Project (with Template)


Recently, Act-On had a sales kickoff that included 17 videos created for (and during) the event, either to be shown there or used in an email campaign leading up to the event. Will the video be hosted by you, YouTube, or another third-party (we currently use Vidyard for our videos at Act-On).

Video Marketing Works for B2B, Too: Insights from the Software Benchmark Report

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However, many marketers are overcoming the hurdles as they discover that video can do more than build buzz and gain YouTube followers. In the survey, respondents were asked to rank the demand- and lead-generation effectiveness of various types of content, offers and calls-to-action (CTAs).

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

Modern B2B Marketing

Take YouTube, for example. Second only to Google, YouTube has rapidly emerged as an easy-to-use and reliable search tool; it overtook Yahoo as the second largest search engine in 2008 and is now the fastest-growing media platform in history. Capture sales leads with longer form video.

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“Change Before You Have To”…Think Conversion NOW


Effective and long-term B2B lead generation success, however, can only come from consistently adding value to your target audience. If you say you are a leading technology company that helps companies save costs and save the environment, it’s not enough to talk about it online.

Why Video Should Play a Vital Role in Your Content Marketing Strategy


Platforms like YouTube, Vidyard, and Wistia have transformed this medium into something that any business in any industry can—and should—capitalize on. Related: The Best B2B Video Marketing Resources. Two Brands Leading the Way. Its YouTube page has more than 5.1

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4 Ways to Elevate Your Marketing with Great Content

Modern B2B Marketing

Buyers are more informed, and it’s all about earning their attention—giving them the best customer experience. The brands that are leading the pack have nailed down these three key areas: content, channels, and insights. Go deeper versus going viral.

Are Infomercials Cool Now? 7 Examples You'll Actually Want to Watch


Ad run times that once pushed the 30-minute mark on late night TV have been cut down to a more YouTube-friendly five minutes. You might have seen their outrageously successful debut ad for Squatty Potty , which boosted the company's sales by 600% in 2015 and racked up 29 million YouTube views.

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How do I create a feast in an era of content snacking?

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At first, it we were preoccupied with “viral,” followed by “buzz,” then came “social networks,” and within the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat. But how does this content and activity lead to a breakout?

10 Impressive Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


The affordable clothing chain tapped social media influencer Meghan Rienks to appear in a series of promotional posts on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. million Instagram followers and 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)


As many companies have learned the hard way, unanswered complaints on social networks can go viral, causing real damage to a company’s brand. There are, on average, 700 YouTube video links shared on Twitter every minute, and 500 years worth of YouTube videos watched on Facebook every day.

New Data: Should You Include Social Media Icons on Your Homepage?


At 14%, YouTube will grow as video marketing continues to emerge as the future of content, but currently suffers from a slower adoption rate compared to written content. YouTube. YouTube. This post originally appeared on and is reprinted here with permission.

The ‘Less Is More’ Content Strategy


Research from Hubspot to Neil Patel has also found that increasing content can increase both traffic and leads. Back in 2012 Hubspot kicked off the debate with data showing that as the number of monthly blog posts increased so did traffic and inbound leads.

A Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Facebook and Instagram with Video


The viewers, in general, respond best to light, humorous content. Of late, the best genre of video content on the platform has been “How-To” videos, like the ever viral Tasty videos. Take a look at your analytics from previous Facebook posts and note what has worked best.

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6 Engagement Marketing Lessons from Successful Video Bloggers

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Furthermore, data shows that a YouTube personality needs almost 800,000 subscribers just to break into VidStatX’s list of top 100 vloggers. Ron Gelok is an entrepreneur and professional network marketer who vlogs on his YouTube channel, Ron Gelok III: Empowering People to Prosper.