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How To Strategize For The New Eloqua Release


This week I attended the Atlanta Eloqua User Group at Oracle’s Atlanta offices. It was a great meetup, as we had Thamina Christenson with the Eloqua Product Marketing team presenting Eloqua’s latest features and future roadmap. Let us know and share some of your best-practices.

Oracle Buys Eloqua: Winners and Losers for B2B Marketing Automation

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Oracle announced today that it has agreed to purchase B2B marketing automation leader Eloqua for $23.50 This was a bit of a surprise, given that Eloqua just went public in August. It suggests that neither Oracle nor Eloqua management felt the company was substantially undervalued.

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Secret Sauce: 8 Tips from Demand Generation “Master Chefs”

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Sam works with enterprise clients to develop demand generation strategies. Success in demand generation is like cooking: It’s the just-right combination of careful planning, meticulous measurement, and making sure the oven is always set to the right temperature.

The Best of the Best: 2016 Video Marketing Awards


Lenovo also needed to ensure the results of this campaign made it into Eloqua, their Marketing Automation Platform. Best Personalized Video Campaign – Reltio. Best Use of Video for Sales Prospecting or ABM – MongoDB. Marketing can be a bit of a thankless job.

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The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book. By reading books from the best thought leaders in the country, a tremendous amount of insight, strategies, and tactics can be reviewed, and hopefully implemented in your firm. .

Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)


Read on to learn how social media is changing PR, how pitching bloggers is different from traditional media outreach, how to optimize press releases for search and online distribution, which tools should be in your social PR toolbox and more here in some of the best articles and blog posts on social PR of 2010 so far. Among the tools noted are Omniture (web and social media analytics), Eloqua (marketing automation / demand generation software) and Twitalyzer (Twitter-specific measurement).

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Social Selling: 10 Actionable Tips From LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton

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This assessment comes from “the source” — or LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Social Marketing, Koka Sexton , who shared some serious scoop about the effectiveness of social selling during a webinar hosted by Demand Gen Report this week. LinkedIn is, in all senses of the phrase, “Where it’s at,” as a vast majority ( 76%) of execs say they actively use the business social network to share content , according to Demand Gen Report’s B2B Buyer Behavior Survey.

4 Dimensions of Effective B2B Marketing Plans

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Image a planning process so streamlined marketers could model and predict their impact on revenue before they spent a dime. To deliver on these demands, marketing leaders have become more activity focused — executing more campaigns, programs and tactics into their markets.

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3 Key Takeaways From Megan Heuer’s Sales and Marketing Therapy Session

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You’ve tried everything to show you care from marketing automation to expensive investments in process and content. This model isn’t well served by traditional, broad-based demand creation.

Content Creation Fundamentals


I think it comes from wanting to be the best at everything and just not knowing how to start. According to the State of Content Marketing Report 2014 Survey Report by LookBook HQ and Oracle Eloqua, marketers are producing a lot of content.

Spin A Story That Stands Above The Noise: Content Marketing Tips From ?Ardath Albee

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Join Ardath Albee , author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale , and our community of modern marketers at Eloqua Experience 2013 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. Can you speak to the significance of the role’s growing demand? .

18 Marketing Challenges Cited by Leaders at the CMO Club Summit

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The changing role of the CMO (digital and data demands). Managing the longevity of the CMO’s role with improved accountability processes. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The CMO has got more than 99 problems, and content is likely one of them.

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‘Snackable’ Formats Driving Content Marketing

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by Eloqua | Tweet this What makes being a Modern Marketer so special? While marketers make a greater effort to provide content consumers with easy-to-access information, they’re able to better cultivate a role in the usually independent buying process.

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3 Reports Every Marketer Should Run to Measure Lead Scoring Effectiveness

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Alexandre Papillaud , Director, Global Demand Center at McAfee. After you read these reporting analysis tips, go into Eloqua and in your CRM and generate these reports: #MQLs by Lead Score and Geography.

4 Must Haves To Enhance Your Marketing Analysis Strategy [New Guide]

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by Eloqua | Tweet this Are you reporting on the right information to support your organization’s efforts, and more importantly, maximized experiences with your brand? The Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall ™ is a great place to start.

Sales Enablement Danger


I am a huge proponent of utilizing innovative technologies to streamline business processes and I am fascinated by the history of technology. It’s been nearly two decades since marketing automation pushed into the B2B scene with the introduction of Eloqua in 1999.

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Define and Conquer: Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

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At its best, the relationship between sales and marketing is like a fresh romance. So, to help your organization move towards blissful compatibility, we recommend a process-driven, metrics-oriented approach. This is best done through a service level agreement, said Maya Kamoshita, Sr.

Interview with Moni Oloyede

Onalytica B2B

She has worked with all the major marketing automation companies – Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, and ExactTarget. She has a proven track record in integrated marketing, especially with establishing digital presence through SEO optimization, lead generation process, and website optimization.

Infusionsoft Helps Clients Map Their Marketing Strategy

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Indeed, you could sniff that Infusionsoft is only now adding campaigns, in the sense of a container to link separate process flows. Others have used its sequential processes either separately, to automate a variety of annoying manual tasks, or by painstakingly stringing them together by themselves or with professional help. Other savings come from running simple automated processes against that integrated data.

Go For the 2013 Markie Awards! 4 Reasons to Share Your Marketing Flair

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We’re gearing up for Eloqua Experience 2013 , the Modern Marketing event that brings together marketers to learn, grow, and celebrate success! Executing on process and execution isn’t always easy, and you should be applauded for your work to acclimate and outpace!

3 Cool Lead Nurturing Programs You’re Not Running

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Not only does it automate marketing processes , but it also alleviates some of the pain sales feels when trying to build relationships. 3 Cool Lead Nurturing Programs You’re Not Running is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. Lead Nurturing b2b marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Email Marketing lead generation lead management lead nurturing best practices marketing automation

New Benchmark Conversion Rates for Lead Stages [Infographic]

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by Eloqua | Tweet this Maribeth Ross, Chief Content Officer and Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy analyst at the Aberdeen Group, recently released new research on how Best-in-Class companies are measuring and reporting conversion through lead stages.

Getting Started Guide for Marketing Automation

The Effective Marketer

Problem is, sometimes the rush to get the software installed and running ends up trampling the creation of processes, content planning, and other key ingredients that are necessary for a successful marketing automation implementation. Before you jump into it head first and spend countless hours setting up all the landing pages, workflows, and start messing with scoring models it’s best to take a step back and make sure you and all your team are in sync.

Eloqua SmartStart Speeds Marketing Automation Deployment, But It's Still Work

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Summary: Eloqua's SmartStart gets marketers rolling in less than one week. It does require extensive preparation, but Eloqua leads you through that too. Let's face it, folks: putting a good demand generation program in place is real work. Eloqua last week announced a money-back satisfaction guarantee for clients who participate in its SmartStart deployment program. Eloqua Director of Key Accounts Jill Rowley scheduled a talk with me a few days later and filled me in.

Lead Generation: When To Use Registration Forms

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The problem is that not everyone in the buying process is ready for this type of content. For definitional purposed, “gating” refers to the process of requiring someone to fill out a registration form in order to view or download a piece of content. Demand Generation

Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy

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We talked to Peter O’Neill, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research , where he leads research on B2B demand generation and channel marketing, managing a small group of analysts and working with other analysts who serve CMOs and other marketing leaders. Social media and our digitally-driven on demand culture has drastically changed the way that buyers navigate their purchase process.

6Sense Finds B2B Prospects Using Web Site Activities

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Standard integrations are available for , Oracle Eloqua and Marketo. APIs can load data from other sources, potentially including other CRM marketing automation products, Web logs, order processing, call centers, media impressions, and pretty much anything else. Individual models predict the individual’s likelihood to be the best sales contact. I mentioned 6Sense briefly in a recent post about vendors who help companies find prospects on the Web.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: On B2B Demand Generation tools and Lead Generation Dashboards

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Call for speakers: MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit 5 dials to tune in your lead generation process Recent Comments Copyright This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

5 Reasons Thought Leadership Marketing Matters

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The more than 1,000 sales and marketing pros heading to Eloqua Experience tomorrow are in for an insightful mix of best practices and big picture strategies. Because the Sales Process Starts Early and Ends Late.

How to Generate More Opt-ins With Your Email Marketing Campaign

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She works primarily with financial technology firms to refine their integrated marketing strategy and content marketing programs, helping them facilitate the customer buying process.

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10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap

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This was one of many central takeaways from Demand Gen Report’s B2B Content2Conversion Conference this week at the Times Center in New York. Gallery owners find the best pieces of art from around the world, bring it together and juxtapose it appropriately.

B2B Marketing Trends From Eloqua Experience 09 Via Twitter

Anything Goes Marketing

Earlier this month I left my newborn and poor wife at home for an unforgettable week at Eloqua Experience in San Francisco. While there were a few keynote speakers, the conference focused on having the Eloqua community share their experiences so we could all learn from each other.

Simplify Your Approach with Technology


Not long after integrating Eloqua with Salesforce CRM, this client recouped its investment and created a $36 million opportunity pipeline. And you need to commit to people and process excellence in order to optimize the technology and get the best results.

Predictive Analytics and Modern Marketing: Q&A with Mintigo’s Atul Kumar

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The most recent addition to this list is Mintigo’s latest Oracle Marketing AppCloud application that brings predictive lead scoring and data enrichment capabilities directly within Eloqua. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers.

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6 Tools for Turning Content Consumers into Customers

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Progressive profiling lowers those barriers by only requesting the data you need, and don’t have, from those who want access to your best stuff. . This article originally appeared in Demand Gen Report , which publishes really good stuff.

Is a Player in Marketing Automation Software?


However, there are several best-of-breed players in the market that have developed robust, feature-rich systems that can handle the most sophisticated marketing strategies. Guest post by Lauren Carlson.

5 Ways to Personalize Emails and Enhance Open Rates

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Email helps support overall multi-touch communications strategies, enabling marketers to deliver these targeted messages based on customer preference across different points in the buyer’s purchase process. Our on-demand culture is driving personalized expectations.

3 Ways to Use Lead Scoring Within Your Marketing Automation Programs

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This retains the explicit stage criteria, which may help marketers visualize who is in each stage and how best to treat them. For example, Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring defines lead scoring as “a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness.” ** Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Lead Scoring puts it nicely: lead scoring “helps marketing and sales professionals identify where each prospect is in the buying process.”.

What B2B Marketers Need To Know About Video

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For marketers, it’s the best way to connect with audiences in a personal and emotional way. We partner with Vidyard to help us centrally manage our video content, track the viewing activities of each contact within Oracle Eloqua, and analyze the impact of each video.

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How to Nurture Contacts Beyond the Inbox

Modern Marketing

The SIIA CODiE Awards validated this evolving definition of marketing automation with their selection of Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing for Oracle Eloqua as 2014’s Best Marketing Automation Solution.