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Confusing Customer Segmentation, Buyer Profiling, and Buyer Personas Harms Marketing

Tony Zambito

Compounding the issue today is the prevalent use of the term buyer persona to describe customer segmentation and buyer profiling efforts. The issue I am referring to is the confusion that can surround distinguishing between customer segmentation, buyer profiling, and buyer personas today.

Identifying Buyer Profiles: 5 Ways To Segment Your Marketing Audience

Modern Marketing

by Jonathan Riemer | Tweet this Let’s face it: unless it is a note from a loved one, or tracking info for a package, emails are interruptive at best. Here are five starting points for consideration if you’re looking to enhance your segmentation: 1. Segment by Persona. ?The

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How to Make Audience Segmentation Truly Personal


When this is done on a group level it is called segmentation. Defining “segmentation” and “personalization” Segmentation and personalization are two different aspects – and, some might say, different generations – of online marketing.

Segmentation: 5 Steps to Help You Send Emails That Your Prospects Actually Want to Read


The answer to these email marketing woes is segmentation and personalization. In fact, companies who use segmentation say it increases conversion rates by up to 30%. Remember that this first step is 100% about the audience and 0% about your company’s product or solution.

The 2016 Complete Guide to List Segmentation

Vertical Response

When it comes to email marketing, list segmentation is the best tool for dissecting your consumer base. A 2015 case study by MarketingSherpa found that proper list segmentation increased open rates by 20 to 40 percent, with a subsequent rise in click-through rates.

What You Get When You Buy Technology


“Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”. As Corporate Visions notes , “In the 1980s, if you had to decide what computer hardware to buy for your company, these words rang through your head. It made your buying decision pretty easy. How to buy marketing technology.

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B2B Market Segmentation – Part 2: How to Approach Segmentation

Everything Technology Marketing

In part one of our segmentation series , we discussed the importance of and rationale behind market segmentation. Let's take a closer look at actual implementation of market segmentation. A better segmentation strategy is to start with why companies purchase a solution.

Turn B2B Buying Into a Social Experience

Tony Zambito

  In others, there has been a mix of complex buying and selling cycles put into play to ultimately reach a purchase transaction.    These days are certainly the best of times and could be the worst of times.  Image via Wikipedia.

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7 Ecommerce Segmentation Hacks for Profitable Customer Loyalty


With the right ecommerce and marketing platforms you have access to advanced customer segmentation that most merchants do not take advantage of. Here are 7 segmentation hacks to boost customer loyalty on your site. 3) Identify Product Experts for Reviews.

Jump-start your content marketing through better market segmentation


Yesterday’s Biznology® Webinar with Monique de Maio was about targeting different customer segments in your marketing.

The 24 Best Interactive Websites of 2015


These are some of the best and brightest stars in a constellation of excellent interactive websites (we’re spending a lot of time in the dark this time of year—apologies for using a ridiculous metaphor). The New York Times: Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


So instead of arming your sales teams with PDFs, make sure your business video content marketing strategy includes many B2B sales videos for all the product, service, and industry segments you serve.

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How B2B CMOs Can Achieve Customer-Centric Marketing With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Making it difficult to move beyond market and role-based segmentation. The goal for a B2B CMO, in today’s digital economy, is to strengthen the common view of customers by which their organization can make informed decisions on how best to be relevant. by Matt Brooks.

The Advantages of Segmenting Your Email Lists

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Luckily, there are ways to minimize your loss, and one of the best ways to keep unsubscribes at a minimum is to use list segmentation. Why Segment? You can also segment your lists based on ‘engaged’ users who open and/or click your emails often.

6 assumptions push marketing gets wrong


Theirs is the world of buying eyeballs and hoping some small percentage of the people attached to the eyeballs do something positive, or at least come away from the experience with a favorable brand impression. “How many people still buy Corona?”

7 lead segmentations to beautify your lead nurture program


Proper segmentation for your lead nurture program is akin to a well-prepared garden bed. The same is true for your nurture – take the time to build great segments and see the sales flower. 7 lead targeting and segmentation ideas to get you started on a beautiful program.

7 lead segmentations to beautify your lead nurture program


Proper segmentation for your lead nurture program is akin to a well-prepared garden bed. The same is true for your nurture – take the time to build great segments and see the sales flower. 7 lead targeting and segmentation ideas to get you started on a beautiful program.

Case Study: Segmentation, New Creative Boosts Lead Conversion Rates by 75%

The Point

Spear conducted a thorough audit of the company’s lead nurturing process, and presented a series of recommendations, focused primarily on segmentation, offer strategy, email cadence, and creative. Design, build and launch separate email tracks for (4) unique buying personas.

What Is Customer Segmentation? A No-Frills Guide For Marketers


This process is referred to as segmentation. In this post, we’ll take a look at customer segmentation, understand what role it plays in marketing today, and highlight some of the marketing challenges associated with it. Customer Segmentation Defined.

Raab Report: Act-On, Eloqua, Pardot, and Marketo Vie to Lead in Mid-Size B2B Marketing Automation Segment

Customer Experience Matrix

I’ve saved the best for last, in the sense that the small to mid-size sector is the heart of the industry and its most complicated arena. Although small businesses generally buy lower-priced systems, they have largely the same requirements as mid-size companies.

Simple steps to website marketing success


Deciding whether you want visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, download a case study, or pick up the phone to call you, will be much more productive. Don’t forget that you likely have multiple audience segments as well. That’s the best way to maximize conversions.

Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Database Segmentation

Lead Liaison

Database Segmentation : its meaning and how to apply it. Many small businesses use tracking services to find information about their prospects or leads, be it contact information, age and gender, or even things like their buying behavior. Lead qualification is a great way to segment.

27 Ways to Slice & Dice Your Email List for Better Segmentation


We've already made the case for list segmentation in email marketing , and we sure hope you've bought in. Still in need of a little refresher on the merits of email list segmentation? 27 Smart Ways to Segment Your Email List. 11) Buying Frequency.

5 Ways Predictive Segmentation Will Help You Identify Your Best Prospects


The days of one-size-fits-all campaigns and casting a wide net in the hopes of catching your best prospects are long gone. Why this segment? Why this segment? But if you target your accounts too early or too late in their buying journey your marketing programs will fall flat.

A Special Message for You: The Power of Personalized Marketing

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Personalized marketing involves targeting your messages, products or services to an individual customer based on data you’ve collected about them (or about a like-minded group of customers). You might even roll out products and services more in line with that group’s preferences.

List Buying: 3 reasons why this tactic can be deadly for marketers

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Editor’s Note: Buy, build or both? Today, she explores the downsides of list buying. You pick it up to hear: “Hi, this is Ima Teleprospector calling from Irrelevant Company, and I wanted to find out when you might be purchasing Irrelevant’s Products.”.

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Best Practices for Buying Marketing Technology: David Raab and Atri Chatterjee Discuss

Marketing Action

They held a three-part Act-On conversation which covered the obstacles to buying technology; common mistakes in buying technology; and best practices in buying technology. So David, tell us: How best can we make this purchasing decision?

Why Product Marketing is Essential to Your B2B Organization


Kaykas-Wolff answered “Without question, product marketing…If I were a marketer restarting my career, I would start in product marketing.”. Despite this comment, some companies still struggle to understanding the value of product marketing. Product Marketing teams are small.

Rethinking Market Strategy In A Digital Economy

Tony Zambito

We have also seen organizations struggle with how best to adapt to new market dynamics related to customer behaviors and the role of content in reaching customers. Buying Behaviors : How people make choices and arrive at purchase decisions are undergoing major transformations.

7 Hot Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity at Work


Customer service, product marketing, and crowdsourcing are among a handful of other ways that early adopters are making use of the Jelly app from a business standpoint. Sounds like a great way to increase your productivity on lengthy plane, train, or automobile rides, huh?

Myth Busting: Understanding Profile-Based Segmentation Analytics vs. Intent-Based Predictive Intelligence


Inevitably, the conversation leads to a discussion about prediction theory and what data is truly indicative of a prospect or account being in an active buying cycle. Takeaway: Segmentation analytics are NOT predictions.

What to Look at When Segmenting Your Audience for Sponsored Content


Creating Segments of Readers. These lists can then be used to power segmented marketing, serving readers with content that’s most appropriate for them on your website and in your emails. So what tools and information should a publisher focus on when segmenting their audiences?

B2B Product Marketing Tips in the Age of the Customer


In the Age of the Customer, the best B2B product marketers are keenly aware of the convergence of understanding buyer personas and building content specifically targeted at those buyer’s needs. Insights from World-Class Product Marketers. of Product Marketing, Pivotal.

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The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools


Experiment with variations on pricing, product recommendations, and features to optimize ad spending. A suite of tools for social media monitoring, social marketing (campaign workflow, audience management, ability to build segmented audiences for social campaigns) and social advertising.

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How to Build a Perfect B2B Product Page


There are a number of good resources out there on how to build effective ecommerce product pages. These product pages tend to be short, highly visual, and optimized for quick purchases -- a style that matches the typical behavior of a B2C consumer. 2) Develop your product positioning.

Product Marketing Best Practices: The Power of Customer Knowledge


We’ve established the importance of product marketing (and if you don’t agree with me, you can read about the value of product marketing here ). But there’s a fundamental value product marketers bring to an organization: customer knowledge.

VisualIQ Connects Attribution to Media Buys

Customer Experience Matrix

The hottest topic within this segment is probably algorithmic attribution, which uses advanced statistics to calculate the incremental impact of each marketing contact on final results. Audience IQ shows the demographics of best customers and results for different segments.

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4 Ways a Longer Consumer Buying Cycle Can Work FOR You

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Maggie Jones Marketing consumer products with a long buying cycle can be a blessing and curse. But on the other hand, a lengthy buying cycle means you’ll have more opportunities to communicate. You can dynamically adjust your offerings to each segments, continuously.

Are marketers getting lost in the Dark Funnel?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

The good news — as with all trends and shifts in the world of marketing — many technology companies are starting to build solutions to address the radical new way customers engage and buy from brands today. By Krista LaRiviere, {grow} Community Member.

Contently Case Story: How brightpeak financial Used Audience Segmentation to Increase Traffic 97 Percent


Paul and Sarah are two fictional personas brightpeak financial has created in order to understand different segments of its target audience—married Christians between the ages of 20 and 45 who are preparing for major milestones in life. Paul is a 27 year-old engineer from Minnesota.