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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: The Best B2B Social Advertising Option Yet?

Digital B2B Marketing

For B2B marketing in particular, I continue to believe LinkedIn’s self-maintained profile data is the best quality data available in the industry. However, for B2B marketers looking to reach specific business audiences, it just might be the best social advertising option yet.

6 Best Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

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Adding direct mail, and dimensional direct mail for specific audiences, is one of the best ways to maximize the overall response rate for an audience. You need to generate leads, right?

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How We Systematically Overvalue Content Consumption

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B2B marketers today are not optimizing programs to reach and engage their best prospects. Stop thinking that there is some marketing-to-sales hand-off that happens and start seeing sales and marketing together as part of how you always engage with the companies that are the best fit for you.

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7 Characteristics of Tomorrow’s Best B2B Marketers

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The best marketers will constantly be gaining knowledge from everything they consume or observe and will then be able to apply that knowledge in a range of circumstances.

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Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

A framework comprising of best practices to consider and red flags to avoid

Google+ for SEO? Don’t Focus on Your Brand Page!

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Example: Included in search results for “best cars” because it was shared by Ford on Google+: Google, Plus Your World was rolled out just over a week ago, and the online world has adopted the rallying call to get onto Google+ for the SEO benefits.

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9 Marketing Words That Have Lost Their Meaning

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Is it perspectives on where your industry is going, best practices, or technical expertise? A best practice guide, vendor comparison, industry perspective and even a sell sheet have been lumped under the heading of whitepaper by many marketers.

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Understanding Intent Behind Content Consumption

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The best potential prospects are looking for information and the links they choose to follow, and those they skip, will give you significantly more information about their intent. You know millions of people saw your content.

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4 Metrics You Need To Track In B2B Lead Generation Programs

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They may be more junior contacts or companies that are too small or large to be your best prospects, but they represent a real possibility of current or future business. Enterprise B2B marketers face a conundrum.

Secrets to Successful B2B Webinars

This best practice guide covers a variety of elements surrounding successful webinar strategy and execution

The B2B Marketing Guide to Paid Content Distribution

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Targeting on Twitter requires some creativity but it is one of the best places for B2B content to be promoted and then organically spread. Outbrain recently booted low quality advertisers out of its network in a bid to make it more attractive to both the best publishers and brand marketers.

4 out of 5 Marketers are Zombies! [Infographic]

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Marketers Blindly Follow They adopt the industry buzzwords and borrow “best practices” from those around them. What, it’s changing? Quick, call it dead! Write an article about how social media is killing advertising! Advertising is Dead. SEO is Dead. Television is Dead.

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5 Key Elements of Modern Inbound Marketing

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Organic Search Engine Optimization Organic search results are the search engine algorithm’s recommendation of the best result for a search.

15 People Every B2B Marketer Should Follow On Twitter

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Digital Marketer | New Tech Curious | Marketing Best Practices & Trends | IDC CMO Advisory Service | Love Boston sports, good food, & delicious beers. As a B2B marketer, it is easy to find people to follow on Twitter, right?

10 Things You Need to Know About B2B Mobile Marketing

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Google is encouraging responsive design , further solidifying it as a best practice all B2B companies should be considering in their mobile plans. You see them everywhere, crossing streets, in meetings, at lunch and even driving.

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5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

B2B Lead Generation: Publisher Programs

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For many content-strapped marketers, this is the best approach (assuming you have a strong nurture program with supporting content, more on this later in the series). Need leads? It will cost you. Between $35 and $65 per registration according to statistics recently published by Madison Logic.

A Guide to Creating a Thought Leadership Campaign

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Write provocative and well researched perspectives on the following topics: Best practices or insider tips for each of 10 priorities for your audience (10 articles). Situation: Your B2B company is not seen as a thought leader in your industry.

How Account Based Advertising Really Works

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Share them in the comments below or connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll do my best to answer! 2015 seemed like a breakout year for account-based advertising, with a flurry of account-based advertising offerings hitting the market.

Lead Generation is Crippling Demand Generation

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Combining Demand Generation and Lead Generation For the best results, you cannot combine lead generation and demand generation. Lead generation and demand generation, although related, are at odds with each other.

B2B Marketing Meets Video: Insights from 21 Marketers

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James Lauffer (@jameslauffer) summed it up best: @ sched You can do a 30 minute video. Just over half (52%) of B2B marketers are now using video, a 27% increase over the year before. However, that means nearly half of B2B marketers are not using video yet.

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7 Step Guide To Creating Perfect Content

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Is it just me, or do you see a sea of content today that is just ok, that might have one or two small nuggets (at best) but does little to educate, inform or inspire versus the time you spend finding and reading it?

Why Content Curation Is Not The Answer

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The value of a content curator is their ability to filter through the volumes of content and select the best, the most original, the most valuable, pieces. The biggest problem in B2B content marketing is that it requires content.

6 B2B Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy To Make

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If you are a creative marketer working on a campaign to reach Linux developers, I would venture there is a very good chance that you won’t even like the creative and marketing ideas that end up working best! Following Best Practice Advice.

B2B Marketers Are Begging For Bad Data

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According to SiriusDecisions , companies with the best quality data drive 70% more revenue through marketing programs than those with simply average data quality. In B2B marketing, bad data represents a huge lost opportunity.

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New Research: B2B Content is a Dead End

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Today, many large B2B marketers are putting a stop to the conversation and cutting off prospects ability to continue finding additional information when potential customers get to their best content.

A New Way To Connect Twitter To Lead Generation

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This extends your retargeting program , often one of the best performing online advertising tactics, to include the audience you have developed in social media.

The Dark Future of Native Advertising

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There is still a short-term opportunity for native publishing, but long-term the best marketers will work to build their own audience. Native advertising, and specifically native publishing programs, will struggle in the future.

6 QR Code Mistakes Marketers Make

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Thankfully, this isn’t nearly as common as it once was, but if someone has a web browser open, a simple link is best. I was sitting in a conference hall and everyone around me had a smartphone, tablet (often with a keyboard) or laptop out. The title on a sponsors flyer on the table caught my attention. I really did want to look them up at the break and learn more. But when I looked closer, my only option was a QR code.

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Why The Analysts Are Wrong About Twitter’s Ad Platform

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60% said Facebook delivers the best ROI, 25% picked LinkedIn and just 5% chose Twitter. What happens when you survey 50 media buyers?

Social Media is Lowering Our Content Standards

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The rules are at best guidelines, and nobody is requiring you to share mediocre content. Sharing has ceased to be an endorsement of the quality of content.

6 Cringeworthy Marketing Technology Failures

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Here is my best guess: Eloqua populates this content dynamically and they didn’t have enough content, or content that matched to the business rules, to populate the entire template for some individuals. Today’s marketing simply wouldn’t exist without marketing technology.

There Is No Vending Machine For Marketing Qualified Leads

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At best, the resulting program is a list of relatively targeted contacts, not leads that are qualified and appropriate to pass to a sales team as leads. If you talk to a publisher or lead generation firm, it would seem leads have become a commodity.

Good B2B Marketing ROI Is Just Average

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But is that always the best decision? What is a good ROI on marketing? If you can increase net income by 50 cents for every dollar spent on marketing, that’s good, right? The more you spend, the more money you make. But what if you learned your primary competitor was getting $1.50

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The Trick to Seeing Through Marketing Statistics

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every publisher reports the audience likes their specific publication best. If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.

Why You Should Stop Mapping Content Formats to the Buyer’s Journey

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The best format is the one that most effectively presents the information needed. I have had it with “research” about the content formats B2B buyers prefer at each stage of the buyers journey.

Top 3 Reasons Your Content Marketing Program Fails

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Even the best content isn’t automatically discovered and appreciated on its own, but you act like if you publish it, blast it and Tweet it, then Poof! Everyone in B2B marketing says content marketing is important. Everyone is increasing content marketing’s share of the budget.

Are Machines the Future of Marketing?

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What if you could create a template for an ad, dynamically create hundreds of versions for different audiences, products or messages, and then have an algorithm optimize your creative, determining the best performing version for each audience?

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The New Sirius Decisions Waterfall (and New B2B Marketing Acronyms)

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If you measure or benchmark B2B demand generation activity across sales and marketing, one of the best benchmark resources just received a major facelift and a number of improvements.

4 Characteristics of Great Marketing Content

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Here is the litmus test we need to apply: “Was reading/hearing/watching that the best or most rewarding available use of my time?” A colleague forwards you link with a short note: “this is awesome, we should be doing this.” ” Your interest is perked.

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