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The ROI of Influencer Marketing

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What does it mean to be an influencer marketing company ? What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is the strategy of establishing relationships with influential people who can amplify and expand visibility for your brand’s products and services.

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Why Social Shouldn’t Scare Email Marketers

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When it comes to ROI, email remains a relatively inexpensive, high-return marketing method. by the end of 2011, according to the Direct Marketing Association. The year started out with a lot of predictions talking about the end of email,” said Bill McCloskey, Founder of and an expert on email marketing. “If Indeed, the majority of companies expect to increase their email marketing budget this year.

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Best Practices for Technology Marketing

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What do technology companies care about when it comes to marketing? But before they excel with their marketing efforts, they must rise above the noise to make their message stand out. The most effective mix for your company will depend on your goals and available resources.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Programs

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by Jon Miller (@jonmiller) Measuring the contribution that a given marketing program has on revenue and profits is the holy grail of marketing measurement. Why Measuring Marketing Programs is Hard. Methodologies to Measure Marketing Program ROI.

The Multi-Channel Marketing Mandate: Be Where Your Customers Are!

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There are a few benefits of focusing on “B2B Marketing” as a topic. One of my best perks is that I occasionally get the honor of speaking at amazing industry events like Content Marketing World and the MarketingProfs B2B Forum (shameless plug: please join us!).

Marketing Hierarchy of Needs: Achieving Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness

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For marketers, the news is good overall. According to research from IDC and Forrester, marketing spending is anticipated to increase between 3 to 5% for 2011. For example, an IDC survey of technology marketers revealed that 2010 revenue grew at a healthy 5.8%

Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

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Best of B2B Marketing. A fascinating “hardcore” B2B social media success - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , June 20, 2010 With many companies now engaged in social media marketing strategies for nearly two years or more, success stories are starting to emerge, even in the difficult marketing world of industrial B2B. Is lead generation killing marketing? &# If you’re a business to business marketer, you ought to check it out.