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3 Twitter best practices that unlock business success

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Here is one of the most common business inquiries I receive: “I am about to launch a (business/book/seminar) and want to use Twitter to do it. I have nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter and I go to great lengths to assure that they are real people, not spammers of inactive accounts.

6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

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" Regardless of where you fall in the social media marketing chain, there are best practices and things to remember when it comes to social media publishing. the social media platforms that work best for you and your brand.

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Best Practices For Social Media Publishing

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But before we get to the best practices, let's look at some stats shall we? Best Publishing Practices. Here are some best practices and things to remember when it comes to social media publishing.

An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices


To give you a broad view of the content marketing best practices now in being used in the industry, we thought we’d package them up like ABCs. Use your blog as a content engine by reformatting what you publish there into ebooks, infographics, SlideShares and more.

Six Best Practices for Marketing with White Papers


At their best, white papers accomplish two mutually beneficial goals: • They provide readers with valuable, actionable, vendor-agnostic (or at least mostly agnostic) information about a trend, concept or topic. discussions in relevant LinkedIn groups, trending topics on Twitter).

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When the Tweet Hits the Fan: B2B Best Practices for When Trolls Attack


You can follow the B2B best practices in this post for when trolls attack, and still have a problem. The episode, however, made me wonder if there were some best practices a B2B or other business should follow if, and when, trolls attack.

7 Best Practices for Website Copywriting

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This is less relevant for longer-form content like articles, white papers, or blog posts. Here are seven best practices to keep in mind: Use plenty of headings. Learn more about website best practices in our free Website Planning Guide. On Twitter+ or LinkedIn?

Lessons learned while deleting 274 blog posts

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After more than seven years of blogging I had a lot of clutter. So I started at the beginning of the {grow} timeline and began deleting blog posts. When the dust had cleared, I had trashed 274 blog posts. Since those early days I have had more than 65,000 comments on the blog.

How to ruin your content by overthinking things

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My blog posts were too self-absorbed because I thought I had to be smart all the time. I was paralyzed on Twitter because I thought I needed to add value on every tweet. That’s a blog post right there. By Mark Schaefer. It’s honesty time.

Email Best Practice or Recipe for Disaster?

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“Hey…” was the best subject line in Barack Obama’s fundraising emails. Copyblogger has a great discussion of this in the appropriately titled blog post Hey… Umm, no DUH! Share your opinion in the comments below or with me on Twitter ( @wittlake ).

10 Ways to Say “Thank You” on Twitter

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A few weeks ago I was surprised to find that one of the most influential bloggers on the social web replied to me on Twitter to say “thank you” after I had shared one of his posts. Let’s be honest: people don’t say “thanks” very often on Twitter.

11 Best Practices for More Effective Content Curation


These best practices are based primarily on what we do at Heinz Marketing, plus what we’ve seen scale well in the curation efforts of our clients and partners. This includes a handful of great blogs and newsletters, plus topical aggregation sites like Alltop.

B2B Marketing Best Practices for Pinterest

KoMarketing Associates

This is the second part of a two-part series from Erica Bell on B2B best practices for photo-driven sites. Visit and sign up using an email address or your Facebook or Twitter account. B2B Search Engine Marketing Blog Social Media Strategies

Five unbelievable social media mistakes you may be making right now

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At my heart, I am a teacher in all I do, whether it is through my classes, books, or blog posts. I cannot believe how many people have blog posts or other content on their site but have no social sharing buttons (meaning the little buttons to let you tweet or send to Facebook).

5 Social Selling Best Practices that Deliver Dramatic Results

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Even the best of us. To help all of us be more effective at social selling (which has been proven to work, by the way), here are five social selling best practices, along with some of the most common mistakes. People do this on Twitter too.

Does Your Blog Deliver a Positive User Experience?

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You want your blog to be just that kind of place. Why would you want your blog to be joyful to use? Consider your own experience visiting other blogs and websites. So what entails a bad user experience on a blog? What will your blog readers remember?

What is the purpose of a blog post today?

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If this sounds familiar to you, it should … I posted the same thing on this blog the same day. Under the Facebook post, my friend Michael Stelzner for Social Media Examiner commented, “Is this a blog post?” What is a blog post any more?

5 Best Practices for Outsourcing Quality Content


In an age where many of the industry thought leaders have risen to prominence through their blogs, no one wants to admit they’ve utilized a ghostwriter. Some of the world’s best-selling biographies and fictional series weren’t penned by the person credited on the cover.

Social Media Explained. Really.

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You don’t need to know the latest twist in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm or even how to set up a Twitter account. You don''t need to know the latest twist in Facebook''s EdgeRank algorithm or even how to set up a Twitter account. So I have this problem.

Why the economics of blogging are diminishing

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By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist When I started blogging about five years ago (back when we felt smart with dumb phones), I devoured every blog post about how to write epic blog posts. But the economics of blogging don’t work the same way any more.

10 simple tweaks to generate more sales through blogs

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We’re not supposed to expect sales though blogs, right? In fact, your blogging space is a very important sales opportunity because if people are finding you through search, these are high-potential leads. I am NOT saying to be “sales-y” in the content of your blog.

Sales 111

I was called out on my social media BS and I’m relieved

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Funny tweets won’t keep their Twitter fans happy. Providing great value, super service, and kind attention keep customers happy, not a blog post. Most of the blog posts I have been writing are seeking to impress other social media pros and flex those “I know it all” muscles.

The Essential Best Practices to Successfully Prospect Inbound Leads


Follow your lead and their company on Twitter. Subscribe to the company blog. What are some of your best practices when it comes to prospecting? This post originally appeared on Inbound Sales , a new section of Inbound Hub. You can view the original article here.

The Ultimate Twitter Profile [Infographic]

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Whether you’re the cream of engagement crop on Twitter , or just getting started, knowing how to put your best tweets forward is essential for social media growth. But crafting retweet-worthy content isn’t the only key to unlocking the kingdom of Twitter engagement.

Hedge Fund Marketing: From Oxymoron to Best Practices

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Very few funds have Twitter accounts. They believe common marketing practices will diminish their “private club” exclusivity. Hold off on Twitter and other social media sites. Twitter can be a great information source, and most hedge funds should use it exclusively for that purpose: to listen rather than to speak. Twitter is a content beast that demands constant feeding, but few hedge funds have the time or social media sophistication to engage safely and consistently.

Yes, You Were You Born to Blog.

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I’ve written a lot about the importance of blogging and the amazing personal and business opportunities of developing your own source of rich, original content. And yet, blogging remains enigmatic to many, a seemingly insurmountable wall. The human side of blogging.

Personal business lessons from 2015 and what you can learn from them

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Blogging has been declared dead, before it was revived, after it has been dubbed micro-blogging, but before it was dead again. On the other side, I luv Twitter, but it’s terrible for book marketing. On the other side, I luv Twitter, but it's terrible for book marketing.

Nobody can blog for you, but maybe they can blog WITH you

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Blogging is one way to build the kind of trust required to gain this kind of access to people’s lives. Here are five ways people can write your business blog WITH you — so that it’s you and your people who your readers get to know. How to get off your ass and start blogging.

10 reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend

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Twitter is much more than “what I had for breakfast.” ” But seriously, Twitter is an essential component of any content marketing strategy, which might seem surprising since we are pretty limited with what we can accomplish in 140 characters, right?

25 Nuggets of Essential Social Media Wisdom

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Concentrate on establishing one superb “rich” content stream — a blog, a video series, or a podcast. Take your best shot and go for it. Your audience will help you find your place by rewarding your best content with comments and shares. Blog readers are scanners.

What makes a blog tick? An insider’s guide to audience connection

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It occurred to me that the variety of posts I ran two weeks ago represents a great cross-section of the overall content — and results — I get here on my blog. Another reason this “ticked” is that Mondays are usually higher traffic days for blogs.

An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices


To give you a broad view of the content marketing best practices now in being used in the industry, we thought we’d package them up like ABCs. Use your blog as a content engine by reformatting what you publish there into ebooks, infographics, SlideShares and more.

Why “rich content” is central to your social media strategy

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Twitter? A blog. There are other possible secondary sources — photographic content, Slideshare presentations, perhaps a Pinterest page — but I think the three tried and true sources accessible to most businesses are blogs, podcasts, and video. Twitter? A blog.

20 Ideas to super-charge your social media network

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A focus on Twitter. I have 20 ideas for you … all starting with Twitter. Why Twitter? Plus, unlike other social media platforms, you have an unlimited ability to build an audience on Twitter even if your contacts don’t follow you back. Mining Twitter Lists.

This is why you must use Twitter

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If you’re like me, you probably hated Twitter when you first tried it. If I told you Twitter helped keep you safe, would you believe it? As the fierce winds arrived, we lost power and all communication … except for Twitter.

Link-Building Best Practices for Targeting a UK Audience


To help you understand the best SEO tips for targeting a UK audience, we've developed a helpful, free tip sheet -- 10 Quick SEO Tips to Target a UK Audience -- that you can download, print, and keep handy. Guest Blog for UK-Based Blogs. Identify the Right Blogs to Target.

100,000 Twitter followers. Now what?

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I used to document my social media journey by writing a post at each increment of 10,000 Twitter followers on my account. Twitter became my favorite place to meet new friends. How do I keep up with all those Twitter followers? Twitter Lists makes this very efficient!

5 Ways to keep up with the avalanche of online customer feedback

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If you take 10 phone calls that cost you $6 each, it‘s an attractive proposition to shift five of those calls to Twitter interactions, at a cost of $1 each. As I write this blog, the company has nearly 400 locations. By Jay Baer, {grow} Community Member.

The wrong place for a Twitter feed

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I would guess at least 50 percent of the websites and blogs I come across feature a widget displaying a real-time Twitter feed. Done correctly, Twitter is lively, personal and human. Of course if your Twitter stream is simply company links and press releases you’re safe.

Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That'll Make You a Pro


Plus, Pinterest users spend the most money of users on popular social networks -- nearly double the amount of money spent from Facebook users and triple the amount from Twitter users. Besides that, if you want a more in-depth Pinterest SEO guide, check out this blog post.