[Data] B2B Marketing ROI Benchmarks for LinkedIn Paid Media


We're working on a set of benchmarks for all B2B marketing channels and want to share some early results. In this post we'll look at LinkedIn paid media ROI. How We Created The Benchmarks. Basic Statistical Measures of LinkedIn ROI. What is your monthly ROI?

Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study


The first benchmark study on advocate marketing, “Measuring Success With Advocacy: Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study” has just been released by Waypoint Group and Influitive. The post Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study appeared first on Influitive.

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B2B social media: Highlights from new benchmarking research


The latest B2B Marketing Benchmark Report – based on a survey of 274 client side B2B marketers conducted by us here at Circle Research – finally seems to provide a definitive answer. Those surveyed revealed their performance against various metrics and this provides some clear benchmarks.

Webinar: Exclusive Benchmarks From Contently and TrackMaven


A $20,000 content campaign can convert only two opportunities, but if those opportunities are big enough, the resulting ROI makes the campaign a success. That’s why benchmarks are so important. How marketers can leverage benchmarks to up their marketing game.

Just Released: AdWords Industry Benchmark Report 2017


In collaboration with DWA, we’re excited to share tons of great data and insights on how B2B marketers are using AdWords to drive business in the third annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report.

Tips for Marketing Leaders: The Proven Tactics to Improve Email Marketing ROI


Want better ROI from your email marketing? For example, ROI fluctuates based on industry. The travel, tourism, and hospitality industry reported substantially higher ROI (53:1) than software and technology companies (40:1). A/B testing drives high ROIs.

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Announcing The 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report


Marketers often also don't know what to expect in terms of ROI when investing in paid media. So we decided to explore these questions in our AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report. Why You Should Read The AdWords Benchmarks Report. Industry Average AdWords ROI, Current and Projected.

Measuring ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Difficult

Industrial Marketing Today

Manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies are finding it difficult to accurately measure the ROI of their industrial content marketing efforts. Only 44% of manufacturing content marketers report their organization measures content marketing ROI. Source: Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs and sponsored by IEEE GlobalSpec).

2017 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report: An Agency’s Perspective


In July, we released our third annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report and had Lucia Rodas-Estrada, SEM Team Manager at DWA , a media agency with a predominant focus in B2B technology, join us for a webinar to discuss them. branding versus ROI) and how that dictates your bidding strategy.

2017 Benchmark Report: Marketers Optimizing for Mobile

KoMarketing Associates

Marketo’s “2017 Marketing Benchmark Report: North America” has found that marketers are implementing mobile marketing and optimization as a part of their multi-channel marketing strategies. To demonstrate the ROI of their efforts, marketers are tying content performance to late stage metrics such as opportunities created (55 percent), conversions (52 percent), and revenue won (41 percent).

AdWords Industry Benchmark Report Deep Dive: Software and SaaS


Last week we released the 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report. Check out the full benchmark report here , which includes data for six industries.). It’s important to take into account the potential revenue, which leads us to the next benchmark. Return on Investment (ROI).

B2B Reads: Aha Moments, Budget Benchmarks, and Chick Beer

Heinz Marketing

Account-Based Marketing: 3 Things B2B Marketers Should STOP Doing to Achieve Better ROI. B2B Budget Benchmarks: how much should you be spending? 2020 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: A First Look at New Research.

How to Assimilate Competitive Benchmarking in Social Media


Competitive benchmarking helps marketers delve into the vital KPIs of their competitors which eventually improves their data-driven decision making significantly. This helps them achieve their business objectives & optimize their Return on Investment (ROI).

How to Create a Benchmark to Measure Content Marketing ROI


According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B and B2C benchmark reports, less than a quarter of marketers are able to prove content marketing ROI.

Top Content Marketing Challenges, Benchmarks, and KPIs

Modern Marketing

Demand Gen Report and Harte-Hanks hosted a webinar yesterday underscoring these benchmarks, called “Getting Content Marketing Right: Right Stage; Right Persona; Right Content”. Online assessments/ROI calculators (23%).

Three Key Coaching Benchmarks for Sales Leaders

Martech Advisor

Here are three essential coaching metrics and benchmarks, analyzed from over 300 companies and 5 million sales calls, to help you and your team win more deals. Topics to unpack include prospect’s pain-points, opportunities, and how you’ll drive ROI together upfront.

Choosing metrics that drive content marketing ROI


Only 1 in 4 professionals claim success with measurable ROI for Content Marketing (eMarketer). This webinar will cover proven approaches to quantify ROI on Content Marketing in terms that matter to your senior leadership. How does your content perform relative to industry benchmarks?

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Report: The First Engagement Benchmarks for Downloadable Documents


To dig into these findings and more, download our Engagement Benchmarks report by filling out the form below. The post Report: The First Engagement Benchmarks for Downloadable Documents appeared first on The Content Strategist. ROI Document Analytics downloadable content FeaturedMarketers can track almost everything that lives on the web. However, some of the most valuable digital marketing collateral doesn’t live on web pages.

Top Findings from the Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark


by Jon Miller The Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark tracks what’s working – and what’s not – for today’s email marketers and top performers. Top performers use more email marketing tactics and get higher ROI.

Strategic ROI vs Attribution: CMOs Must Know the Difference

Modern Marketing

There are different types of analysis within MPM that help marketers answer the question of “where should I spend the next dollar,” two important examples are Strategic ROI and tactical attribution. ” Marketing Executives, Start with Strategic ROI.

4 Ways of Measuring Marketing ROI

Modern Marketing

by Sylvia Jensen | Tweet this Most CMOs believe ROI should be the primary measurement of marketing effectiveness. That’s according to an IBM survey revealing 63% of CMOs surveyed think ROI will be the main measurement by 2015 and that 56% feel ill prepared to manage ROI.

Key Video Benchmarks from Demand Metric’s 2016 Report


That’s why we’re excited to present the 3rd Annual State of Video Marketing Report, the latest Benchmark Report from Demand Metric, sponsored by Vidyard. These high-level takeaways are great, but to see the full story you need to download the full benchmark report! ×

How to Prove ROI for a B2B Social Media Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

As detailed in news coverage last year, a report from Simply Measured discovered that 61 percent of brand and agency marketers were struggling to determine the ROI of their social media initiatives. Almost 38 percent of marketers surveyed in a separate report from NetBase indicated that even though social analytics have made campaigns more successful, they are still unclear on how to measure social media ROI.

Why You Need Keyword Benchmarking in Your SEO Strategy

Content Standard

Competitive Keyword Benchmarking. And the perfect place to start is through keyword benchmarking. Being able to show you’re beating competitors in search is powerful evidence to help support your case for organic search efforts and proves your content marketing ROI.

Content Marketing ROI Starts With A Strong Business Case

Marketing Insider Group

Content Marketing ROI is probably the biggest question I get from marketers who are struggling to build their own business case internally. So how do we build the business case for content marketing and answer the content marketing ROI question before we even really get started?

Case 284

Intent Data Industry News: Buyer Intent Data Tools Insight, ABM Benchmarks, 2020 B2B Marketing Predictions, and More


We cover a 2019 market report on Global Buyer Intent Data Tools, the improved ROI of data-driven marketing, 2019 ABM benchmarks, B2B marketing predictions for 2020, and what’s working in intent-based strategies. Data Offers Better Marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

Cyber Security Benchmarks: Are You Paying Too Much For Your MQLs?

Marketing Envy

They need to know which KPIs to track, how much they should be spending, and the marketing benchmarks against which to assess their success and calculate when it’s necessary to adjust their campaigns. There are more benchmarks for Google and LinkedIn.

6 Video Benchmarks You Need to See


That’s part of what makes our 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report so insightful: We examined 250,000 videos from 600 businesses and found that while businesses are creating more videos on more channels in more departments, they aren’t the ones you might expect.

Demand Generation Benchmarks & Trends: Software Marketer Edition


That's why benchmarks are so helpful -- they help you figure out where you stand in your industry. Below, we dove into several demand gen benchmarks from one industry in particular: software.

What Is Email Automation? Definition, Benchmarks, Marketing Best Practices with Examples

Martech Advisor

Email marketing is a popular tactic for brands around the world, given its low investment and high ROI. Email Automation Benchmarks You Should Remember. It will definitely bring measurable improvements over the manual method, but are the results up to industry benchmarks?

Maybe ROI Isn’t Our Biggest Problem?


According to AdAge , a whopping 93% of CMOs are under pressure to deliver measurable ROI (Return On Investment). Not really, but what is shocking is that most marketers can’t or don’t measure ROI so what’s a CMO to do? Maybe that is one of the reasons why ROI is so tough to measure?

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The ROI of (Transformational) Digital Marketing


Ah, ROI. Its discovery is constantly talked about (I think there’s an infinite amount of ‘How Do You Calculate Marketing ROI’ blogs). In fact, the timelessness of the topic of ROI is easily exhibited by one of our own veteran blogs. Digital Marketing ROI: The Original.

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How to Explain Content Marketing ROI to Win (or Keep) Buy-In

Content Marketing Institute

Explaining the nitty-gritty inner workings and ROI of content marketing to bosses or clients is difficult. So, how can you explain content marketing and its potential ROI in a way that’s persuasive, urgent, and incredibly convincing? Demystify content marketing ROI. ROI formula.

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Webinar: 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report Reveals How Marketers Can Transform Mounting Pressure, Challenges into Revenue

B2B Lead Generation

Jen Doyle, MarketingSherpa Senior Research Manager and Lead Author of the 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report , will reveal key takeaways from this just-released publication, which is based on a survey of marketers from 1,745 B2B organizations.

Intent Industry News: ABM Benchmarks, Data Strategy, B2B as B2C, and More


The roundup includes articles that cover ABM benchmarks, the push for stronger data strategies, treating B2B marketing more like B2C, challenges for the modern marketer in the B2B industry, and an obsession with intent data. Live Webinar: ABM Benchmarks for 2020.

What’s Your ROI?


This week we are fortunate to have the winner of the 2010 B2B Twitterer of the Year, Michael Brenner , guest post and share his thoughts on Marketing ROI. Michael has been in marketing for over 17 years in various roles where he has used customer insights to drive sales, ROI and customer loyalty through effective sales and marketing strategies. Aside from those examples, we need to show hard results and make sure EVERY marketing program has a sound business case or ROI.

ROI 156

Activity vs. Impact: Key Findings from the 2019 Marketing Automation Satisfaction Benchmark Report

Heinz Marketing

In this new and expanded 2019 benchmark study, we revisit today’s marketing automation platforms and dig deeper into the quality of reporting, nature of the insights, and the impacts these platforms continue to have across the B2B community.

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? Definition, Calculation, Model, Benchmarks, and Examples!

Martech Advisor

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Benchmarks. Does it help to advertise at a higher cost per acquisition if the lifetime cost supersedes the ROI on the current spend? Appropriate spends & higher ROI. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Benchmarks.

Optimizing Marketing Channel Mix For Revenue And ROI


To find the best channel mix, marketers must measure and analyze how each channel is driving both revenue and ROI. Why optimize for both revenue and ROI? Ideally, every effort from every employee should be intended to maximize ROI -- get the most bang for your buck.

Marketers Turning to a People-Based Marketing Approach for Better ROI

KoMarketing Associates

In some cases, it’s what marketers do with their data that translates into better ROI. The 2018 Global Data Management Benchmark Report” from Experian recently shed light on how some marketers are utilizing data to gain more customer insight. When it comes to relying on probabilistic data, new research shows that marketers may be better off opting to launch people-based campaigns instead.

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