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Perspective on the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report

KoMarketing Associates

Last October, KoMarketing Associates announced the launch of research consultancy Software Advice’s B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. Software Advice’s Managing Editor Ashley Verrill shared some of the charts and information highlighting results of the survey.

Tips From Demand Gen Report’s 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey

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by Amanda Batista | Tweet this While the sales cycle is getting longer and buyers continued to wait to engage with sales, B2B buyers are more satisfied with the process than they were a year ago, according to Demand Gen Report’s 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey.

Activity vs. Impact: Key Findings from the 2019 Marketing Automation Satisfaction Benchmark Report


With the capabilities MAPs currently provide, marketers are falling short—unable to report on influenced revenue, new pipeline created, and sales velocity metrics. How are today’s marketers reporting marketing’s impact? How satisfied are they with the reporting tools at their disposal?

40+ B2B Marketing Statistics and Benchmarks to Inspire Performance Throughout 2015

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One of the ways I stay motivated is through the re-evaluation of key statistics and industry benchmarks. For example, according to The Content Marketing Institute , at least 86% of B2B marketers are now engaged in content marketing, as detailed in their 2015 B2B Content Marketing Report.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

online and through other channels before they actually reach out to the vendor. in nearly every survey of B2B marketers, so. and tools to accurately assess and report on. content 5 Content syndication / lead gen vendors. 1How B2B Marketing.

10 Essential Reports and Research for B2B Marketers

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Thankfully, as B2B marketers, we’re able to tap into the wants and needs of B2B consumers via online surveys, research reports, etc. These reports and surveys can often spark new ideas, or provide statistical support to reinforce the existence of current strategies.

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B2B Budgeting for 2015: 10 Key Marketing Research Reports & Guides

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Software Advice’s recently released 2014 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark report revealed that the vast majority of B2B marketers (79 percent) use at least 11 different marketing software applications. Chief Marketer’s Annual B2B Lead Generation Survey.

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Help us anonymously benchmark marketing operations and technology salaries


For instance, you can download the whole database of marketing technology vendors for free. Or download the most comprehensive global report of martech salaries and job responsibilities for free. That’s the 2018 salary report, by the way.

New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

Customer Experience Matrix

I’m revving up for the next edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) report, which will include six first-time entries. While GreenRope is new to the VEST report, the company itself was founded in 2008.

Forrester Research, Inc. Benchmark Report: How Top Marketers Do Lead Generation, Part 1

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That’s according to a December, 2013 Forrester report by VP and Principal Analyst Peter O’Neill, Gauging Your Progress and Success , a benchmark-style assessment of what top-performing marketers do.

5 Expert Questions to Ask Your ABM Vendor


Before you commit to a long-term ABM strategy, ask your ABM vendor these questions. Do you offer reporting on both the account level and the contact level? If your ABM vendor doesn’t provide you with reporting at both the account level and contact level, walk away now.

Top Findings from the Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller The Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark tracks what’s working – and what’s not – for today’s email marketers and top performers. Here are just a few of the stand-out findings in the report.

2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?

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It was in this spirit that we at Act-On first set out to do a monthly marketing survey, back in 2011. This graph shows the results for Question 1 of Act-On’s September 2013 survey . The post 2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?

2018 Martech 5000 Supergraphic: 5 Tips on How to Choose a Lead Gen Vendor


Marketers are faced with so many nuances and variables when choosing vendors for their martech stack. To help you sort through the options and make sense of the logo-lunacy, here are a few tips for how to choose a lead gen vendor. The MarTech landscape is vast and growing.

1 Key SaaS Sales Metric to Fine-Tune Sales Productivity


For these reasons, accurately tracking key sales metrics and benchmarking your performance against peers and market leaders is critical to getting the most out of your sales resources. How many of your individual sales reps meet or beat the benchmark? Sales is the Growth Engine.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


71% say they are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals; in fact, consumers report that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television. Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: contact vendor for quote.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2010


Marketing Sherpa last week released its 2010 Social Media Marketing Benchmark report. Though the full report runs $400, much interesting data can be gleaned from the free executive summary.

Making the Most of Your Webinars

The Effective Marketer

Sure, depending on your industry the numbers might be skewed but at least you have a benchmark and something to show (or not!) According to the survey webcasts have a $22.60

What a Buyer Wants: Personalized Advice, Business Value and ROI

The ROI Guy

In an increasingly crowded B2B marketplace, B2B buyers are discerning, wanting to work with vendors that don’t just blindly pitch products and talk up features, but who deeply understand their business and how the solution can help solve real challenges.

ROI 52

Demand-Gen Report Interview on Need for New Sales Enablement Tools

The ROI Guy

A Demand-Gen Report interview with Thomas Pisello, The ROI Guy, Chairman & Founder of diagnostic / ROI sales tool provider Alinean Inc. Today, over 90% of B2B buyers require proof of bottom-line impacts / ROI on any significant investment, with over 81% expecting vendors to provide financial justification to earn the business (IDC 2011). TCO Tools Sales Enablement Executive Assessment Tools ROI tools Pisello Alinean Sales Tools DemandGen Report

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The Use of Third Party Content: Who’s Down With OPC (Other People’s Content)?

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Bonus tip: Some of the resources on our shortlist include: MarketingProfs, Demand Gen Report, and Social Media Examiner, in addition to a number of partner and customer blogs on marketing. The full Content Marketing Benchmark report can be downloaded here.

End Death by PowerPoint and a 1,000 White Paper Cuts

The ROI Guy

SiriusDecisions reports that 55% of current content spending is squandered. A recent survey revealed that 78% of sales execs say that even though content is an important element for effective selling, only 40% believed their current content is actually helping make a difference in engagements.

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7 SEO Performance Metrics That Matter to the C-Suite

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According to a recent report from The Manifest, 36 percent of those surveyed planned on investing more in SEO next year. Sales-oriented benchmarks represented 4 of the top 5 B2B marketing objectives. It is no secret how significant SEO can be to a digital marketing program.

SEO 181

Improve Your Content: From Passive to Interactive

The ROI Guy

This large content investment is fueled by a significant increase in buyer demand for content, with two thirds (67%) of your prospects indicating they rely more on content to conduct research and help guide purchasing decisions than they did a year ago (DemandGen Report).

The Winner? Interactive Content Ignites Demand and Fuels Engagement

The ROI Guy

Although 67% of your prospects rely on content to conduct research and guide purchasing decisions, 74% indicate they have less time to view content now than they did a year ago (DemandGen Report).

Basic Content Marketing Trumps Social Media and Blogs

The ROI Guy

Today’s buyers are looking for advice from vendors on what opportunities exist and what issues to solve – they need help identifying the problems to solve, not just what solutions to consider.

50+ Statistics Designed to Influence B2B Marketing Budgets in the New Year

KoMarketing Associates

Based what we’ve seen, experienced, and reported on, here are insights from over 50 surveys and benchmark reports, organized by overarching theme, we recommend for review, in preparation for developing B2B marketing budgets and program goals for the new year and beyond.

The Top Research Organizations for Your B2B Tech Product Strategy

Golden Spiral

Healthcare’s Most Wired Survey. It analyzes data to identify key trends and issues, and works with vendor leadership to improve solutions. Industry Reports. 55+ insight-driven reports available each year to payers and providers in exchange for feedback on their experiences.

The Slow Adoption of MarTech for Digital Marketing Execution [Interview]

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The “2016 Digital Technology Survey” from Real Story Group recently discovered that, although 59 percent of enterprises have digital marketing strategies in place, not all of them are utilizing the proper resources for execution. For more insight into the findings of the report, we spoke to Kashyap Kompella, the research director at Real Story Group. Remember that a typical marketing cloud is the result of half a dozen vendors acquired over the last few years.

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12 Statistics to Guide Your B2B Marketing Investment in 2018

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The “ B2B Enterprise Content Marketing 2017 : Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” report offered great insights into the current state of B2B content marketing. In a report by According to a Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief survey , customers want content that speaks to specific needs and/or pain points (62 percent), provides product/service specifications (57 percent), and is more educational than promotional (43 percent).

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Tech Marketers May Need to Rethink.

The ROI Guy

A recent survey from Harte-Hanks reveals some vital metrics to marketers seeking insight on technology buyers and purchase decisions. Surveying 500 decision makers, the survey reveals that technology marketers may want to reconsider their investments and strategies for 2011.

The next phase of account-based marketing (ABM): Business ecosystems


It piqued both marketers and vendors’ curiosity in ABM. In fact, according to a survey by ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance , 99% of respondents reported a higher return on investment (ROI) from ABM than traditional marketing initiatives. Business ecosystems are nothing new.

Marketers Are Struggling to Keep Up Customer Expectations: Here's Proof

Customer Experience Matrix

Unlike Jane Austen, I have facts for my assertion: e-tailing group's 7th Annual Consumer Personalization Survey found that 52% of consumers believe most online retailers can recognize them as the same person across devices and personalize their shopping experience accordingly.

Forrester: B2B Companies Score Low in Marketing Best Practices

The Point

Earlier this year, Forrester Research conducted a detailed survey of more than 150 B2B marketing decision-makers with the intent of benchmarking the maturity of B2B marketing best practices, focused on revenue marketing and marketing automation. At face value, the results, due to be published in a report this June, paint a somewhat dim picture of the state of B2B marketing. Read more about the survey results on Lori’s blog.).

The Six Best Accounting and Finance Tools for Small Business


New vendors emerged to challenge those market incumbents with simpler, easier-to-use products better designed for small business needs, though they still required management overhead. Sales Tax Reporting. Pricing: $19/$49/$99 per month; contact vendor for enterprise pricing.