20+ Benchmarks for Measuring B2B SEO Performance

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The following is a list of 20+ performance metrics and benchmarks we recommend that B2B marketing managers use to establish performance benchmarks for their search engine optimization programs. The most fundamental of all performance metrics when measuring an SEO program. Measure this in comparison to other online marketing channels to determine quality of traffic from organic search. SEO Competitive Benchmarking. Final Thoughts on SEO Benchmarks.

Free Benchmarking–Does Your Marketing Measure Up?

Measure Up Marketing

Here’s something we know after conducting the marketing performance measurement and management study since 2001: Best-in-Class marketers are relentless when it comes to continuous improvement. They regularly audit and benchmark. We know this can be expensive—even a small benchmarking study for marketing typically takes at least $20,000. With marketing budgets still feeling the crunch, it makes sense to be a bit more creative when it comes to benchmarking.

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A Really Useful B2B Marketing Benchmark Report from Optify

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You see a lot of so-called “benchmark reports” in B2B marketing circles, and most of them are, well: complete rubbish. The metrics reported by B2B benchmark reports can also be grossly misleading.

[Data] B2B Marketing ROI Benchmarks for LinkedIn Paid Media


We're working on a set of benchmarks for all B2B marketing channels and want to share some early results. How We Created The Benchmarks. Basic Statistical Measures of LinkedIn ROI. Standard deviation is a measure of how much variation there is around the average (mean).

Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study


The first benchmark study on advocate marketing, “Measuring Success With Advocacy: Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study” has just been released by Waypoint Group and Influitive. The post Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study appeared first on Influitive.

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices

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So here’s a simple way to benchmark your own B2B ecommerce marketing. Masters: 26% of those surveyed have fully matured their B2B eCommerce operations —establishing four or all five organizational best practices measured.

Score Big with a Marketing Measurement Playbook

Measure Up Marketing

Why a Marketing Measurement Playbook is a Good Idea . The constant flow and accessibility of data coupled with substantial improvement in analytical capabilities means that measures are in abundance. What Makes an Effective Measurement Playbook .

Why Marketing Benchmarks Are Bogus

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We like to measure ourselves against something. Published Benchmarks Are Garbage. Remember, a benchmark just reflects how the companies or marketers in the study are doing. Here are a few of the problems with published benchmarks: Benchmarks are not exhaustive.

How to Find the Best Social Marketing Benchmarks for Your Brand


Marketing teams are all familiar with one inquiry: What are the benchmarks for our industry? The post How to Find the Best Social Marketing Benchmarks for Your Brand appeared first on Adaptly. Blog analytics benchmark benchmarking benchmarks data Facebook facebook benchmarks goals Instagram marketing marketing benchmarks marketing goals measurement media Pinterest priorities Snapchat social social benchmarks social marketing social media social media benchmarks Twitter

5 SEO Benchmarks to Track in 2020

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SEO can be the most abstract, yet difficult marketing science when it comes to measuring ROI. In 2020, we’re focusing on tracking a key group of SEO benchmarks. From there, you can measure the effectiveness of the topic clusters via HubSpot’s Topic Cluster Tool.

Benchmarking Your Website To Measure Performance

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The following is an overview of the minimum benchmarking basics to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website Taking a performance snapshot of your website is important for directing its success.

Are All Benchmarks The Same?


However, when it comes to our jobs, our own marketing effectiveness, performance and industry benchmarking…we want to learn more about our peers and comparisons are welcome. The only problem with benchmarks and their data is that they must be relevant. Blog benchmark.

3 Basics For Benchmarking


Individuals measure themselves in so many areas – we gather data, compare and contrast achievements, performance, revenue, strategies, fun (FOMA) and any number of the other areas. A few basics need to be established before building a survey or attempting a benchmark.

Big Data Usage Benchmarks and Performance By Industry [Chart]

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When evaluating our customer data by industry we see that an increase in reports generated results in a corresponding increase in engagement, with engagement being measured by forms submitted and emails clicked. Looking for more benchmark research?

20+ Metrics for Measuring B2B SEO Performance

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My contribution, “ 10 Measurement Tips for SEO Content ” (now live on MarketingProfs University) focuses on key reports and analysis designed to connect SEO-related content marketing efforts with business performance. Competitive Benchmarking.

2017 Benchmark Report: Marketers Optimizing for Mobile

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Marketo’s “2017 Marketing Benchmark Report: North America” has found that marketers are implementing mobile marketing and optimization as a part of their multi-channel marketing strategies. Industry News Performance MeasurementNearly half of the respondents (42 percent) reportedly have a mobile-optimized website and many (26 percent) perform mobile advertising as a part of their strategy.

Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey: 6 Surprising Findings

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That’s one clear finding of the recent Chief Marketer and Oracle Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey. Of course, this doesn’t mean marketers aren’t bothering to measure their results. Insight #6: Marketers are measuring more—and more effectively—than ever. Our survey revealed that 76% of marketers are measuring the same or more areas of their campaigns compared to two years ago.

Why Benchmarks Matter – Relevant Data


So, to address this and start the benchmarking for organizations that fall into the enterprise category, ANNUITAS launched the first B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study in 2014 and found that enterprise marketers are not unlike other B2B marketers. They attempt to measure the performance of their marketing, optimize technology platforms, deliver relevant content to their buyers and struggle to address the marketing skills gap like most organizations.

40+ B2B Marketing Statistics and Benchmarks to Inspire Performance Throughout 2015

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One of the ways I stay motivated is through the re-evaluation of key statistics and industry benchmarks. In the meantime, here are several other key B2B performance benchmarks to consider and inspire, loosely organized by topical relevance.

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools


A tool to measure digital results, discover business opportunities, monitor competition, and benchmark performance. Filter and group search results, benchmark your brand against your industry peers, and view a range of KPIs including response rate, engagement rate and follower growth.

After Weeks of Decline, Sales Metrics Showing Signs of Recovery [COVID-19 Benchmark Data]


We hope to establish useful benchmarks to measure your business against, and serve as an early indicator of when short- or long-term adjustments may be needed in your strategy. Weekly average call volume has maintained a 20% decrease compared to pre-COVID benchmarks.

Announcing The 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report


So we decided to explore these questions in our AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report. Why You Should Read The AdWords Benchmarks Report. When B2B marketers can compare benchmarks with their industry peers they get a better understanding of performance measurement and goal setting.

How to Measure and Benchmark Your Instagram Influencer Program

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Here are eight ways to measure and benchmark your performance when using Instagram influencers. Set Your Benchmarks. Advanced Analytics, Powered by Simply Measured How many unique users are you reaching on Instagram and other marketing channels?

Email Marketing Analytics - How to Measure? [With Tips to Drive Business Growth]


It’s one of the most measurable ways of marketing. There are two kinds of benchmark to see if your metrics are good or not: Industry benchmarks, and your own benchmarks. Industry benchmarks can be looked at once and then you just try to stay in the ballpark figures.

Benchmarking On and Off the Court

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Open in the form of benchmarking. The technology uses 5 years of benchmark data collected by IBM to better predict a player’s chance of winning based on how well they execute their game strategy. It's now possible to benchmark performers at the U.S. However, for him and the fans following the sport, it was great to see benchmarks in place such as “winning more than 69% of points on his first serve” to determine whether or not he had a chance to get into the second round.

Deals Closed Rise Significantly as May Comes to an End [COVID-19 Benchmark Data]


That's why we're publishing week-over-week benchmark data for core business metrics like website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements, close rates, and more. Both the APAC and LATAM regions had a positive week, and are now at or just below the benchmark for deals closed.

How To Measure Performance Against Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

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In this blog post, I want to expand upon the exploration of key performance benchmarks B2B marketers need to review in assessment of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update. The first performance benchmark to evaluate is the growth in Google search engine traffic from mobile devices over time.

Measure Your Way to Lead Nurturing Success

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Demand Gen Report just published “ Top B2B Marketers Measure Lead Nurturing Effectiveness to Boost Performance ,” a special report in which they address the whys, whats, and how tos of measuring lead nurturing’s true impact.

The Role of Data, Measurement And Research in Customer Advocacy

Marketing Insider Group

Developing a customer advocacy approach includes many facets, including data, measurement and research. Let’s explore what customer advocacy is, why it matters and the role of data, measurement and research in building a successful program. Measurement and Customer Advocacy.

Deal Volume and Sales Response Rates Drop to New Lows [COVID-19 Benchmark Data, Updated Weekly]


Charts in this post are measured against a benchmark on the y-axis. The benchmark for each metric was calculated by taking weekly averages from January 20, 2020 through March 9, 2020. COVID-19 Benchmark DataThe economic impact of COVID-19 is undeniable.

Deal Performance in April Yields Cautious Optimism for May [COVID-19 Benchmark Data]


We hope to establish useful benchmarks to measure your business against, and serve as an early indicator of when short- or long-term adjustments may be needed in your strategy. COVID-19 Benchmark DataThe economic impact of COVID-19 is undeniable.

Deal Creation Bounces Back After Early April Lows [COVID-19 Benchmark Data, Updated Weekly]


We hope to establish useful benchmarks to measure your business against, and serve as an early indicator of when short- or long-term adjustments may be needed in your strategy. If you'd like to see more of what we're measuring, you can explore the entire dataset here.

How to Measure Landing Page Success


Landing pages are a critical element of marketing automation, but do you know how to measure landing page success?Landing Make the most of your content marketing strategy by understanding how to measure landing page performance.

Deal Pipelines Gain Positive Momentum in Mid-May [COVID-19 Benchmark Data]


That's why we're publishing week-over-week benchmark data for core business metrics like website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements, close rates, and more. Web traffic was up last week, too, sitting at 23% above the benchmark. COVID-19 Benchmark Data

Survey: 81% of Marketers Believe it is “Very Important” to Measure Marketing Attribution

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Ascend2 recently conducted the “Measuring Marketing Attribution Survey Summary Report” and discovered that 81 percent of marketers and managers believe it is “very important” to measure marketing attribution.

How to Create a Benchmark to Measure Content Marketing ROI


According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B and B2C benchmark reports, less than a quarter of marketers are able to prove content marketing ROI. Sales metrics should be the primary dimensions for measuring effectiveness of content in this phase.

Measuring ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Difficult

Industrial Marketing Today

Manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies are finding it difficult to accurately measure the ROI of their industrial content marketing efforts. Only 44% of manufacturing content marketers report their organization measures content marketing ROI. Source: Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs and sponsored by IEEE GlobalSpec).