The role of recency use in digital marketing


Despite being one of the most effective levers you can pull in a campaign, recency is often overlooked. In 2019, 74 percent of all ad groups in Choozle included an audience, but only 17 percent of these ad groups had a recency adjustment applied. What is recency? Recency FTW ??.

Psychology for Marketers: 9 Revealing Principles of Human Behavior


7) Recency Illusion. While that may be part of some clever ad retargeting online, it most likely is because of the “recency illusion.” One key part of being a great inbound marketer is understanding how -- and why -- other people think and act the way they do. Think about it for a second. How can you create compelling content if you don’t know why it would be compelling to your audience in the first place?


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6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great Customer Experiences

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Posted in Behavioral Targeting Business Intelligence Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Enterprise 2.0 After all, having terabytes of data on customer history and behavior is certainly better than trying to extrapolate from just a few data points. Interaction behavior. Transaction behavior. Recency of visits. Behavioral Targeting Business Intelligence Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Enterprise 2.0

Turbocharge Your Segmentation with RFM Scoring


RFM stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary analysis, and is a customer segmentation model that hypothesizes that customers who engage or purchase more recently and frequently , and spend more , are more likely to respond positively to future promotional offers. Oracle Responsys leverages all of these customer signals with a unique data science approach that combines message engagement and purchase behavior to generate personas that you can analyze, target or personalize messages to.

B2C Personalization Blog Series Part 2: Creating a Single Brand Experience to Grow Relationships


In Part 1 of this series on personalization , we discussed the importance of responsiveness and reacting to customer behaviors. Having originated in catalog marketing, the concept of RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) modeling has been around for at least 25 years.

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Eventricity Lets Banks Buy, Not Build, Event-Based Marketing Systems

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As you may recall from my posts on Unica and SAS , event-based marketing (also called behavior identification) seems to be gaining traction at long last. Filters can consider event recency, rules for contact frequency, and customer type. Tags: behavior identification marketing software marketing automation behavior detection event detection behavioral targeting event-based marketing

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The real benefits of implementing a loyalty program


The brand redefined its customer engagement by integrating dotdigital’s recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) value model tool. The RFM deployment helped Cellar One analyze the data and segment customers into different personas, using spending behavior as a crucial parameter.

Holistic Email Metrics Matrix: Are You Seeing the Whole Picture?


Post-click behavior (e.g. Subscriber RFM (recency, frequency, monetary). Because of these and other common behaviors, marketers can significantly under-measure email marketing’s effectiveness if they’re not connecting the dots. Email analytics are powerful… and also dangerous.

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New Mobile Innovations Enhance the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience


The data they create—whether it’s behaviors, preferences, or attributes—can end up in silos across channels. Go ahead and embed branded short URLs in your SMS messages to get deeper insights into how well campaigns perform by monitoring SMS click through rates, conversions, and click recency. SMS click recency behavior is recorded at the individual level and can be used for advanced targeting.

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Quality Contact Data Makes the Difference in Account-Based Marketing


With buyer intent data, marketers truly understand what an in-market individual or company will likely do next, based on behavioral information collected about their online activities. The Engine assigns an intent score using signal strength, recency and historical lookback.

B2B lead qualification and scoring

Sales Lead Insights

Frequency, quality, quantity, recency of actions taken. My friends over at SilverPop have also focused on Lead Scoring with this blog post: Five Prospect Behaviors You Should Be Incorporating into Your Lead Scoring Process. The growth of the Internet has changed B2B buyer activity. Buyers don’t wait for a sales person to call them anymore. They get most of their education on the web.

When Good Enough Shouldn’t Be: The Best Email Frequency


This is a gold mine of data that can be used to generate basic segments that indicate value metrics associated with recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) dimensions of engaging with you. How often should I email my subscribers?

27 B2B Marketing Measurement Reports in Google Analytics

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Some reports require additional configuration, such as Events, Ecommerce, or Goals, but a majority of the reports will begin showing collected data on your site visitors and marketing behaviors immediately. Behavior >> New vs. Returning. Behavior >> Frequency & Recency >> Count of Sessions. Behavior. Google Analytics has over 100 different reports available out-of-the-box.

5 Surefire Ways To Increase The Lead Quality

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Implicit Data – The online behavior of the prospect, such as time spent of social media , pages visited, recency etc. Are you generating huge numbers of leads? But how many of them are the ‘quality’ ones?In

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What is eRFM?


Using insights such as the recency, frequency, and monetary value of past purchases (RFM) enables you to identify customers who have the highest potential. This means that you can segment customers based on their recent interactions with your brand, as well as their past purchase behavior. .

How B2B Marketers Can Use Lead Scoring to Better Arm Sales

The Forward Observer

To determine the engagement scores, measure behavioral data or "digital body language": Website visits or email click-throughs that define a sales-ready stage of qualification. Assign values based on recency. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers who use lead scoring can improve the quality of leads passed to sales, and help increase close rates and revenues. Many marketers are still evaluated based on the number of leads provided to sales.

B2C Personalization Blog Series Part 3: Knowing Your Customers So Well You Can Predict Their Needs


In part 1 of this series , we looked at the importance of responsiveness and reacting to customer behaviors. Think of this as a type of RFM (recency-frequency-monetary) model on steroids—it is a much more advanced predictive model that can take thousands of inputs.

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New dawn for retailers as Bronto fades into the sunset


These behavioral dynamics are both a threat and an opportunity. The solution must be able to build campaigns around customer personas based on recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) and it must be flexible enough to identify and report on how these personas change over time.

Boost Email Relevancy With Dynamic Content

Industrial Marketing Today

Either use an objective lead scoring system to separate prospects from customers or use some form of Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) model to segment your database. You can also create segments based on behavioral patterns from past emails and Web analytics. or based on behaviors such as past purchases, content downloads, pages visited, links clicked etc. Email marketing has been a staple of industrial marketing for a long time.

Demystifying the New LinkedIn Algorithm Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

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Much like Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn arranges users’ feeds by relevancy rather than recency. Note: Users can still choose to see posts arranged by recency if they prefer through some setting swaps. Follow a natural posting schedule: Because relevancy outweighs recency, when you post matters far less than what you post. If you’ve noticed a sudden shift in the types of content appearing in your LinkedIn feed, it’s not a fluke.

Why Sales Shuns B2B Marketing Qualified Leads

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Lead scoring consists of a score that combines firmographics and demographics with behavioral scoring. Behavior is a bit trickier. I read an interesting exchange on LinkedIn recently.

The Value of Investing in Customer Value Management

Measure Up Marketing

You will need data related to value attributes, tenure, share of wallet, recency and frequency of purchase, cost to acquire, and cost to serve. Customer interaction/engagement data (behavioral data such as touches, channels, service tickets, content consumption info, etc.).

First World Problems: What To Do With Too Many B2B Leads

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Implicit data is what is revealed by the prospect’s online behavior such as pages visited, and recency or frequency of visits. What do your best leads’ online behavior look like? Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you getting lots of leads but not enough sales? Lead scoring can help you practice smart B2B sales triage, while boosting conversions and revenues.

5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your B2B Leads

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Implicit data is what is revealed by the prospect’s online behavior such as pages visited, and recency or frequency of visits. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you generating lots of leads but few sales? You might have weak leads. Here are 5 ways to quickly strengthen your B2B lead quality and sales. Most B2B companies (and their sales teams) always clamor for "more leads." But what they really want are more quality leads.

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Email Marketing Trends for 2020: Competitive Differentiators


Using personalized landing pages allows your company to create interaction journeys that are unified and cohesive by taking into consideration not only their action in the email that brought them to the landing page, but their historical behavior, too.

How CleverTap Improves Customer Engagement With AI in Marketing

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Both these applications can give you a sneak peek into user behavior when you extract the right insights and help customize your messaging accordingly. It's not enough to personalize the offerings according to the user's behavior and preferences. Understand User Behavior.

First World Problems: What To Do With Too Many Leads

The Forward Observer

Implicit data is what is revealed by the prospect’s online behavior such as pages visited, and recency or frequency of visits. What do your best leads’ online behavior look like? Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you getting lots of leads but not enough sales? Lead scoring can help you practice smart B2B sales triage, while boosting conversions and revenues.

Are You Using First Party Data To Drive Personalized Customer Experience?

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Third-party data, on the other hand, is sold by aggregators who collect information on consumer demographics, online behaviors and purchase history as well as other types of data from a variety of external sources. These sources provide rich insights into various aspects of your customers’ lives and interactions in both the online and offline worlds, helping you to create a more complete view of your customers and their behaviors.

Vocus Purchased by Private Equity Firm GTCR: This Could Be Interesting

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To give a flavor for the implementation: lead scoring holds separate scores for attributes and engagement activities; can assign activity points based on recency and frequency of email, Web visits, landing pages, and news release activity; and automatically recalculates scores over time. Email, landing pages, behavior tracking, and reporting were already available in Vocus Marketing Suite, so the new features mean that Vocus now ticks all the major marketing automation boxes.

How Kele Developed a Personalized Email Strategy


Gaining insight into a customer’s unique habits and behavioral trends while engaging with your brand is key to providing a personalized experience. They then created “buying cycle campaigns,” which are automated campaigns that target different customers in a recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) model.

Finding Meaningful Patterns in Intent Data Requires Advanced Analytics


Since then, we’ve constantly honed Relevance Engine’s algorithms to find patterns in purchase intent activity that go well beyond just recency and frequency. has a nice primer on the topic that explains the wide array of information that can be included in an Identity Graph, such as physical location, device IDs and online behavior history. By Ray Estevez – Chief Data Officer, True Influence.

Mobile customer lifecycle management in 2019: How to reach the hyperconnected


We recommend that our clients use a tool that can look at the recency, frequency, and monetary value of user actions within their apps. Recency shows how engaged customers are with a brand, and it’s also a great metric for retention. Ask for feedback about their declining app behavior. Ideally, your automation tools give you a way to send out campaigns in real time as well as to trigger them automatically when a specific behavior is done by a customer.

What does intent data mean for the data-driven marketer?

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It can be difficult to sift through all the terminology: It’s variously referred to as activity, behavioral, internal intent data, or external intent data. Predictive-scoring vendors often build customized behavior scoring models that use a company’s first-party data to help them identify which prospects are in-market and ready to buy. Predictive behavioral models use deep hooks into marketing automation systems to model and exploit every snapshot of a prospect’s behavior.

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LeadLiaison Helps Marketing Automation Users Break the Content Bottleneck

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Although content creation is probably LeadLiaison''s most unusual set of features, the system also does an above-average job at the standard marketing automation functions: email, multi-step workflows, behavior tracking, lead scoring, CRM integration, and analytics. behavior tracking captures email responses, Web site visits, form completions, downloads, and video viewing through Wistia. You may have noticed that there are many B2B marketing automation systems available.

Start Using These Psychological Triggers In Your Copywriting

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Psychology is a science founded in human motivation and behavior, and is essentially all about what makes people tick. Primacy and Recency Effect. Scientists refer to the phenomenon as serial positioning effect , but it’s also commonly called the primacy and recency effect. The primacy and recency effect shows that when people are given a list of words to remember, the words at the beginning and the end of the list are remembered the most.

How to find the best time to post on Instagram


Recency: Instagram will prioritize fresh content over content that is older. As “recency” is a primary ranking factor, it's still important to be posting when your audience is online and can view new content from you. Jump ahead. Why is it important to know when to post on Instagram?

Ins And Outs Of B2B Intent Data Explained

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Intent data has become the Holy Grail for marketers, bringing in data from keystrokes, searches, shopping carts, and browsing behavior that make a better prediction of what the customer’s next steps on the purchase journey are. Introduction. Have you ever heard of the birthday paradox ?