AI-driven Marketing: Multivariate or Single Variable Analysis?


The breakthrough analytics look at web search behaviors and page content to identify relevant intent data. Regression analysis helps understand various relationships between the data sets. Multivariate vs Single Variable Analysis: Which Brings More Depth?

3 Types of Marketing Attribution Software to Try in 2020


Rather than use a tag or pixel to follow the individual user around the web, MMM uses multivariate regressions to predict just how much of an impact certain sales and marketing tactics had on customer behavior.


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One Final Post on Multi-Variate Testing

Customer Experience Matrix

At the top of the pile is Optimost’s “15 Critical Questions to Ask a Multivariable Testing Provider” available here. The second point, which is more of a Note To Self, is that multi-variate testing still won't let me use historical data to measure the impact of different experiences on future customer behavior. The same problem really applies to any analytical technique, even things like regression that don’t require data generated from structured tests.

Test 120

How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Programs


This assumption is especially true for programs that happen immediately before the key behavior. All other factors being equal, you’ll be able to attribute any difference in buyer behavior between the two groups to the particular program. You can compare the behaviors of these two market segments to analyze your campaigns effectiveness – did you experience more growth in direct and branded search from the geography with more spending?