B2B Marketing Online Testing: Eye-tracking Research and CTAs

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The Research: Eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. Vann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with the Atlanta B2B advertising agency, MLT Creative. So if you’re to the right of an image, you may have a better chance of being noticed than if you are to the left of it.

Eye Tracking in B2B Marketing: Are You Catching Your Customers’ Attention?

MLT Creative

The Research: Eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. Vann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with the Atlanta B2B advertising agency, MLT Creative. So if you’re to the right of an image, you may have a better chance of being noticed than if you are to the left of it.


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Neuromarketing 101: How Neuroscience Affects Customers’ Buying Behaviors

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Marketing is all about understanding consumers' behaviors, needs and motivations and then delivering an experience that aligns with all those points. This means that marketers who have a solid understanding of consumer behavior and psychology are typically going to be the most effective at creating strong, customer-centric campaigns. Neuroscientists focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions.”

How Google SERP Layouts Affect Searching Behavior


Two things I have never seen tested are the actual user reactions to and behavior with SERPs. Biometric technology measures physical and behavioral characteristics. By combining the data from eye tracking devices, galvanic skin response monitors (which measure your sweat levels, allowing us to measure subconscious reactions), and facial recognition software, we can gain useful insight into behavioral patterns.


What Are Behavioral Biometrics and How Do They Fit Into Marketing?

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However, new biometric technology, such as eye-tracking software, has made it easier to determine exactly how someone feels about a website experience at any given moment–and they can allow you to do so without holding a focus group. What Are Behavioral Biometrics? Behavioral biometrics is a way to measure a user in a passive manner. For example, a behavioral biometrics system might be able to identify a person by the way that they walk.

8 Key Changes In Google Search B2B Marketers Should Know

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As detailed in an article on Search Engine Land this past month, a new Google eye tracking study outlines the evolution of Google search results from 2005 to today. ” Per research from Eyetools and search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it, the vast majority of eye tracking activity during a search happens in a triangle at the top of the search results page.

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6 Inbound Marketing Testing Methods You Should Be Utilizing

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It may be perfect in your eyes, but what does your target market think? Try local offers via Google Ads or Groupon and make sure to track the data carefully for accurate results. Eye Track Testing. Eye tracking is popular in user research, providing direct insight into where people are looking when viewing a webpage. The days of trusting your gut and rolling with it when it comes to marketing efforts are gone.

Test 62

What B2B Marketers Can Learn About Buyers Without Trying Too Hard

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It’s easy to focus too closely on the (often overwhelming number of) tasks at hand, only in the process fail to keep a watchful eye on the market as a whole. Since the web plays a pivotal role in a business buyer’s decision journey , UserTesting’s bird’s-eye view is valuable asset. Through eye tracking and mouse behavior, these tools capture data that can help you optimize your customer’s web experience. People don’t always tell you what they’re thinking.

Is Page One Overrated? The Truth About Organic Search Results


Teknicks surveyed more than 1,000 internet users using a representative sampling method to uncover their Google search behavior and find out how far they'd go to find what they're looking for online. So let's talk about how you can capitalize on said behavior by getting to page one.

Social Media News: Twitter Insiders & Facebook 360

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These real-world consumers enable researchers to observe people’s actual behaviors instead of taking survey responses at face value by using techniques such as online focus groups, video diaries, or eye-tracking glasses. This week, two major social networks launched some exciting new features. That’s why we’ve decided to just jump right in and explain what they mean for social media managers. Introducing Twitter Insiders.

Neuromarketing + Inbound Marketing = Optimized Conversions for B2B Marketers


The process involves non-invasive psychoanalysis of the prospects’ brain activity using methods such as electroencephalography (EGC), magnetoencephalography (MEG) & functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), eye tracking & electrodermal response measures. Developing Models of Customer Behavior: Marketers can use insights from neuromarketing to determine whether their products, services or advertisements are evoking positive responses in the mind of customers.

Emotional AI platform reveals that smiles are down 32% due to COVID-19


30-second summary: Realeyes is an eye-tracking and emotion measurement platform with clients that include Buzzfeed, Coca-Cola, Conde Nast, and eBay. Headquartered in London, Realeyes is an eye-tracking and emotion measurement platform that uses AI and machine learning to gain insight into human behavior and expression.

How Would You Answer “Why Does Most Marketing Stink?”

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Recent eye-tracking studies show 18-34 year-old millennials do not look at banners on the web pages they visit - Tweet This! Because Marketers have been slow to respond , we should quantify the gap between customer behaviors and the marketing mix and shift to a customer-centric marketing culture. I wrote this article on Forbes recently and it was completely unplanned. But my daughter smacked me in the head with a question about my career that I knew I had to write about.

How to Use UX Testing to Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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Eye tracking. In a moderated UX test , the moderator can have a live conversation with the participant to go more in-depth into their behavior and attitudes towards your service or product. Because this session happens live, the moderator can modify their existing questions or prompts along the way to keep the study relevant and better understand the user's behavior. Is it about using eye-catching elements to draw attention? B) Eye Tracking.

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B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing-Socialize, Mobilize & Familiarize

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Catch your B2B customer's attention with eye tracking. According to MLT Creative's Director of Buyer Behavior, Vann Morris, eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. WEEK OF FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 2, 2012. Top tactics for a crisis-proof B2B lead generation strategy.

How to Boost Conversions with Your Article’s Featured Image

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Note: It is also important to keep an eye on your site performance as images can impact site speed, which is a ranking factor. Eye-tracking studies show that Internet readers pay closer attention to images than to text. Finteza can help you set up these custom on-site campaigns based on your readers' past behavior. As the web is becoming more visual and interactive, standing out and being remembered is getting even tougher.

An Inconvenient Truth: Your Advertising is Invisible

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The image at the right shows the results of an eye tracking study and how the focus is on the content. They are simply one more quality indicator and data point that may help explain results or behavior of media partners. A growing portion of online advertising is purchased through DSPs and ad networks, and with literally millions of sites that sell ads through these channels, online advertisers cannot rely on knowing every site their ads are on.

You Are Not Your Audience: Why PPC Capabilities are Not Enough


PPC platforms give us information including time, location, gender, age, online behavior, whether they are long-time interest or short-term, and even more. Because the right message is just as important as their online behavior. Use eye tracking, heat mapping, and click tracking tools to help you measure and optimize interaction. There’s something to be said about being at the right place, at the right time.

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7 Simple Steps to Super-Size SEO for Financial Advisors

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They are only interested in authentic user behavior. Google and other search engines consider your track record on searches when they are assigning your rank. The shape our eyes track resembles an uppercase F.

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Marketing Thought Leader: Chris Pinkerton – VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research @ Mediative

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I was an eye-tracking lab participant in a 60 minute research session. Including their latest research on how mobile habits are changing consumer behavior. Chris Pinkerton. VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research @ Mediative. Chris works with teams of marketing, branding and technology professionals to improve a companies interactive marketing, online sales, and clicks to bricks approach.

Instagram Feeds Worth Following: 5 Brands With 5 Lessons for B2B Marketers

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Today’s business marketers have a lot of tools available for them to target and fine-tune their efforts, from databases and list parsing to surveys and eye tracking software. This need to constantly interact and know more presents great opportunities to brands that choose to capitalize on consumer behavior. Instagram transports people, it makes them feel included and gives birds-eye glimpses.

How to Design the UX of a Website or App to Increase Conversions

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Focusing on providing the customer with value and keeping in mind the psychology principles that affect human behavior and decision making while designing your website or app is the secret to achieving conversions. Eye-tracking studies show that users follow F or Z patterns to scan the screen. This heatmap shows the F-shaped eye-tracking patterns on a webpage of an e-commerce website: Dive Deeper: How to Create Intent-Based Content to Improve Conversions.

9 YouTube stats to inform your marketing strategy in 2019

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A study using eye-tracking technology found that YouTube ads hold visual attention 62% of the time, compared to 45% of TV ads. Marketers’ belief in the power of YouTube ads appears to be proven out by consumer behavior. When YouTube first arrived in 2005, few likely had any idea how valuable it would become. The first video, “ Me at the Zoo ,” launched on April 23, 2005, and the first ads followed two years later.

Tips and Tools For Improving Your Website UX

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If you don't already have a web analytics tool or ability to track your performance in your marketing automation/CMS, that is first on the list.). When it comes to capabilities, in an all-encompassing tool you should generally expect: Heatmaps: Graphic representation of user behavior utilizing color to indicate the intensity of visitor engagement on various sections of your website.

Doing More with Less: Conversion Rate Optimization Technology


Eye Tracking. You can track conversions, see what’s working, and then align with sales to justify the ROI of CRO efforts. As technology, along with visitor usage patterns and behaviors, continues to change and mobile surpasses desktop usage by large strides, that $20,000 you’re potentially losing from clunky design will only grow in severity.

How to Convert With Psychology: 4 Design Levers To Pull


Design, more than anything else, is understanding what drives people’s behavior. Eye tracking studies also show that we “enter” web pages through its largest elements, like its image or headline. One of the most well-known examples of the decoy effect comes from a famous pricing experiment conducted by Dan Ariely , a behavioral economics professor at MIT. The list above is just a few examples of the countless psychological phenomena that impact user behavior.

What’s Trending in Marketing for July 2019

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What Are Behavioral Biometrics and How Do They Fit Into Marketing? However, new biometric technology, such as eye-tracking software, has made it easier to determine exactly how someone feels about a website experience at any given moment–and they can allow you to do so without holding a focus group.

Contently Case Story: How The Trade Desk Used Infographics to Transform Its Marketing Program


Today, digital infographics essentially serve the same purpose: to influence perception and behavior by helping an audience visualize complicated data. Eye-tracking studies from the Nielsen Norman Group show that images carrying information trigger online readers to pay close attention, suggesting audiences will retain more from infographics than typical articles. Contently Case Stories is a series highlighting some of Contently’s most successful clients.

Case 92

Has Social Media Made Content Meaningless?

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Twitter came to a similar conclusion based on eye-tracking studies. Only 9 percent of Facebook user activity includes communicating with others, according to a study published in Computers in Human Behavior. That initial half-second (or even quarter-second) of time as a user scrolls by may be the only chance to catch a user’s attention and entice them to pause, whether with a snappy headline, striking visual, or eye-catching video.

10 PPC Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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Dynamically generate ads based on user behavior and website content. As AI learns more about your audience’s behaviors, it can more accurately create targeted ads to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns. Built for a world of single screens, pixel technology can’t track the effectiveness of ads across mobile devices. However, Google announced that they will stop allowing third-party pixel tracking on YouTube starting in early 2020 because of security concerns.

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19 Lead Nurturing Email Examples You'll Want to Steal


In other words, when you use a person's behavior -- let's say that downloaded content about email workflows -- to trigger a relevant email based on that action, it will perform well. Eye-tracking studies have shown that readers spend more time looking through images than reading text when they are relevant to the copy. You've done it. You provided valuable content to your readers and they've converted into leads.

How to Improve Your Website Experience: 10 User Testing Tools to Try


With this tool, you can track multiple domains under one account and uncover insights about your site's performance using four different intelligence tools: Heat map: Uncover where people are clicking on your site to determine what elements are converting and which aren't. With access to these insights, you can optimize your website based on user behavior to create more meaningful interactions. This post originally appeared on Agency Post.

How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


That'll make it much easier for you to not only track who's visiting your site and what they're doing once they get there, but also which parts of your site are converting visitors into leads -- and then track, nurture, and close them when the time comes. 3) Place your CTAs where people's eyes naturally go on your site. Turns out our natural eye path starts in the upper lefthand corner of a website and moves on from there, according to an eyetracking study.

The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website


Once you've created and embedded your forms , how are you going to collect and track submissions? By consolidating your leads in one place, it'll be much easier for you to follow up with those leads -- whether it's by sending them lead nurturing emails , tracking their future behavior on your website, or some other action. Your website is the most important tool you have for turning prospects into customers.

Psychology in marketing – the ultimate weapon to supercharge your growth


Behavioral psychology & neuromarketing. You’ve probably even heard of the early behavioral experiments in animals, which date back to the famous (and frequently referenced) Pavlov’s dog study from 1897. With this experiment, Pavlov proved that it was possible to alter the dog’s brain-behavior through conditioning. Watson’s publications “ Psychology as the Behaviorist Views it ”, which is widely considered the birthplace of behavioral psychology.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

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Search Behavior Shines Spotlight on Organic Results by eMarketer eMarketer reports several interesting statistics from recent eye-tracking and click studies on Google and Bing. Sure, teenagers spend a lot of time on YouTube, but did you know that three-quarters of business executives watch work-related online videos weekly? Or that 73% of U.S. companies now use social media for marketing (though the figure varies widely based on size of company)?