YouTube - Informal Learning in 10 minutes

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Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! Sign in to YouTube now! I think the biggest barrier to informal learning is a company not wanting to really go into "Why we do it this way." Im trying to post this video on my blog, but it looks like YouTube doesnt support TypePad yet, so Im just going to have to link to it. Ive been following your work for a year, and this summary of your theses generated numerous quotables. YouTube.


Dancing Dogs and Foiled Burglars – The Secret to Nest Cam’s YouTube Channel


They’re infinitely shareable: Content like this is a goldmine for Facebook and Twitter shares because it’s easy to watch, doesn’t require audio to be funny (even the barking dog video makes sense without the sound on) and is short enough that people will engage when YouTube autoplays it.


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Can traditional TV succeed as mainstream video?

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All that buzz about IPTV, DVRs and this new kid in town, Youtube, got to me. I’m now working with a TV production company to launch digital channels and video-based websites for OTT platforms. According to Youtube, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to their platform every minute.


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the perfect meme


It harnesses the gravity of quite a few mortal sins to propel the ALS Association into deep interstellar space: Lust — I get to see all sorts of people I know, from friends and people I work with to cheerleaders, celebrities, starlets, and even Lindsay Lohan get doused with cold water.


Lurkers are the 99.989% of Social Media


The barrier to entry has been (mostly) razed. The Internet has razed the barrier to entry to all of these things and the tools are all cheap. Social media, including Pinterest and YouTube , is becoming more and more celebrity-, brand-, agency-, and studio-driven.


Going Global? A Video Marketing Strategy Is Your Key to Success

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So, consider this: as VP of marketing for a company working primarily in domestic, English-speaking markets, you’ve recently been asked to develop a video marketing strategy for international audiences. In this department, Vienna’s tourism channel on YouTube is a shining example.


B2B Content Marketing: Will Video Kill eBooks?

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The rise of cameras and video recording on smartphones has lowered the barrier to entry, too. And it worked.”. It’s ungated and published on YouTube and Twitter.


Why You Shouldn’t Fear Producing Your Videos In-House


This is the secondary footage you capture of people working at their desks, entering the office, talking over some stuff with coworkers, and so forth. Marketing videos can be a key part of your content marketing library.


17 Reasons Why Small Business Need (More) Video


If you didn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. While YouTube is the second largest search engine, Google is the first. Capitalize on the low barrier to entry. You probably thought that the barriers were high, not low for video marketing.


Librarian Tip for Nonprofits: 90-Second YouTube " Doing Good Things Well

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Docuticker - I’m A Little Obsessed → Librarian Tip for Nonprofits: 90-Second YouTube. I was reading the May 2008 issue of American Libraries and the Internet Librarian column by Joseph Janes jumped out at me with the potential to be immediately useful to me at work (which is not in a library). The brilliance of using YouTube instead is that it’s free, allows participation on both sides, is easy to embed, and simple to access. Working Smart. barriers.


When, Why and How to Gate Content Along the Customer Journey


Twenty years later, and after the explosion of content megacarriers such as BuzzFeed, Facebook, YouTube, and many of our own company websites, his prediction is eerily prescient. They are watching a YouTube video and maybe clicking a link from there.


All your best content may now be considered fake news


As lines are being drawn, it’s time to make sure all your hard-wrought creative work lives on your own blog or website instead of on someone else’s. There has always been zero barrier-to-entry when it came to blogging, at least when it came to your particular niche.


Snapchat engagement and other myths

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To earn my sustained attention, you are going to have to provide content that is through the roof entertaining, every day … Just like Facebook, YouTube and every other saturated channel. Click here if you can’t see this video to view on YouTube: Snapchat engagement.


Twitter success demands both top influencers and everyone else


Previously, the digital divide was a barrier to not just many Americans but quite a few developing nations becoming part of the global conversation. It works, it really does. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing Abraham Harrison Cluetrain cluetrain manifesto Foursquare Klout linkedin social media Social network twitter YouTubeImage via CrunchBase.


Highlights from my #SMMW keynote speech

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My point was, the entry barrier for great content today is near zero, or can be. We have more opportunities to create great work — with less money and effort — than even a few years ago. My point was, the entry barrier for great content today is near zero, or can be.


The level playing field has turned into a content arms race

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All of the tools are free so it’s a really low barrier to entry. And it works. It was pretty cheap and the entry barriers were indeed low. Today YouTube is mainstream entertainment fueled by slick corporate video content.


8 Practical applications for influence marketing

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Obviously brands want to get to know these YouTube stars and Snapchat gods and find clever ways to infiltrate their audiences. When I work with start-ups, I almost always consider some influencer component. When I work with start-ups, I almost always consider some influencer component.


The Psychology of Viral Content


Check out the map below to see how the viral momentum built up over time: There’s no denying the project was successful from an engagement perspective, but what’s interesting is that the visual emphasizes how viral content transcends cultural barriers and industries.


Marketing Challenges in Regulated Industries, Part 2: Finance and Public Companies


While time-consuming, it’s also worthwhile – it gives you the edge to work within FINRA’s parameters to create ideal marketing content. Communicate: BP’s PR people worked to ameliorate the damage by communicating with the public everything they could about the oil spill.


15 ways to use Twitter to toast your competition

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3) Offer helpful links and headlines that can drive traffic to your website, blog, landing pages, YouTube channels. 5) Break through communication barriers with tweets. You will not believe how well this works. I only know it works!


Content Doesn’t Have to be One-and-Done – 6 Benefits of Re-Skinning Existing Assets


You already have the messaging in place, and that significantly lowers the barrier to creating new content based on that initial white paper. Content marketing is kind of like the old saying if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there, does it make a sound?


Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy

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There are only so many hours in a day and even if we consume content while we eat, work and drive, there is a theoretical and inviolable limit to consumption, which we are now approaching. 2) The entry barriers become impossibly high.


Innovation in higher education marketing

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And with widespread access to superfast broadband, e-Learning is fast becoming an expected alternative to in person teaching amongst students, removing both the geographical and economical barriers for international learners.


7 Google for Nonprofits Tools That Will Change Your Cause Marketing Forever


Each of these groups has used Google''s tools to heighten their awareness, particularly through Google Ads, YouTube, and Google+, among other features. 3) YouTube for Nonprofits. YouTube for Nonprofits in Action.


5 Healthcare Brands That Breathe New Life into Social Media Marketing Strategy

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” With a gamut of presences that spans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube—proving it knows exactly where its readers are, and wants to meet them on their level.


Is Video An Opportunity For Marketers?

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People are consuming web-video on their commute, at work and at home via their tablets and TVs – if you take a moment to think about it, you’ve probably interacted with a handful of videos today. There are many consumer, prosumer and B2B brands that have succeeded on YouTube alone.


Why Silent Facebook Video Is So Popular

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Publishers like Tasty have broken through the sound barrier with ridiculously popular video demonstrations of recipes. Click here to view the video on YouTube. ” As always, content has to work for the platform.


B2B Marketing Trends I’m Thankful for

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Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus have indeed grown and allowed the average citizen platforms from which to voice their preferences. There are two major developments for B2B marketers I’m thankful for.


7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time in Your Day


Often times, it's this "so much to do, so little time" mentality that places a barrier between what you're capable of achieving and what you're actually getting done. 2) Work Within a Defined Timeframe.


THE HACKIES: MarDev = DevOps for Marketing


The community marketing team at Aptoide was doing individual contacts with YouTube personalities — manually, one by one. It was also a very manual process of working on creative content and briefings with these influencers. It worked.


Navigating the Digital Marketing Landscape in China

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What is commonly referred to as the “Great Firewall of China” specifically blocks foreign digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Youtube. It can be hard to find the right balance, so it may be a good idea to work with specialized, local agencies.


The Marketing Power of Pokemon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels


It wasn't a marketing guru who thought, "this Pokemon thing might work for this pizza place?" Everyone is a videographer - Thank you YouTube. Because, let’s be honest, if there were no barriers to entry and it didn’t take something special, everyone would do it!


4 Excellent Examples of Creative Google+ Business Pages


What you can learn from Special Report : Google+ Hangouts present a lower barrier to entry than something like a webinar, so regardless of your business, they could help you open up and feed the top of your sales funnel. YouTube.


5 Content Marketing Trends to Plan Your 2017 Budget

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As a content marketer who frequently hangs out with non-content marketers (most people outside my work life), I’m often asked, “What is content marketing?” YouTube Live , Facebook Live , Tumblr , and of course, Snapchat, are all making live video part of their core offerings.


Content Marketing and the challenge of radical filters

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Maybe we won’t be working on backlinks to please Google. I recently had a chance to see where this kind of precise search is heading when I met some people who work with Watson , IBM’s amazing cognitive computing technology. I have seen the future and it is ZIte-like.


11 Tips to Help Improve Your Brand's Communication Strategy


The company works to provide meaning rather than superficial promises. If you come across a funny YouTube video that would speak to your buyer personas, share it! Barriers between companies and their consumers will continue to fall in this collaborative age.


Vidyard and Media One Creative Bring Video Personalization and Analytics to Businesses


While the majority of businesses are increasing their investments, a 2015 industry research report found that the top barriers to video marketing success include the lack of an effective video strategy and the lack of compelling content. Media One Creative specializes in working with clients and agencies to solve business challenges through video. New partnership delivers end-to-end video marketing solutions spanning content production, personalization, distribution, and analytics.


5 Website Best Practices that Produce More Leads and Faster Growth

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Gated content works because most people are willing to exchange a small amount of personal information for something they perceive as valuable. Of course, a form is a barrier, too. You can track likes and shares in the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube apps. Savvy firms are also aware that they don’t always know what works. What separates a professional services website that builds your business from one that simply describes it?


Understanding the New Roles in Marketing


Marketing operations staff work closely with Sales, and sometimes also have a sales operations counterpart. Marketing operations staff make projections about the quality of the sales and marketing pipeline and find efficiencies that will make the company work better as a whole.


73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


I do exactly that at my agency, Web Profits by creating content & videos about our core values, beliefs, process and inner workings which helps us show our human side and potential clients feel like they know us. Our B2B clients (and we ourselves) see this work all the time.