Changing perspectives in a world without barriers


Yet, we know that’s not the way innovation works. So, as Vision Mobile mentions in the picture below: We see that competition barriers or industries are cannibalized because of the new relationship consumers have with technology.

Why Silent Facebook Video Is So Popular

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Brands are getting the hang of Facebook’s soundless video environment—kind of. Facebook users now watch over 100 million hours of video on the platform each day, Facebook says , and most of those views are soundless. Silent video isn’t unique to Facebook.

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Lessons for Your Brand from Facebook Live Video—As Told by Hashtags

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It seems like every week something new happens on Facebook Live video. There are plenty of other factors at work, but they all play into the same emotions that captivate audiences on other live or fleeting platforms. Live video is breaking barriers all over again.

Listen Up: 9 Amusing, Info-Packed Business Podcasts You Should Hear

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Accidental Creative: Creativity, Innovation, and Doing Brilliant Work. The Accidental Creative podcast is hosted by Todd Henry, author of Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day and the Accidental Creative. Back to Work.

All your best content may now be considered fake news


As lines are being drawn, it’s time to make sure all your hard-wrought creative work lives on your own blog or website instead of on someone else’s. There has always been zero barrier-to-entry when it came to blogging, at least when it came to your particular niche.

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Who's REALLY at Fault for GM's Facebook Ad Failure?


"Facebook ads suck." For many companies, advertising on Facebook and expecting a return is a " fantasy." Or were the results of Facebook advertising really so miserable that it warranted this media attention? They run Facebook ads quite frequently. Conversions on Facebook?

Lurkers are the 99.989% of Social Media


The barrier to entry has been (mostly) razed. The Internet has razed the barrier to entry to all of these things and the tools are all cheap. billion monthly active users of Facebook do engage, OK?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the perfect meme


It harnesses the gravity of quite a few mortal sins to propel the ALS Association into deep interstellar space: Lust — I get to see all sorts of people I know, from friends and people I work with to cheerleaders, celebrities, starlets, and even Lindsay Lohan get doused with cold water.

12 Tips to Running a Winning Social Media Contest

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Running a social media contest is a great way to drum up enthusiasm for your business, increase your list of email subscribers, get new Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and create a fun experience in the process.

Is your social strategy effective?


It’s true that social media has broken down some of the traditional barriers that exist between businesses and their customer bases but that does not mean that all social media content is created equal. So how can a brand or small business know if its social media strategy is actually working?

Outsourcing your social media isn’t all or nothing


Yes, only thrice-a-week, but I see so many Twitter and Facebook platforms that have been forgotten for weeks. As they say in the Episcopal Church , “many hands make light work.”

Your corporate website needs to become a trap


One of my perks is getting to work with Executive Director of Strategy, Andrea Fabbri. It might be something you might want to add for the serious visitor; however, don’t make this a barrier to seven touches.

My social media marketing posts from 2011


While it may well be important to have the top-100 influencers on any particular topic following you on Twitter or Facebook, it is not essential. Previously, the digital divide was a barrier to not just many Americans but quite a few developing nations becoming part of the global conversation.

The best online reputation defense is a good offense


Just because you’re old-fashioned doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Why Social Media Works for Small Business (

Build some social media marketing backbone you big wuss


It doesn’t work. Well, there’s zero barrier-to-entry online. However, after all that work, so what? Not because buzz marketing, social media marketing, digital PR, or guerrilla marketing doesn’t work but because you didn’t do a good enough job working it.

Social business and knowledge as an accident of paper


The property of knowledge as a body of vetted works comes directly from the properties of paper. Internet Marketing Facebook Google social media twitter YahooPhoto credit: ayalan.

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The Psychology of Color in Marketing


Along with financial companies, major social media brands – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – are using blue to build trust and openness. Facebook is “giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

HR and social media: 7 Ways HR needs to act like marketing

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Increasingly, it’s social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn … perhaps review sites like Glassdoor. Why wouldn’t we provide the same kind of attention to people who want to work for us and lead us into the future? By Mark Schaefer.

Digital casualties: a new trust awakens


If several friends from my high school search for my name in Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook, “the machine” can infer that we share something in common, even if I rarely use any of those tools.

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LinkedIn Has Opened the Content Marketing Floodgates

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As more marketers get on board, competition for space in the stream will increase and just like we have seen recently with Facebook, visibility of your content will decrease. You have a Facebook page. LinkedIn has gone Tumblr on us and B2B content marketers are drooling.

How to Fuel Lead Generation With Facebook Contests


This is an excerpt from our new ebook, Beyond the Facebook Business Page. Download your free copy to get more valuable insights into using Facebook for marketing. With that in mind, it’s not a bad idea to consider running a contest on your Facebook Page.

17 Reasons Why Small Business Need (More) Video


Capitalize on the low barrier to entry. You probably thought that the barriers were high, not low for video marketing. Social feeds (Facebook and Instagram, specifically) do a great job of showing only content that people want to see.

How Siri and Google Now could change the social media landscape

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Twitter’s spat with Instagram and Facebook’s continuing restrictions on data use are all about making sure that you use their website and applications — i.e., come to their house –so they can serve you the ads that make them money. Would Facebook give up on being “the destination?”

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Mobile devices are detroying human conversation. Get over it.

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Consider: A recent report stated that screen time is an established norm in many youth cultures, presenting significant barriers to behavior change. I know it sounds weird but people who DON’T use mobile devices a lot may be lost in the work world of the next few years.

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The Guide to a Successful Employee Advocacy Plan


From Tweeting, to Facebooking, to posting on LinkedIn and Google+, B2B marketers are in an endless social race. Now imagine the same educational article being posted by an employee representing Fujitsu on his personal Facebook profile saying “Here’s an interesting read.”

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When, Why and How to Gate Content Along the Customer Journey


Twenty years later, and after the explosion of content megacarriers such as BuzzFeed, Facebook, YouTube, and many of our own company websites, his prediction is eerily prescient. So creating a rule that you’re only going to gate MOFU or BOFU content may not work.

Five unbelievable social media mistakes you may be making right now

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It works out really well and we can get a lot done in an hour. I cannot believe how many people have blog posts or other content on their site but have no social sharing buttons (meaning the little buttons to let you tweet or send to Facebook).

How Marketing Can Contribute To Revenue Generation

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You’ll be better able to integrate your sales and marketing if you do the following: Stop working in silos: Sales and marketing fulfill unique roles; you can’t have one without the other. You probably visit that brand’s Facebook page, right?

The Real Roadblock to Social Business Success


The fundamental barrier to embracing a social business strategy seems to come down to one word: fear. Employees have been finding ways to distract themselves, and others, and generally waste time at work, for pretty much as long as groups of human beings have worked together.

Google Glass and I


We love to grab other people’s attention but we don’t like our future employers looking at our Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. We work hard to make people like or admire our lifestyle but do not wish to have this become a piece of the puzzle of our lives.

You’ve Heard Of Big Data But What Is Big Content?

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They also suggested that the effort was worth it, in the form of having a longer shelf-life and longevity, because it creates a barrier to entry for your competitors and because it typically rides the wave of a big idea.

Why are America’s fastest-growing companies killing their blogs?

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I have a theory that would conclude “no,” but before I explain my rational, let’s look at a few more interesting trends from this study: Facebook and LinkedIn lead the way. 500 is Facebook with 74% of companies using it. The work is being handled inside.

Personal brand or company brand? The new realities of life online

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I work for a non-profit and I am essentially the face of the organization. I believe it is an imperative for everybody to work on their online presence and networking, even if you are happily employed. I had worked on the thing for four days and was at a dead end.

Three amazing ways social media is changing the world

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As a teenager he started working on his idea for a new business by coding in his small apartment in Belgium. So he just got to work, teaching himself how to code through free resources on the web and “googling” himself through any roadblocks he faced.

The level playing field has turned into a content arms race

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Last week she penned a post about how Facebook seems to be unfairly squeezing money from us by forcing us to use paid promoted posts to reach people who are already following us. All of the tools are free so it’s a really low barrier to entry. And it works.

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The Ultimate Romantic Getaway…and How It Generated Over 11,600 Email Addresses in Less Than 30 Days for One Small Business

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For Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, this was indeed the scene of a successful match when they launched Social Sweepstakes on Facebook earlier this year. Generally it works something like this: 1. The title of this post sounds like the makings of a heroic email marketing love story.

Highlights from my #SMMW keynote speech

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My point was, the entry barrier for great content today is near zero, or can be. We have more opportunities to create great work — with less money and effort — than even a few years ago. My point was, the entry barrier for great content today is near zero, or can be.

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9 Brands That Thrive Without a Traditional Marketing Budget


Today, you’ll find more traditional marketing channels available to Zara’s fans (think Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook). Another way to “eliminate the barriers between the brand and its customers and an invitation to step in and sample,” says Chambers.

The Rise Of Emoji Marketing

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Emojis are images you can incorporate into text, email, twitter, Facebook and chat applications to convey a message, an emotion. Plus, emojis can transcend even language barriers. Test an approach that may work for your brand.

The new standards for strategy and social media success

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You’ve worked with a range of international businesses, government organizations and news organizations. Remarkably, the diagnosis begins well before content or a Facebook page. Many companies expect social media to work like advertising. By Mark Schaefer.