Lead Qualification; Does PANDA Outstrip BANT in the Long Run?

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52% of marketers say they provide salespeople with their best quality leads, while salespeople rank marketing-sourced leads last. HubSpot, 2017 ). Commonly, BANT qualification methodology has been used by sales to define what constitutes a ‘quality’ lead.


Time to Refresh your B2B Lead Generation Strategy?

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HubSpot ). While brand building activities are taking a hit, trends show that lead generation is not only back but high on the B2B marketing agenda. How has the B2B lead generation strategy evolved? HubSpot ). How do I bring my lead generation strategy up to the mark?

How to Qualify a Lead: The Battle-Tested B2B Framework


You need to reach the right prospects, fill your pipeline with quality leads , and eventually turn those folks into paying customers. And, it all starts with marketing efforts that fill the top of the funnel with poor quality leads: Or, put another way, poor lead qualification.

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