BANT Criteria in a Buyer-Centric World? No More


Everyone in sales and marketing knows what BANT stands for – Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. Is BANT still meaningful in 2016? The ways in which buyers buy is fundamentally different today than when BANT was first introduced. Vendors and sales people are not the gatekeepers of information any longer and multiple analyst reports state that buyers are generally through 50-70% of their buying journey by the time they first interact with sales.

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You Need to Define an Effective Criteria for Lead Scoring


You can use the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline) model as your set of criteria for ranking your leads. You should not only be targeting those with defined purchasing powers but also those who are capable of promoting your brand to their peers (influencers) and those who act as “information gatekeepers” to the rest of the organization.


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Gatekeeper. The best example of gatekeepers are personal assistants and receptionists. The marketing field is always evolving and to succeed, every marketing professional needs to keep up with the latest in industry trends, including its ever-expanding glossary. Marketers are naturally good at talking the talk; it’s kind of in our job description. Fortunately, these terms are pretty straightforward, you just need a little context to get the gist of things.


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Don’t forget about others who play a role in the purchase process as well, such as influencers or gatekeepers. Late-stage: Opportunities: The number of SQLs who fit the BANT criteria (budget, authority, need, and time). Author: Vyoma Kapur Financial services. Healthcare. Higher education. Manufacturing. Marketing to a new vertical is no easy feat. It takes time, resources, and dedication.

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The BANT formula was originally developed by IBM several decades ago. We don''t think BANT is good enough anymore, though: Learn more here about the better qualifying formula, GPCTBA/C&I. They are often "guarded" by a gatekeeper. Gatekeeper. Popular lead qualification criteria acronyms are GPCTBA/C&I and BANT. Common objections often have to do with budget, authority, need, and timing ( see BANT ).


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Featured snippet: “BANT”. Featured snippet: “How to get past the gatekeeper”. Posted by Gaetano-DiNardi-NYC Disclaimer: I’m currently the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva , and writing this case study post-mortem as the former VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker (Jan. 2017 - Sept. 2018). Every B2B company is investing in content marketing right now. Because they all want the same thing: Search traffic that leads to website conversions, which leads to money.