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Lead Qualification: Rethinking BANT in the Modern B2B Sales Cycle


In today’s complex B2B sales cycle, it’s important that an organization’s sales and marketing teams create a clearly defined and agreed upon, definition of a qualified lead. In the past, most organizations have followed the BANT model of qualifying leads.

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Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT

B2B Lead Generation Blog

I suspect marketers do so because they have heard about “BANT qualified leads” and apply these criteria to Web forms. For the uninitiated, BANT is an acronym: B = Budget. It’s time to move BANT methodology into retirement. Lead qualification in a post-BANT world.

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BANT for Lead Qualification Just Won’t Work


About two years ago I wrote a blog post on Why BANT No longer applies for B2B Lead Qualification. Given the environment in which we live as B2B Marketers, BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) is not a trustworthy indicator of the qualification status of the leads. In addition to the reasons I stated back in 2012, let me add a few more to those who still may have an issue with striking BANT from their lead qualification process.


B2B Marketing: Why Marketing shouldn’t promise BANT qualified leads for Sales

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The approach is dubbed BANT. Before we start another unproductive war between Sales and Marketing, maybe we should focus on building bridges of understanding between these two departments. Let’s start by creating a common language for lead qualification that makes more sense than BANT. With all due respect to Ardath, I have interviewed hundreds of elite salespeople and have rarely heard any of them demand BANT criteria. Sales might not want to talk to them.


BANT is Bunk, BS and Irrelevant - per Ardath Albee


I really liked Ardath Albee’s blog on July 9, 2013— Why BANT is Bunk for Today’s B2B Buyer and not just because I agree with most of what she says. BANT is among the reasons leads passed by marketing are considered low quality. BANT hasn’t. ".SOME SOME OF THE BANT CRITERIA FOR YOUR HOTTEST LEADS WILL LIKELY BE MISSING.". Need: “This one is probably the most valid of the BANT criteria for without it there’s no possibility of making a sale.


BANT: Is it Still a Useful Tool for B2B lead Qualification?

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I just read, and commented on, a thought-provoking article titled Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT. Written by David Green, the premise of the piece is that the BANT formula, for the most part, is no longer relevant. To refresh your memory, BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timing. BANT has another virtue in that it gives the marketing and sales departments a good way to measure their B2B lead generation success. Let your prospects percolate.


Why BANT No Longer Applies for B2B Lead Qualification


The goal for the majority of our programs was to have our telemarketers qualify names, gather some information and qualify these prospects by the famed BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe) criteria. We were quite successful in developing these programs for our clients and the leads were graded based on the answer to the BANT questions. a more “modern” way of marketing that makes BANT no longer effective for several reasons. BANT is dead.

How to Refine Your Sales Methodology


Bob’s view: Traditional lead qualification, such as the over simplified BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) are inadequate to reflect the dynamics of today’s complex buying process. If your ultimate goal is to identify well-qualified opportunities where your solution stands an excellent chance of being selected by your prospect if you implement a thoughtful and effective sales strategy, then a more sophisticated qualification process is called for.


Today’s B2B Marketer Must BAT, not BANT

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What is marketing’s role before it hands off a lead to sales? Today marketers need to BAT, not BANT. BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. With today’s inbound marketing, marketers shouldn’t have to establish the prospect’s Need.

6 Steps To A More Successful B2B Sales Approach

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Are you adjusting to the changing way B2B prospects are buying? I’ve been going to sales training for over ten years. Occasionally, my friend the sales trainer shows movie clips or tells stories about sales people who are “doing it wrong.”


B2B Lead Nurturing Myths That Promote Sales Pipeline Leaks

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You Can Nurture a Complex Sales Cycle with Email Alone. Probably the best way to nurture is to use emails for leads which you believe are in the early stages of the buying cycle. So you might want to use this tactic when it appears as if someone is closer to buying.

Lead Generation: How using science increased teleprospecting sales handoffs 304%

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There’s something I wish I would have known when I wrote my best-seller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. Anyone who has worked in inside sales knows that sales professionals are always informally testing to learn what works and what doesn’t. Uncover a sales-ready lead.

Dynamic Duo: Close More Deals with Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Author: Stacey Thornberry A joint Marketo and Reachforce research piece found that businesses are 67% better at closing deals when sales and marketing work together. The key lesson that emerged was the importance of engaging prospects at the right time through these various strategies: 1.

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The Ultimate Smarketing Glossary: 62 Common Sales Terms Explained for Marketers


Sales and marketing teams are both responsible for the growth and revenue side of the business -- and yet, many of them still tend to operate like two opposing teams. It''s pretty critical that sales and marketing teams learn how to speak each other''s language. Buying Criteria.


B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #2 Should Marketing and Sales Agree on the Definition of a Lead?


Should marketing and sales agree on the definition of a lead? Per sales, a qualified lead is based on criteria they understand, but marketing is in dark. Marketing tries to generate greater numbers of prospects. Marketing & Sales Alignment Account-Based Marketing


Unpack Your Sales Funnel

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Sales has come a long way from the Glengarry Glen Ross days of high pressure and aggressive tactics. Especially in the last five years, sales and marketing roles have shifted and this impacts the way the funnel breaks down as well. Sales is hard. Sales infrastructure.

Beware the Siren Call of Pre-Qualified Leads

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Whereas typically, content syndication has meant acquiring leads, at a fixed cost, that are filtered by criteria such as job title, geography, and company size, now many publishers and other lead generation companies are adding the option of BANT criteria such as purchase timeframe.

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What Sales Should REALLY Expect From Marketing Automation

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But what can your organization realistically expect in terms of sales? How about a 2x higher bid-to-win ratio for the top 20% of your sales reps? Gleanster Research has just published a fine new report, “What Sales Should REALLY Expect From Marketing Automation.”


30 Terms Every Sales and Marketing Professional Should Know


Here are some of the terms every sales and marketing professional needs to know: A/B Testing. Refers to the various stages in the sales funnel. Sometimes called “the buying process,” this refers to the stages a potential customer goes through—from learning to purchasing or rejecting.


How to Tackle the Most Common B2B Sales Objections


Getting objections during your sales process is expected … though it can be one of the most frustrating aspects of selling. That’s great -- especially since you have the inbound marketing and sales collateral to help you out (right?).


Only B2B - Untitled Article

Only B2B

How to know whether your lead is “qualified” enough to be a sales qualified lead? While Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is vetted by both the marketing and the sales team; Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) are prospects that “likely to become a buyer” according to the marketing team.


What Is The Cost Of A Lead?

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And a shockingly large number have not even identified their sales funnel. Refresher Course On BANT? And in less mature organizations, serves as the main line of questions for sales discovery. So if you want to help sales out, answer these questions for them.

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Do You Qualify?: The Leads Test You Must Pass


Naturally, a question such as this should turn your mind towards your prospecting machine and your capabilities when it comes to harvesting leads and creating conversions with cold emails. And how you can fill your sales pipeline with only qualified leads.

25 Helpful Sales Blogs You Don't Want to Miss Out On


So naturally, we''ve written about some of the best inbound marketing blogs on the internet (on our blog), but we hadn''t taken the time to find some of the best sales blogs out there. So, we scoured the internet looking for the best writers and thought leaders in sales.


BANT - It's Not Always The Lead Score

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I woke up this morning to these three tweets relating to @nivenor1 's recent market2lead blog post titled: The SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management nivenor1 : New post about BANT vs. The SCOTSMAN on our blog [link] , now its off to Guatemala for 10 days! Ahhhhh brianjcarroll : Read post by @nivenor1 : SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management asserts "BANT" isn't enough. link] mark3803 : @brianjcarroll BANT is so sales 1.0 - Sales 2.0

The Very First Step To Take For Better Quality B2B Sales Leads

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Sure, you're generating sales leads, but are they good leads? The same kind of logic, applies to generating better quality B2B sales leads. To begin to generate quality leads, get sales and marketing in the same room. Timeline – What is their buying time frame?


Hey Marketing: An Inquiry Is Not A Lead

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And this drives a deeper wedge in the goal of marketing and sales alignment. The Bottom Line: When marketing gathers up new names from contact forms and dumps them over to sales, no one wins. I spent the first 5 years of my career in sales.

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BANT - It's Not Always The Lead Score

Smashmouth Marketing

I woke up this morning to these three tweets relating to @nivenor1 's recent market2lead blog post titled: The SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management. nivenor1 : New post about BANT vs. The SCOTSMAN on our blog [link] , now its off to Guatemala for 10 days! brianjcarroll : Read post by @nivenor1 : SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management asserts "BANT" isn't enough. mark3803 : @brianjcarroll BANT is so sales 1.0 - Sales 2.0

The Secret of Converting Leads into Sales

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When you’re a B2B sales rep, few things feel worse than spending weeks or months on a high-priority prospect only to find out that your biggest competitor won the business. The BANT framework is very effective. This score allows you to rank this lead against your other prospects.

Intro to Lead Generation: How to determine if a lead is qualified

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I thought it might assist many readers, especially those newer to the complex sales and marketing process (and thank you to Felix for allowing me to share this publicly). Defining a lead as qualified basically means they are qualified to talk to a sales representative.

Sales Qualification Isn’t an Event - It’s a Process


As CEO of UK-based Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners , Bob works with the leadership teams of technology-based B2B-focused companies, enabling them to make the critical connections between their marketing messages, their sales conversations, their true differentiators, and their customer''s priorities. Many sales pipelines include a stage labeled “qualified”. While you’re thinking about “will they do anything?” , “are they likely to buy from us?” BANT Won’t Help.


There Is No Vending Machine For Marketing Qualified Leads

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Here is a hypothetical, yet very realistic, snippet of a conversation with a publisher: Marketer: We are looking for demand generation opportunities that will deliver leads for sales. If you talk to a publisher or lead generation firm, it would seem leads have become a commodity.

6 Reports, Alerts & Strategies for Increasing Sales & Marketing Productivity


If you’re on the marketing team, you’re likely responsible for delivering quality inbound leads to your sales team. If you’re on the sales team, you’re accountable for new business – and probably don’t care where the leads are coming from as long as they’re hot!

3 Ways to Use Lead Scoring Within Your Marketing Automation Programs

Customer Experience Matrix

I wrote last week about the difficulty of linking marketing leads to sales results. The practical use of lead scoring is to decide which leads to pass from marketing automation to sales, or, even more pragmatically, to predict which leads will be accepted by sales.* Many companies today have inserted a phone call between marketing automation and the sales department, screening every plausible lead before sending them to actual salespeople.

Lead Qualification: The Secret Sauce of B2B Lead Generation Marketing


The Number One rule in B2B marketing: Never, ever, pass an unqualified lead to your sales force. But all this assumes that the marketing team has a clue about what kind of lead is ready for a sales rep. These days, BANT is passé, thanks to changing B2B buyer behavior.

Using Content to Move Prospects Forward in the Sales Cycle

Industrial Marketing Today

That however is only part of the solution because if your content doesn’t engage the visitor s/he won’t take a desired action to move forward in the sales cycle. Your online content needs to play a much more active role in moving site visitors along in his/her buy decision.

The A-Z Guide to B2B Lead Generation


Specific dashboards exist to manage each step of the funnel; from prospect attraction to conversion to lead close. Its one thing to know the demographics of your target audience; but it’s another thing to understand what makes your prospects make business decisions to purchase; the pain points; business needs; drivers; purchase cycles. Email is a critical element of marketing, providing an opportunity to promote follow-up content to prospects.

Marketing 101: How to get started in lead generation

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Tweet I was recently reading your blog “ Lead Generation: Who knows the customer better – Marketing or Sales? It’s been really fascinating to me to try and figure all this sales and qualifying a lead thing out. A young man employed to revamp a business, increase sales and address the communication lines between departments whilst increasing overall company efficiencies.). Value Proposition: How to use social media to help discover why customers buy from you.

Lead Nurturing, a Pipeline Full of Bluebirds


That beautiful lead that flies in our door, sales ready, BANT-confirmed, with authority to buy now – and does. Maybe that’s the real problem with sales and marketing alignment. Let’s consider The Bluebird.

How to Reduce the Cost of a B2B Lead


The dominant theme was cost-reduction—so, these are buyers working collaboratively and investing in knowledge sharing among their peers on how to buy more for less. That’s a question that keeps almost every B2B marketer up at night.

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