CMWorld in Review: people, personas, PAC-MAN and taco trucks


Following on from this data, our pal Val (can’t leave a rhyming opportunity on the table) took the floor to discuss how she and her team at ITProTV deployed a content syndication strategy for the B2B side of their business. For the purpose of entering a new space (B2C to B2B), paying per qualified lead was a slam dunk.


2021 Marketing Predictions: What Are The Experts Expecting?


Val Geisler, Fix My Churn I really hope that 2021 is the year of the customer. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, working to stay relevant, helpful and genuine while speaking to your audience is one of the most important things you can focus on.

VALS 119

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59 Female Marketing and Growth Experts You Should be Following


Val Geisler @Lovevalgeisler. Val is a email strategist and copywriter, and helps B2C businesses focused on MRR increase conversions through email. Last week, one of my colleagues stumbled across a list of marketing influencers and shared it in our team's Slack channel. It didn't take long for someone to comment that barely one-fourth of the experts featured in the article were women.


4 Cold Sales Email Templates That Drive Leads (And Why They Worked)


An offer to improve user onboarding sent only to founders of B2C SaaS companies. This template was authored by Val Geisler to reach out to B2C SaaS founders who would be a good fit for her customer onboarding product. Val says she “uses this template at least twice a week and I get a reply 8/10 times”! We talked dozens of founders, sales reps, and consultants, and asked them to share their best cold sales email templates with us.


IoT 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Onalytica B2B

Adding IOT into this mix will drive a 3 way play, with IOT leveraging both cloud and mobility to redefine the way we deliver so many things in both B2C and B2B world’s. Below you can see another network map created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM) showing the #3 Influencers Val Afshar at the centre, and the conversations to and from the different influencers in his field.

4 Cold Sales Email Templates That Drive Leads (And Why They Worked)


An offer to improve user onboarding sent only to founders of B2C SaaS companies An offer to help tell your story only if you have a story to tell An offer for quick lawn care, sent only to real estate agents with homes to show We think the combination of these 3 factors makes these cold sales email templates outstanding and worth using for any founder or sales rep looking to get higher responses from cold outreach.


4 modelos de e-mails de prospecção de vendas que estimulam a geração de clientes potenciais (e por que eles funcionam)


Este modelo foi criado por Val Geisler para contatar gestores de empresas de SaaS B2C que se enquadrassem ao seu produto de integração de clientes. Val diz que ela “usa este modelo pelo menos duas vezes por semana e recebe uma respostas para 8 de cada 10 e-mails”! Falamos com dezenas de fundadores, representantes de vendas e consultores, e pedimos a eles que compartilhassem seus melhores modelos de e-mails de captação de clientes conosco.