Creating an Interactive Marketing Campaign from Start to Finish [Case Study]


But all of the readily available insights seemed to be geared towards a B2C world, so the natural next question from a team of B2B marketers (who, full disclosure, are majority Millennial) was about Millennials in a B2B world – are they having an impact? . Social media.

B2B social media case studies - 3 you can learn from and why they work

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Communications Conversations Conversations about digital PR strategy Home About Arik Work With Me Around The Web Speaking Contact Subscribe From The Blog 3 B2B social media case studies and why they work Posted by arikhanson on 17. B2B case studies.

Organic vs paid social media: 12 myths vs realities


Paid social social is paying any of these social networks to boost the reach of posts, display ads and videos, or sponsor messaging. Paid social media is charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.

The Online Marketing Guide for B2C Facebook Ads

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As the world’s most popular social network, and one that offers many tools for advertisers to personalize and measure their campaigns, Facebook is a powerful way for you to reach consumers. Why is Facebook a Good Tool for B2C marketing?

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What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?


Until recently, most social media case studies have focused on consumer brands. Recently, that’s begun to change a bit as blogs like TopRank and Marketo have highlighted b2b social media success stories. Expanded social media following (e.g.,

How B2B Marketers Can Succeed on the 6 Big Social Networks


It's easy to think of ways to use social media for B2C marketing. But many B2B marketers, while noting the importance of social media, have still struggled to find their footing in the social media marketing game. Alright, you probably haven't gotten that desperate, but MarketingProfs did shed some light on the issue earlier this week in its post about going B2B on social sites , and I think the topic deserves some serious attention. Social media!

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


So before it gets replaced by the next trendy buzzwordy term, here’s some marketing-related big data for you: 83 valuable facts, stats, and research findings covering strategy, social media, SEO, online advertising, email marketing, content, blogging, social networking, video and more.

Social Marketing Wisdom From a True Practitioner

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Stand Out Social Marketing starts a little slow, but if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded with truly actionable insight that can help your whole company become more social.

5 Things Marketers Need to Know About Gen Z


“That’s a trap social media managers fall into. ” One way to avoid this is to enlist the help of social influencers, effectively putting a buffer between the marketing message and the brand. Facebook is their most important social network.

5 Important B2B Content Strategy Lessons That Will Shape How You Use Social Media

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Every company needs a solid B2B content strategy, including for social media. This is the age of what social media marketing expert Mark Schaefer refers to as content shock -- where there is so much content that it overwhelms readers. The Case for. shares for B2C content.

5 B2B Social Media Best Practices That Will Up Your Marketing Game

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Social media has proven its worth within the marketing realm beyond a doubt. Find out why and how to implement 5 B2B social media best practices that will put you in the vanguard! Set any reservations about social media marketing aside for a moment and hear me out.

Book Review: Social Media Marketing – An Hour a Day


Despite its airy title, Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day by Dave Evans is anything but a lightweight treatment of this topic. The book begins with a fascinating trip through the early days of the web and the foundations of social media.

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8 Misleading Myths About B2B PR in Social Media -- Obliterated!

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Now that social media is no longer the new kid on the block, myths have begun to grow up around it. Today, let’s address these myths and look at the reality of what social media marketing can truly do for your B2B company. Let's Obliterate the Myths Surrounding B2B PR and Social Media.

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Webinar Replay: Tips for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing


Did you miss our #InsightfulMarketer webinar with Oktopost on tips for using social media in B2B marketing? Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost, shared some great insights around social media in the world of B2B marketing and best practices for successfully generating leads through social efforts.

Put Influencer Marketing to Work for Your B2B Brand

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So how come only 15 percent of B2B companies are doing influencer marketing today, compared with 55 percent of B2C? How Influencer Marketing Is Different for B2B Like most elements of B2B marketing, the approach to influencer marketing requires more finesse than for B2C.

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Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses


Many marketers believe that brand building is only for B2C companies like Nike, Coke, and Facebook. Brand building for B2B businesses is a little different from that for B2C companies. Guest post by Sreeram Sreenivasan. Building a great brand is the holy grail of marketing.

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The Five Best Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tools


Greater use of visual communication has in turn made Instagram and Pinterest two of the fastest-growing social networks. Dominated by fashion and food posts, Pinterest is most commonly viewed as more of a B2C platform by marketers.

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Key Takeaways from attending 7 Talks at B2B Ignite 2018

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He has 30 years experience at Ogilvy as a copywriter, with an equal split of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. 5 things that humans care about massively but which economists don’t understand at all are: Status – Sense of achievement, even bigger in B2B marketing than in B2C.

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34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


While most content sharing efforts by marketers are focused on the “big four” social networks, most (72%) content sharing done by buyers is on “dark social”–primarily email and apps. • – Case studies (65%). Social Media Today ).

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The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan


According to the Content Marketing Institute , 77% of B2C companies and 70% of B2B companies surveyed say that they are creating more content than they did just a year ago. It’s critical that you study your audience to find out what they like to read and what makes them click.

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23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results.

How to Conquer the 10 Hurdles to Successful B2B Marketing Strategies

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Studies show that long form content (of 2,000-3,000 words) consistently receives more shares on social media, and more organic traffic than its short-form counterpart. Browse social media to see what kinds of content your audience most often shares and comments on. Case studies? This could include social interactions, brand mentions, and bounce rate. With so many budding networks, where can you find your audience? What social networks are they on?

14 Key Takeaways from the B2B Content Marketing Report


Those seven (or eight, or 12) brand exposures can come through a variety of channels—industry news sites, social networks, blogs, online ads, analyst reports, search—which is why content development forms the base of a web presence optimization strategy. Case studies (64%).

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Why Amex OPEN Forum Is Still the Gold Standard For Content Marketing

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Reilly explains, “Through our semi-annual survey, nearly 60% of customers told us that they found this new social media world really challenging. Only 13% were tapping into social networking because they didn’t know how.”.

Nine Winning Digital Marketing Strategies From The B2B World


Spread over paid search, video marketing, social media and other online channels , digital is expected to account for more than 46% of all advertising in the next five years. Be human: Not just social media; be social. Use social media to humanize your brand.

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Be Inspired: The Best B2B Content Of 2015


Case Studies. Another good example is Top Rank’s Social Media Marketing Management Tools List. Another good example is Ian Cleary’s Social Media Monitoring Tools Reference Guide. Various people were approached to try the tool via social networks.

10 B2B Growth-Hacking Tactics for Lead Generation


B2B vs. B2C Growth Hacking. There is an ongoing debate as to whether B2B growth hacking is harder to achieve than B2C growth hacking, and experts are divided. The B2B market is also more limited than the B2C one.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)


As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. What role does social play in a brand’s overall online visibility? Social Media Today ).

Thought Leadership PR: How to Strengthen Your Business

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In fact, according to one study by Edelman and LinkedIn , 80% of executives admit that thought leadership content increases their trust of a brand. B2B products generally lack the emotional tug of a B2C product. The same study from Edelman and LinkedIn discovered that 41% of executives and 37% of decision makers within a business are more likely to send an RFP when they see evidence of thought leadership.

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The Dirty Dozen Top 12 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid


There have been numerous posts written about the pitfalls of social media marketing (including helpful pieces from Online Social Networking , Sysomos , and one I wrote for HubSpot ). Social media is about having a conversati0n with your prospects, not broadcasting to them.

5 Problems with B2B Marketing…and How to Fix Them

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Because they aren’t forced to be innovative since their audience is so much smaller than the B2C market, B2B marketers (and usually their executive supervisors) may be used to just pushing the same postcards, email blasts, and online promotions over and over.

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102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. What do buyers really want from social media marketers? 25 Social Media Facts and Statistics.

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20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources


A quick Google search can bring you to several tips, infographics, case studies and presentations that can help you improve your current B2B lead generation campaigns. LinkedIn is like the cream of the crop when it comes to online networking. Case Studies.

The Disconnect Between B2B Content Marketing and Customer Engagement

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The majority of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) consider customer engagement as their top priority according to a recent study done by Forbes Insights and George P. Fifty-six percent of the participants were primarily B2B marketers and the remaining 44% were B2C.

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Engage the Social Buyer Persona

Tony Zambito

  In the new social age, engaging is taking on a whole new meaning. The underpinning of a new meaning being that of the social buyer “chooses” to engage – as in the buyer chose to engage with ABC Industries.    Social buyer personas today expect transparency. 

B2B Marketers Have Little Social Media Engagement

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Home » B2B Marketers Have Little Social Media Engagement B2B Marketers Have Little Social Media Engagement Almost 60% of B2B marketers have little or no engagement in social media, according to a recent study by digital marketing firm White Horse.

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20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources


A quick Google search can bring you to several tips, infographics, case studies and presentations that can help you improve your current B2B lead generation campaigns. LinkedIn is like the cream of the crop when it comes to online networking. Case Studies.

How Relevant Marketing Content Helps B2B Branding

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Most CEOs of manufacturing, engineering and technical companies do not believe in the value of brand building and consider it the domain of consumer marketing (B2C). According to a study done by Professor John A.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)


As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. What role does social play in a brand’s overall online visibility? Social Media Today ).

Tips for Using Video to Increase Social Media ROI


Proof-positive of this is the many B2C companies that, through video outlets like YouTube and Vimeo, have constructed viral campaigns with the help of social media. Here are some ways to leverage the power of video and combine it with social for powerhouse marketing campaigns.